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Friday, 28 June, 2002, 22:34 GMT 23:34 UK
Sophie exits Big Brother house
Sophie Pritchard
Sophie had been the favourite to be evicted
Sophie Pritchard has become the latest person to be evicted from the Channel 4 reality TV show Big Brother.

The 25-year-old recruitment consultant was voted out by the public in a battle with Jonny Regan.

It was the first time Sophie from Marlow, Buckinghamshire, had been up for eviction and she received 85% of the public's votes.

On hearing the news she looked unsurprised and gave Jonny a congratulatory hug.

This was the second time 29-year-old firefighter Jonny had been up for the boot, having previously survived against fellow contestant Lee Davey.

During a live studio interview with Big Brother host Davina McCall after leaving the house, Sophie had to endure watching what other housemates had said been saying about her all week.

Several members of the household, led principally by Jade Goody and Tim Culley, had led a backbiting campaign against her, laughing whenever she spoke.

Jonny Regan
Jonny has escaped eviction twice

Sophie was a late entry into the house, replacing trainee barrister Sunita Sharma who walked away from the programme after just one week.

But she struggled to make an impact within the group as others dominated conversations.

"Its very hard when there's people in there just as outgoing as you, you are in competition and everyone is louder than everyone else," she explained.

"You just get to point where you think I can't be bothered and I sat back and let them take the stage and let them be louder."

She said she did not regret this because she had still been herself during her time in the house.

Asked she would like to be remembered she just said as a "nice person".

And there was a special video message from her favourite housemate Lee, who was evicted two weeks ago, wishing her luck.

He was doing a one-off performance with the male strip act The Dreamboys.

Sophie joins four other contestants who have so far been evicted and a further two, Sunita and Sandy Cumming, who left of their own volition and were replaced.


Although another housemate has departed, the remaining contestants could have some good news as compensation.

The division of the house into rich and poor sections could come to an end, but only if the housemates successfully complete a task assigned to them on Saturday.

Jade openly told other housemates she hated Sophie
The divide, with one side feasting on luxury items and the other forced to endure basic rations and cold showers, has been the cause of much tension in the house.

If the task is overcome the housemates will have the choice of retaining or removing the bars.

Slashed odds

Despite being panned by critics, the third series of Big Brother on Channel 4 is proving to be a ratings coup with average audience figures of 4.6 million viewers, up 15% on last year's series.

Prison-like bars in the Big Brother house
The dreaded bars could be coming down soon
Model Alex Sibley remains the favourite to win but odds on Kate have been slashed in recent days.

The Ladbrokes spokesman said: "In the last two weeks punters have placed more money on Kate than anyone else to win it.

"She has become more popular. She seems to be trying to get on with everyone, like being nice to Sophie this week while others are bitching about her."

Consequently her odds have gone from 14-1 to win, to 8-1.

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