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Thursday, 6 June, 2002, 16:47 GMT 17:47 UK
Party at the Palace: Your views 2
S Club 7 said goodbye to Paul Cattermole
S Club 7 said goodbye to Paul Cattermole
More of your views on Party in The Palace.

I was fortunate to get tickets to see the Pop Concert and what an amazing evening it was - long may she reign over us. Are there any plans to release a commemorative CD/video tape of the event for charity?
Emma Lang, UK

I thought on the whole it wasn't bad but I was watching from TV. Concerts are obviously much better when you are there live. Anyway, I felt it was all a bit patchy and who invited Ruby Wax to screw up !! Also the concert needed a big 'oomph' that was sadly lacking, but at least the Brits had something to cheer about. If anything it stopped people working !
BEN, Holland

I was blown away with this concert, the organisation that went into it is beyond belief and the security for all those superstars and Royals must have been phenominal. Will Young has truly shown himself to be a superstar, and to me the man of the night must be Phil Collins, the guy played drums all night, what a fantastic performance, he must be incredibly fit! I was glued to the tv from start to finish, well done to everyone involved.
J.Morton, Wales

COMMENTS: Most of it very good, the thing that spoilt it a bit was some of the distasteful 'jokes'some of the 'comedians' made, particularly Ben Elton and 'the two women'. However it was really great to see the musicians and hear some of the oldie songs though I don't really care for this screaming down the microphone. Generally a great evening and amazing fireworks and special effects.
Rowland, UK

Will Young stole the show with Motown and Queen-Freddie would not have minded.Also loved Ozzy and Clapton.A great night.
Marianne Andrews, uk

Could agree more with the comment from Steve Coombs. The show was great but the German TV RTL 2 made a right mess of it. It was a disgrace. The commentry was appauling
Ann Schmidt, Germany

Oh Will, you've done it again - you were absolutely breathtaking - what more can I say other than I'm going to watch the video again.
Gill Goodsell, England

Well, I only managed to see some glimpses on BBC World, and I can only say that I was disappointed. The evening seemed produced well enough, but I felt the reliance on worn-out pop music to be too vulgar for celebrating something as traditionally powerful as a Golden Jubilee. And as for turning Buckingham Palace into a mount for a fireworks display quite tasteless. I can only imagine how the Queen must have felt, having to endure such tacky and classless displays that appease the masses. I'm no monarchist, but a Golden Jubilee comes seldom, and with all the tradition the monarchy brings with it - I'd say it deserved better.
Tapani Johansson, Finland (British ex-pat)

What a fantastic night. Congratulations to the BBC in organising such a huge event. The acoustics were superb. It was and will probably remain as unsurpassed excellence. Well Done.
Geoff, Cambridge UK

COMMENTS: I'm not a royalist, but this celebration has me teetering! The whole thing was incredible. We just sat and watched it on satellite, but we should have made a party of it. As for the fireworks - AWESOME. I regret not being there.
Dave, France

COMMENTS: All my family enjoyed the concert. Memories from the past and new ones made to be cherished in later years. The highlight was undobtedly Will Young, whose "tribute" to Freddie Mercury was brilliant. Not seeking to imitate, but full of Freddie's passion. Brian May seemed genuinely overwhelmed.
Elaine Harrison, UK

It was brilliant. Everyone was great and sang well. I liked the Corrs, the Queen songs and Lenny Henry. I hope the Queen enjoyed it!
Sophie Fenwick, England

The highlight for me was Will Young with Queen. Absolutely fantastic. That should have been the climax of the evening. What a performance from such a new artist on the scene. A real superstar. Congratulations to the BBC for a fantastic evening.
Carol Wooldridge, England

I'm sure the Queen must have been a bit worried with all those fireworks being launched from the roof of her house, especially ten years after Windsor and one day after a smaller fire in the same building.
Ian, Switzerland

