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Tuesday, 1 October, 2002, 08:49 GMT 09:49 UK
Top of the Pops 2000th show: Your views
Status Quo
Status Quo are Top of the Pops veterans
Top of the Pops was first broadcast in the UK in 1964 and aired its 2000th show on Friday.

Pop and rock acts across the decades appeared, including Peter Gabriel, on the show for the first time in 22 years, and Status Quo, who made a record 106th appearance.

"It had great pace, it crammed in a huge amount of music, but it lost the sense of being an event," says the BBC's William Gallagher.

But what did you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

Have your say

Great to see The Quo playing completely live and the young TOTP's audience really going for it!
Rick Norman, UK

I thought that the 2000th edition was actually worse than any other "normal" week of Top of the Pops! They should have signed top names to appear on the show, rather than second-rate bands.
Alex Saran, UK

A non- event. Status Quo (I have there boxed album and many a happy memory of their reign in the charts) were tired and old looking. The presenters were so false it was painful, why do they have to hideously overrate the acts. Tom Jones and Wyclef looked as if they hadn't rehearsed and the brother and sister act from America, who's name I cannot recall, were a joke. I think the show could have worked better with clips of acts cumulating in a live set with today's greats. The tributes looked "paid for" and done on the cheap. Sting looked as if he was senile and I know him not to be!

This was awful I have seen better TOTP shows, I can't see this show stacking up to 1/2 hour of MTV and VH1. To summarise - it was embarrassing!
Stuart Duffy, Scotland

For a special show, it was a complete let down; more like a normal show with bells on. For a start it still only had a half hour slot. And considering it was supposed to reflect the music of nearly 40 years, it was dominated by the music of 2002. I would say that TOTP is becoming something of a camp icon.
Dave Griffin, UK

I regularly watch the Top of the Pops. It's a great show and at 7:30 Friday it signifies the start of the weekend and time to relax. I just need it to go on for at least another 2000+ episodes - so if you could see your way to doing that BBC, I'd be grateful.
Nick, Sussex, UK

The show was good, but it was a shame to see TOTP get caught up in the myth that the White stripes are amazing and the next big thing. They're just over-hyped pretentious tune stealers. I can quite easily see people looking back at the 2000th edition and saying 'great show, but who were they?'
Gez Smith, UK

The show demonstrated how poor the current music charts are; bland bands, repetitive tunes, hyped up-quick sale nonsense. Where was all the 80s music? I'll stick with TOTP2.
rich, UK

I think it's an amazing achievement for a show to run that long, but I felt that last night's episode was no different from the rest and was nothing special. Sadly reflecting today's music.
George Hale, England

Every report I have read mentions Atomic Kitten's cover of Blondie's Tide is High. Just for the record, this was itself a cover of a John Holt tune. Sorry to be an anorak.
Alistair Mark, England


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