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Monday, 24 June, 2002, 08:49 GMT 09:49 UK
My Music: Mis-teeq
Su-Elise, Sabrina and Alisha are enjoying chart success
With their catchy mix of hip-hop, R&B and garage, Mis-teeq have emerged as one of the UK's most promising bands.

Their platinum-selling debut album, Lickin' On Both Sides, has already spawned four top 10 singles.

Sabrina Washington, Alesha Dixon and Su-Elise Nash recently opened the Party at the Palace where they sang with Ricky Martin and got to meet the Queen.

What was the first single you ever bought?

Alesha: Salt-N-Pepa I think, Push It.
Sabrina: That was my first single I bought.
Su-Elise: Kris Kross, Jump - I think that was my first one.

What was the most recent album you bought?

Alesha: Musiq Soul Child.
Sabrina: Donell Jones, his new album.
Su-Elise: Alanis Morrisette.

Where do you most like listening to music and why?

Sabrina: At home.
Su-Elise: In my bedroom while I'm just sitting on my bed doing nothing. My bed's comfy.
Alesha: Everywhere really. At home, outside, in the car, in the nightclub...

What songs do you sing in the bath or shower?

Su-Elise: I sing Whitney Houston songs.
Sabrina: I sing anything that comes into my head.
Alesha: I make up songs in the shower, I think. Usually a load of jargon.

What song always makes you cry?

Alesha: I don't have a song that makes me cry, but some of the old Michael Jackson tunes are really sad.
Sabrina: I think it was called I Miss You by Aaron Hall. Basically it was a video where his girlfriend was pregnant and she actually died while having the baby, so he sang I Miss You and it was fantastic. That song always brings tears to my eyes.
Su-Elise: I don't have a song that makes me cry, but whenever I watch Titanic I'm always in tears. Celine Dion did the soundtrack for that didn't she?

What's your favourite song?

Alesha: That's a really hard question. My favourite album is The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill so plenty of those songs.
Su- Elise: We're changing the question into favourite albums. I liked 12 Play by R Kelly - that was a classic album.
Sabrina: That was a very good album. I'd say Mary J Blige, My Life.

Which artists do you most admire?

Sabrina: Jill Scott.
Su-Elise: Angie Stone.
Alesha: Beyonce Knowles.

How about male artists?

Alesha: Eminem.
Su-Elise: Eminem's a don.
Sabrina: Music Soul Child and Donell Jones.

Who would you most like to work with?

Sabrina & Su-Elise (simultaneously): Busta Rhymes.
Alesha: Justin Timberlake and Method Man.

Which music websites do you visit regularly?

Su-Elise: We go on our own website and check the messages and reply to messages.
Alesha: Various artists really. N'Sync, So Solid Crew's website, our website, Alicia Keys' website... we just surf, but if we do get time we normally go on our website to leave messages.

If you could organise your dream music festival, who would appear?

Sabrina: That's a hard question. Anita Baker, the Supremes, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Tupac Shakur, Marvin Gaye.
Alesha: Michael Jackson. N'Sync. Wu-Tang Clan, Lauryn Hill.
Su-Elise: James Brown, Whitney Houston, Otis Redding.

What do you prefer - recording or performing live?

Sabrina: Everything. Because without one there wouldn't be the other.
Alesha: I think I'm most satisfied when I'm performing, but the songwriting and the recording in the studio is like a base. Without that there would be nothing else.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Su-Elise: Making music man! Hopefully we'll have made a lot of money and created a family and be making music for leisure. I mean, pleasure!
Sabrina: Maybe have a record company where we could give kids less fortunate a chance to make music. Because there are a lot in areas that are deprived, a lot of talent that is just going unheard or unseen.

What about movies?

Alesha: Obviously it'd be something we'd be interested in because all of us have done drama. Until that day we're offered a movie role it's hard to say but I don't think any of us would turn a role down if they got offered one.

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04 Jun 02 | UK
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