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Tuesday, 2 July, 2002, 09:38 GMT 10:38 UK
Glastonbury: Your views
A festival-goer relaxes
The big smoke: A dance tent visitor takes a break
The 2002 Glastonbury Festival is over - and organisers are hailing the success of its "superfence" in keeping out gatecrashers and creating a happier atmosphere.

The line-up included Rod Stewart, Rolf Harris and Roger Waters together with younger talent such as Stereophonics, Coldplay, Doves, The White Stripes, The Charlatans, Starsailor and the Stereophonics.

Plus there were the usual alternative attractions such as the circus, theatre, Lost Vagueness and Greenfields.

So what did you think?

What were the bands like? What is the special attraction of Glastonbury? Was the atmosphere different this year?

Here is a selection of BBC News Online users' e-mails.

I think that it has all gone on too long. I have gone to Glastonbury festival on many occasions and it seems to have become all the things that it was set up against. It is now far too commercial aiming too much at capitalism, it is no longer a festival of the spirit but a gathering of the sterling. Sad to see something so potentially great become so corrupted by its greed.
Alex , UK

I live within 10 miles of the festival and this year I wish I were helping those who run it. God thank you always for bringing so much happiness to so many people. How I wish your actions were copied all over the world. To those who criticise the festival - go and find something useful to do. To everyone who helps run the festival, from big to small, well done, thank you and may the sun shine.
Nicholas Blackmore, UK

First day - fantastic!!! Complete and utter success - good atmosphere, great bands. Faithless were fantastic, and Garbage brilliant - Coldplay wasn't half bad too, and I havn't had any of those extra chemicals some people can get.
David, Somerset, England

My daughter is there for the first time with her partner. She phoned me and says it is absolutely wonderful - out of this world and so much to see and do. She is enjoying every minute of it. So I would say as far as one little free spirit is concerned it is a huge success.
Lynn, UK

Wish I was going to see the wonderful Ozric tentacles and the great Waterboys and Sharon Shannon. The fact so many folks seem bothered about football typifies the state that Glastonbury fayre has gotten in to - too big, too commercial. The whole point of going to Glastonbury is to sit under a tree and consider things and listen to a few tunes and juggle a bit and talk to like-minded folks - not to watch football on the telly!
Kevin, UK

Brilliant! How can anyone criticise such a wonderful festival? As a local and regular attendee of the event, I say people who criticise don't know what they're talking about. Stick to Reading next year. Peerage for Eavis, "Lord Eavis of Pilton".
Jamie Hill, UK

I'm pleased the fences worked in keeping out the free-loaders. Over the last couple of years, I thought it had become a bit too crowded and it had ruined it. The highlights for me were: Coldplay on Friday; the Stereophonics on Saturday and Air on Sunday.

Watch out for new band The Coral - I thought they were excellent.

I was intending to see Martin Grech in the new bands tent on Sunday, but didn't get round to it - can anyone tell me if he was any good?
Matt, UK

Fantastic festival. To all those who are saying it was set up to fight capitalism, oppose corporate intervention etc. What about just having fun? Surely it's there principally to give a lot of people a good time. Which it did. A success then....
Mark Childs, UK

Rod Stewart headlining - that load of rubbish was better suited to Las Vegas than Glasto

Alfie, UK
Fantastic atmosphere - glad the fence worked to save the future of the festival. Loved all diverse stages - music, theatre etc! Out of this world! However, I thought we were supposed to have evolved to be of the "higher" order of mammals but never before I have I witnessed such filth and insensitivity to a beautiful place - rubbish everywhere next to empty bins, people going to the toilet randomly anywhere when they could squat in the hedges - I have animals with more dignity than this! What is happening to us?!! This is written by someone who spent five years rough travelling in Asia and Africa - despite unbelievable poverty in these regions apart from the tips, nowhere would they descend to this level!
Aggie, UK

Good festival but the coverage on BBC Choice was rubbish. Was it aimed at four-year-olds?!
Haskins, England

Fantastic, Second time I've been and was just as good. I've already bought ticket to my next festy of the summer. Guilfest 2002. Another traditional festival, not tainted by a commercial entity.
James, UK

Glastonbury is not just about bands! We took the kids and as well as seeing a few of the bands thoroughly enjoyed the Kidz Field with circus skills for kids, magicians, shows, activities, rides and more; the Circus and Cabaret Acts; the many bizarre, surreal and funny street entertainers; the Crafts field with hands on taking part; the Green field which included the chance to rock/wall climb; and the huge variety of food on offer.

With the new security the extra long walk to the camping areas with camping stuff and kids in tow was arduous but the improved security was welcomed. We had a lot of fun.

