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Friday, 11 October, 2002, 14:52 GMT 15:52 UK
From Now On: Your views
Will Young
Young is currently at number one with Gareth Gates
Pop Idol winner Will Young releases his debut album this week, which includes songs written by Guy Chambers, Cathy Dennis and Burt Bacharach.

The album also features his three number one singles, and Young has co-written four of the new tracks.

"This debut offering seems to have struck a balance between making the best of Will Young's particular talents - and the musical niche where he excels," wrote the BBC's Michael Osborn.

But what did you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

Have your say

My favourite song on the album after a couple of plays is the Burt Bacharach and Cathy Dennis song What's In Goodbye. I thinks it's also Will Young's stongest vocal performance on the album too.
Paul, UK

I've watched paint dry, but this is the first time I've heard it.
Chris B, England

I think Will's album is brilliant, he has such a unique voice and he is very very talented. Usually, someone who is as "manufactured" as Will is, fades out of the industry. But with Will's unique voice, I think he could be here for years to come. New Robbie Williams.
Louise Scobbie, Scotland

An excellent first album. It should lift his confidence even higher

Craig Stevenson, England
Some good songwriters there. Burt, I'm surprised at you. What happened to your taste? I'm also a bit disappointed by the uninspired choice of covers. Macca has to endure Long and Winding Road being murdered again (he never liked what Phil Spector did to it), and there's nothing too original. Personally, I would like to have seen Will try the old soul classic I'm Your Puppet, with maybe Messrs Cowell and Fuller featuring in the video . . .
Giles, England

Let's be honest. Does it really matter what we think? In a year's time he will have gone the way of Hear'Say and the idea that he might once have been within striking distance of having an unprecedented two slots on an episode of TOTP will seem ridiculous.
Ken Weller, UK

An excellent first album. It should lift his confidence even higher. Can't wait to see him live on tour. Roll on the next album.
Craig Stevenson, England

Stunning, just seen him at HMV and listened to the album on the way back to work, this is the best debut album I've heard in a long time.
Ben, UK

Will needs to use wider ranging material rather than run of the mill pop rubbish. With such a strong voice his album will sell but it won't be long before its in the bargain bucket. Come on Will - dump the pop treadmill - be an album artist!!!
Stan Clapham, England

The songs are good. Quite fresh and they make good use of Will's vocal range

Jeremy, UK
I don't need to hear it to know it will have all the musical appeal of being jabbed in the ears with a rusty nail. I'd also like to know when tea-boys began to be credited as "co-writers".
Iain, Edinburgh

I haven't yet heard the album however I have heard the singles. Light My Fire is one of the worst cover versions I have ever had the misfortune to hear and makes a mockery of the original.
JM, England

Can't believe this question is being asked. This is synthetic, contrived, commercial trash. Macdonalds of the music industry. Why don't we ask what's your favourite burger? Come on, get a life and don't pay this topic any attention otherwise you are just fodder for this commercial machine.
Stuart Wilson, UK

I think Will's album is excellent. He has that extra something that makes him stand out from the rest, although I don't believe he is getting the backing he deserves after winning that show. In my opinion, he is much better than Gareth. It is such a shame.
Steve, UK

I'm sorry, but why are the excellent reporting skills of the BBC being wasted on a mediocre singer, shot to fame simply because of a TV show, who will be here today and gone tomorrow even more quickly than of the groups and bands that actually write their own music and far more talent?
Giles Vernon, UK

The songs are good. Quite fresh and they make good use of Will's vocal range. I also think that the Burt Bacharach and Cathy Dennis song is the best. Just wish there were more extras on the enhanced section when you put it in your computer. The current Atomic Kitten single has much better features and I think with the amount of footage and background information regarding Will and the whole Pop Idol phenomenon there could have been so much more.
Jeremy, UK

Granny pop

Jamie, UK
Maybe Will Young's new album could be turned into a TV show where we can vote a song off each week until there's no album at all?
Nick, UK

Fantastic. Surperb. Even "Will sings the Tweenies" would sound excellent. He is the best British singer I have ever heard.
James, England

Granny pop.
Jamie, UK

Will's album is absolutely brilliant, there are so many fab new tracks its hard to choose a favourite, but for me I think my two faves are You and I and Side by Side. Well done Will!!
Jean, England

To be honest I ahven't heard the album, but I saw the concert at Docklands on Firday night and Will played some of his new stuff. He is clearly a talented singer, in a completely different class to Gareth Gates, who belongs to the (young) teenage market. Seeing Will after Gareth was like watching the London Symphony orchestra after seeiing a school concert. Different league entirely. I will get the album on the way home tonight and I will not be disappointed.
Joanna, UK

Where's this belting jazz voice we were all promised?

Denese, UK
Let's be honest, Will's a lucky young man with an extremely unremarkable voice. Thank goodness he's laid off the karaoke playlist for the songs.
Martin, UK

Think the album is brilliant. His voice is brilliant. He is oozing talent. Unfortunately my opinion of Will has just plummeted. Have spent three hours in a queue to see him at HMV in Oxford Circus - not only did he started a few minutes late, he left early and had a break in the middle. When he left there were only another 10-15 minutes worth of signings left to do. I'm so disappointed. I never thought he was the sort of guy who'd let his fans down! So gutted Will. And my feet are killing me. Think I'll stick with listening to the CD at home. My die-hard fan days are over!
Sarah, London, UK

I love the album, good mix of chill out tunes. I particularly love Over You and You and I. For a first album from a brand new artist I think it's great, mature and uplifting.
Jenny, UK

Having heard it (without buying it) all I can say is it saved on the sleeping pills! Where's this belting jazz voice we were all promised? Someone better "re-light" the fire.
Denese, UK

Pure class, an awesome first album, highlights for me are What's In Goodbye, You & I and the self penned Over You.
Claire, UK

For a first album, dashed out in a remarkably short period of time, Will and his team must be commended for putting out a varied mix of nine new songs which help to move him away from his Pop Idol tag.

