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Wednesday, 31 July, 2002, 15:14 GMT 16:14 UK
Shoot the Dog: Your views
George Michael
George Michael makes a political statement
George Michael's single Shoot the Dog has already caused a stir in the US due to the accompanying video portraying Tony Blair as George W Bush's pandering poodle.

The single is soon to be released in the UK, but will it prove as controversial over here?

"With the lack of perceptible hooks of any kind, the whole affair largely washes over the listener, leaving one wondering what all the fuss was about, " wrote the BBC's Michael Hubbard.

But what do you think?

Is it a good song in its own right? Or is it all a fuss about nothing?

BBC News Online users sent in their views.

Sorry George, your song is awful, and your political views are way out of touch. Stick to ripping off 80s dance tracks and stay out of politics.
Joe, UK

I think the video is hilarious. Good on George Michael for using his talent to express an opinion (one many agree with - Tony Blair is too quick to agree with the USA without consulting the needs of the British people and Cherie has too much influence on a job that isn't hers).

The song isn't a blockbuster but it is good and I always applaud musicians who choose to make statements with their music, much like U2 did in the 80s, compared to the fluff that is manaufactured and sung by kids who should be in school. Everyone has the right to their own opinions and their right to be heard. Good on him - hope he does more!

The "song" is a forgettable slice of lame disco drivel, it's the crude 2DTV style video that is needling the Americans. They should stop hysterically attacking him and do what self-important George really fears: ignore him.
Steve, UK

Song? There's a song too? Poor George, your heart has to go out to him, he's having such a rough time lately. But seriously, if you're going to make a statement then just do it, and don't whine about it constantly afterwards, he'd have got a lot more respect if he'd stood by it instead of cowering in the UK afraid to return to the US.

Trust me - I've just come back from there, and a LOT of Americans regard Dubwa as a clown too with Blair being seen as a candidate for president. (I say they can have him!)
Phil, UK

Shoot The Dog is a fantastic song for dancing. The video is very funny. George has made the best one more time. A little debate doesn't kill anyone. Sense of humour is very important in those times. Congratulations, George.
Arantza, Spain

The song is yet again something of a surprise from George but nevertheless exceedingly catchy. The video is hillarious and as an up-to-date politically minded youth, I agree with all that he has said. This combined with George's widespread support indicate his not been out of touch. All in all, it's a refreshing break for one of the greatest contemporary singer/ songwriters of recent years and from the current suffocating political correctness! Good luck George against this world of appalling factory produced pop.
Joe, UK, England

I really don't see the point why the video should be so controversial at all! The first time I saw it I was laughing hard. It is a satire man! Don't you all remember "spitting image"? Isn't it very similar to STD? I like the video, it's funny. and I don't say that because I'm not British or American..!!!

As for the song, it is a nice song with a good rhythm, it should be a classy dance tune soon. And I think the song is far better than Freeek! So please stop writing such crap about George Michael and his music and - foremost - about his sexuality. We live in the year 2002 and it should be normal to be gay!
Claudia, Austria

I know I am biased because I am a die-hard George Michael fan but in this instance I do think that people should take time to listen to the lyrics and try to understand what George is saying. There are too many innocent people out there who will die because the politicians have made decisions on our behalf. All George is saying is that we don't have to blindly follow what George W Bush has decided. Ask you want to have any say in who is killed where and how? Or do you want others to decide for you? Of course the oil is very conveniently placed too! Apart from everything else I also happen to think the video is hilarious and it is a stonking good song!! I'll be there first thing at the record store to buy it on the 29th of July!
Sandra, UK

As each single fails to revive his flagging career, poor George has to indulge in more of this sad, attention-seeking behaviour. He could argue with the ┐war against terror┐ and the UK taking its part in it under Blair, but he can┐t argue with Blair's sincerity - he does actually believe he is doing what is best for the safety of his country and the wider world. Sincerity - remember that George!
Jon Smyth, UK

I think the song is wonderful. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the song. The issues that George is trying to make us look at makes me do just that. Besides the video being funny. I as an American and living in America do not see the harm in the video or song. I understand it's been controversial since it's release, but he's addressing something most people are thinking but are too afraid to admit.
Carrie, USA

I think it's great that he has an opinion and that he's not afraid to air it. It's very refreshing! A shame that a lot of people seem to find it annoying that a popular artist should have the nerve to do such a thing. If only their annoyance was caused by disagreeing, but they seem to have a grudge rather against GM personally, irritated that HE as a POP STAR should speak of a political issue rather than irritated with his actual statement! I am quite amazed with his guts! I hope he won't be put off, and instead will continue to speak out on whatever is on his mind.
Nicole, DK

think Shoot the Dog is excellent. I think people are definitely reading into it wrongly, George is just viewing his personal opinion on politics which we are all supposed to have the freedom to do. So I really don't see the big deal with what he has done.

