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Tuesday, 22 October, 2002, 09:57 GMT 10:57 UK
Swept Away: Your views
Amber (Madonna) and Giuseppe (Adriano Giannini) in Swept Away
How do you rate Madonna's latest acting attempt?
Swept Away is a remake of Lina Wertmüller's 1974 comedy but this time round it stars Madonna as leading lady with husband Guy Ritchie directing.

Madonna plays Amber, a rich and arrogant American woman on a Mediterranean cruise, who ends up stranded on a desert island with the ship's first mate, Giuseppe.

"Swept Away is what should happen to this film. The romantic comedy is short in duration but also short on laughs, believability and credible acting," says the BBC's Peter Bowes.

But what do you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

Have your say

I think the critics are being hard on the movie simply because Madonna has had too many hits in her career recently and simply because it's a Madonna movie. The film is terrific, the story and the characters are well drawn and Mrs Ritchie gives us probably her best performance on the screen (far better than Evita I must say). All I have to say is that everyone should go see the movie and don't actually care for what the critics are saying. Who cares for critics? Go take your own conclusions.

Remember that the critics slammed this movie since the shoot in Malta and Sardinia, when no one knew how it would end, simply by being a Madonna and Ritchie film (Ritchie has his own bunch of enemies in the press as well). So don't let the press manipulate you and don't miss this movie on the big screen.
Martin Reaves, USA

I thought it was a good movie. The critics are just slamming Madonna because they envy her success.
Clint Brown, USA

Astoundingly bad even for a vanity project

Jherek Underwood, USA
I think that any film Madonna makes is often difficult to evaluate fairly because so many people can't get past the "Madonna as a celebrity" factor to see the real character she is playing as separate from herself. Hence a lot of people criticise her personally due to image, and also as it seems so fashionable to do so. As for the sexist factor, has anyone not seen the original? Has anyone forgotten what the original one was about? Of course it takes strength to act in a movie that glowingly shows sexism. Don't you think Madonna and everyone else involved with it and the original knew that? One would assume that anyone who seees this movie realises it is a remake.

It is just a movie. Surely women have progressed far enough down the track to recognise that it is just a movie written in certain times, with people of certain cultural characteristics and accept it?
Samantha, Australia

It doesn't really matter if the movie sucks or not: Madonna is an icon of greater magnitude than all these anaemic critics who are just a little jealous. I am going to see it just because it's Madonna. Whatever she does is good enough for me.
Jonny Dieb, USA

It is remarkable how a person with an incredible ability to reinvent herself over and over again, can create new music and atmosphere but cannot deliver a convincing act via theatre stage or big screen. With the exception of Desperately Seeking Susan, in which she essentially portrays herself, her lacklustre performances in film have consistently resulted in scathing reviews. She can be Madonna of myriad of fashion and musical incarnations, but it is evident that the acting bug may never bite the Queen of Pop.
Kim, US

Astoundingly bad even for a vanity project.
Jhereck Underwood, UK

I had better hopes going into the theatre thinking that Guy Ritchie couldn't do too badly. I was so very wrong!

John Philips, Boston, USA
This was one big family vanity project for Guy Ritchie and Madonna from the start so I'm not sorry it's bombing. Both their bubbles being burst is long overdue and very welcome. Madonna should stick to what she does best and sing and give up this ridiculous pretension she has that she can act. I also notice Guy Ritchie's next project will be yet another British gangster movie. One-trick pony anyone?
Stuart Wood, Scotland, UK

Poor old Madonna. She just tries and tries with this whole acting thing and keeps making dreadful films. At times you feel she should just let it go but you have to admire her tenacity. She just won't give up. Evita must have given her hope. Sad to say Desperately Seeking Susan will probably go down as the only really good Madonna role in a film. Pity she was playing herself!
Olivia, Ireland

Swept Away is a fine movie with Madonna at her best.
Phil Urso Russo, USA

I saw a free sneak preview of the film and as I walked out at the end, the only good thing as far as I was concerned was the fact that I did pay to watch this amateuristic movie. It was terrible! Madonna falls to new lows in her "acting" performance. Ughh! Lame acting, poor plot development and very uneven in the flow of things. I had better hopes going into the theatre thinking that Guy Ritchie couldn't do too badly. I was so very wrong!
John Philips, Boston, USA

I love Madonna, but the movie preview is truly painful.
Shawn, Washington. DC, USA

The fact that Guy Ritchie is trying to set a very political film from the 70s directed by a woman in the 21st century is absolutely ridiculous. Please view the orginal work by Lina Wertmuller and then rethink what you are dribbling on about. Masterpieces should not be remade, and he picked one that absolutely could not. Not with Madonna, regardless her celebrity. She is a bad actress and that is the bottom line. She cannot act and someone needs to tell her.

Guy Ritchie is too full of himself and should have never ventured into this territory, he is not that good of a filmmaker or writer. The original has a lot more to it than just "comedy" for comedy's sake. There are HUGE underlying issues, which this picture doesn't even begin to touch, hence the confusion of the beating part on the island. Use your brains, think a little bit. Do not get brainwashed by the ideals of celebrity and fame.
Peitra, USA

I saw Swept away knowing it would be pretty bad. It was almost universally panned here. I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons, bad plot, bad acting, sloppy direction. But the thing that astounded me was how bad Madonna looked in it. She looked scrawny, haggard and just way too thin. The only offensive thing about this movie will be if young Madonna fans think that is a body to aspire to. Someone needs to intervene and judging by the harsh light Guy Ritchie places on her throughout this movie, I wonder if that is his way of doing it.
Sally, Chicago, USA

Madonna's acting was more than adequate. The screenplay was heavy-handed in that too much time was spent on character development. However, the film was scenic and moving. A very different and beautiful film.
Tina, Boston, USA

Yes, Madonna can't seem to get past her image on movies/stage. Yes, she's chosen terrible material/miscasting most of the time. But it's glaringly obvious that the critics are going beyond the call of duty when critically butchering her films. In this case, this movie had some redeeming values: surprisingly sensitive direction by Guy, beautiful locales and photography, good score, good male lead. Madonna? She was okay, had her moments. And she looks incredible in her outfits and muscular body. You can't take your eyes off her. THAT'S A STAR.
Javier, USA

You have to go see this movie - there is a lot to talk about - especially the ending. I don't think America is clever enough to figure out that this movie tells you a lot about yourself at the end.... "if you are an optimist it's a great love story, if you're a pessamist (you'll be found out), you should be an optimist...." Enjoy.
Zed, Canada

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