No, there's no heavy-weight material on here but it's very pleasing to listen to with strong arrangements and the opportunity for him to demonstrate his captivating vocal abilities.

From Now On offers a sure indication that this young man is destined for greater things and longevity in the music business. Go Will! More please!
Sophie Matthews-Paul, UK

My favourites so far are Cruel to be Kind and You and I

Claire, UK
Simply amazing. Will is in a completely different class to the usual "pop stars" and those who don't see it now will if they give this album a chance - perfection.
Gill, UK

I think Will Young's debut album is fantastic. Every song is different, unique and beautiful. This man has improved so much over the last eight months. I can only see him reaching the top.
Sian Kent, England

I just listened to this album and I must say that I loved it! I may be out of the demographic that this talented young man is aimed at (I live in an old people's home) but me and the rest of my octegenarian posse love this young man.
Elain Parkes, UK

I think Will Young is a first rate singer and performer. His album is a breath of fresh air to the music industry. I have not wanted to buy anyone's album for the last few years due to the bubblegum pop themes. Will Young is doing his very best to break away from this stuff we should all be supporting his efforts. Loved the songs he co-wrote. A very good first attempt. Can't wait for the next one.
Mandy Kent, England

Very boring, its mostly ballards, and all very sameish. I thought he was going to be the new Robbie?

Rachel, UK
I have been looking forward to hearing this album, and it's fantastic. I think Will has an amazing voice, and a really unique style. Very impressed!
Karina, England

I think the album is fantastic, it shows Will's vocal range amazingly well especially when you hear him sing live - such emotion and passion. My favourites so far are Cruel to be Kind and You and I.
Claire, UK

Music to sleep by, I'm afraid. On some tracks he sounds like Beautiful South but without the lyrics!
Stephanie, UK

Interesting that nearly all of the negative comments are from men...closet Gallagher brothers wannabes, perhaps? These same naysayers prediced Young's demise six months into his career, yet here he is with a solid debut album of - as Time Out magazine reported - "considerable merit".

A superb singer and charismatic live performer, Will Young will not only stand the test of time, he will make irrelevant comparisons to Hear'Say and moanings about the state of British pop as tiresome as the juvenile "critics" trying to slag him on this forum. Congratulations on a brilliant debut, Will!
Richard Woloshen, United Kingdom

Very boring, its mostly ballards, and all very sameish. I thought he was going to be the new Robbie?
Rachel, UK

Clearly some of these comments are from people who are so anti the Pop Idol business that they havent bothered to wash out their ears. This is a fantastic mature album. Will's vocals are superb. Best song on the album is Cruel to be Kind - co written with Cathy Dennis. Listen to that again you doubters and tell me Will can't sing!!!
Janet, UK

How anyone could fail to be moved by the masterpiece of Fine Line astounds me

Linda Howie, Scotland
Will Young is without a doubt about to change the music industry! He is in a pure class of his own! His new album shows dedication and detmination, he has the most unique voice I have heard in a long time. The tracks on his album, show how talented he really is. You and I is spine chillingly excellent, and so is From Now On. Will Young deserves his own solo tour. It blew me away!!!

I LOVE IT!! My favourites are You And I, Cruel To Be Kind, From Now On and Over You which I think would make a fantastic single. A brilliant album from a brilliant singer!
Suzi, England

OK voice + nice smile + great personality + songs written by classic composers = success. For those who have all or some of these attributes except the last one, it's nearly impossible to apply their trade.
Tim, UK

I have taken the time to listen to the material, unlike several of the previous so-called "reviewers"! Will Young has an amazing voice and was born to sing live. The album contains a mixture of styles, from (awful) duet to dark tracks to ballads to more commercial tracks. Throughout all this - one thing remains constant - Young' s remarkable vocal ability. Whether you approve of the writers or not, try listening to it before you pass judgement! My favourite tracks have to be You and I and Over You. Both fantastic live as well - no backing tracks needed.
Tracey, Wales

Absolutely outstanding. His new songs are brilliant. How anyone could fail to be moved by the masterpiece of Fine Line astounds me. This guy has the best voice I've ever heard. Stunning debut album.
Linda Howie, Scotland

So much nicer than all this modern stuff. Although his voice does seem a little higher than I recall

Fran, UK
My partner bought this album and I can honestly say that it is mind numbingly dull. Its prominence in the charts does nothing but demonstrate the public's willingness to consume any old rubbish that the media industry serves them up. The single worst album I have heard this year.
Ed Thomas, UK

The CD is an interesting collection of eclectic melodies. This guy is definitely going somewhere!
Sharad P, UK

Absolute genious, excellent vocals throughout all songs, but then again I didn't expect any less!
Helen Cooke, Rotherham, UK

No, no, no, its not what I expected. All ballards. Too boring!
Mandz, UK

The album is breathtaking, jazzy, moody and swinging. Will's style. I am sick of hearing bad comments about Will. He is here to stay. He dares to be different and succeeds.
Belinda Turley, England

I liked it. So much nicer than all this modern stuff. Although his voice does seem a little higher than I recall.
Fran, UK

Firstly, may I say how dissappointed I am that the BBC has published a number of extremely biased views from those who have not even bothered to listen to the album!?! As someone who has, I find it to be an albumoozing class. Will Young's vocals are in a league of their own and the album itself reflects a diversity of musical influence. Its appeal is broad - both my mother, daughter and I were all riveted by it - and Will Young should look forward to a long and successful career in music.
Sally Holmes, UK

My mum played it and I just found it soooo boring!

