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Monday, 9 September, 2002, 09:10 GMT 10:10 UK
1Xtra: Your views
KC switched on the first show at 6pm on Friday
1Xtra is the new BBC digital radio station that covers popular urban music including garage, hip-hop and R&B.

The station aims to bring something new to a younger audience and will include news and live events along with a strong online presence.

"Slick and polished," wrote BBC News Online's James Bregman.

But what did you think?

Is it really offering something different? What did you think of the mix of music?

Have your say

I love 1xtra full stop! And will be sending in tunes and mix tapes need me! I will funk you all up-side the head with my freakin tunes.
Talkin Ape, United Kingdom

Being a huge fan of garage I think its about time people had a chance to hear what is out there and realise it's not all about violence but having a good time. The problem is you have to have Digital to get 1Xtra, also categorising garage and r&b as "black" music is not going to push things forward but mearly deter people who have yet to give UK garage a chance - after all you don't have to be black to enjoy a tune do you?

Let's try to set a example to the rest of the world that music should be heard all over the world and should never be "labelled" after a colour - let's not forget after all UK does mean UNITED KINGDOM and UNITED we all should be in the struggle to break UK garage through to the world regardless of our colour race or background. Music won`t save the world but i belive it really can bring people together.
Danny R, West Yorkshire

I feel that this station is a good idea. the only radio station in london that is dedicated to music of black origin is Choice FM, and I think it's about time we had some more. As far as people being offended when refering to the music as "black music", I think that is silly. People are simply recognizing the fact that a lot of the music we listen to today is of black origin. It does not mean that the station is only for black people.

I think it's a great idea. No more having to tune into pirate stations!
Latitia, UK

I don't see the point of this station at all. "Urban" music recieves blanket coverage on Radio 1 and the mainstream media, so why give it a specialist radio station? No channel or station should be dedicated exclusively to any genre. It is devisive and unecessary.
Kevin Ryan, England

With the advent of this new radio station, does that mean the listening public tuned into Radio One will be spared having to listen to the rubbish that is R&B, hip-hop and garage? And will 1Xtra be following the same route as Radio 1, and play the same 12 songs over and over again on rotation?
Simon, London, UK

I'm offended by the continual reference to 'black music'- do the other radio stations play 'white' music?

Tim, UK
All we need now is for the BBC to dedicate a radio station to manufactured teen-bands of minute talent, and then we can free the airwaves of Radio 1, etc. for some decent music. Better still, howabout a ROCK channel, so those of us who appreciate good music can listen to it without resorting the ad-interupted commerical radio.
Dan Halford, UK

It's about time there was a black music station in the UK and it isn't all that bad! In cities like Atlanta we've had quite a few for a good while. However what I'm afraid of is the unique UK black sound might give way to something very American. The popularization of black music stations here has made originality a very big problem. It is all starting to sound the same. That's one thing I hope doesn't happen. Also the new station must also realise that as a black station it has a degree of reponsibility to black people within the UK to be honest to their voices and not necessarily concern itself primarily with the BBC's profits. Good luck!
Helen Adeosun, Atlanta, GA USA

If it keeps So Solid Crew off Radio 1, I'll be happy!
Bob Franklin, UK

Does this mean we get a "white" radio station now, mainly playing metal, for people in Norfolk?
Jim, UK

Another 'fill a trend' station, trying to cash in on the current music trend. When the scene moves on 1Xtra will be gone. Also I'm offended by the continual reference to "black music"- do the other radio stations play "white" music? I'm part of the target demographic plus I listen regularly to what you label "black music" but I won't be listening.
Tim, UK

'Black' is simply a style - I couldn't be less black even if I was covered in snow but I love the music

Sean, UK
Isn't styling this as a 'black' radio station a little stupid, and racist? 90% of the people that listen to Hip-Hop are white, the majority of the UK is white, I've got nothing against the station or so called 'black music' but maybe the BBC should realise it will be mostly white people listening in!
Bob, GB

