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Wednesday, 7 August, 2002, 16:05 GMT 17:05 UK
Traumas follow Oasis tours
US tours have seen their share of troubles

The arrests in Munich are the latest in a long history of problems that rock group Oasis have encountered - or created - on the road.

Touring is a hazardous occupation for Oasis.

Although the head-on collision in Indianapolis was an accident, the band have made their own bad luck on many other infamous occasions when tours have fallen apart or shows been cancelled.

Stories of their bust-ups and on-tour antics have gone a long way to creating the image of Oasis as the archetypal, unpredictable and uncompromising rock 'n' roll heroes.

They got their first taste of tour drama before they were household names, when they were on a ferry to a gig in Amsterdam in February 1994.

They ended up being sent straight back home after Liam and bandmate Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan were detained on the ship for causing mayhem in the bar.

Noel Gallagher in 1996
Numerous tours have put pressure on the band
Later that year, a riot almost broke out when Noel was attacked on stage in Newcastle.

A fan jumped onto the stage and punched the guitarist in the face, cutting him with his ring, before Noel kicked back and swung his guitar at the man with Liam following in and eventually having to be dragged off stage.

Bottles were thrown at the band as they abandoned the gig, and the crowd smashed the windows of the tour bus as they left the venue.

That was the same week that they had their first top 10 hit, and they had become a musical force by the end of the year.


By 1995, they had become the most talked-about band in the country. But the schedule had taken its toll and McGuigan took time off for nervous exhaustion, to be replaced by an unknown bassist, Scott MacLeod.

Oasis at Knebworth
Knebworth was the highlight of the band's success
MacLeod lasted a only couple of months, though, unable to stand the intense attention and walking out on the band in the middle of their fourth US tour in December 1995.

He did not discuss his departure with the band, who ended up abandoning the remaining concerts.

The following year, the band scaled new heights by playing to 250,000 people at two outdoor concerts in Knebworth - a record for a single band in the UK.

But two weeks later, as they were waiting in Heathrow Airport's VIP lounge 15 minutes before their flight for their latest US tour, Liam told his bandmates that he would not be joining them.

Clear-up after Oasis played in Switzerland
They were pelted with bottles at a Swiss festival
He had to find a new house with then wife Patsy Kensit, he told reporters.

"I can't go and look at houses while I'm in America trying to perform for silly Yanks," he said.

The tour started without him and he flew out later, but Noel was reportedly furious at his brother for walking out on them.

Two weeks into the tour, the tensions reached boiling point when the pair had a huge row that was said to have led to them coming to blows.

Noel scrapped the remaining dates, reportedly saying he was fed up of playing "holes" so soon after the highs of Knebworth. They did not play live again for nine months.


We are not good at playing happy families

Noel Gallagher
But trouble and controversy continued to follow them, and in 1997 they abandoned a gig in Glasgow after guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs was his by a bottle.

Liam and Noel were said to have come to blows again during a European tour in 2000, when Noel left the rest of the band to play without him for all shows outside the UK because he could not stand to travel with them.

"We don't have a relationship outside the band. We are not good at playing happy families," Noel told a newspaper.

The full band did take part in a UK stadium tour, but the second Wembley date saw Liam appear drunk, infuriating his brother.

Liam Gallagher, left, and brother Noel
The band are on a world tour in 2002
Four days later, Liam walked off stage after being pelted with bottles and cans at a Swiss festival.

The organisers said Liam was "a paranoid idiot" who had repeatedly hurled insults at the crowd and almost incited a riot.

Relations between the brothers seem to have calmed, but the latest US tour was almost scuppered before it began when Noel realised he had lost his passport just hours before he was due to board the plane.

A spare was kept at his management company's offices - but the US embassy had to rush through a new work visa in just two hours. The process normally takes six weeks.

The first date was thrown into disarray when Liam walked off stage after just four songs because of problems with his voice, which he said were caused by the long flight.

But Noel salvaged the situation, playing an acoustic set that fans described as "magical".

Just days later, they were forced to scrap several gigs after Noel and guitarist Andy Bell suffered minor injuries in a head-on car crash while taking a taxi ride in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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