Sooz, Scotland
Oh dear, I was misled. Wasn't he holding back in Pop Idol, and was going to let rip in his album? Lounge music for Radio 2 more like!!
Julie, UK

Drivel!! The boy sounds like Randy Crawford, and the songs are all the same, no life to it.
Steve, UK

I only usually listen to hard rock and a little classical music, but Will Young's new debut album, wow. It's all that I can say.
Ian Young, Newcastle, UK

Anyone who believes Will Young will be forgotten about in a year's time should try listening to this album. It is one of the best albums I have heard in many years, with Will co-writing many of the songs. Each of the new songs is excellent, in particular Over You, You and I and the title track From Now On. An excellent example of the superior vocal talent of Will Young.
Laura, Edinburgh

My mum played it and I just found it soooo boring!
Sooz, Scotland

I'm surprised how good this is. I didn't think I'd like any manufactured music but this is great! Well done Will!
Murphy, Scotland

I love Will's voice and have waited in great anticipation for this album. I am not disappointed. There is such a mix of styles and his vocal dexterity is truly stunning. I have several favourite tracks but in paricular I like Over You, Lovestruck, What's in Goodbye, Cruel to be Kind and From Now on. The last track is a real surprise and leaves the listener feeling shell-shocked. All in all a very impressive debut.
Mary, UK

One in the eye for the critics. Go Will!

Janette, UK
Will's album is great. I don't get why so many people knock him for winning Pop Idol. He has talent and whether that has been discovered on TV or off, he deserves his success.

He wasn't just someone who jumped on a bandwagon - he was at drama school learning his art.

This album will be good for him and we will see him for a long time.
Mark, UK

Fantastic album. Funny how all the negative comments have started "I haven't actually heard the album". Listen to it, open your ears and your mind, ignore the singles and listen to the rest. Prepare to be blown away.
Denise B, England

I was so upset at the signing. Will just didn't seem to be interested! I waited hours, just to be turned away (and there weren't that many of us left). When I went to a Darius signing he stayed on ages making sure we all got photos with him, even though his minders were trying to get him to go as he was running so late! Thanks Will - NOT!
Lizzy, England

Fantastic songs, an amazing voice a debut album to be proud of. One in the eye for the critics. Go Will!!!
Janette, UK

This album is amazing!!! I love Will and he has made an album for himself and his fans to be proud of! He is going to make people sit up and notice! Well done Will! You are a superstar!
Lauren Robinson, Liverpool

His voice gives me goosebumps, but I'm sorry to say that I was very disappointed that there are no "belt them out" songs on his album

Loraine, UK
First of all I think its a disgrace that some people have posted "reviews" of Will Young's album on here WITHOUT having listened to it! It's a shame that people have to jump on a bandwagon of criticising Will because of the way he was discovered.

For me, the album is great and with nine new tracks is definitely worth the money. I love the Burt Bacharach and Cathy Dennis penned What's In Goodbye and the co-written You and I.

It will undoubtedly be a success for Will and he is a refreshing change from the current Gates breed of pop ballad singers.

Fantastic album from a fabulous singer!
Tee, England

I think Will is fantastic. I am a huge fan of old soul - the likes of Otis Redding, Teddy Pendagrass etc and Will definitely does it for me! His voice gives me goosebumps, but I'm sorry to say that I was very disappointed that there are no "belt them out" songs on his album. It's very mellow and brilliantly sung but not really my cup of tea. Listened to it about five times and the only ones I quite like are Side by Side and Cruel to be Kind. Will continue to buy everything he does though!
Loraine, UK

WOW!! Long awaited, but worth every minute!! Stunning collection of quality music. This will be the best 12.99 you'll spend this year!! Well done Will!! We love you!!
Gill, UK

I absolutely love Will Young and I have just purchased From Now On today. I think the best song is From Now On, it is really catchy and puts me in a good mood. OK, I have just listened to Fine Line and I have to say that it is the worst song on the album. It's just too slow but I do love all the others: D and I can't wait to see him in concert on the 28th and 30th of this month.
Shannon, 14, Scotland

Only the one co-written song from Burt, I was led to believe he would be contributing more and that was one reason I ordered the album!

John, UK
Will definitely begins his transition from pop idol to credible artist with this album. He has co-written many tracks, including the brilliant Cruel To Be Kind. His fans are ready to move on, so let's hope the press will now give him the chance to show he's not just the king of the covers.This album is a fabulous debut.
Den, England

I haven't awaited an album with this degree of anticipation since the days of 12" vinyl. I wasn't disappointed. The album is a glorious mixture of songs with strong influences from jazz and soul music. Will Young's distinctive vocals are outstanding. This is a great debut album from an artist who is set to be Britain's greatest male vocalist for years.
Kate Evans, Wales

Will Young debut album is a masterpiece of cool. The best voice I have heard in years - stunning!! Will is a very different classy artist, I predict a very long career for this amazing man.
Cindy, England

It seems that the whole "Pop" Idol idea has been quickly forgotten to suit the winners style. Perhaps next time they should aim the show at Radio 2 coffin dodgers and rebrand it as Crooner Idol. Rather than trying to pass this off as Pop.
Neil, UK

