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Tuesday, 17 September, 2002, 17:15 GMT 18:15 UK
A night with BBC Three
Stereophonics on Re:covered
Re:covered has been a success for BBC Choice
The BBC is staying guarded about what is likely to make up the schedule for BBC Three, which has just been given government approval.

The channel, which will replace BBC Choice, is aimed at the 25-34 age group and running from 1900 to 0400 each night.

BBC Choice controller Stuart Murphy - who is set to lead the new channel - has promised "a whole mix of genres" including 30 half hours of current affairs, 50 hours of music and arts, and 30 hours of education a year.

What is certain is the channel will have a large proportion of independent productions and British or European programming.

Stuart Murphy
Murphy wants "the hearts and minds of a younger generation"
The channel is also likely to echo successful aspects of its predecessor, BBC Choice.

BBC Choice has already developed an individual slant on news with the bulletin 60seconds and the entertainment news show Liquid News.

  • An evening's viewing on BBC Three will be built around a 15-minute news show in peak time.

  • 60seconds bulletins, which deliver five news stories in one minute, will run each hour.

    60seconds launch presenters Tazeen Ahmad and Sumit Bose
    60seconds bulletins will feature on BBC Three

  • Liquid News, BBC Choice's most high-profile show so far, will be one of the central planks of BBC Three's schedule.

    New Liquid News hosts Claudia Winkleman and Colin Paterson will relaunch the programme next month, with Heat magazine editor Mark Frith co-hosting an extra weekly edition.

    A collection of BBC Choice news specials also show how topical issues will be handled on BBC Three.

    They include War: Do Or Die?, which looked at young people's attitudes to modern warfare, and Jihad in Tipton, which looked at a group of young men from the Midlands who are being held prisoner by the US, suspected of fighting for the Taliban.

    Entertainment programming on BBC Three is likely to feature new formats, another condition of its launch.

  • Diners, which eavesdrops on real-life table talk, has been a hit for BBC Choice. So far the series has featured the dinner conversations of celebrities like Tracey Emin, Howard Marks, Jordan and Toby Young.

    Dermot O'Leary
    Dermot O'Leary hosts Re:covered

  • Re:covered has been described by Heat magazine as the best music show on TV. It showcases a range of major pop artists covering their favourite songs of all time.

  • An indication of the drama output comes from BBC Choice's Breeze Block, a "gritty but witty" comedy drama written by Ian Pattinson, creator of Rab C Nesbitt.

  • EastEnders repeats are likely to continue, Stuart Murphy has said.

  • Johnny Vaughan's wry look at the day's events, Johnny Vaughan Tonight, is likely to feature in the mid-evening schedule.

    BBC Three can also offer a home to events that need substantial amounts of broadcast time - such as the Glastonbury music festival.

  • BBC Three debut

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