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Sunday, 28 July, 2002, 16:31 GMT 17:31 UK
Big Brother 3: Your views
Big Brother finalists Alex, Jade, Kate and Jonny
Big Brother 3 has finally drawn to a close, with Kate Lawler walking away with the £70,000 prize.

The series has pulled in record viewing figures despite criticisms of bars being put up to divide the contestants and the lack of challenging tasks.

"Plying a group of young people with booze and expecting them to pair off together looked like a cynical grab for headlines and ratings - which, admittedly, worked," wrote BBC News Online's Caroline Westbrook.

But what do you think?

Did Kate deserve to win? Was it the best Big Brother yet, or should the cameras be turned off for good?

Have your say

It was another great series. I can't agree with the people who said that Jade was unjustly maligned by the press - she really was a nasty and mean-spirited piece of work. But what I disliked was that, having put her there, the producers ever since have been back-pedalling, making her out to be a big sweetie - Davina's interview with her on Friday was a shocking attempt to rewrite history.
Stephen Theaker, UK

In general, the series this year was entertaining and engrossing, although sadly this was largely due to the influence of alcohol, no doubt a catalyst for high ratings for the producers. I was sad, but not surprised at seeing Kate win. I would have preferred Alex, or even Jade, as they could entertain people without having to resort to drunken games and toilet humour, but it seems the public favoured the ones who they identified with - the ones who larked around clasping a drink in their hand and making rude jokes.
Katie, uk

It's been a bit like one of those dreadful 'Spain Uncovered' programmes that only gets shown on cable TV this year. Very little imagination on the part of the producers - fewer tasks and much more drink. Yes, there were more viewers but no, it wasn't a better show. Well done to Kate - a very deserving winner. But next year - please! A new production crew, less alcohol, more respect for both housemates and viewers and more imagination.
Paul, Essex, UK

There has been too much analysing of BB3.This was good television and as usual the old brigade have tut tutted. I am nearly 50 and I thought the majority of contestants and their antics were top stuff. Well done Channel 4
Steve Hughes, Loughborough,UK

My dream came true - Jonny and Kate were the last two remaining contestants - the only true down-to-earth, funny and genuine contestants in the house.

Alex was not good looking, he was miserable and withdrawn most of the time, and if you met him in normal life, wouldn't you think he was too fussy and a bit too obsessed with his mother! The right person won.

Too much bitching and bad personalities this year, and a lot of unnecessary nastiness this year. I hope for! much better standards next year.
Sharon Henry England

Maybe the BB producers, production crew, professional consultants, and website providers might entertain a role reversal? The tabloids could mercifully perform as character experts - chipping away at a contestant's profile, while past BB series contestants could be the producers - we the public could vote in the punitive tasks to be performed.

I think there is currently a wad of fear in the producers swag bag as the spotlight starts to swing their way and that of the BB production team who may have crossed the line of fair play¿ maybe the "next big thing" is more public scrutiny of those behind the scenes, justification of key moments, and how to better play out the inevitable public destruction of a persons character.
Judas, UK

I think Kate deserved to win because she was lovely looking and she was really funny. This year's Big Brother was the best yet as half of the people were really funny.
Rory, Northern Ireland

How anyone can say Kate was a victory for women is beyond me. She always defers to the man, and with the attitude "I can drink loads & be sick like all you". But worse, never once stands up for herself or women, lets the men walk all over her, joins in stripping Jade, all in the name of attempting to be a "ladette" when men or women with any sense can see right through it.

And her passing memory? Falling over getting dressed. Did anyone think as she left, there goes another a great winner?

A dreadful winner or a truly pitiful series?
Toni, England

This year has definitely been bitchier and more back stabbing with arguments and everyone switching sides constantly. There have also been more outgoing people this year all fighting for attention. I think they should go ahead with next year but maybe get a few more mature people in (not necessarily boring) but people that can have a laugh and be sensible at the same time.
Jo, UK

I think the programme is absolutely horrifying. The idea of talentless, overconfident and very ordinary people as the subjects of popular entertainment is like the predictions of a pessimistic 70s science fiction movie come true.
S Howie, UK

Kate won for two main reasons: There had been no previous female winners and the majority of voters are female!
Andy, UK

Big Brother has been everything that I could have hoped for. It got off to a shaky start, but once Sunita left, and Lynne, it really got going for me. I think without the divide however, it would have died a horrific death. Best series though, out of the 3.
David Meller, England

I've heard a number of people complain about how the show has run it's course, but to be honest I believe that this year the BB team got the correct mix for 9 weeks of utter mayhem and fun.
Matt, UK

I hate it. I think it is inhuman and degrading. We wonder why the "contestants" behave liked caged animals. They don't even have anything interesting to say, Most viewers just seem to be voyeurs hoping to see a bit of nookie. I am a self confessed TV addict but this is naff and nasty.
David, UK

Well done to Kate and well done to the BB team for another 9 weeks of some of the best TV this summer. Roll on BB4!!
Ian, UK

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