Will's album is fantastic. He has an amazing, distinctive voice unlike most of the boy and girl bands these days. Ok, so he is "manufactured" but that shouldn't be a reflection on his talent. Give him a chance because his voice demands it. Good job Will.
Jenny, UK

Will will surprise many with this album - it is sooooooo Will - You and I breathtaking, and Cruel To Be Kind - his voice just comes out of the speakers and hits you right in the stomach - marvellous album, have only listened a couple of times - but brilliant. Well done to Will.
Sue White, England

A change from all the noisy stuff these days

Mrs Lynch, UK
Sorry, listened to a bit - just can't listen any more; are you sure they're different songs and not just one really long one? Far too slow for me.
Jasmine, England

I'm also really upset. I've travelled all the way from Scotland for the signing and I was turned away. I'm really angry with Will. I won't be buying his album now. He's lost a fan. I've met Darius and Gareth before and they were lovely. They had time for every one of us and were really friendly. I will be buying Darius' and Gareth's albums, but Will can keep his album!
Melanie, Scotland

He needs a swift kick up the bum, no energy in this album. Very limp effort. Plus only the one co-written song from Burt, I was led to believe he would be contributing more and that was one reason I ordered the album!
John, UK

Fantastic! Will has in my opinion proved himself to the nation and showed just how talented he is. Take Over You for example - what class! It has the amazing vocals, the catchy tune and even the jazz. This album is a must have, it's so original and is just what the music industry is crying out for. Well done Will.
Tez, UK

Cathy Dennis, Guy Chambers and Will Young. Not working is it?! Insipid pap.
Simon, UK

Such a lovely young man, a lovely laid back album. A change from all the noisy stuff these days.
Mrs Lynch, UK

Great, brilliant, listen to it again and again, he will be round for years to come. Definitely one for the christmas stocking, a worthwhile buy. It has to be better than Gareth's anyway.
Tim, UK

Why is his voice so high on these songs? It's a bit ordinary really.
Penny, UK

Will wouldn't have a photo done with me! Was "in a rush." Anyone want to buy an album?
Sophie, UK

Easy listening at its worst! The worst tracks are the ones on which Will is sited as co-writer. Jazz or soul he is NOT!
Craig, UK

It's a superb debut and Will stands head and shoulders above the influx of trashy pop we have to endure, I hope he is around for a long time!

Richard, UK
So very relaxing, love it, perhaps From Now On track is a little racey for me. He's my new Cliff.
Jean, Wales

Just got the album and have to say its not what I expected, perhaps it will grow on me.
Ben, UK

Easy listening for the aurally challenged. Even though he's "co-written" a couple of the tracks he seems unable to include any emotion in his voice - unless you count the whining. Everyone involved in this album should be ashamed; it's a pity only Mr Young will carry the can.
Dan, UK

What a disappointment! After all the hype I expected something better than this. One or two ok songs but mostly miserable dirge! I have heard a few of the songs from Gareth's forthcomingaAlbum (sung on tour) and they sound far more promising. Roll on his album I say. I always thought Gareth was the true Pop Idol anyway, this offering from Will has just re-inforced it.
Emma, UK

A great karaoke album!!! It is a bit of a shame, because he does have a great voice. But he definitely needs his own songs, and definitely needs to stay away from the horrendous pop tunes that we are continually subjected to!! All in all, a totally dull and uninvolving album.
Saul, UK

What do I think? I think it's pointless asking people who obviously haven't even bothered listening to the album what they think of it, how is anyone supposed to take their opinion seriously?

I however have heard the album, it's not "run of the mill" pop as someone else has described, futher from Westlife or Atomic Kitten you couldn't get. Over You is a jazzy ballad, Fine Line is an orchestral, very dark and moving song, Cruel to be Kind is soulful and catchy, From Now On is a guitar based pop/rock song and You and I is very dramatic, a big song. The overall feeling however is a mellow chilled out album, it shows the direction Will is starting to take his music now and is a very good debut for him.
Marie, UK

The title track From Now On is excellent and I can honestly say there is not one track that I do not like

Sandy B, Northern Ireland
Well it's unbelievable that people can comment without even listening to it. The songs other than the covers are fabulous, my favourites, Cruel to be Kind, Over You and Fine Line. Fine Line being something so beautiful and his voice is so unbelievable In fact the album is fantabulous.
Linda, UK

It's a superb debut and Will stands head and shoulders above the influx of trashy pop we have to endure, I hope he is around for a long time!
Richard, Harrogate, UK

It's a shame as I don't think Will's fantastic voice is at its best - I'd like to hear him singing more jazz and blues. He has great phrasing and tone that is just wasted on the useless songs.
Lizzie, UK

If people on this page would get their facts right, they'd know that Will co-wrote much of the material on the album. Furthermore, he IS a brilliant, unique singer - Pete Waterman told him that he had the best voice that he had heard in 20 years, and he's been in the industry for decades!
Steven, England

Forget everything you think you know about Will Young. The singles haven¿t done him justice. His nine new tracks are stylish, timeless and promise great things for the future. Highlights: You & I - builds from a quiet start to a rapturous end; What's In Goodbye - classic Burt Bacharach rediscovered for the 21st Century; Over You - jazzy, playful and tongue in cheek; From Now On - joyous & heartfelt, with a bit of a gospel vibe; Fine Line - dramatic, sinister, unusual and as far removed from Pop Idol as my house is from the moon.

Low point: Long & Winding Road - even on his own album Will can't escape his leech-like runner up.