I think a Ragga,R&B station should be ok, putting the colour thing brings questions. This is a music that all people participate in, from production to listening. Good luck though
Mike, Nordic/Ireland

Let's face it, billing the station as "the home of new black music" saves saying that it plays music that is largely influenced by black artists/culture, "black" is simply a style. As a pasty white Glaswegian I couldn't be less black even if I was covered is snow but I love the music. The station is cool thus far and the website is neat. I especially like the recent trax listing. The station will keep me bouncin' at work, that's for sure.
Sean, UK

I think the station sounds like it is going to be good, playing the kind of music I like. I have to complain about being referred to as "black music", regardless of your colour you should be able to enjoy music you actually like! Is this implying that people who are not black are not wanted listeners? Surely it is this type of stereotyping that instigates racial tension! No doubt if it were the other way round you would be inundated with complaints.
Sonj, Kent

It's good to have a dedicated urban music station. It seems, though, that some people who have commented feel threatened by a black radio station. There are other dedicated radio staions around which they can tune in to. Like Classic FM, Bloomberg Radio, ROCK FM which is a dedicated rock station and so on. If people don't like this new station, DON'T listen!
Joe, London

The majority of pirate radio stations centre around playing black music, so the BBC is entirely right to launch a station that is obviously in demand

Dave, UK

Helen Adeosun, the BBC has never carried advertising and doesn't exist to make a profit, it's solely there to serve all UK residents.
James Brown, UK

I would comment on it, being an Afro-Caribbean, but I don't have access to a digital service.Only a good old radio like most of the population of the United Kingdom.Did they think of that.... ? Oh well so near but so far !!
Sandra, London

I totally support the launch of 1Xtra. The majority of pirate radio stations centre around playing black music, so the BBC is entirely right to launch a station that is obviously in demand. Just as Radio 1 was launched to meet demand that was then being met by the illegal Radio Caroline et al.
Dave, UK

Although I'm about as much a fan of R&B etc as I am of cutting my hand off, there should be different radio stations to cater for different tastes. There are rock radio stations around but only a select few can receive them. XFM is a prime example. We need more stations like this as every other station plays the same rubbish that you find in the Top 40. We hear enough of manufactured groups, so how about some music created with instruments for a change instead of an electric organ and a drum machine?
Dan, England

I am mostly a rock fan. Rock music has rapidly become more popular in this country since 1999. So why do we only get an absurdly late time of midnight to 2am on a tuesday night on Radio 1 to hear it? Rock is easily the fourth or fifth favourite genre in this country, but it CERTAINLY doesn't even get 1% of the weekly scheduling! Even pop music coverage is suffering under BBC Radio, and that's saying something!

Someone needs to tell the people in charge at the BBC that more than one genre of music is thriving greatly at any one time.
Lloyd, UK

The music is brilliant but the advertising of it on TV has been dire. Black people have been shown as living in rough council neighbourhood ghettos and fighting etc. We should be making this music accessible to everyone, not showing black kids being "cool" by acting like gangsters.
Lu, England

1xtra is a great station, like all the music on it but I wouldn't consider it a "black" station 'coz I'm white and I like that kind of music too.
Sam, England

I think 1xtra is da bomb please will you get Romeo from So Solid Crew on your show 'cause I think he is so fit!
MC Attitude, England

Hi, I hope and pray that you will not play the sound Crossroads by the Blazin Squad because they just took a classic hip hop song and ruined it. The original song by Bone Thugs n Harmony was just a heavy song and they want to go and ruin it for ever, that is all I have to say, thanks.
Etiosa, England

Proper sick station, scrap Radio 1 and get this on instead, trust you lot will make bare money. Great tunes, me and me mates are hooked to this. Keep up the good. Respect from da whole Langley village crew.
Prince, UK

If the term "black" was merely a style (Sean, UK) the world would at last be rid of racism, labelling and stereotype and it would just be another extension of this winter's colour (that's a fashion comment). UK Garage has been built on music and the enjoyment of music and the brilliance and diversity of UK musicians. Please don't label it on the basis of race.
Harriet, UK

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