While the performances were generally good, the standard of the BBC presentation was dismal. The audio was dreadful with multiple cues missed and the video mixing during the first half was dreadful. The video mixer should be fired! During the second half the video mixing was much better it was clear that someone much more experienced took over - but the audio mix was still bad. Live concerts are difficult but surely the BBC can employ technicians who are up to the job
Simon Skinner, UK

England is normally associated with unequalled scenes of pagentry; now we have seen an equally impressive show of Royal hair being lowered. As with football, even the Royal Bash made it on TV here in VietNam. Of course, we saw it ALL on satellite. Bootleg DVD's should be out here next week!
Jon Hewson, DaLat, VietNam

Utter rubbish. I can understand that people like Phil Collins think Prince Charles is a nice bloke for being a supporter for many charities but, to associate the queen with rock and pop music is way off the mark. The most CREATIVE talents to come out of this country over the past 40 years have been almost exclusively ANTI-establishment! I'm no great fan of the Rolling Stones but when their Jumpin Jack Flash was played before the fireworks, we heard an edge totally missing from the slop we all consumed over the previous 3 hours. What was I doing glued to this horrific event?
David Atkinson, UK

Fading rockstar with a west end show to promote? Clapped out metal head with TV show to promote? Here today gone tomorrow boy/girl group in need of free publicity? Middle aged comedian needing to keep up your profile? You're in luck! The BBC in association with someone with a big garden have decided to spend million of licence payers money to promote you!
David Holden, England

Quite frankly, the concert was not as good as the ambience.The choice of songs could have been better.The talent was good but the choice poor. Only the best song of every group should have been permitted then you would have had a hit record!
s.ravi, UK

Having heard so much about Will Young but never having heard him sing, I was disappointed. He didn't have much projection. The singer of Bohemian Rhapsody was excellent though. Who was he? Ben Elton's contribution was great - it had the Princes William and Harry in stiches by the look of it! I'm not a royalist by any means but it looked as though everyone had a good time.
Simon Roberts, Germany

Ben Elton said Britain would win any rock and pop world cup. Unfortunately, not for much longer. Ninety-nine per cent of the acts were either at Live Aid or eligable 20 years ago. And today's "stars" - Will Young, Atomic Kitten - are not likely to be around in 20 years. It doesn't look good.
Mike Cresswell, UK

A dream come true - Will Young singing with Queen - Freddie will be a proud man!
Leigh , England

It was really a impressing concert for a celebrity which these honouring deserved. Congratulation. The best performer, I think, was Sir Paul.
Norbert Kulla, Germany

I thought the atmosphere was brilliant. All the performances superb, with the older generations of the rock world predictably outshining the newer. Brian May & Paul McCartney were my personal highlights, but the only comment I would make, is the absence of some big names of the eighties. Duran Duran & George Michael spring to mind. Were they asked ? Otherwise a superb event.
Antony Chandler, England

Why should we continue subsidise the talentless Ruby Wax?
Chris Kennedy, Scotland

Watched the whole show and really enjoyed it. I,m not really a royalist but hats off to them all. As for the people knocking the event on this site, they all seem to be name calling the acts that were towards the end. If it was so bad why did they watch it all!!!
Geoff Buck, England

Was I watching the same concert as most of the others? It was appalling. The usual sad 'greats' of rock meeting with the current prepackaged dross. Nothing about it was a anything other than average. It just sad and pitiful with some truely awful performances. Stand up and hang your head in shame Elton, Ruby, that sad old man from the Beachboys who looked like a senator and had strange girl hands Lenny - give me a knighthood please, McCartney - you sad pathetic man, and all that dross that takes the place for pop groups now, but who all merge into one. If this was the best England can do then we should not have bothered. It must have made the Queen feel like the whole 50 years all over again. But then again maybe that was the point in which case, brilliant, well done you've excelled yourselves organisers.
simon, england