Also it is a nice change from all the love and teeny bopper songs we have been listening to, it was a big step for him and I think he should be given credit for it. Besides, how many comedy shows or stand up comedians, even movies make fun of the presidents, come on people lighten up. We can't let the terrorism win by being too afraid of expressing our opinions and enjoying life. It's just a song people and I think it's great.
Lisa Tate, Canada

The song and video are a load of garbage. George Michael is clawing for publicity by assuming the currently fashionable stance that the Americans are hateful and that our government is useless. Anyone taking this view (especially George) should try living under Saddam's regime and see how far you get being critical over there. You are lucky to have the freedom to criticise George, don't waste it producing drivel like Shoot the Dog.
Barny, UK

A great song with a nice beat and a sense for what could happen in the near future!
Andy, Germany

I love George's new song! I also love the video, it makes me laugh. Keep up the good work George! I guess the people who didn't like don't have a sense of humour. Hmmm, maybe they need to get one. Love you George.
Jodi, USA

Great song and the video is fab! think a lot of people made a fuss about nothing. Lots of people were complaining BEFORE they even heard the song or saw the video.I f you don't like it,don't buy it!! No-one is forcing you.
Angela, Scotland

Should really be called "Flog the dead dog" - using your star status to launch personal attacks on politicians - and their wives - is sooo 80s!
Ed Vista, UK

I think Shoot The Dog is BRILLIANT! I love the song and I love the video. Hats off to George!!!!
Gina Forester, USA

Politics and pop? It can happen! However...I heard the song (if you can call it that) before all the bruhaha about the video hit the fan and I found myself greatly irritated by it (the song) because I couldn't understand a single word he was saying (yes I do speak English..or rather American). A tip for be a mouth piece for political change you need to be able to enunciate. Never mind shooting the dog, I think George has shot himself in the foot! Bless him!
Cari H, UK

Hilarious, not surprising from such a talented artist, clever lyrics, funny video, catchy tune, well done George Michael.
Muthana, Iraq

Maybe the song is offensive, but don't we all have our opinions and aren't we all allowed to speak our minds? My thoughts are, the song is great, the video is even better, and I think it is a great way of telling people how you think of politics nowadays. By the way, it's not just Blair, I think the whole world is running as a puppy behind a crazy texan.
Robert Fox, The Netherlands

I like the video as I think it's very funny, I didn't think it anti-USA but just a bit of fun, the song is OK but not memorable. The folk who sent George hate-mail are the sick ones - Land of the Free - remember what that means. We are all free to hold and express our opinions and if you don't like it go and live under a dictatorship who will do your thinking for you. It takes the responsibility from you!!!!
Morag, Scotland

The video is wonderfully witty. George Michael sends himself up as well others. We live in an era where if you are not "with them" you are "against them" with no room for manouvre in between. This short sighted arrogance needs to end. Where did the right to free speech argument disappear to??
HH, Norway

It sounds exactly the same as the last few songs he's done! Come on George... do something new!
Robsta, UK

Well done George. Both song and video are nicely brought together. I predict the rest of your new album to be a creative success.
Mark, USA

Not a brilliant song, but a nice dance number. And, hey, the video is funny.
Harald, Germany

George's new single is great, he's always come in for stick, no matter what he does. Leave the poor bloke alone. He's one of the only decent singers we've had in years. He's the only one who could sing on the Freddie Mercury tribute.
Selina Crossman, England

"At the end of the day, it's just a pop song"...And what a lovely pop song it is, George! Upbeat, danceable and sexy. A George Michael pop song...for "my normal fans" ...obviously he hasn't met any of us then. He he!!
Sasha, USA

The fuss is about nothing. Singers prior to George Michael, and I'm sure after will share a message that they feel is important but will be met with a hue and cry. This was just bad timing.
Crystal, USA

George Michael
Hear a clip from Shoot the Dog
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