The total cost including spending money and entrance ended up a little steep but well worth it. The ticket cost is amazing value. Under 12 year olds go free but next year we would have to pay full price for our then 13-year-old which may well affect whether we could afford to go in future.
Caroline, UK

Just back from the festival and it was absolutely superb. The Roger Waters set was amazing and definitely my own personal favourite although Beverly Knight was extremely good too. It would be also unfair not to mention Rolf who won the biggest crowd/earliest in the day competition and kept them thoroughly entertained too. I know people who judge festivals purely on the strength of the line-up, but Glastonbury (or Glast-on-Berry as the American acts say) is so much more and long may it continue. Top class!
Daren, Bristol, UK

Garbage - brilliant, Faithless - more than brilliant, Coldplay - just fantastic, and a whole host of others who did a good job. BUT - Rod Stewart headlining! That load of rubbish was better suited to Las Vegas than Glasto. Please, no more has-beens trying to reinvent their careers.
Alfie, UK

I was totally out of my mind, it was amazing, the atmosphere was superb, I'll definitely come again on my next visit to England.
Isabella Hervey, From US, in England

It was amazing, the atmosphere was superb, I'll definitely come again on my next visit to England.
Isabella Hervey, From US, in England

Rolf Harris rocked!! Need I say more.
Nick, England

This was the mellowest, safest, most gentle, smiley happy dirty feet warm heart shopped out danced out potatoed out hipped up festival yet!

Christa, Somerset
Excellent weekend, despite the very dubious line-up. Alabama 3 were a nice "easer". The White Stripes - what a revelation. Ash - great to see them do a stunner after missing them several years ago at V. Garbage - down the front for some vintage Manson mania. On the rail again for Doves; I remember it as being fantastic, and was surprised that on the TV coverage it looked decidedly amateur. Still enjoyed it, though. BRMC, thank God you were there. Sharon Shannon, is there anything you can't do? Brilliant set. Plenty of other good things, too. Loved the Green Fields, Tipis and stuff. Pants awards to: Waterboys, Coldplay, Starsailor (stop whining, man!) Roger & Rod, and those dreary Stereophonics. Cheers!
Filthy Phil, England

I only got to watch it on TV, the festival looked brilliant, as for the coverage by the BBC, John Peel was superb as ever, but Jo Whiley, give me a break, I could do your job so much better....can I have it please?
Sophie, UK

Adam and Joe were great on BBC Choice. I watched almost all the coverage. I couldn't make it to Glasto this year, but this was the next best thing!

The Festival atmosphere is the most important part of the experience. Anything goes and different styles or tastes or beliefs are celebrated. The bands were great but were really a minor element of the whole. I just had 11 hours sleep after being up for 40 hours Sat/Sun, high on life and partying, as for me it was a sober and drug-free festival.
Magnus, Bath

Don't analyse it, just enjoy it! It was simply great! Truffles or fudge anyone?
Ed , UK

As a Glastonbury virgin, it was better than I ever dreamed

Martin, UK (from New Zealand)
So what happened to the festival of peace? A friend of mine ended up with a seies of stitches down the back of his head provided by festival security when he went to view Glastonbury's own Berlin wall. It's a high price to pay.
D Lesser, UK

My tenth Glastonbury and very happy to see a return to good vibes, happy people and less crime. Everyone I know said this year's festival was the best in years.
Dave, UK, UK

My third year working at Glastonbury selling baked potatoes - and this was the mellowest, safest, most gentle, smiley happy dirty feet warm heart shopped out danced out potatoed out hipped up festival yet!! Let's all do it again!!
Christa, Somerset, UK

Glastonbury is rubbish. Bad food, bad music, bad weather, bad time.
Adam, UK

Quite simply one of the best weekends of my life. As a Glastonbury virgin, it was better than I ever dreamed. Thanks Michael Eavis, and keep up the great work!
Aaron Martin, NZer in England

Sword-swallowing clowns, a proper roller-disco, ballroom dancing, drumming in the Tipi field at 3am, a "church" playing funk and two male Cuban singers in thongs singing Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long whilst er... breakdancing. People shouldn't get too hung up on the line-up on the main stages. The real beauty of Glastonbury is what goes on in the far flung corners of the site. The festival is still alive and kicking in a way that no other festival can get anywhere near. They have done exactly what they needed to do to keep it going.

Yes it was mellower than normal, yes, they probably could have got away with a few more people there but this was a year they needed to do it all by the rulebook and they did. Thank you Michael Eavis and thank you Glastonbury. Next year? I can hardly wait.
Seb, UK

What a weekend, I can honestly say this has been my best Glastonbury EVER. The acts were great, the staff were friendly, even my son (12) enjoyed the event

Scott Bennett, UK
I watched it on telly, nearest I was going to get. I saw Friday's line-up and that was excellent. Chris Martin is the next best thing since Liam and Noel, they were great. The Doves, well what can I saw except I wish I had been there as it looked excellent. Let's hope next year.
Jane Love, England

Just as I thought the moment couldn't improve my fiancee "Aman-ber" proposed

Louis Loud Cooper, UK
I thought the coverage on the TV was total rubbish, and the place looked half empty compared to my previous visits. Your nice buxom reporter had more go (and fun) in her than those drips she interviewed. Family coming back from the Festival said it was really great 'cept for the cold spells so you will have to do summat about your reporting techniques next year. If there is another festival at Pilton by the way, chuck out the old creeps like Rod Steward and Jools Holland, boring, zzzzzz.
Linda, UK

Michael Eavis for King, What a weekend, thank you from me and all my friends. This was my first visit and I loved every minute of it. I had stories from years gone by, of trouble and a certain criminal element, but I didn't see any of that. All I saw was a large number of people innocently enjoying themselves and harming no-one. In particular a thankyou to DJ Simon Eves. His set in the dance area was electrifying. I have never seen so many people enjoying themselves. Well done for playing Madonna's Material Girl mixed with Leftfield's Phat Planet, WICKED. Roll on next year.
Nick Binder, Stansted, UK