Absolutely loved the concert, a good mix of talent for old and young alike! The idea of Motown songs was fantastic and the performers were brilliant especially Mr Will Young. Not too impressed however, with Mr Ben Elton.
Louise Dick, Germany but Scottish

I thought it was embarrassingly awful. Everyone looked ill at ease, the sound was bad, and didn't anyone else see the two finger salute offered by Rod Stewart while he took a final bow? Sycophantic rubbish indeed!
cheryl, UK

Joe Cocker and Brian May - what a stormer. A mistake to put Will Young with Queen, it just reminded me of what we're missing. Now if only Freddie had been there... Nevertheless, congrats to the BBC on a great evening. Oh for a May/Clapton duet.
Felix Jameson, UK

Party at the Palace was absolutely brilliant, I was so impressed with how smooth everything went, sound, lighting were fantastic. Are you going to repeat it, I'd love to see it again, or is a video available of the event?
Eileen Johnson, England

Is there a Will Young campaign going on here? Great show, shame about the mike sound levels for some of the singers. I dont want a monarchy, but thought the music was great and was proud to see the Mall full of waving Union Jacks and happy people. Good on the UK I say! Oh, and with a little help from Mr Kamen. Thanks mate.
John, Scotland

Fantastic concert, Bit confused why everyone seems to like Will Young. he has no power to his voice and cant hold a note. Ozzy on the other hand rocked.
Frazer Edwards, Great Britain

The concert was fantastic! The fireworks spectacular. Queen stole the show - even without Freddie they are by far the best. There were a two British Rock Gods who were glaringly absent though - Where were Mick and David? Somehow it didn't quite feel the same without them. They missed a brilliant brilliant show.
Louise Richards, UK

Amazing, Excellent. This event displayed some of the best talent around throught the last 5 decades. Shame Sir Paul thought it was his own concert though -Where was Robbie? Fireworks were spot on and a great way to finish the night - my only regret is not being there.
Deano, London

Well What can I say that has not been said already other than i'm very proud to be British.
Steve Longhorn, England (living in Holland)

I switched on for a quick look and stayed for the whole show. It put anything generated for the millenium celebrations into the shade. It also served to highlight that there are few if any British rock stars today who could hit the charts around the world and fill stadiums like some of the acts shown seen last night. The talent, with a few exceptions, just isn't on show any more. Pity that Elton did not put in a live performance, and where were the Stones, Sting and Rodbbie Williams ?
Mike UK, UK

Thumbs up to Phil Collins, Queen, Ozzy, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton. A big thumbs down to Ben Elton, Ruby Wax, Brian Wilson (and whoever it was that decided that he could sing 4 songs), the BBC sound dept,and the decision not to include George Michael or Robbie Williams.
Kate , UK

Queen were great as usual. Queen Freddie would have loved it
Mark, UK

It is so nice to think that the British Royal Family is so popular and close with it's subjects. I really enjoyed watching the show. A real treat - all those performers through the gaes.
Vilairuk Kanittha, Thailand

Brian Wilson looked as though he was being controlled by a puppeteer. The whole thing was a roll call of bland MOR, AOR.
asif khan, UK

Party at the Palace was absolutely brilliant, I was so impressed with how smooth everything went, sound, lighting were fantastic. Are you going to repeat it, I'd love to see it again, or is a video available of the event?
Eileen Johnson, England

Generally a fantastic concert. It was great to see so many legends in one place. It was a shame about the sound quality and loss of microphones sometimes. Also, why did we have to have Ruby Wax and Brian Wilson shouldn't of been give time for 3 songs, when other great artists (who at least looked like they were still living) only got 1 song.
Brett Baker, UK

It was a brilliant concert and the fireworks were excellent. however, while its good that we can have a national celebration why can't we celebrate us -the people- rather than some out of touch pensioner. Isn't Ben Elton supposed to be a rebellious socialist comedian? talk about selling out comrade
joe, UK

