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Friday, 14 June, 2002, 21:45 GMT 22:45 UK
Lee evicted from Big Brother
Lee Davey
Lee Davey has fretted about shrinking biceps
Lee Davey has become the third person to be evicted from Channel 4's reality TV show Big Brother after losing the viewers' vote to fellow nominee Jonny Regan.

Mr Davey, 22, a gym manager, and Mr Regan, 29, a firefighter, were nominated to leave this week by their fellow housemates, picking up five votes each.

Of the votes cast, 1, 011,700 (84%) voted for Mr Davey and 192,646 (16%) voted for Mr Regan.

"It's really weird being out. I'm really confused at the moment - I don't know what to think.

"We're all worried about how we're being portrayed on TV."

Darts match

He described himself as a "big flirt" after his conquests in the house were screened on the programme, and said it had been tough surviving the Big Brother regime.

Meanwhile, Big Brother bosses announced that one housemate will get the chance to choose which side of the house they live in - the "rich" half or "poor" half - in a darts contest on Saturday.

The housemate with the highest score will choose which side of the house they want to live on, plus the three housemates they want with them.

The remaining inmates will live on the other side of the house.

The producers have let themselves down with the bars

Roy Veall, Big Brother viewer

The third series of the ratings winner has seen an unusually high contestant turnover - Mr Davey is the fifth person to leave - and bookmakers are starting to take bets on the show finishing early.

On Wednesday contestant Sandy Cumming, 43, became the second to walk out and other bored housemates have been threatening to leave, rather than wait for eviction.

PJ Ellis, Sophie Pritchard and Jade Goody have all threatened to leave.

Lost interest

The introduction of the bars to segregate the contestants into "rich" and "poor" sides - an innovation for this series - has been blamed for the lack of interaction between the housemates, leading to boredom.

The prison bars which divide the house in two have not gone down well with viewers either.

Jim, from England, told BBC News Online Entertainment: "I've lost interest since the bars went up. What a rubbish idea. The producers obviously think we want to watch conflict all the time, and there's enough of this in the world."

"The appeal of the programme for me was watching people interacting and trying to get on, but on a reasonably level playing field. The bars ruin that."

Jonny Regan
Jonny Regan is third favourite to win the 70,000 prize
Roy Veall, of England, added: "The producers have let themselves down with the bars. The programme worked before but now it seems they just want to try and cause fights.

"There is no unity or togetherness now. Take the bars away before they all walk out."

William Hill is offering odds of 20 to 1 that the programme will end before current finale date of 26 July, after several calls from people wanting to place bets.


Channel 4 also confirmed vote-rigging had been discovered, with members of the public told to call a special number to win a prize, only to find they had voted for Mr Davey or Mr Regan.

One such contest said: "As a result of England going through to the quarter finals, Carling are giving away beer and a St George's flag to the first 10,000 people to call this number ..."

The number given was the phoneline used to vote for Mr Regan's eviction from the house.

Trainee barrister Sunita Sharma, 25, was the first British contestant to voluntarily leave the show when she left in the first week of the current series.

Following Mr Cumming's escape another man will enter the house as his replacement on Sunday.

William Hill is still offering Spencer Smith as odd-on favourite to wins the show's 70,000 prize at 8 to 11.

Cleaning fanatic Alex Sibley is second favourite at 7 to 2, followed by Jonny at 8 to 1.

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