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Thursday, 6 June, 2002, 15:55 GMT 16:55 UK
Heathen: Your views
David Bowie
David Bowie is releasing his first album in three years, Heathen.

"It marks an important crossroads for him as he makes a concerted effort to transform from mere musician of note into musical godfather," says BBC News Online's Michael Hubbard.

"On this evidence Bowie is certainly not past it, and with Heathen he suggests that we're some way from hearing the last of him."

But what did you think?

Has David Bowie regained his musical vigour? Or is he best off not to try to revive his long and impressive career?

Have your say

I think it's going to be a grower. Not one of those immediate classics, but that's no reason for him not to bother at all. I have more respect for Bowie for still bringing out new music, that is if he was still playing Ziggy Stardust all the time.
Laura, UK

This album is absolutely brilliant! A mixture of his work over the last eight years with all those magical Bowie sounds. Get it now!
Phillip Hindess, England

I think that Bowie has been regaining his musical vigour since Outside and especially with Hours. Revive his career? I wasn't aware it ever went. Of course an artist that's prepared to take risks is going to miss the mark sometimes, but those times can be forgiven when it works. It definitely works with Heathen.

Not a particularly easy album to listen to, it definitely demands attention. David's cover of Cactus is pretty true to the original, slower, but just as good. Some great Bowie moments - Afraid and Slip Away - classics. With some albums, I think he has been guilty of trying to emulate the popular sound of the day; but with both this album and it's predecessor Hours, I think he's just enjoying it and doing what pleases him. Can't wait to see him at Roseland here in NYC tomorrow!
Tony, USA

While the Bowie "purists" will probably never like any album after Heroes, David Bowie has continually changed musical styles and won and lost fans on the way. For this he should be commended and I hope that he continues to challange the musical "shackles" that so many other artists these days seem to be tied to.
Dave, UK, living in USA

This is a great album!! Every song is excellent and Bowie's vocals are sounding better than ever. This won't leave my CD player for a week at least.
Richard Allen, UK

Heathen is not only one of Bowie's very best, but also one of the greatest albums in the history of rock and roll! EXCELLENT!
Rob Pongi, Japan

Excellent production on this album, and the songs, well, they are wonderful. His remarkable vocal style floating on top of some modern arrangements. It's a good album, some tracks are more immediate than others, but that means an album you can listen to for longer with tracks becoming favourites over time. He hasn't really had any lapse in popularity though, I find that a strange thing to say. He is a clever man though, there is a limited edition version of this album to tempt fans too, with bonus tracks and remixes. Not original but certainly an appreciated addition..Overall, I'm not disappointed.
Gary, UK

This looks like it's shaping up to be my favourite Bowie album. I realise that may sound impossible with everything he has done, there's just something magical about Heathen.
Dave Tolan, USA

A lot of critisicm is levelled at Bowie albums since Scary Monsters, but as far as I can see mainly by Bowie purists. Would you prefer Bowie to release imitations of his earlier albums or take us somewhere new? Bowie's album Outside is one of my favourite albums, and after a week of listening to Heathen I feel this will become one of my favourites too.

It seems to contain elements from Hours, Outside, Black Tie White Noise, plus lots of new ideas. The only thing that disappoints me is the amount of covers, though they are all good tracks and blend in with the original material well. I love the new recording of Conversation Piece - this song and Letter to Hermione are my two favourites from the re-release of Space Oddity. Anyway I'd give Heathen five out of five, as it is a great album, and nobody does it for me like Bowie.
Doug Brear, UK

From the opening track's stuttering guitar sound, you know that this album is definitely worth listening to. Slow Burn, Afraid, 5.15, I Would Be Your Slave are all songs that deserve your full attention (I suggest headphones!) I love Bowie - I wish more artists pushed the boundaries of popular music with such ease and grace.
Daniel Lee, England

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