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Thursday, 26 September, 2002, 16:55 GMT 17:55 UK
The Long and Winding Road: Your views
Gareth Gates and Will Young
The pair have both had chart success as solo artists
Still riding on the back of the Pop Idol phenomenon, winner and runner-up Will Young and Gareth Gates have released a duet.

The pair have recorded their own version of Beatles' track, The Long and Winding Road.

"This choice of song fails to make the most of the pair's contrasting voices and styles which have moulded them into two distinct pop packages," wrote BBC News Online's Michael Osborn.

But what do you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of reader comments.

Have your say

I thought it was two women singing, radio Clyde played the original and it is way better, sometimes things should be left alone.
Sandra McLean, Canada

Just awful - you cannot hear the words or the harmonies at all. It makes a beautiful song sound dull, lacklustre and void of any soul.
Holly, UK

This record reflects the state of the music industry in this country today, run by tired, middle-aged, talentless millionaires. Shame on you.
Martin, England

This song simply shows what a fantastic singer Will Young is and the "distinctly average" voice of Mr Gates. At least it shows that the winner of Pop Idol was the true and worthy winner and that even the votes of many little girls will not outweigh class.

Roll on some original material from Will Young with the release of his debut album on 7th October and the "karaoke kid" comments can finally be put to bed.
Vix, UK

Although I think that both Will and Gareth have good voices, I'm afraid neither of them really shine through on this track. I also feel that the final mix lacked any great professionalism - the vocals were too low in the mix at times - and Will can be heard off mic at various points too if you listen closely ! C+. Must try harder!
Ian Downs, Oxfordshire, UK

How they dare try and cover such talented musicians material. The boys should have declined the track as they have too much respect for Sir Mcartney. It's embarrassing.
Katy, England

Sorry to all you ┐cool dudes┐ out there who want to deride Will and Gareth but I think their harmony and powerful voices shine through on this track, especially Will's vocals. This is better than the original Beatles version - I┐m being serious - listen to it now and you will see how flat it is in comparison.
Chappers, London, England

I think that Gareth's voice overpowers Will's, at points during the song. I'm not complaining or anything, I just think that they should have picked a better song. Gareth should continue on his own and Will should give up.
Debbi, UK

This has got to be one of the most appalling songs I've ever heard. Even the boys themselves look embarrassed on the occasions they've performed it so far. Music bosses, please stop forcing your artists to record such drivel. I'm sure the singers would much rather be performing something else - and they do have some level of intelligence believe it or not.
Jason Jones, London, UK

A dismal cover of one of the worst Beatles songs. This is pure dross. I wish Gareth and Will and all their plastic ilk contract permanent laryngitis and give our ears a break.
John G, London,UK

They are nauseating enough individually, but together! Someone make them go away please!
Gillian, Scotland

Will Young is a talented young gent who has been more than co-operative in agreeing to sing alongside Gareth Gates. The song is pleasant but the public are bored of covers. I do hope these two can break away from the manipulative puppeteers before they kill their careers before they've even taken off.
Abigail, UK

Is this the worst cover version ever? Yes, it probably is. Who ever has the rights to this song should be ashamed, they have let these two destroy it. John Lennon and George Harrison will be turning in their graves.
John Mckenna, UK

It's definitely more like Robson and Jerome than Lennon and McCartney. Singing a good song doesn't make you a good act - just look at what Emetic Kitten did to The Tide is High...
Pete Hazell, UK

At first I thought it was a bit dull, but it has grown on me and the simplicity is refreshing. The video is very different and does do a much better job of incorporating both singers' styles and shows them to be very different, but both highly talented.