Got wasted, heard music, ate food, drank cider. Perfect weekend!!
Paul, UK

My first Glastonbury and it was fab! It was more than I could ever imagine. Coldplay and Faithless were fantastic! Went with friends that are festival veterans and they were well pleased with the improvements this year; it was safe, not over-crowded and the entertainment was excellent. Even the toilets were allright! My fiance and I bought our wedding rings at Glastonbury this year! We'll definitely be back next year - how about getting Depeche Mode to play?
Toril, UK/Norway

Whilst I walked everyday through the masses, there was a euphoric feeling of happiness and everyone appeared relaxed

Andy Millington, Glastonbury
What a weekend, I can honestly say this has been my best Glastonbury EVER. The acts were great, the staff were friendly, even my son (12) enjoyed the event. Long may it continue. I don't think you can beat such an event that brings together such a cultural diversity. The highlight for me was the live performance by Si Eves in the dance tent, he rocked it. Despite an intimate atmosphere all were dancing and to top it all off he dropped a remix of Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer. Legendary.
Scott Bennett, Bishops Stortford, High Mead, UK

As someone who worked throughout the festival and lives in the local area I think that this festival was a great success. Not only were there far few traffic problems, but it appeared that those without tickets were less inclined to come to the area.

Whilst I walked everyday through the masses, there was a euphoric feeling of happiness and everyone appeared relaxed. It may not have been realised by those attending the festival that a great deal of time and effort had been spent by the organisers on the timing of the acts throughout the weekend. This ensured that there would not be a large mass of people moving from one point to another thus reducing the difficulties of pushing and crushing that have happened at other venues.

I worked for three days in the dance tent where they were very few incidents (except a middle aged gentlemen who needed medical assistance as his feet hurt).

On the whole the message appeared to have been received, no ticket, no entry.

As a parent who benefits from the handouts from the festival I hope that this year's shining example will allow the festival to continue.
Andy Millington, Glastonbury, UK

I don't remember much about the weekend as the local cider had a big little more kick than I expected. But what a fantastic time, great weather, great live acts - Groove Armarda were exceptional and may I join others in congratulating Simon Eves on his award winning set. Myself and my wife Beth will definitely be returning next year - wonderful!
Alistair Freechins, East London, UK

The worst moment was the boredom of listening to Stereophonics bleat on, realising I should have been watching Orbital instead

Tom Ford, England
My seventh Glastas. One of the best. Atmosphere was uplifting and most faces were smiling! My highlights in reverse order, third Charlatans, second Roger Waters (Quadraphonic sound was mad). First Faithless - they sent a massive feel good buzz round Glastonbury on the first night. Keep the acts varied and keep Glastonbury going forever.
Bob Jesshop, Barnet England

Rod is God. Just when you thought the old timer could barely muster a flight of stairs, he comes up trumps with an unforgettable set. He sang all my favourites and just as I thought the moment couldn't improve my fiancee "Aman-ber" proposed. With a tear in my eye I promptly said yes, we are planning to marry here next year. On the downside we managed to lose her brother, this wasn't the end of the world as we later found him playing in the children's area. I wouldn't mind but he is 24. Roll on next year.
Louis Loud Cooper, Chaffinch St Peter, UK

This was my first visit to Glastonbury and it won't be the last. Although there was a large element of commercialism in the event, I don't believe it marred the real reasons we were all there, but it could be toned down a bit.

A combination of things made it great such as fantastic weather, relaxing atmosphere, friendly people, amazing performances, constant entertainment, acceptance and openmindedness etc. What really made it so much better for me was experiencing it all with such a cool group of friends, most of which I'd never met before.

Still it continued to baffle me how so many people crowded to such shallow pop acts on the main stage when bands like Lamb were playing elsewhere. Squarepusher was completely insane and was definitely one of the better performances. I was pleased to catch Plaid, a superb performance by Air, Kosheen, Mr Scruff, Coldplay, Ian Brown... My only complaints are why the hell wasn't DJ Shadow there? And that there was a serious lack of hip hop while there was plenty of diabolical garage tripe.

The moment that will always stay with me though is Lamb playing Gorecki. The worst moment was the boredom of listening to Stereophonics bleat on, realising I should have been watching Orbital instead.