You need to listen with an open mind (something that a lot of people on here obviously don't have. Ah well, their loss).
Val Woodhouse, UK

Speaking as one who has actually heard the long awaited album, I was thrilled with it's quality, originality and great songs. The title track From Now On is excellent and I can honestly say there is not one track that I do not like. Well done Will!!!
SandyB, N. Ireland

Pop? What are you people talking about? Are we listening to the same album? Jazzy, soulful, chilled out music. Loving it. For people who were turned away, does the word schedule mean anything, and if you had come earlier you would have seen Will pay special attention to a three week old baby and a young girl with learning difficulties.
Paula, UK

What a brilliant exciting first album, Will has such a fantastic tone to his voice, I have not stopped playing it, I absolutely love it

Annie, UK
Not too popular with most men is he?! I don't like serious classical music, jazz or opera, but, just because I don't like it , it doesn't mean it isn't any good!! Same goes for Will's music - fair enough if it's not your thing - but totally unnecessary to ridicule him or his music.

I happen to think that he's the best thing that's happened to British popular music for many years, and very many people would agree. His album is stunningly mature, classy and varied in content and he should be very proud to have produced a debut album of this fine quality.

He isn't, never has been and never will be,a stereotypical pop singer. He has his own unique style and voice, which appeals to probably the widest age range in British Pop history!!
Sandra, UK

This album is a work of art! Everything about it is simply amazing! Will, you have done us proud!
Laura, UK

I think Will's album is brilliant and I have noticed that 99% of the people that don't like it are blokes...wonder why that is?!!

As for the people that don't want their albums or won't be buying it because of Will leaving HMV, just shows how immature they are! I was there and the signing was advertised as being between 12-2pm which it was. Maybe they should have been in the queue earlier. As for the the person waiting for Gareth's album because of being angry with Will, well, what can I say but grow up.

Will is pure class and he clearly shows it on his album. Hopefully he will change the music of today from the likes of Gareth Gates and bubblegum pop.
Lesley, UK

It's so interesting that virtually all the negative comments regarding the album are prejudiced views from people who haven't even bothered to hear it. It's fantastic - it's different - it's moving - it's not bubble-gum pop, but a more classy, jazzy sound - and I for one love it! Well done Will Young. You've certainly hit my spot! I love Lovestruck, but especially the dramatic Fine Line. And to be quite honest, if I'm happy - I'm sure a lot more people are too. Each to their own, I s'pose - but I'm so glad for Mr Young. Roll on Album 2!!!
Taz, UK

Long and Winding Road is the only disappointment

Smaf, UK
What a brilliant exciting first album, Will has such a fantastic tone to his voice, I have not stopped playing it, I absolutely love it. My favourites are Cruel to be Kind, Over You and well just about every single on there except LAWR, hate that one. All I can say is congratulations Will for producing such a fantastic, brilliant first album, you have proved what a superstar you really are.
Annie, UK

I have just read all the reviews so far, and am appalled at anyone daring to comment without even listening to the album.....what dumbos!! The negative comments are obviously from people with no musical taste and unable to recognise true talent. With Will's fantastic voice and musical talent, this album is just a taster of things to come!!

Fine Line is absolutely spine-chilling as he weaves his way round the orchestra, and You and I is a wonderful strong ballad. What a fabulous find from the show....the unique Will Young. "The best voice I have heard in 20 years"...keep it up Will, can't wait for the next album!
Pam S, UK

It's boring - Will can do better than this! The songs on this album just don't suit Will's voice.
Grace, UK

At least this album is gentle, charismatic wooing. At most it is a moving beginning to a long and inspiring career. Well done Will Young.

It's typical that the people that don't like the album have not heard it. I am a 40 year old father of two. I heard the original songs that Will has covered and I say this: Will is a special talent; this album is fantastic; Will won't be gone tomorrow. Despite the method that brought him to us, let your prejudices go, listen and enjoy. In the words of Pete Waterman: You ain't a pop idol son, you're a superstar.
Neil Todd, England

Thank you Will, for bringing back some decent music into our lives

Deels, England
So sad that people are so completely bigoted and nasty and actually admit they haven't bothered to listen. Long and Winding Road is the only disappointment but tracks 7-13 are stunning. I am left feeling very moved. I love it. You might not like the genre but Will Young is a great new talent. You would be a fool not to recognise that.
Smaf, UK

One down, many more to come I'm sure. Stunning debut album. Lover Won't You Stay, You & I, Cruel to be Kind are the best songs I've heard in a long time.
Jill, UK

Yes, Will has moved away from Pop, but where he is heading, god only knows, 'cause its not toward any serious genre of music.
Peter Hollis, UK

Well I certainly have heard it, and I can tell you it is very wishy washy, uninspiring stuff! From Now On.."it's all about my's all about my feelings.." distinctly average, and that was the most upbeat track on the album (well, almost upbeat) and Will's feelings don't come into it, just the same dreary love songs, sounding strange coming from an openly gay man. Left me cold, and wondering why I had voted for him during PI.
Sally, UK

I downloaded the songs on MP3 from Will's Devoted site to listen to first. I'm so glad I did, 'cause I would have wasted £13 otherwise! Why is he singing in a girl's voice? And why are the songs so lacklustre?
Becky, England

Well, I have waited eight months for this album and what do I think of it - WOW, it's mind blowing. It's the first time that I have bought an album and loved every NEW song straight away. Haven't listened to the three No 1 songs yet, as I've listened to them so often in the last eight months.

My favourites so far are Cruel to be Kind, You and I, Over You, and I'm absolutely amazed at Fine Line. How many artists today would attempt something like this, or even be capable of such an amazing result?

In the words of Pete Waterman, "Will, you're no Pop Idol, you're a SUPERSTAR".

Thank you for an amazing debut album, can't wait for the next.

