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Monday, 16 September, 2002, 16:41 GMT 17:41 UK
Signs: Your views
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson plays an ex-clergyman
Mel Gibson crop circle chiller Signs has been a huge hit in the US, making over $200 million at the box office.

The film is directed by the Sixth Sense's M Night Shamalyan and follows an ex-clergyman (Gibson) who is plagued by weird goings-on of the extra-terrestrial kind.

"It is flawed, certainly, but is nevertheless an interesting, thought-provoking picture from one of the most exciting new directors around," wrote BBC News Online's Caroline Westbrook.

This debate is now closed. You can read a selection of your comments below

This was a movie with some good acting (Joaquin Phoenix), the best sound I've ever heard, two scary moments and some intentional laughs. Also one of the stupidest plots and worst special effects it has been my misfortune to see for a while. Liked The Sixth Sense, was bored by Unbreakable, found this laughable.
Lil Shepherd, UK

I was bored rigid from start to finish. The only thing that made me jump was the person next to me screaming.
Oliver, England

Dire, dire, dire. Excellent actors but what a poorly thought out film. A few highlights to look forward to but don't expect to leave feeling 'wow' - more like what an over-advertised movie.
Bulent, UK

At several points it looked as though Signs was destined to be a great film, but as with Unbreakable, M Night Shyamalan blew it at the end and it became merely a good film.

No matter how much atmosphere you provide, with alien invasions you inevitably write yourself into a corner - which is clearly what happened to Signs.
Dylan, UK

You can't beat a film that preys on your every sense... an attempt to provide that old-fashioned scare tactic of 'its coming to get you'. Signs is a must-see.
Gabby O'Donnell, UK

Sad, slow B-movie, mis-cast, no world reaction shown in proportion to the event depicted. Luckily the aliens could not invade the UK because of the rain
Rich, UK

Watchable, nice ideas, darkly filmed, but lacking a convincing ending which ultimately let it down.
Ric L, UK

This has to be the worst film I have seen in a long time. The UFO genre is well dated at this stage making the whole film rather predictable. This was made even worse by the poor script which was not worthy of the talents of Gibson and Phoenix. This film can definitely join the group of poor quality films that have been a by-product of the Hollywood writers strike.
John O'Neill, Ireland

I really enjoyed watching this film, which leaves you wondering almost to the very end. Ok so perhaps it was a bit slow in places, but hey, its only a film! not a blockbuster, but very good all the same.
Karl, Northants, UK

A good film, mixing humour with fear. Shamalyan is a modern master of suspense and is clearly influenced greatly by Hitchcock. One plot problem with this film: If the aliens are allergic to water why would they choose to go to Earth? hmmm.
Jon Harvey, UK

Like a dull episode of X-Files , but weaker and longer .
Christopher James, UK

A waste of time and talent. I wanted my money back.
Peter Haslett, Australia

One of the best films I have seen in a long time. Thought provoking, yet at the same time maintains a spine-tingling chill throughout combined with a good sense of humour. Great performances all round, especially by Joaquin Phoenix, and establishes Shamalyan as one of the best in the business.
Eamonn O'Connor, Ireland

Mel and Joaquin as brothers is a stretch. Intelligent aliens that can't open doors and die if you spit on them is stupid. They live on a farm with no farmhands and a field full of corn. The Culkin kid just happens to buy a book that could easily be titled What To Do if Your Planet is Invaded by Aliens. The acting is good, but the story will leave you "praying" for your money back.
Stu, USA

I recently saw this movie. To me, it is a combination of interesting scientific ideas, immersed in Hollywood tripe. It certainly is cinema for the soaping classes! The set-ups are text book norms, and could only be more obvious if the producers had flashed them across the screen. In fact, that might have been a more creative idea, better than some of the acting I seen in this film. I laughed throughout the entire screening. I think I was supposed to be scared. I can't believe how ready Americans are to believe in Aliens - not saying they don't exist, just why are they so afraid of them?
Jimmy, New York, ex-Dublin

Signs is a B-grade movie with an A-level cast. That alone makes it fun to watch. Performances by the lead actors are superb (Joaquin Phoenix was excellent). The claustrophobic point of view seemed more real to me than showing how an entire city would react to such an event. I laughed, I jumped (even when I knew what was coming next!) Regardless of what critics and the industry say, M. Night Shamalyan is a great entertainer, and picks actors who will follow where he leads.
Eleissia, USA

At least we know Manchester would be safe from these aliens

Simon Reynolds, UK
I thought it was excellent, including the ending. It had bags of atmosphere, drama and humour. If you liked Sixth Sense you'll like this.
Dave M, UK