I also managed not to take any other drugs than alchohol which didn't really bother me. So in all I had one of the best times in my life and I can't wait until next year.
Tom Ford, Guildford, England

So much more relaxed than previous years. No freeloaders. Fewer criminals. Everyone just chilling out

Paul Dodds, UK
This was my first Glastonbury, and I'd like to thank Micheal Eavis for providing me with one of the best weekends of my life. I went to Reading last year, and thought it was awful, but Glastonbury is truly inspired. The glade in particular was filled with brilliant music and was badly enough publicised by Q to stay reasonably empty. Having room to dance to Aphex Twin made my weekend before the first day had finished!
Andy, England

Eighth Glasto and the most laid back yet. No trouble, no mud, no worries. And Roger Waters on Sunday night was an almost religious experience - thanks again to all the organisers. See you all next year...!
Tony, Edinburgh, UK

I had a wicked time. The atmoshpere was absolutely brilliant, I will definitely see you next year. Well done with the bands, they were great, I couldn't have asked for a better time there guys.
Anna, UK

Easily the best for many years. The acts may not have been as big as in previous years but they all rose to the occasion. Cabaret. Circus was great. So much more relaxed than previous years. No freeloaders. Fewer criminals. Everyone just chilling out.
Paul Dodds, UK

Faithless was euphoric on the opening night. A really happy atmosphere - no lager louts or lairy hedge monkeys.
Simon, Norwich, England

Still the best. Fewer headcases than in previous years. Manu Chao the best and second best music.
Umar, UK

What an amazing event, what have I been missing all these years? See you all next year.
Paul, England

Just having left the "Other Stage" to go home and beat the rush, hearing Richie Havens do his classic Back to My Roots with Groove Armada, as I sat in a toliet cubicle was my main Glastonbury moment! A moment of solitude to reflect and be grateful for the good vibes Mr Eavis gave us all. Thank you.
Nicky C, England

The security was really tight and professional but friendly. Congratulations to the organisers and security.

John Williams, UK
A solid performance from Glastonbury. Not overly ambitious, didn't stretch itself but did not let itself down either. The atmosphere was a great improvement on 2000 and we have Mr. Eavis to thank for that. The Jazz World stage is a jewel in the festival's crown and the three final performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Ozomatli, Manu Chao and St Germain were truly special. See y'all next year.
Nick, Shepton Mallet, UK

I have lost my voice from laughing so much and shouting at Rod Stewart (why?), I managed to see so much without stressing about it; Haven and the Charlatans were the highlights, oh and Faithless, wow, what a vibe they created... and to the "Oi Oi!" raver kid who made us bar staff in the Bread & Roses tent laugh so much for so long, I thank you. Oh and a message to Jo Wiley - I cried too at Coldplay.
Georgina Spiller, England

Another fantastic Glasto, which has left us exhilarated and exhausted. Highlights have to be Faithless (so good they triggered a friend to pee themselves!), Ooberman (wonderful live version of Roll me in Cotton), and FC Kahuna (complete with techno dancing hippies). Roll on next year and a bigger bloody tent.
Sue and Wally, Wales

I have been to the last three Glastonbury events and this year's was without doubt the best for atmosphere. Good humoured crowd. I didn't see one person get in free (though I'm sure they did) compared to last time when everyone seemed to be getting in free. The security was really tight and professional but friendly. Congratulations to the organisers and security. Fantastic!
John Williams, Britain

The ballroom/roller disco gave me one of the best laughs I've had in a long time

Mark, UK
I'm only 13 but I've been to Glastonbury 11 times and this one was by far the best concerning music! Lost Prophets were brilliant, Hundred Reasons were fantastic and Less Than Jake played the best set I've seen in my life and meeting Roger and Chris just added to the effect!!! Vex Reds version of Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle was damn cool!

Finally I just wanna say hi to anyone else who crowd-surfed and thought it was damn cool!!
Max Evans, England

Amazing. My first Glasto and was well impressed. Thank you Michael Eavis and Coldplay for being amazing!
Mike, UK

Wow! What a wonderful weekend. I have never been to a festival before but I definitely will be going again. The weather was great, not too hot or too cold, just perfect. The people were friendly and no one seemed to be too drunk or stoned. The music was excellent, I really enjoyed Doves, Coldplay, No Doubt, Zero 7, Rod and Beverley Knight. Bush were very boring as all there songs seemed to sound too similar and Badly Drawn Boy was a bit dull but I didnt care.
Paadzer, UK

Faithless were without doubt the performance of the event, their charismatic and emotional performance had the crowd begging for more

Val Robertson, UK
Another great year. Yes it has changed; because lessons have been learnt. Yes it's got bigger, so more people can enjoy it. But it is still good. The ballroom/roller disco gave me one of the best laughs I've had in a long time. Watching four at least tipsy 30-something males trying - by the look of it - for the first time to rollerskate was very funny. I was suprised one of them didn't really hurt themselves. Later on there was some great ragga/ska on and plenty of jumping around. This year was all about keeping the numbers down and the large crowds safe, this was achieved and because of it no-one was hurt in a crush, there was space to camp, the toilets were usable, the beer tents accessible. If the line up on the main stages seemed a bit mellow there were other places that made up for it.
Mark, UK

Awesome, much less crowded and as always more than just the music.
Chris, UK

This was my first Glastonbury and I went expecting the worst. In the event it was a fanatstic experience. Loos apart the whole event was a very chilled affair with great bands and performances. There was more to do than there was time for. Faithless were without doubt the performance of the event, their charismatic and emotional performance had the crowd begging for more. Garbage were my second favourites and completely outclassed Coldplay who were quite boring. Jools Holland was up there in the high spots.

The media will probably try to make snide remarks about the festival because good news is no news. I felt that the organisers kept their part of the bargain and provided an exciting enjoyable environment without the fear of major problems. Well done Michael and to the heroes who were out early each morning cleaning up the site into the recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish.
Val Robertson, UK

Music, weather and atmosphere all great. I hereby nominate Michael Eavis for a knighthood for services to having a good time!

