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Tuesday, 1 October, 2002, 08:47 GMT 09:47 UK
Popstars: The Rivals: Your views
Pete Waterman, Geri Halliwell, Davina McCall, Louis Walsh
The hopefuls face an intimidating line-up of judges
After the huge success of Popstars and Pop Idol, the latest incarnation, Popstars: The Rivals, is bound to generate huge interest.

This time the show will create two groups, a boy band and a girl group, for a pop "battle of the sexes", with a judging panel made up of Pete Waterman, Louis Walsh and Geri Halliwell.

So what did you think of the first show?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

Have your say

Just what was that chap thinking of when he entered doing a bhangra remix of Holly Valance? It certainly made my evening, what a complete hoot.
Paul Stephenson, UK

Pete Waterman and Louis Walsh must be the smartest men in Britain - no matter what happens, they can't lose.
Lee Carson, UK

Is this the future of pop music? Now, the cult of personality, spin and image of second rate wannabes will prevail over real musical talent.

Whatever happened to artists learning to play real musical instruments and recording orginal material, instead of these third-rate cover versions, when pop stars rose to the top the hard way. No wonder kids of today can't even name a classical composer.
Paul Farrow, UK

Isn't this format getting a little tired? The presenters tell the hopefuls thanks but no thanks, they reply "That's only your opinion".

What Geri Halliwell knows about music I'm still trying to understand. And the end result will be a number one or two based purely on the programme publicity. What happened to real music with real people?
Marco Cesio, UK

Having watched Popstars and Pop Idol I switched on to Popstars: The Rivals - and realise I am completely bored stiff with the whole thing. I mean, just how stupid do the producers think that we will be to buy this sorry state of a format again and again - not to mention count on our cash to buy the product at the end of the day. It truly is destroying music - and that is no overstatement. Those with ears etc...
Wendy, Scotland

It is such a wicked show but not as good as Pop Idol.
Nicola Rees, Wales

I thought this programme format was past its sell-by-date but whilst flicking through the channels I stumbled on the audition by the Transylvanian twins and their cheeky boy song. What a delight.

Equally brilliant the Sikh man with his Bhangra performance. I admit it - I'm totally hooked again. It's just a pity that the true stars of the show never make it to the end.
John Scott, UK

Do we really need another boy/girl "group", the charts are totally flooded with these "singer/dancer" acts, look good/do little.
Andrew L, UK

Call me naive, but doesn't music start, music - songs?

Oh no, sorry - it starts with TV shows now... how pathetic.
Egg, Essex, UK

This is karaoke! It's a typical shallow and superficial fame worshipping product of a society that turns out in force to sob at Princess Diana's funeral. Pah!
Christian Tiburtius, UK

If this programme were a way in which real talent could get a chance to shine, then fair play. God knows I wish such an opportunity were open to me. However, the final result will be a boy band and an all girl equivalent - as if we haven't enough Westlifes and Atomic Kittens clogging up the charts with their bland ballads and insipid, uninspired cover versions. The problem is not so much the wannabe pop stars but the music industry that just wants to foist upon us disposable rubbish. Thank God real talent (yes, Coldplay, this means you) can make it through thanks to true musicianship and hard work. I hope that the new programme (what's it called?) is the end of the line.
Dave, UK

Having not watched Popstars and Pop Idol due to their over-hyped status, I gave this one a go and I really liked it. Pete Waterman was by far the most honest out of the judges. Louis Walsh was over-the-top in some parts and Geri was playing to the cameras too much. I thought Emma Beard seemed nice as she was so enthusiastic about music. I am going to continue to watch this show and hope it gets better and better!
Mike Kane, UK

It's just as poor as Popstars and Pop Idol, but just as addictive. I think it would have been a lot better if Pete and Louis didn't known which band they were managing (male or female) until the finalists had been picked, as even in the first show it's easy to see that Pete considers that he should have the final say on the boys as that's the band he will be managing.
Lou, UK

West Punjab!! Brilliant.
Micheal Muffin, England

Davina McCall is ALWAYS a good choice - she's so natural, supportive, caring and down to earth... bless!
David, Scotland

I am more excited for the BBC's Fame Academy at the moment than this.
Lala, UK

Fantastic!!! It was like watching an invasion from the planet Nutball! Who cares who makes it, bring back that Indian guy, I was in tears!!!!!!! :D
Terry Lee, England

Is there any combination more shine-shatteringly painful than Waterman and Halliwell?
Nigel, Britain

I had the misfortune to watch this rubbish....Davina is the only good thing about it and let's hope she finds better work than this as she is a really good people person...........why do these wannabe singers ALWAYS try to emulate the original singers of chosen songs?
Matthew, UK

Total drivel. The whole idea is unbalanced. The majority of people who buy this kind of single will be young teenage girls who will buy purely on the number of cute boys in the band. The girls are on to a loser already. Two highlights, the arguments and Geri Halliwell!
Colin, UK

Please, please, please make this the last rags to riches reality TV show. The British music industry really can't cope with any more manufactured bands - look what Pete Waterman did to the UK music charts in the late eighties. Yes, he may have sold millions of albums and had 21 number one hits - but they were all rubbish, cheap and meaningless pop drivel. And now it's all happening again. NO MORE REALITY TV POP BANDS PLEASE!
Paul, Essex, UK

Just another couple of miming karoake acts. Precisely what the British music industry doesn't need!

Instead of having faceless teams of people churning out the same old chart fodder, programmes like this should be searching for real musical talent, people who can actually write, sing and play. If the music is so important, why do they screen on age and looks? Is this to give the marketing people the chance to yet again use the bare as you dare selling technique? Not very imaginative is it?
Alan, UK

Geri Halliwell is going to be the selling point for this show. Louis doesn't come over tough enough - it's up to Geri to sort out Pete. Davina will fit into her mum role fine.
Jools, Leeds, UK

Thought it was excellent entertainment - the row between Pete, Louis and Geri was the highlight. Davina is a no-no for me - surely the panel would never pick her in a million years. Did they get a choice I wonder? Can't wait for next edition...
Philippa, East Sussex, UK

This is typical fayre for ITV's schedules! Trash! Absolute gutter trash! Their schedules are full of it. These karaoke wannabes and those who encourage them with such sickening enthusiasm should get a life! Boy and girl bands are five minute clones with no talent that makes them memorable or lasting. They are a waste of time and also a waste of the kiddies money they snatch in merchandise and so-called records! That is all it is about, a quick money maker for the companies involved.
Norman, England

It's funny, I thought that Pop Rivals was about picking new talent, so can someone tell me why someone as talentless as Geri "if I turn sideways you can't see me" Halliwell is co-presenting? But I do find Pete Waterman funny, he's as stubborn as a mule and Louis Walsh, who's claim to fame is Boyzone and Ronan Keating!!!!!!! Well, I can't really say any more than that, can I? At the end of the day the programme puts bums on seats and watching these contenders making prats of themselves is worth watching.
Nadine Webb, UK

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