Suspicious Minds is much better and more radio friendly.
Fiona, UK

This could have been a good version of a wonderful song, but as usual it has been messed about with, and the final mix is awful. On the live performances Will sounds great, on this single they have just made him sound like a backing singer, that is when you can hear him!! I feel so sorry as he has such a fantastic voice, no wonder he was the winner of Pop Idol compared to Gareth.........I think his market of teeny supporters will soon wane, and then we can all enjoy the true talent of Will.
Pam S, UK

Buddies Will Young and Gareth Gates get together to sing words they didn't write, to music they didn't write. To justify plagiarising a Beatles song in such a heavy-handed way, with the excuse that it's a showcase for two wonderful voices just doesn't wash. I'm not sure I've ever heard such a successful massacring of a cover. Perhaps that in itself deserves congratulations...
Oliver, UK

Gareth is fantastic on the duet, it is a great showcase for his magnificent talent. Suspicious Minds is absolutely brilliant but not sure about Sweetest Feeling - Will's style is not my cup of tea at all.
Elaine, England

Apart from 6 to 12 year olds and Pete Waterman, did anyone really think this would be a credible cover?
Rick, UK

The producers of this track know of all the criticisms aimed at their singers (puppets!), and have clearly asked them to inject some emotion and individualism into their performance. Unfortunately the two singers do not empathise with the original sentiments of the track (has it really been a long road for them?), neither does it stir up any real enthusiasm in their renditions. They are clearly gifted singers, but need producers and songwriters who can give them something that they can connect with, to achieve a credible performance.
Leon Bamford, England

Why does Will's company insist on softening his voice on every recording? When singing live on TV his voice was amazing - they soften him now to try and counter out how weak Gareth is. They'll ruin his career.
Lucy, Leeds

This is one of the worst cover versions I have heard. I don't think that Gareth has a particularly good voice, but because of BMG's agenda he is given the lead vocals, over the infinitely superior Will. I'm looking forward to hearing Will's own tracks on his forthcoming album, and on his next single for Children In Need.
Laura, UK

Only one thing to say: Will Young bits - stunning. Gareth Gates bits atrocious!!! This duet was a very bad idea, don't blame the boys though, I blame the fat cats at BMG - no more duets Will, please!
Robbie., London

Oh dear! What can I say to the record company responsible for this waste of two talented singers' time except STOP IT NOW!
Judith Entwisle-Baker, Norfolk

The duet is brilliant and is a brilliant idea for Gareth and Will fans to come together. I got it for my birthday (today), I think it's THE BEST!!!!!
Jennifer Mckenzie, Cumbernauld, Scotland

This tracks shows how little difference there is between the two Pop Idols who both have excellent, but distinctly different voices. I love it. Crystal clear voices. Reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel. Quality and precision.
Michelle Bland, England

The live video version is brilliant and pure, but the radio version is very uninspiring. Shame really but a massive hit is no doubt guaranteed.
Stephanie, UK

Six months of searching for some pop idols, and we get Robsome and Jerome for the 21st century. Dreadful.
John Donegan, England

Having seen the video where Will and Gareth sing live I cannot understand why the record company has released a bland version such as this. The harmonies on the live version are more complex and really get the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention. I only hope the CD single has the live version on it.
Pigs, UK

Will and Gareth sing like a couple of girls. This is the 1950s all over again. Androgenous limp vocals from visually and aurally indistinguishable youngsters. Are people scared of grit and non-conformity these days? The cover version is dire but at least they're covering a decent song.
Patrick Martin, UK

Just awful! The only decent thing is the backing which is exactly the same as the Beatles but polished and sanitised of course. Then Will Young overdoes it again with filling every gap in the vocals that he can. Bland. Leave classics to McCartney.
Chris Briggs, England

I agree with Vix, Will's voice on this track puts Gareth's to shame. The song is not too bad but apart from not being as good as the original, it is also put to shame by other versions of this song, namely the one by George Michael on the B-side of his Freeeek! single.
Ellie, England

Like all their other songs - this is bilge water. The talentless two again ruin a classic song. I thought Light My Fire was a low point, but the wood at the bottom of this particular barrel must be wafer thin. Do us all a favour and rush back into the obscurity you both deserve.
Paul Williams, UK

John and George must be turning in their graves! What an insult to the memory of the greatest band ever. Darius has put them both to shame by writing his own number one, whilst this pair continue to churn out mind-numbing covers.
Ian Smith, England

Both are rubbish and need to do something original or give up! Pathetic is the only word to use to describe these two below average, so-called singers.
Sa Shah, UK

Absolute tat. Terrible and a sad reflection on how dull and safe the British pop industry has become. They can't rely on covers versions for ever can they?
Jason Pittock, United Kingdom