Ian Walker, UK
BBC, the next time you cover Glastonbury remember that people want to see the bands. They do not want to see a couple of idiots rambling on like demented children for twenty minutes followed by one song, then back to the stupid presenters for another pointless ramble. So ditch the idiot presenters and concentrate on the music in future!
Antony, UK

The Festival was fabulous - much better than the one in 2000. Security outside the fence has always been a problem and now that we can feel safer inside more effort should be placed on making the car parks safer, the police should move on all those unwanted and unwelcome people asking for your ticket and wanting to sell you beer and cigarettes. These people make me feel uncomfortable and I felt intimidated by them.
Rachael Kershaw, England

All in all a pretty good one. Best parts were Lost Vagueness and all the little tents. Top marks to the groovy movie tent, croissant neuf and the band who made it on site with all their gear and were playing in the campsite near the other stage. Seriously though, we need more fringe stuff and less big stages. You can only spend so long traipsing around to watch tiny figures on a faraway stage...
Mik, UK

A fantastic weekend! Compared to other festival so little hassle or attitude.

Music, weather and atmosphere all great. I hereby nominate Michael Eavis for a knighthood for services to having a good time!
Ian Walker, UK

The atmosphere of the crowd was chilled and positive, and it seemed that nearly everyone really enjoyed themselves

Jon, London
Hello to all those who watched the sunrise from the Sacred Space.

Thank you to the devotees in the Hare Krsna Festival for a truly spiritual experience. Hare Krsna
Owen, UK

A truely mind blowing experience... what more can I say?! As a first timer, I really couldn't have wished for anything more!! Roger Waters' performance was an ultimate experience and drew a few tears in our crowd! What an incredibly special weekend!!! I can only hope that the future of this fantastic festival can live up to what I felt this past weekend, because I will very definitely be back to try and recapture it next year! God bless you Micheal Eavis!!!!
Candy , South African in Bristol

Respect to Lost Vagueness, a real slice of festival madness. The freaks come out at night...

Best surprise; seeing old hands Eat Static take the roof off at the glade.
Ean, UK

My first Glasto and I was more than impressed. I've been to nearly all the other UK festivals, but Glastonbury is definitely the best. The atmosphere of the crowd was chilled and positive, and it seemed that nearly everyone really enjoyed themselves. The toilets could certainly be improved, but on the whole I think it was a successful and well organised operation. Can't wait to go next year!
Jon, London

Out of the eleven years I have worked for Glastonbury, I would say it's is a much safer and happier atmosphere than when I first started in the early 1990s

Julian, UK
As a local resident and having worked at Glastonbury for a number of years, I must vote in favour of this new type of festival even if it has been slanted as commercialised. It is easy for people to look back at Glastonbury with their rose coloured spectacles and condone it now, as in some poeples' eyes, its basic roots may have changed!

We all have to face the facts that nothing stays the same, and now that the takings of the festival itself must be in excess of 15m, then of course its going to be commercialised!

Unfortunately I'm no festival organiser, but I do understand money does play a very important part in paying for these acts, and adherring to all of the local governments red tape, and health and safety issues. And let it not be forgotten that Glastonbury does raise an awful lot of money for good causes on a local level and international level!

Out of the eleven years I have worked for Glastonbury, I would say it's is a much safer and happier atmosphere than when I first started in the early 1990s. I know which I prefer!
Julian, UK

Best Glastonbury ever

Ashley, England
My first time and it was brilliant. Not only were Star Sailor, Cold Play and The Charlatans amazing but the atmosphere was great. To those who say its to commercial, did you not spot the all the anti-globalisation films on the big screen. And besides, why does it have to be all political, all I want to do is have a good time while listening to great music in a relaxed atmosphere. And seeing as I've only just discovered I can do this at Glastonbury, PLEASE dont cancel it !!!!! I just hope the BBC plan on repeating it soon so I can re-live the experience.
Sat, GB

I think with the 100 ticket you should be able to have clean toilets at least! I know all about the environmentally friendly bit but it is absolutely the worst thing about Glastonbury. Also Energy 24 should be moved next year so that it isn't right next to a camping field!
Donna Barnard, UK

Excellent. This is one of the best festivals in the world and something Britain should be proud of. And this is from someone who's travelled a lot and often feels a bit negative about my own country. It's such an experience, it's not just about music. Seeing some great bands is a bonus and there's plenty of them, not just the more chart friendly ones that media coverage will focus on. Who cares if a tired has-been like Rod Stewart is on one stage when you've got about 10 other stages to go to?

And I don't understand why people are moaning about it being too commercial quite the opposite - I'm amazed something the scale of this can be put together with so little commercialism present. Long may it continue.
Phil, UK

Where can I get tickets for next year?

Knoxy, UK
Bit disappointed to go to my first Glasto and come home mud free. Guess I'll have to roll about in the garden.

Faithless - brilliant, Groove Armada rocked and Orbital were out of this world.