Great concert... although the sound quality was a little suspect in places. Highlight of the show, definitely the wonderful soulful voice of Will Young who proved his status as Golden Jubilee Number One artist. Well Done Will - well done eveyone. Hami, Surrey
Hami, United Kingdom

Watched on TV. Much better show than I expected. Well balanced across the years and good cross section of styles. Preferable to the Royal Variety Show. The waterfall firework effects and mural effect on the palace wall were excellent at the end.
Peter Quinn, UK

Well even from sunny 100 degree Arizona the Great British spirirt was palpable. We watched the whole show through the internet and were transfixed by the sheer fabulousness of it all, even with the slightly blurry pictures. Reminded us of the wonderful Live Aid concert and was truly very special. We are both from the UK and couldn't imagine doing anything else ie. work yesterday afternoon.
Caroline Diston, USA

An all round good entertainment except for the swear words. WillYoung was great and it was nice to see Ray Davies again.Would have liked to have been there but it s the same as always, these gathering are for the urban areas of England, what about the rural areas. Still a wonderful evening even with things going wrong but that is what it is all about isn't it, to keep going and do the best we can and they did.
tricia, england

Great show, in general very professional performances and well done to the BBC! However, its a pity it was let down by the some of the disastrous links, notably Ben Elton - who should never have been put on-stage - and by Ruby Wax.
Mark, England

What a concert. I have no words for such an outstanding performance.. I want the concert on DVD so I can see it many times in the future.
Martin Nusselder, Netherlands

What happened to the eighties. The big world bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode Duran Duran, Human League etc. It seems they never happened. Queen spot was just a large advert or a West ENd Musical Freddie sadly missed, Brian Wilson fabulous and Eric C, Steve W etc fabulous but why did Rod do a new song from a band in aperfect world would have been featured as one of the future greats. Microphones a bit of a disaster in anything that involved more than two people and very embarressing at the end. Shirley Bassey not a fan but she got the evening perfect with a great show stealing performance. Did I blink and miss Tom Jones's Its not Unusual instead of that awful Sex Bomb which at his age he most certainly isn't. Still overall not a bad night and great fireworks. What they should have done for the Millennium
Andy B, Uk

I only saw the concert on the TV, but it was brilliant. i was dancing around my living room all night. It shows you what type of spectacles the British can stage, so why can't we have something similar for the country to enjoy on new years eve and not just this type of event once in a blue moon.
Djordje Gvozdenovic, England

Some classics but who was pulling Brian Wilson's strings? He looked (and sang)like an extra from Thunderbirds. I thought Ozzy was supposed to be the scary one!
Steve Evans, England

I really wasn't planning to watch. But glad I did. Best performances (in no particular order): Prince Charles mentioning "mummy"; Eric Clapton; Queen; Will Young (what a star in the making) and Joe Cocker. Worst performances: Ruby Wax (so what else is new, why is that fool still appearing on the tube); Brian Wilson (his time and voice and possibly mind, have all long gone); Almost everyone under 30 (they just can't hold a candle to the '60s and '70s crowd. Worst segment - The Motown tribute. White performers covering the music of the Black stars is one of the things I thought we'd left well and truly behind us. Best segment - Queen and the last hour. cheers,
Bruce Tober, UK

The BBC is the one remaining British Institution we can be really proud of and worth every penny of the licence fee. The licence fee should certainly be increased to help maintain the constantly high quality of programming that in my view is untouched by any of its commercial rivals. God save our BBC.
Mark, England

Will Young was superb. He looked so at ease and was really enjoying himself. He is proving that the nation was right to vote for him. the best new talent we have produced for many years, his version of "Grapevine" was fantastic. Well done Will
Liz , England

Lenny Henry got it off to a brilliant, genuinely funny start. He should have presented it right through. He looked less 'forced' than Ben Elton/Ruby Wax. Then again, Kermit came a close second to Lenny.
Frances, UK