Also looking forward to your live performances of these new songs, as we know that we are always in for a treat, NO MIMING and varied performances.

Thank you Will, for bringing back some decent music into our lives.

Good luck for a long and successful career, so well deserved.
Deels, Staffs, England

Love his jazzy and soulful style with his new songs

Tanya, UK
Just to add, I too was let down while trying to see Will at the signing. He arrived an hour late, went early, leaving us disappointed and without our albums signed, not a lot to ask after I'd spent all my pocket money on it, my mum was furious. Plus I don't really like any of the songs apart from Evergreen and Long and Winding Road.
Kate, UK

My wife subjected me to this pap all afternoon. It's not pop, but it's certainly not good music. And Burt, well at 70 years old he has lost his songwriting flare with What's In Goodbye. Also it helps to have some good lyrics when listening to slow songs, could the other songwriters be bothered? I think not, just in it for the quick buck they know they'll get from the Pop Idol winner.
Greg, UK

Oh dear. (And yes I have listened). Will's voice is so high as be girlish on many of the tracks. I was sorely disappointed. He was supposed to have a great jazz voice, where is it? The songs are just light weight, poor lyrics. From Now On was especially poor, with Will's vocals at odds with the backing singers. Evergreen was great,but it went downhill fast after that.
Vanessa, Reading, UK

For those of you who were at HMV today and were not lucky enough to get your album signed I have this to say. Will DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE. He was absolutely gutted that he could not finish signing for the remainder of the people there today. In fact, knowing Will he has probably agonised over it all day and night. Unfortunately he was dragged off to do a sound check for tonight's performance at Wembley. Don't blame him or let this one incident change your opinions of a wonderful person.

As for the fact he had a break in between (5 mins). You try signing albums, photos, books, calendars etc etc for 2 hours solid without a break.

As for the album. As somebody said previously, ignore the singles, they are BMG's material. Listen to WILL's material and then maybe you'll have the right to your opinion.

Will is the most amazing UK artist we have seen or are likely to see in a very long time. This YOUNG man is here to stay.
Marie Carey, UK

Couldn't wait for this album and I am not disappointed. Can't believe some of the posts on here, are we listening to the same album? You and I is superb and when he sings this live on his tour it is mind-blowing. Love his jazzy and soulful style with his new songs. He is clearly trying to go his own way with this album and it couldn't be further from the manufactured pop that we are subjected to with the music of today.

His vocal talent is amazing, and I for one will be queueing for his next album. I also went to the signing and can honestly say he was a true gentleman. He is in concert at Wembley tonight and probably did not have the time to stay on. I found him charming and amiable as always
Tanya, UK

Such a refreshing album

Pam, UK
Fantastic album, well worth waiting for. Lovely mix of styles that demonstrate Will's amazing voice. Mature and chilled - just like the gorgeous man himself.
Debbie, London

Favourite Cruel to be kind and Over You. Pure Will Young, right to the heart.
Maria White, England (Mersyside)

My favourites: listening to Lovestruck is like being taken off to a lagoon with the man off your dreams. It's a masterpiece, it's romantic, and something new.

You and I is strong and unique. I heard it live on Friday, and I have to say, it's emotional, it's brilliant, perfect. Just perfect.

Fine Line is moody, dark and yet another masterpiece. Cruel to be Kind - perfect. There are no words to describe it, it's amazing.

Over You is uptempo, and fun. It's modern jazz, fit for a king. Listen to it in a good mood for its full effect. You'll be singing it for weeks.

What's in Goodbye - Another Burt classic? I think so!

To think a man so young with so much pressure on him to create a different album from mediocre artists, is supurb. Remember, he's only been in this business since 9/02/02, not a long time.

Today was judgement day, for the naive people who thought he was going to shove more cover versions (not his choice please remember, do your research before commenting) in our face.

This album will hopefully show other artists that they can go off the ladder of pop and do something different.
Carrie Walsh, London, UK

Will Young's new album From Now On is fantastic, absolutely fantastic. It shows what a great voice he has and deserves to be a number one hit
Brenda Donohoe, England

Please take off your blinkers and take out your ear plugs, if you actually listen you may surprise youself and find you like it. But oh no you can't do that, because for some reason it seems it's not "cool" to admit to actually liking Will Young. This guy has so much talent, and is a brilliant live performer in a class of his own. What is confusing everybody is that he's like no-one else currently on the music scene. He can't be pigeon holed. Thank goodness! He is a unique talent and this is just the beginning, and I for one will watch his music talents develop with interest. A unique debut album of quality.

For those that are upset about the album signing. There were hundreds of us there and you were only guaranteed to get it signed if you had a wrist band. I'm disappointed but would never criticise Will himself. You couldn't meet a nicer and more thoughtful guy, and I'm sure he must have had a very good reason for not being able to stay and sign all our albums. Sorry but you can't be much of a fan if you now say you won't buy his album, how immature is that!
Jane, Sussex, UK

Pure Will, pure class

Sarah, Kent
Best voice ever for me. Will is here to stay! Such a refreshing album. I can only feel sympathy for those who have submitted negative comments as they are, in my opinion, missing out on a very rare talent. The album is full of beautiful melodies and different styles - just a taster me thinks of what the future holds. I can't wait!!! Will is not only a Pop idol he will undoubtedly given time become a legend.
Pam, UK

If anyone doubts that Will has an amazing voice, listen to Fine Line a few times. Definitely not average. For a debut album, for an artist under the sort of pressure he is under, it is amazing. Well done Will! But we will see even more yet. This is just the beginning.
Sue Downham, England