Where can I get tickets for next year?
Knoxy, UK

Best Glastonbury ever. Not because of the line-up (which was fine) but because of the festival, the people, the atmosphere, the food and good sprit around the place. And with less crime, freeloaders and intimidation this year too. Genius.
Ashley, England

What a weekend!! Highlights have to be Faithless/Coldplay/ Manu Chao/Rolf (legend), new bands tent and the cider bus!!!! Relaxed, friendly people everywhere. I didn't put on my raincoat once. Roll on 2003, see you all there.
Kevin, Edinburgh

I could go on about the amazing bands, DJs and other acts I saw but this would take ages (I'll just say a big thumbs up to them all - especially Orbital). The new security and "superfence" have made the festival soooo much better. The site seeming much cleaner and even a bit smaller (it was so much easier to get from A to B due to the more sensible number of people.)

The muggings outside the fence concerned me a bit. (Idea: Is it possible that some sort of photo-id ticket/pass could be used to minimise this next year?). I would have liked to have shaken an Eavis hand or two but did not get round to it (probably for the best - mine were a bit grubby by Sunday) so I'll just say thank you very much. I am eternally grateful for a highly memorable experience.
Chris, Bristol

Hurrah for the fence!!! Here's to next year - and better bands!!

Susan Harris, UK
My second Glastonbury (2000 was my first) and my second go at stewarding in the Dance Tent. 2000 was a mind-blowing experience which I will always remember, but 2002 was even better in some ways. Highlights include Jambience in the Small World Cafe on Thursday, which I could hear from my tent so decided to follow the sound and check it out. Glad I did- wonderful!

Also, Saturday night in the Hare Krishna Festival was great - I was walking past after my Dance Tent shift, heard music and decided to go in. Within minutes I was dancing and chanting like a fool. But that's the spirit of Glastonbury - anything goes!

Finally a big thank you to Genius Crew (Garage act in Dance Tent) - you made my job of clearing the tent at the end of Saturday night very easy - you did it for me!

Finally, I feel very proud to be part of the team, even if it is a very small part. I get more out of it this way. This is surely the best festival anywhere and long may it continue. Thank you to everyone who makes it so special.
Nick, England

It is fantastic, there is no where quite like it!! I thought that this would be my last year (getting too old), but after being there for one hour I knew that I would be back again next year! It gets into your blood. The line up this year was a bit pants. Rod Stewart headlining on Sunday? Think they must have either had to cut back because of the cost of the fence or maybe the bands wouldn't commit with the festival initally in doubt. Hurrah for the fence!!! Here's to next year - and better bands!!
Susan Harris, UK

My highlights would be Coldplay - a remarkable performance. The White Stripes - I have never seen anything quite like that. Astounding!!! Robert Plant - the air in the acoustic tent could get you high alone, add to that a rock legend and I was captivated, who are the Stereophonics anyway?!!!!

The sad thing is that to get the atmosphere back a 12 foot steel fence had to be erected. At times when you looked about at night you could see centry posts on the wall with spot lights pointing towards the outside world. Which for me gave a very stark insight into the state of our society!
Brian, UK

Not the best one but still had a totally chilled out time

Marie, England
Back at work again after a great Glastonbury. Lots of talk about the increased security this year and it worked (apart from muggings outside - bit concerned as we were in the camper van field outside the fence). There were significantly fewer people inside despite selling 30,000 more tickets this year! This can only be a good thing because having been there the last few years there wasn't the facilities to cope with all the extra people that managed to get in.

Didn't think that any of the atmosphere was lost - if anything it was better as the more "unsavoury element" were camped outside and couldn't get in. It was obvious a lot of effort has gone in to the organisation to ensure that those that did have tickets had a really enjoyable time. Faithless were fantastic, Coldplay were great, so were Orbital and Belle and Sebastian. Good acts in the cabaret and circus areas - can't wait for next year.
Kate, UK

This Glastonbury was absolutely perfect! The atmosphere was a hundred times better than in 2000, at no time did I feel intimidated or threatened. For those that said Glastonbury has become too commercialised (and these are usually the ones who have never been before and feel like they have to braid their hair and don a multicoloured bandana to fit into the hippie thing) they are missing the point entirely.

Glastonbury is about the freedom to do what you want when you want to do it. Those who want to shop, shop. Those who want to experience the thousands of other exciting things which are going on do that. Those who have experienced watching the sunrise at the stone circle surrounded by fire jugglers, bongo players and overlooking the whole site will know that Glastonbury is far from being a commercialised event. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Alicia Matthews, UK

Well, third time to Glastonbury and had a great time. Not the best one but still had a totally chilled out time. Bit disappointed with the music except for Rolf - he was fantastic and I really enjoyed Stereophonics and No Doubt - they rock! I'm glad it was a success - definitely going next year. BTW - to the girl in the fluffy pink bikini - CAN WE HAVE OUR BRAZIL FLAG BACK!!!!
Marie, England

First time I've been and I was amazed at how much there was to do

Maribel, UK
I enjoyed your coverage having made it back home. I was particularly surprised to see a photo on your site of a girl in the process of stealing my Brazil flag...
Xtian, UK

It was the first time I've been and I was amazed! Jules Holland was superb - what an atmosphere! I loved the variety of stuff to see and particularly liked Greenpeace's stand. Great food, great atmosphere and I had a great time. The only thing I was disappointed in was people's lack of respect of the place - there was litter everywhere although there were loads of bins (admittedly often overflowing). Well done to the organisers - you did an incredible job. Thank you!!!
Kate, UK

