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Friday, 6 September, 2002, 08:19 GMT 09:19 UK
Horror Show turns 30
Rocky Horror Show
The Rocky Horror Show is a cult favourite
The 30th anniversary of cult musical The Rocky Horror Show is to be celebrated with a UK tour beginning in October.

The Big 30 tour will be launched by actor Jonathan Wilkes, who plays the lead role of Frank 'n' Furter in the latest production, at the London Dungeon on Wednesday.

Venues in Glasgow, Bradford, Oxford, Bristol and the London suburbs of Richmond and Bromley are among those which will be playing host to the show.

The Rocky Horror Show, written by Richard O'Brien, made its London debut in 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre, and became a massive hit overnight.

It originally ran for seven years in the West End, in various venues, and has returned a number of times since, as well as becoming a huge hit around the world.

A film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon, was released in 1975 and has remained a cult favourite with audiences.
Jonathan Wilkes
Jonathan Wilkes is starring as Frank n'Furter

The show, about a young couple who stumble upon the weird world of alien transvestite Frank 'n' Furter, is best known for the songs Damnit Janet, Sweet Transvestite and The Timewarp.

It is also famous for its audience participation, with fans of the show dressing up as the characters, singing along to the songs and bringing props including party hats and water pistols to use at appropriate moments.

Jason Donovan donned fishnets and corsets to play Frank 'n' Furter in the silver anniversary production of the show.

Others who have played the role include Darren Day, Anthony Head and former champion skater Robin Cousins.

The new production will also feature narration from a number of different people including Rhona Cameron and Christine Hamilton, currently appearing on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, and former Big Brother contestant Nick Bateman.

Has the Rocky Horror Show stood the test of time - or is it now old hat? Tell BBC News Online what you think.

The Rocky Horror Show is one of those classics that just never ages and never will do so long as people go along and have fun with it!
Rebecca, UK

Long Live Brad and Janet! This is one of those shows that will go on and on. Here's to the next 30 years of the Time Warp!
Ripley, UK

I think the RHPS has done alright for itself. The music was ahead of the times when the movie came out, in that the soundtrack represented a lot of different types of musical ideas.
Edward Sullivan, USA

One of the best musicals ever produced! It's a show that'll just keep on going. All the songs are classics. I saw both Tim Mckinery (Percy in Blackadder) and Anthony Head as Frank'n furter... both superb. Also saw Richard Obrien play Frank in a Halloween special. I've been a fan over 10 years! Love it!
Jon, England

Any show that features a scantily clad Anthony Head is all right by me.
Rupertsjellydonit, England

There has never been and still isn't another show like it, where else can you throw rice at actors on stage and squirt water pistols at them. Everyone should experience dancing to the Timewarp at least once in their lives!
Julia, UK

A timeless masterpiece.
Claire, UK

Of course it's stood the test of time - it's still going after 30 years! Here's to the next 30!
David, England

Ah the Rocky Horror Show. It is great fun and far ahead of its time. Let us thank Richard O'Brien for his vision. It is trashy yet good and after having seen it in Richmond Theatre can honestly say that Bobby Crush will never be the same again. Long may it live in our hearts
Ellie, UK

Hurrah! 30 glorious years of the best night out in theatre land! It's still as fresh, funny, zany and cheeky as ever. Long may it reign!
Victoria, UK

As all the other comments are so blandly positive, I thought I'd bring up Tim's tirade against TRHS in fab sitcom Spaced: as cosy psuedo-perversity for staid saddos, or something. Mind you, he didn't like The Phantom Menace either.
Stu M, GB

I first saw the show in the Kings Road in the 1970s and my life has never been the same since. Thank you, Richard O'Brien and long live the RHS.
Debby, UK

I've been a fan of Rocky Horror for years and it is just the greatest film ever! It's a very different and original film with great songs and a fantastic script. I hope it will continue to be a great success for the next generation to enjoy!
Stacey , UK

I would not class myself as an avid fan (yes I have seen the film, and seen the stage show) but nevertheless I think it is a show everyone should say they have seen once. It is an experience not to be matched by any other show. Besides, where else will guys get the chance to dress in heels and fishnets without getting adverse comments!?
Davina, UK

Brilliant, a classic. I shall indeed purchase a ticket or two during the tour.
Sally, England

Drunken viewings at late night university movie theatres, throwing toast and rice, wearing newpaper hats to protect yourself from squirting water, and laughing at the lost souls dressed up as the characters. This is modern culture at its best.
Michael N, USA

RHPS has definitely stood the test of time and one of the best Frank "n" Furters that I have seen has got to be Jonathan Morris. Rocky Horror allows both sexes to dress in stockings, suspenders and basques without a second glance. Long live The Rocky Horror Show.
Victoria, UK

Richard O'Brien had a moment of genius when he created Rocky. Its' fantastic and doesn't age. A fantastic night out and I can't wait to see it again!
Rachael C., UK

I liked it (the movie, not the play) better in the early 80s when it was still strange and shocking. The freaks came out at night to see it. Now it just seems mainstream. It's on TV all the time, which is a complete waste. Don't even bother watching it if you're not in a theatre!
David, USA

A brilliant parody of monster movies, long may it rule!
Andy, United States

I am very proud to share my 30th birthday with such a great show. I have been to see this many a time at the theatre and each time it just gets better and better. Long live Rocky Horror!
Lisa, UK

Ah those teenage days... when my mum thought that I was off to the theatre for a bit of culture with my friend Kerry for her bithday. On mentioning what I was going to see to some of her colleages in the staff room mum had a rude awakening to the world of Brad, Janet and the rest! But I loved every minute of it! The only down side was the 2nd time I went to see it with college friends, appropriately dressed of course, (3 french maids and one Janet).

Afterwards we decided to hit the town and head to a local bar to meet friends. We could already see a myriad of franks inside but the bouncers wouldn't let us in "you know this is a gay bar don't you girls?" we were told. Alas not being allowed to enter meant a night at the local meat market (not literatlly of course, just a bar renound for pick ups) nervously tugging at our too short skirts and sending Janet to the bar. Ah the good ol' days! Roll on the next 30 years!
Rachel, Wales

What other show in the world allows the level of audience participation that the RHPS does? Everyone is involved, and the more times you see it the more you can be involved. It's just a shame that the lovely Tim McInerney won't be playing Frank'n'Furter - he was superb!
Gina, UK

Fun never goes out of fashion and the Rocky horror Show is pure fun, with a liberal dose of sex thrown in. May it do the Timewarp forever.
Steve, UK

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The Rocky Horror Show is 30 - has it passed its sell-by date?



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