A commercial world sees money rule over integrity every time, in the arts, in education and in music. Will Young will rise above this. He has an all round ability and a charming charisma which will stand the test of time. Although not near the original, this version is pleasant enough but I cant wait to see Will after the separation at the hip. His album should give us what we want to hear.
Smaf, England

I really like the version of Gareth and Will, to be honest I thought Paul Macartney's version was a bit boring. And Will and Gareth's voices sound good together.
Mrs I Travers, UK

I think this song is absolutley fantastic and I love both Gareth & Will and wish them all the best. I can't understand how people can think it's rubbish. They obviously don't know what they're talking about.
Laura Jackson, England

I fail to understand why Will and Gareth had to record this song. But if they did why weren't they allowed to sing the version which they sang on Pop Idol, with Will taking the lead? Will obviously has a much more powerful voice than Gareth and can help the song along. The CD version is really very restrained. The video is much better but one of the best versions was on Blue Peter today, 23 September.

The sooner Will's album is out the better as far as I'm concerned so he won't have to do these covers.
Gill P, England

The original is terrible when you hear Will and Gareth's version. They have such strong voices, in particular Will and it is 100 times better than the weak sounding original.
Suzi, UK

I am appalled that after the mess that Will Young made of Light my Fire, he has been given another opportunity to destroy a classic song. This is, incidently, exactly what he has done. I am not sure who these two think they are and I am not sure what the record company thinks it is achieving by allowing these songs to be released. If they listened to the top 40 they would realise that 12 year olds will buy anything these days. Its is bad enough that acts like these two have hijacked our radio stations. Can they not be content with this and leave our classic songs alone?
Ben, London

Yet another vapid and contrived cover version designed to sell to children. How long before they are sponsored by McDonalds, one wonders....
Dan, UK

I'm a huge Will fan and actually like this version but more so I'm looking forward to hearing Will singing on his own on his album rather than as back up to the Karaoke Kid.
Gill Goodsell, England

Sorry, but I have to disagree!! Will and Gareth have done an excellent cover version and their voices blend very well. I (and a friend) bought our copy today.I do agree though, that it will be nice to hear them do something original. Will is doing just that on his upcoming album and I can't wait to hear it.Gareth too is working on writing his own songs.
Chris Maltwood, UK

I think this is a great version of the song and Gareth is absolutely superb on it even shading the Pop Idol winner Will whom I did vote for in the final. I now love Gareth just as much.
Terri Woods, England

Personally I don't think they should have done the duet, but if either of them hadn't have wanted to do it then I'm (pretty) sure they wouldn't have. However, I personally cannot wait until the 7th October to hear Will's album and his own tracks that he's written rather than the cover versions he's been doing so far as I think he has a fabulous voice, fantastic personality and amazing performing charisma which makes every performance he does so special.
Carly Lemon, England

I feel it is terribly unfair that the careers of these two immensely talented and good looking young men will be blighted by their links with Pop Idol. Let their talent do the talking (or singing!) and leave them alone.
Nik Selman, UK

I disagree with Michael Osbourne I think the duet perfectly shows the contrasts between the two voices and styles. Gareth and Will each bring to the duet their own particular strengths and the end result is a beautiful rendition of a lovely song. Gareth sings with passion and Will sings from his soul, a perfect combination. Both voices are lovely in their own way. I don't think anyone should even begin to try to compare their voices, they are both very different but equally as good.
Matilda, Wales

The Long and Winding Tedium...please give us some original singers with their own songs, not tired renditions of past ones.
Gareth, UK

You are very foolish if you think Will Young or Gareth Gates had any say over the releasing of Long and Winding Road. They're cut of the profit is a very very low percentage. Will Young has always wanted to release and orginal songs to promote his album. I believe he was saddled with this. Many of his fans are refusing to buy this CD instead they are waiting for his album which contains many co-written new songs.
Mandy Delaforce, England

Yippee - another cover version! Will and Gareth are brave (and foolish) to cover such a beautiful song. This version has none of the emotion of the original. Unfortunately it will be number one.
Jo, UK

This is a money making device for BMG. It is not what the fans want. They should have given proper promotion to Will's album. He is a fantastic singer.Why should he carry Gareth?
A H Cain, England

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