Glastonbury is the most amazing place, super-chilled out vibes all the way baby.. the crowds were just right.. I think an extra 20,000 people would take away that nice un-crowded feel. Groove Armada, S'phonics, Coldplay, Mr Scruff and the Fatboy Slim tag team were all SUPERB!! Roll on 2003!!
Stuart Bishop, Bristol, UK

Glastonbury 2002 goes down as one of my best experiences ever! First time I've been and I was amazed at how much there was to do: chilled healing Green Fields, the comedy tent, open air theatre and films, all the fantastic bands and a particular highlight and surprise were the solar powered showers supplied by Greenpeace (despite the long wait). Also discovered my favourite drink in the world, which was pear cider served near the Jazz World stage and it became our staple tipple during the entire festival. Fantastic, chilled experience. Thanks to all the organisers and everyone involved!
Maribel, UK

Had a wonderful time, more space to move around, less crime around us, no intimidating dealers.... also I met some wonderful people and it looks like we will stay in touch. Oh, and I want to move to Lost Vagueness.
Michelle, England

The people I went with had already been and said that the security measures had worked wonders and made for a more enjoyable festival compared with the one in 2000

Erin, UK
I was, as several people put it, a Glastonbury virgin. That is a virgin that will be coming back next year. From the moment I arrived Friday I knew the 300 miles I had just driven was well worth it. The acts were brilliant, the atmosphere rocked and the people were fab. How anybody can moan and diss the festival is beyond me
Jodie, England, Lincs

Excellent, especially The Bone Corporation (opposite the Cabaret stage). Their main man was off his head and his own brand of comedy and self abuse was formidable, how we laughed when he stood on a broken bottle and how we applauded when he asked for applause, one of the most comical events I've ever seen ( and I do mean it).......
Richie Wheatley, UK

This was the first time that I had been to the festival and the atmosphere was amazing. The people I went with had already been and said that the security measures had worked wonders and made for a more enjoyable festival compared with the one in 2000. We were affected so much by the atmosphere that people were asking if we had drugs on us, because we were dancing around! We were just on a 100% pure natural high and we loved it!
Erin, UK

Stereophonics - one word: WOW!!!!!!!!
Em B, UK

This was the first happy peaceful fluffy Glasto since the early eighties

Tim, UK
It wasn't about alternative lifestyles, cutting edge culture or colourful kaleidoscope festivities. This year, the festival's main magic lay for me in the brilliance of the Pyramid stage performers: Manu Chao, Isaac Hayes and Roger Waters.

Once upon a time going near the main stage was unnecessary - for the real festival happened in the kinetic mix of people from every strata of society.

Not any more. Now the festival is a weekend leisure activity for those with cash to spare, but little to offer.

Fortress Glastonbury has made this event "safe". The tragedy is that this applies most efficiently to the culture.

Soon this festival will be just like every other and the magic of Glastonbury will be gone.
Kat, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I wish I was still there instead of at work (who doesn't?!)

Anouska Roberts, England
Michael, you never fail to let us down...The acts were well-balanced, the weather was at its best, the respect from others was more than ever prominent. Well done! Also a big thank you to Zoe, Lou and everyone on the hill from Widnes who put up our tent and made us feel unconditionally welcome...thanks, you know whoe you are!
Sarah 2Dogs from Runcorn, Cheshire, UK

A great weekend made very special by legendary sets from Roger Waters, Ozomatli, Badly Drawn Boy and Faithless. Bring on next year!!!!
Ade, Alex, Bristol, England

Having been to Glastonbury for several years as a punter this year I worked as a steward on the Smirnoff Experience Tent and all I can say is that despite having never seen any bands play or any of the other events at the festival it was worth it just to talk to people, everyone was so happy and relaxed, much more than previous years.

My only critiscism is that I felt that the Police really weren't doing enough to help people, using the argument that they were busy really doesn't cut it, the number of occasions I saw officers sitting around doing nothing, and they always had a good excuse as to why they could not attend incidents.
MiracleBob, Scotland

I have been going to Glasto on and off since 1980.

This was the first happy peaceful fluffy Glasto since the early eighties.

The festival had a stunning vibe but maybe needed more people. I also was keenly aware of the missing stalwart travellers, but I gather that the message will reach them to get a ticket next year.

Musical highlights - Isaac Hayes, Eat Static and Roger Waters.

Festival highlight - watching the sun come up at the Stones.
Tim, UK

Why do people think that the fence ruins the vibe? Don't they realise that the only ones coming over the fence are people on the nick! Crime is down by two thirds. What a surprise.

