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Tuesday, 16 July, 2002, 16:32 GMT 17:32 UK
Woman dies after Brighton party fall
Brighton party aftermath
Workers have been clearing an estimated 100 tons of rubbish
A 25-year-old Australian nurse has died from injuries received after Saturday's huge beach party in Brighton.

Karen Manders, who lived in east London, died on Tuesday at 1300 BST in the Royal Sussex County Hospital, after falling from railings on the sea front in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman described her death as "a tragic accident" and police are no longer treating it as suspicious.

Fatboy Slim
Fatboy Slim spent 100,000 on organising the concert

On Saturday evening a man in his 40s died on the beach after suffering a heart attack, although his death is being treated as coincidental to the event.

There has been fierce criticism of the organisation of the free event, called the Big Beach Boutique, which had been expected to attract 60,000 but drew 250,000 people.

News of the death came as organiser DJ Fatboy Slim said he would not repeat the beach party unless the public's safety could be guaranteed.

The DJ, whose real name is Norman Cook, told the Evening Argus newspaper: "We probably won't do it again. I don't take safety issues lightly.

"I will only do it again if we can guarantee people's safety and if that many people are going to come then we can't."

Council leaders and members of the emergency services, who met on Monday, have already said that the event must not be repeated.

Critically ill

A massive clean-up operation - partly paid for by the DJ - was still under way on Tuesday, amid reports that many pieces of broken glass would prove impossible to retrieve from between the beach pebbles.

Ms Manders' parents flew to the UK from Brisbane to be at her bedside while she lay critically ill in hospital.

She suffered severe head and spine injuries from the fall, as thousands of revellers made their way from the beach.

Fatboy Slim's beach party
Police blamed some of the 90 injuries on "high spirits"
"She may have lost her balance while sitting on the barrier having become separated from her friends," said the Sussex Police spokeswoman.

A spokesman for the Royal Sussex County Hospital described the situation following the party as "a nightmare", and said resources were stretched to deal with 90 casualties.

Chief Superintendent Doug Rattray, who led the police operation over the weekend, has said Brighton may have to consider making the party a ticketed event in future.

"If an event like this was to happen again we would have to look at changes. I do not think we will close Brighton down as a public place for entertainment, but clearly the public's safety needs to be looked at."

Other events planned for the area are now in the balance, including a T4 party this Sunday at which bands are scheduled to play on the beach.

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