I loved this concert thought it was a great thing for the queen to have done. I particularly thought William Young did extremely well as a newcomer amongst so many established stars. I loved both his songs but we are the champions with Brian May was fantastic
Mandy Delaforce, England

What a spectacular event - beats any football tournament or the Millennium celebrations at the Dome. Well done Beeb
Helen, UK

There hasn't been anything quite so nauseating since It's a Royal Knockout.
David Drake, Greece

It was a great night, with the highlight being awsome performances by Paul Mcartney and queen. The other highlight was the great side on camera views of Atomic Kitten, that makes me wish I had recorded it, to take advantage of the pause button :).
Scott Cheadle, Netherlands - English

Saw it on German TV. Great show, shame we couldn't hear the presenters on stage, too much German commentary. When can I buy the double DVD?
Stephen henderson, Germany

The atmosphere of this unique event reminded us of the celebrations when the Berlin Wall came down. All you need is love!
Ruth Lemmen & Martin Bayer, Germany

The whole thing was brilliant, took me back to my youth, some of my old time favourites were there Ray Davies of the Kinks and the world class Queen. My congratulations to Will Young only around for a few months pulled off two great performances. Highlight of the evening for me was Queens section. I am no Royalist but still enjoyed the whole evening and only wish I could have been there.
Diane Hallford, England

Although it seemed that the sound quality could have been better, I thought the quality of the performers was very,very high. Great Britain can be proud on itself. Personally, I thought that Ray Davies was very good and of course Ozzy was fantastic. Great he was invited too.
Matt Kooyman, Netherlands

The Jubilee concert was fantastic.Never have I enjoyed 4 hours of television so much. The highlights for me were the 2 fantastic performances by our newest superstar, Will Young. He was tremendous. His duet with Queen was THE performance of the night for me. I also really enjoyed the fireworks and light show it was truly spectacular. My only criticism was that not all performers mikes worked properly and some of the links were a bit slow. Otherwise it was a fabulous evening and I feel proud to be British.
Mary Curtin, UK

I can't believe the number of comments praising Will Young. True, his voice is very distinctive, but up alongside legends like Ozzy, Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker and Queen I was reminded just how bland he actually is. The concert however was fantastic, an excellent show, made all the better for the presence of Ben Elton and Lenny Henry.Here's to the next one in 2027!
Bodie, UK

Excellent concert, only slight problems with sound, but embarrising none the less. Didn't like bits (especially Brian Wilson who looked ill, Dame Edna was great as was Lenny Henry, Finale was superb, what a visual setting for a concert, gerat way to advertise Britain around the world. Not so hot on Will Young as many people sending in comments seem to be, just didn't have the range to carry off the Queen stuff. But still great to hear any Queen numbers live again.
Andrew Bourke, Scotland

How embarassingly sycophantic. Why do we need to do anything to thank a woman who for decades has taken millions of pounds off us ? To see Ben Elton - once so cutting edge, and left wing - reduced to being such a sycophantic royal toady was truly gut wrenching. To top it all, the Queen barely cracked her face once, and only turned up for the end.
Andrew Robins, UK

Let's get this into perspective. A superb event, a few minor technical glitches but we've come a long way from live aid in terms of sound quality. Will Young sung well but he's no Robbie Williams as an entertainer and was blown away as a singer by the unknown guy that did Bohemian Rhapsody
Mick, UK

Top concert, a good show, it was quite funny to see the French flag projected on the palace at the end next to God save the queen.
Pete, UK

Fantastic show congratulations BBC I wanted to go to bed at 10:00 p.m. but stayed up for the entire show, didn't want to miss anything. Will Young should never have even tried singing "We are the Champions" just hasn't got the voice. However, the rest of the show was great, such a wonderful variety of music, we do have great music.
Patricia Gordon, Germany