We had a great time especially at Garbage. Rod Stewart? I don't think so.
Anna Smith, Charlton

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I wish I was still there instead of at work (who doesn't?!) Highlights for me were Queens of the Stone Age, with Dave Grohl on drums - he's the man! And Mark Lanagan joined them for a couple of numbers, Roger Waters - what an experience! Robert Plant (heard him, but I couldn't see him...bloody acoustic tent!) White Stripes - Jack White will be a legend in years to come. I will certainly be going regularly, but I agree the security in the car parks needs sorting out. Thank you Mr Eavis.
Anouska Roberts, England

This was my first year and I absolutely loved it. I spent most my time over in the theatre but I managed to catch Rolf Harris on the main stage. There was a brilliant atmosphere for the whole weekend and I am definitely going back.
Rebecca Helbick, UK

I felt that the line up could have been better, atmosphere was good, crime was low. However toilets were a complete discrace (much much worse than Reading) if they can spend 1m on a wall, then how about some toilets that last more than an hour after being cleaned? Also I felt that for a non-commercial festival the prices of food and water were astounding! This was profit gourging, for charity of course but still profit gourging.

I felt that perhaps Eavis is out of touch with the younger festival goers as we didn't particularly like the line up, and couldn't really care less about the charities (except CND - I hate them). Having Tony Benn there was good fun, but no one thinks of him as anything but an eccentric old man anymore.

I think that Glastonbury has changed from what it was in 1979 but that the organsiers haven't realised it yet and have to be pushed by others to modernise (e.g. council demanding better fence, less people etc).

P.S. Where was the hip hop and R&B?????
Bo, UK

Fourth time. Best time. Despite not the best line up. Helped by the weather. But made by the fence. So much room to camp, to walk, to sit, to enjoy. No threats, no pestering, less anti-social abuse of the loos (but still some "you wouldn't do that at home - would you?"). Can all that be from not letting in those "free spirits" who don't want to pay? You bet. I hope that outside the fence that local residents didn't get the brunt of it, but Glastonbury council - you can't say no again.

As for over commercialisation - did you not go to the Green Fields, notice the Water Aid banners and read the programme? Did you not see that each fence post had been hand painted, and notice the bamboo flags and other decorations? You don't get that at Reading.
Jayne, England

This year's Glastonbury was fantastic: Rod was rocking, Mr Scruff was as good as his pies and the Scratch Pervert was phenomenal!!
Diane Muir, UK

So chilled out, Lost Vagueness and the Casino were excellent, New Model Army were brilliant, sun, friendly people and true individuals - who needs the main stages? And no thieving scallies who haven't got a clue about what a festival should be - brilliant.
Joolz, England

Roger Waters and "his" band were my highlight...a staggering and religious experience. As for all the chat about commercialism then I am bound to ask how everyone got there - did you walk?

Many thanks to the Eavis family for keeping the faith after all these years and to everyone there for being such a splendid/friendly bunch of hedonists . As for that fence, keep it .
Rolus o' Poo Sticks, UK

Third time at Glastonbury and the best one I've been to. The atmosphere was so chilled, it was brilliant. The White Stripes were fantastic.
Candiflip2010, UK

Kosheen - jazz stage, what were they thinking? I have to say how disappointed I was to see Kosheen on such a pitiful stage. Their performance outshined by far that of No Doubt (arrogant and badly sung). Kosheen should have been proudly placed on the Pyramid stage, they were by far up to the standard. All in all a good come back for Glasto, shame about the few faults.
Rose and Romy , Kernow

Third Glasto - and the best yet. 98 was muddy and miserable, 2000 was OK but 2002 was the best. Worth going just for the cabaret tent.
Simon, England

To Matt in UK who was wondering what Martin "Lexus Ad" Grech was like - he was the best act on at Glastonbury! Think Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and then some, and still only 19. Watch this guy, he will be huge if he can hang on to his sanity.
Joe W, UK

My views on Glastonbury as a Glastonbury virgin are worth listening to. I thought the festival was the best excuse for a rave up I have ever known. As well as the festival being run for worldwide help etc. I thought it was fantastic and wasn't stupidly overcrowded. Stereophonics were "No Doubt" the highlight of the festival in my opinion. I will be going again next year, not giving a thought to any other festival. Glastonbury is my first choice.
Ste Marrs, England

First Glastonbury, had been put off before due to the hugeness of the event, was very good, but the loos were awful, as was Rod Stewart. Faithless though - please play at Reading this year too! I missed half your set due to being hit on the head by an onion.
BJ, Reading, England

A well balanced programme of music although I was not able to see/hear all that I wanted to. I thought that Radio 1 were far too intrusive with their excessive volume. This often swamped the acts on other stages and severely restricted the amount of sleep possible.
Ken, UK

My first but definitely not my last Glasto! A brilliant time had by myself and the group of 15 that went. Weather was great and the music was fantastic. Personal favourites include: Badly Drawn Boy, Spiritualised, Mercury Rev and the legend that is Mr. Richie Havens. Thanks to all concerned and please roll on 2003!!!
G., Northern Ireland

Fantastic, if this wasnt the BBC I'd swear. Had such a great time wondering around. Ignoring the Headliners means you get to check out seriously cool bands that you would never hear otherwise. My top four:
Rolf Harris (Yes, he is a god)
Less Than Jake (mental americans with a taste for our punk rock havin it large, Brilliant!)
Manu Chao (never even heard of him/them before but great mix of reggae/ska/latino vibe stuff.. cool ) Dreadzone (live, their bass goes right through you, I haven't stopped dancing yet) Right now I love everyone involved in making it such a great place to be for three days. I'm making everyone I know go next year. Even my mum wants to come.
Faff, England

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