Will doesn't need to be the new anybody. Not the new Robbie - not anyone else. He has a style that is all his own and is brilliantly reflected in this musical masterpiece. How can people ever accurately review an album when they constantly want to compare it to something is obviously is not? View the album on it's own then make a decision... my decision, FANTASTICAL!
Soph, UK

I think Will's album is spectacular. The songs are great and sung by Will sound excellent. I am a massive fan of Will and I'm not just saying this because I like him but I think there is nothing bad I could say about it. Keep it up Will!!
Emily Sunderland, United Kingdom

All the critics wanted to do was slate this album but it became evident they couldn't find grounds to do so by their strained reviews. This album is a creamy mix of jazzy pop magnificence. From Now On is my current favourite though it's a hard decision to make.. usually I can pick a song I dislike but on this album there are none. My only wish is reviewers writing for the public would assess the album as Will Young - Musician rather than "Will Young - Pop Idol.
Sophie Thomson, England

The album was well worth waiting for. Truly outstanding. You should be very proud Mr Young. I Love You & I, Over You and From Now On. Sensational debut album!!!!
Caroline, UK

What a fantastic debut album. Definitely worth the wait. Very disappointed at all the negative reviews from people who have not actually heard the album, what's that all about? Will Young is in a league of his own and is adored for his amazing vocal ability. When are people going to stop jumping on the bandwagon and critisicing everything he does?

He rocks my boat and always will. Amazing album. As for the comments about the signing, everyone knew that there was a limited time allowed for Will to sign CD', he has a concert to perform toninght, someone had to be disappointed. It does not mean Will does not appreciate he fans, rather the reverse, see the press release for proof!!!!
Karen Woodstock, Manchester

I think people who haven't bought the album have no right to criticise. It is a brilliant album and goes way beyond my expectations. Pure Will, pure class.
Sarah, Kent

So disappointed to see some going to all the trouble of "reviewing" an album they admit they haven't heard. He was voted the Pop Idol because he was the best singer and thank goodness. Did you really think the public were bothered about the pop tag? This album will hopefully leave the pop label behind and just leave us with "Idol". I love the album! It shows the versatility of his voice at his best. I suspect that those who bought it and were disappointed were expecting a more modern pop slant. This is music - laid-back, soulful and with rhythm. If you want a pop album, I suggest you wait for Gareth's new album.
Maggie, England

I can't remember the last time I cried over a song, but You and I did just that to me! It's powerful, beautiful and sexy all rolled into one perfect song!

Hayley, UK
Well, I've played it a couple of times so far and was just totally blown away. Best album I've heard in years. Have to say could have done without the singles on it and had more of Will's own songs. Fine Line, Lovestruck & Lover Won't You Stay are my favourites. The album is full of different styles, not your run-of-the mill boy band pop pap. It's got soul, jazz, ballads, acoustic, dramatical songs, a total refreshing change from the rubbish brought out today. This guy is here to stay, believe it.

Oh and those who are giving him stick about the signing, have you ever thought he may have been pressurised by his peers to leave sharp? There is a lovely post from a lady on another site that just shows the true Will. He went out of his way to sign a CD for a disabled girl even though he was told not to by his security and peers.
Carole, UK

WOW!!! It's the best album I've ever heard!!! Every track is brilliant in its own way!!! Over You is beautiful!!!
Laura Donovan, England

I bought this and was not really sure what to expect. Well, it is brilliant, especially the track Fine Line, what vocals, his voice is unbelievable. l think he's here to stay.
Cazzie, UK

I would just like to say well done to Will Young. The album is much better than anticipated. He's left the Pop Idol baggage behind and has produced a number of good songs, that will no doubt be hummed by most of the critics who have posted on here!!!!
Debbie, UK

I am astounded that people are able to review this album without hearing it.

But anyway onto the music. It is absoloute class and pretty much what I expected from him, a very chilled very classy and VERY differnt album to anyone elses at the moment. He has the best voice I have ever heard and this album shows it off, (although not as well as when he is live). The highlights for me at the moment are Over You, You and I and Cruel to be Kind. I wish Will the best of luck and continued sucess with his career.
Allyce Green, England

FANTASTIC!!! I can't remember the last time I cried over a song, but You and I did just that to me! It's powerful, beautiful and sexy all rolled into one perfect song!

The rest of the album is brilliant too, I can't stop playing it!!

Well done Will, you deserve all the success in the world! xxx
Hayley, UK

This is a mature and cool debut album from a man with the classiest voice in music. Over You is my favourite track - jazzy and sexy and co-written by Young. Lover Won't You Stay, written by Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis, is also excellent. The tracks co-written by Will (five in total) are all highlights of the album. Fine Line emphasises just how superb his voice is.
Nicki, UK

Poor Will, he just can't win. Some want him to be the new Robbie, but you can bet that if he tried to emulate Robbie, he'd be criticised for it

Von, UK
Just purchased the album today, and already I have listened to it dozens of times! The tracks are all very individual, and upbeat, it has a wonderful jazzy feel to it, not what you usually expect from a Pop artist, which is fantastic, a great element of surprise!
Nicola W, Durham, UK

This album is better than anyone could have expected. It gets rid of all this manufactured, cover version rubbish. You hear the full extent of his vocal ability, and it is amazing. The album has a whole range of styles and ranges. Brilliant album, absolutely fantastic.
Laura, England

I have just listened to Will's new album and I think it is superb. Particularly Over You and Fine Line. Such a contrast in the tracks.

The people who didn't listen shouldn't have bothered to post on here - listen to it first THEN criticise it.