It might have been a whole lot better if they had got the sound right. So many of the singers could barely be heard and were drowned out by the backing group/musicians. Why import clowns like Ozzie Osbourne when there were so many Brit performers missing? The Beach Boys renditions were painful to say the least. Wouldn't have hurt the Queen just to say 'Thank you for coming. Hope you enjoyed it' to the crowd would it?
Nick Farmer, England

Absolutely unforgettable! I unfortunately, did not get allocated tickets, but I so wish I could have been there! This is a real turning point for the monarchy, who I think have been extremely brave to embrace change, and put on a show that everyone can relate to. The music had Tony and Cherie Blair dancing, and had all the princes clapping and laughing. (Lenny Henry was hilarious!)
Thomas Yasin, Birmingham, UK

Artistically, the concert was a failure with only Brian Wilson - who looked like Breznev stuffed into a cheap suit singing the most wonderful songs anyone has ever written - a success. Brian May's attempt to emulate Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock was laughable. But as a spectacle a million people singing Hey Jude takes some beating. I just wish we had something better to celebrate than an anniversary of an outdated, undemocratic institution.
Chris, UK

A good show but a whole lot of NEW talent is going to have to come through if we ever want to pull it off again. In the end we do our music industry no favours if we continue to delude ourselves that Will Young is amazing. And where was Ringo?
Bryan Johnson, UK

That Will is a smarmy creep. OK so he can sing, but so can most backing singers. he's a manufactured star. I reckon the real winner of last night was Sir George Martin, who got announced on stage before the Duke of Edinburgh by Jamie Theakston. Now that really is boundaries between the common people and royalty breaking down. I must also say that Her Maj looked bored. Possibly due to the ghastly old rockers - Stewart, Collins and May - wheeled out before her. By the way, where was Sting? I thought he wanted a knighthood?
william o'connor, UK

Possibly the most entertaining showpiece I have seen ever. I was enthralled from start to finish. My personal favourite was Bryan Adams singing his classic "Everything I do..." - absolutely beautiful! But all the artists deserve all the plaudits handed out to them (LOVED the Motown section, by the way). The final scene of the Queen on stage, walking amongst the likes of people like Ozzy Osbourne, was a sight to behold! I may live in The Netherlands, but I am so proud to be BRITISH. I just hope our guys in Japan were able to watch some of it as I'm sure this would give them a boost of patriotic fervour before THE match on Friday!
Carol Crowe, The Netherlands

The concert was fine, although it did have a 20-year chunk of indie performers missing. Pity the fireworks weren't as well thought out - the backing music was completely random (from Bill Haley to Elvis to classical to M People?) and the fireworks themselves seemed unco-ordinated. Compared to the lesser firepower of the Brighton Festival pyro show, it was a real let down.
James, England

Overall some great performances and a superb atmosphere, even on TV. A bit sad to see so many people trying (and failing) to fill Freddie's shoes. For me Phil Collins was the surprising star - staying at the back and doing what he does best. May was great too, Clapton less so.
Roger Vine, UK

Generally a good effort by individual artistes and a superb lighting and special effects production. Low point: McCartney's immature and tasteless opening ditty aimed at a clearly embarrassed Queen. High point: probably Osbourne's fauna friendly and unprofane performance. Overall nostalgia rating: 10 out of 10. Well done Beeb!
Chris B, England

A wonderful evening's entertainment. There's no doubt that the evening was a great success, with the most memorable moments coming from Queen & Paul McCartney. The lighting and sound were fantastic - although not so good through the TV - and all the pauses between songs masterfully covered by some witty links. I particularly enjoyed Ben Elton's touch, verging on the side of being a little too risque! Princes William & Harry looked suitably impressed. My only 2 real disappointments: Will Young may have a great voice, but he can't hit the high notes for We Are The Champions! It could have done with my namesake, Robbie Williams - where was he? But I suppose he would have stolen the show! All round, though, an amazing evening, and reminds us why we're proud to be British.
Rob Williams, UK

