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Friday, 11 October, 2002, 15:08 GMT 16:08 UK
Supergrass: Your views
Supergrass are touring the UK in October
Supergrass first hit the UK charts in 1995 with Alright, a feel-good ditty that went on to become the song of the summer.

The band are now on their fourth album, Life On Other Planets, which features current single, Grace.

"The Supergrass sound of old remains intact and fresh from the days of Mansize Rooster all those years ago, and has the rare rock music quality of being honest and unpretentious," wrote the BBC's Michael Osborn.

But what do you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

Have your say

Too reliant on classic rock influences? Why is that a bad thing. There's not enough of this in today's music.
Chris Holt, N.Ireland

Whereas all the reviews of the new album slate Supergrass's last album, I actually thought it was one of their best - Moving, Mary, Beautiful People & Faraway are in a different league to anything on the new album. It sounds like they're trying to return to their roots and not making a very good job of it, when in my opinion they didn't need to. LA Song is excellent though.
James Smith, England

Well it didn't cause hallucinations when played at volume. Which was a relief.
Tommaso Buscetta, Italy

It's classic Supergrass, pure and unpretentious. The beauty is that they aren't trying to do something they can't just sticking to what they know.

It's just a shame today's Nu-Metal teenage angst ridden society won't allow them the notoriety they deserve.
Dave, UK

They claimed they made this album while in France drinking copious amounts of shows. It seems as if their creative juices were replaced with grape juices, but they will be back.
Geoff, UK

I quite like the way the songs are on this album. It feels as though a great deal of thought went into the contruction and dynamics of the music. Combined with token mashed potato references and braying animal sounds, what more could you want?
Kimberly, Toronto, Canada

This is a mighty fine album with some good, short "shock to the system" tracks. This is what music should be about. Whilst the influences of T-Rex, Beatles and The Stones are all evident, these artists have influenced some of the biggest artists in history, and Supergrass have done an excellent job in following an illustrious line and should not be condemned for it. There is even a little nod to the punk era with the Strangler-esque track La Song. Whilst not groundbreaking this album is worthy of 8 out 10 and has been on my play list since the beginning of the month. And my favourite track has to be Evening Of The Day.
Gary, UK

I think it's dull. They've been struggling to follow up their debut with anything decent. There's a couple of alright tunes on it, just like the previous two albums, but it's mostly just filler. It's all a bit out of date really.
Quengo, Wales

I think the first five tracks are spot on, and the last two are great too. It's just a little bland in the middle. 8/1. Try harder.
Rocky, England

Supergrass have been a band whose albums have kept to a consistant high standard and their latest is no different. Regardless of what the critics might say, they are musically one of Britain's best bands and in a league far above the angst ridden pop/Nu-metal groups. Time is on their side.
Homer, Wales

"Hear a clip from Seen the Light"
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