It's pretty good. A lot more humour than Shamalyan's previous films, and a faster pace than Unbreakable. It just lacked that wow factor that the other films had. Still good though.
Mathew Hyde, London, UK

This film did not live up to the hype, and was very poor from beginning to end, and was a bad version of the X files, I would not recomment this to anybody save your money and buy a carry-out you will get better value for your money and sloshed at the same time
Gary L, N Ireland

I thought that the film was out of the world and was really impressed by Mel Gibsons performance. I can safely say that i have never seen him act so well before in his career. Definetely a movie to watch!! I highly recommend it.
Ranj, United Kingdom

Shamalyan works wonders with child actors and he sure can do suspense, but really should have stayed on the directorial side of the movie - his acting turn was pretty poor. The characters were seriously underdeveloped - although Phoenix worked well with what little material he was given. All in all a scary movie, but a little too preachy for my unreligious sensibilities.
Ruth Liston , Dublin, Ireland

Why did I pay good money to see an average episode of the Outer Limits at the cinema? Goodness only knows. Solid acting performances all round, but the plot was terribly trite and dreary.
Robert Poole, UK

A film that tries to be too many things at the same time. Shyamalan should have concentrated on EITHER suspense, or comedy, or emotional drama. As it stands, it tries to be all three and fails.
James, UK

Entertaining & bittersweet. This is a good movie, I haven't seen anything recently that kept me amused, which is all I ask! I think perhaps the bad reviews are the result of high expectations...not very realistic at the moment considering! Don't let them put you off...make up your own mind.
Jo Collins, England

I think people have missed the point here. The story is told in its entirety from the point of view of the family involved to provide a snapshot of how the see the sequence of events. When you bear this in mind, I dont see how you could say it isn't a good film.
Michael Myers, UK

One of the scariest movies I've seen for a long time. A slower film than Sixth Sense, it's way ahead of Unbreakable for enjoyment factor. A few wrong turns by Shamalyan, namely putting himself in the film and not developing his characters as much as he could, but in the end he pulls it off. Fantastic twist at the end makes the film worth it.
Emma Smart, London, UK

The film was not just about aliens landing if you didn't get that there was no point to the film. It went deeply into areas of faith/belief and what we think of ourselves. Mel Gibson was great - very believable. I loved the part of his daughter - what a poppet
Jan Peddie, England

I thought that Signs was one of the best films I have seen for a long time. The suspense was heightened by long periods of silence and I felt the way that the film linked everything together in the end made it a very enjoyable film to see for anyone who has even a remote interest in explaining the unexplainable.
Liz Webb, Kent, UK

Disappointing. The film was nicely paced but the end was a bit weak to say the least. At least we know Manchester would be safe from these aliens.
Simon Reynolds, UK

I was a bit disappointed with this film. Sixth Sense was brilliant, but this just wasn't in the same league. Nothing new in the plot, and if Mel Gibson wasn't in it I don't think it would have had any credibility at all. Very average.
Ken Holmes, UK

Gripping, extremely well-made. The critics had me doubting whether I really wanted to see this, but they were wrong. This is probably the best of Shyamalan's 'trilogy', and one of the most interesting films of this year.
dave, UK

Excellent from start to finish. A story told in a style to suck you in and make you care. I laughed , I cried and jumped out of my seat several times. A must see movie. Mel was fantastic cast out of his norm and Joaquin was excellent too. See it!! Its happening!
Julie, Plymouth , United Kingdom

At least England would be safe for any ailen species that cannot stand water!!!
Alex, London UK

Very average film, which plods along at grindinly slow pace, with very little final pay off. Was mildly amusing in places. Loved Sixth Sense, Unbreakable was enjoyable, however this third outing for Shamalyan needed to be taken up a gear or two. Not totally without merit, nice ending, but kind of like a cheap firework, very little whizz, and only a tiny pop at the end.
Rich Clayton, England

This film is unfortunately a shadow of what it could have been. The premise has so much opportunity for originality and yet Shamalyan chooses to be predictable and uninspiring. Rarely have I seen a film that offers so much potential and yet delivers so weakly.
Dominic, USA, ex-UK

how can a movie mention crop-circles without mentioning England? And what use would these water-phobic aliens have for England's green and rainy fields? One would think they would avoid it like the plague. Unless of course the crop-circles all pointed to the Wellington factory... All in all, great actors did great things with a lousy script. Would calling for the attentions of Mystery Science Theater 3000 be considered mean?
Dave, USA

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