It is a shame some people had trouble at the signing. Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of scraming fans - no wonder he left early - he also has a show to do tonight!
Gill P, England

Will Young's new album From Now On is really a great album and my favourite tracks are You and I and The Long and Winding Road,Will has a lot of talent and this first album reflects his talent even more. He seems really confident and sings each song with some meaning.

I am on his Official site and I am known as Tulip so hi to all my friends on the messageboard who could be reading this and also hi to Will Young too if he is reading this. Will you are the best and you are a superstar, lots of love and I will always support you 100% and I give your new album From Now On 10/10.

Go and buy this album you will be glad you did and I am proud to have Will's album in my collection and I am also proud to be a Will fan!
Katie, Teignmouth Devon

The album is fantastic, long awaited but it was well worth it. Cruel to be Kind and You and I send shivers down the spine, and Fine Line is just beautiful. The many different styles of the songs on this album show that Will thoroughly deserves to be where he is today. Go Will!
Lorraine B, UK

Poor Will, he just can't win. Some want him to be the new Robbie, but you can bet that if he tried to emulate Robbie, he'd be criticised for it. This is a label attached without invitation I'm sure. Personally, I consider Robbie to be more rock than jazz/soul. Then there's those looking for more soul. I'm sure we would then hear the white boy thinks he's black or dare I say Mick Hucknell. Then those looking for bland ballad Westlife. But surely we know Gareth has willingly cornered that market. If that's your taste 28th October is a date to write in your diary.

Will has so many factions to keep happy, BMG, the PI critics, the "why can't he sing his own song" mob, the music journalists and those who always jump on the band wagon!!

I have listened to the album on repeat and I think he has done his best to keep most if not all happy. Evidently, this is not enough.

I am very happy with the album and I look forward to his second. Debut albums send a clear message that there is more to come. Will is such a versatile singer, his follow up will offer a more individual flavour now he has successfully dabbled in song writing. Well done Will, you'll do for me kid.
Von, UK

What a load of rubbish! It nearly sent us both to sleep. I'd rather listen to Rene and Renata than listen to this dirge again!

Kate, UK
Can i just say its very obvious that the majority of the negative reviewers haven't even heard it as this album is by no stretch of the imagination "pop". I also don't see what relevance the signing has to the review. A lot of people don't seem to know that you had to have wristbands to get in and if you didn't have one you could queue but he would have to leave at 2pm. He does have a concert tonight to go and rehearse for you know. Its a fantastic album. It's refreshing to see someone with their own sound. My favourite track is the jazzy Over You. It's in a class of its own, there's something on it for everyone and his vocal range is just amazing.
Lisa, Glasgow

I think Will's new album is great - getting better with each listen. Clearly it's not going to be to everybody's taste, but good on him for not taking the easy route of sounding like everything else out in the charts at the moment.

I saw him in concert the other night and he blew away Gareth's manufactured sound. Long may you continue Will.
Kay, Kent, UK

Pity that there are some people upset about the album signing at HMV today. I have just read many more positive accounts about meeting Will today (on his website). All gushing about how much he went out of his way, very tactile and unrushed.

The album - I've bathed in an ocean of Will - brilliant. But we can't all like the same!! Please submit this, if only to set the record straight about positive Will meeting experiences.

The album is fantastic... I love all the new tracks...and the ones he has done live are even better.....For those that are moaning that he didn't stay signing...don't forget he is actually in concert tonight!!!! Darius may well have signed everything but I know there were less people...and he didn't have a concert the same night...shame on you all for being so bitter...He was gracious charming and sweet to all those that he met.
Sara, Cambs

This is an excellent album. My personal favourite on the album is Cruel to be Kind which is brilliant and Will sings like an angel throughout all the album.
Kathryn Smith, England

In this album, Will is being his bluesy, soulful self and for a first album, it's a stunner

Kitty Sinclair, UK
My mum bought the album today. I've entered a competition to win a signed copy!! Even if I don't win I will buy myself a copy..really love the new single You and I. The people who complained about Will rushing his signing don't realise that he had to go to a sound check today for tonight's they expect him to stay there all day?!! Love the album Will.
Natalie, England

One word: fantastic. Much better than I expected, loved every track .The more you listen to the album the better it gets. A much needed relief from the boyband garbage that is being produced at the moment. For those of you who feel Will has let you down at the HMV signing because he left a little early or you got turned away......GET A LIFE.....the guy is in the middle of a tour and probably cherishes any spare time he gets at the moment.
Lisey, UK

My friend has just bought this album. What a load of rubbish! It nearly sent us both to sleep. I'd rather listen to Rene and Renata than listen to this dirge again!
Kate, UK

What an album! Well worth the wait, pure class vocals. Haven't heard anything this good for years, his versatility stands out a mile. Brilliant musicians, just love it!! He is here to stay. Well done Will. Can't wait for the live show, for me you are the best. Feel sorry for those who don't take the trouble to listen. Best of luck for the future from your no 1 fan.
June Clegg, England

I awoke this morning to the thud of From Now On coming through my letter box. Was it worth the wait? Most definitely. The album is an eclectic mix - there is something for everyone. There isn't a track I don't like and it's hard to say which one is my favourite. I think it has to be Side by Side which is basically a pop song but somehow Will manages to make it sound bluesy. In this album, Will is being his bluesy, soulful self and for a first album, it's a stunner.
Kitty Sinclair, UK

Is this man just 23 years old????? I cannot believe what an absolutely fabulous voice he has. What a wonderful, melodious voice he has. A truly polite, well-spoken,well-mannered, charming man. A true STAR! Many congratulations to you, Will.
Penny, England

Will Young
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