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Saturday, 8 June, 2002, 00:21 GMT 01:21 UK
Alison evicted from Big Brother
Alison is the third person to leave the house this year
Big Brother contestant Alison Hammond has become the second to be evicted from the current series of the Channel 4 reality TV gameshow.

Three housemates had been up for eviction, but Alex and Sandy survived - by just 1,000 votes.

Of the 1.4m votes cast by the public, 540,187 (38.44%) voted for Alex, 323,790 (23.04%) voted for Sandy and 541,214 (38.52%) voted for Alison.

The 27-year-old cinema team leader from Birmingham said she "had a feeling" she would be the one to go, and predicted that fireman Jonny would win the 70,000 prize.

Moaning Alex: Viewers wanted him to stay - just

"He was just like an older brother," she said.

"His girlfriend is so lucky."

She left the house just after 2200 BST and said she had not been playing to win: "My gameplan was to eat as much as possible."

But she was less forthcoming about the sexual appetites of the housemates.

"I do not think people should read anything into them hugging and sleeping in each other's beds," she said.

Male model Alex had been an early favourite to leave the show, now in its third year, after his complaining made him unpopular with both housemates and viewers.

But Alison's personality had proved a little too overpowering.

Sandy said earlier this week he had nominated her for always wanting to be the centre of attention, while Spencer described her as "slightly annoying".


Bookies suspended betting by Thursday afternoon after all bets were being placed on Alison.

Coral said viewers appeared to want to keep Alex in the show because he created tension with his complaints about hygiene.

Alison accused her former housemate of taking things "a little bit too far and too serious".

"If you do not shut the toilet door or something you get a bit scared he is going to find out," she said.

"He should just chill out a bit more."

The day after the eviction, the remaining 10 housemates will have to contend with a new challenge - the division of the house into two.

Spencer is current favourite to win the 70,000

Prison-like glass bars will separate one group of housemates, who will live in luxury, from the other group - who will have to survive on subsistence rations.

The five winners of Saturday evening's task, a basketball hoop challenge, will enjoy comfortable furniture, the better bedroom, the pool and a 400 housekeeping allowance, as well as hot water in the morning and evenings.

But the other five will have no cash and no hot water - and will have to depend on the vegetable garden and their chickens for eggs, to supplement basics like rice and pasta.

"When we said Big Brother was getting tougher this is what we meant," said Phil Edgar-Jones, the show's executive producer.

William Hill bookmakers has Spencer as favourite to win the series, with odds of 4/6.

Mature student Lynne, from Aberdeen, was the first to be evicted last week. Trainee barrister Sunita, from Brixton, south London, left the house of her own accord.

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