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Monday, 9 September, 2002, 13:00 GMT 14:00 UK
Quiz: Are you a reality TV survivor?
Did Tony Blackburn's victory in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here leave you singing the DJ's praises? Or has the whole reality TV genre left you cold, aching to get away from it all on a remote island - like Castaway?

With Popstars making its return to ITV, and Fame Academy coming soon to the BBC, viewers won't be able to escape from the reality genre. Try our quiz to see if you're a real addict. Each "right" answer puts you closer to reality TV king Tony's throne - each "wrong" one leaves you washed up like Uri Geller.

Why did you get digital TV?
A: For the films and the football
B: For Ibiza Uncovered and The Simpsons on Sky One.
C: For extra helpings of Popstars, celebrity Survivor, Big Brother's Little Brother.
What are you doing at Christmas?
A: Settling down with videos of Pop Idol, Fame Academy, plus DVDs of American Idol.
B: Settling down with some Cradle of Filth CDs and the video of Grimsby Town's last season.
C: Waiting outside the Harrogate Apollo for the first night of the new pantomime Celebrity Survivor Treasure Island, starring Darren Day and Tara Palmer-Tompkinson.
What were you doing on the night of 15 September 2000?
A: Stayed in and watched the first Big Brother final.
B: Staying up late to get the first editions of the tabloids to read all about Craig winning.
C: That was two years ago! I can't even remember what I did last week?
Where were you when Nasty Nick got kicked out of Big Brother?
A: At work, squinting at a tiny image on the Big Brother website.
B: Taking the opportunity to get some work done while everyone was hooked on that stupid show.
C: Outside the Big Brother house, with a banner reading "HANGING'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM!"
What was the last record you bought?
A: Pop Idol - The Big Band Album
B: Hear'Say's last album, but you've forgotten what it was called
C: Cradle of Filth's Live Bait For The Dead, to be played very loudly during Saturday teatimes to annoy the kids.
How are you going to spend your Saturdays between now and Christmas?
A: Doing some serious clothes shopping - got to look the business for karaoke down the pub - after all, anyone can look better than those berks on Popstars, surely?
B: Watching Grimsby Town get beaten, few beers afterwards, off home for a quiet night in with a video, go to sleep dreaming of avoiding relegation.
C: Ringing round all your mates with all the latest gossip from Popstars you've just been sent by text message.
Which Big Brother contestant do you most identify with?
A: Jack Dee, who tried to escape then returned to the house.
B: Sandy Cumming, who tried to escape and succeeded.
C: Vanessa Feltz.
Who is Mark Austin?
A: A respected ITN reporter - did you see his reports from Kosovo?
B: That bloke who reads the ITV news at the weekends.
C: Oh, him who did the first series of Survivor! Whatever happened to him?
What is Fame Academy?
A: A new specialist school backed by the government.
B: A new talent show that's going to be on BBC One during the autumn.
C: Don't even talk to me about that show, I got turned down in the auditions.
What is the most-called number on your telephone bill?
A: The I'm A Celebrity... voting line. Those 23 calls to vote out Rhona Cameron weren't cheap.
B: Your mother's - or was it Grimsby Town Clubcall?
C: You've been cut off - too many premium rate calls to the Big Brother information line.
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