Confusing choice of artistes and material: why the tribute to (American) Motown Records, why Steve Winwood(!!) and the Beach Boy (nothing more British than surfing, ermmm...), where were George Michael, Bowie etc - and who invited Ruby Wax? Bo Rhap was just incredible (modulo the technical mistakes - not just the sound (levels were all over the place all night), the camera work was awful especially for the guitar solo), Brian May's palace-top intro unbeatable and Ozzy just rocked. Queen so clearly ruled the night - I just hope John Deacon can be persuaded out of retirement as there is a band that so patently still needs to be gigging. McCartney and Clapton were also excellent value. Shame some of the more talented modern-day stars weren't invited (S Club 7? Atomic Kitten? Please!!) as there is an enormous wealth of British talent that has emerged since 1980 but from the performances last night you'd never have guessed. Best Non-Musical moment of the night was Tony Blair's face after Ben Elton mentioned transport!
Simmo, UK

Absolutely fantastic! The BBC did it again. Superb and faultless coverage and you should be commended for it. I was particularly impressed by the videography throughout but especially during the massive firework display. It can't have been easy to film but it came across very well to the viewers at home. Thank you for a superb night of TV entertainment at its best.
John, London, UK

It was a good line-up spoiled by awful sound mixing and very restrained vocals. Many of the so-called singers sounded as if they need to spend more time practising in the bathroom before being let loose on such a public stage. And was Prince Harry as bored as he looked? Terrific light-show and fireworks to round-off with though.
Rick Marks, UK

What a load of nonsense! The Sex Pistols were right 25 years ago! "... There is no future in Englands Dreaming!"
Aidan, Ireland

Amazing to see Paul sing 'While My Guitar' with Clapton - historic stuff. Disagree with Will Young being great though, he was average and couldn't get any high notes on 'Champions' so had to alter almost the entire melody - very poor.
Tone, UK

Both concerts very entertaining and all the pageantry beautiful, hope the Queen doesn't feel too tired!
Pam Thompson, England

Fantastic is not enough to say about lasts night's show, well done the BBC. Who's the guy out of the Queen show, lovely voice - the only one who did justice to the late, great Freddy Mercury.
Pauline, Scotland

I've got to say that I have seen some fantastic concerts in my time but this has got to be one of the best. I thought that even though William Young isn't the most experienced of performers he was fantastic last night and showed that he deserved to be there and what a fablous performance
John, England

I think that we must have a lot of employees from Will Young's record company, writing on this board. He was useless and, simply, cannot sing!! Terrible! There is no way that so many people could be genuinely congratulating someone who was such a showup when he played with Queen! Awful!
Peter, London UK

On the production front, the BBC can be proud with the exception of some dodgy microphones. Brilliant staging and lighting. The musical content surprisingly ommited representation from probably the UK's most successful period - the 80's. There was no Duran Duran, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, George Michael. A shame. Best vocal: Shirley Bassey. Best yokes: Dame Edna.
Russell Poynter, The Netherlands

Queen without Freddie Mercury kind of summed it up of me. As the disnosaurs of British rock shuffle into their dotage what are we left with? Mostly the hollow shell of a once vibrant and innovative music industry. WIll Young was out of tune and sang his tunes like he sings all his tunes - not long for his career, I suspect. And S Club 7 and Atomic Kitten? Please. It was mostly fun and there were memorable moments (good to see Brian Wilson and Joe Cocker), but the best concert ever broadcast? Come off it. Still , at least it was free.
Max Wurr, UK

I felt the show struggled a bit, too many acts squeezed into the time available, it looked amaturish at times. Also the camera work was very poor, they kept showing the whole stage at the start of each act leaving you guessing what they look like - I'm very surprised at the BBC.
John, Scotland

I was bought up with good old fashioned manners, and told to always say thank-you. Why wasn't the Queen brought up in the same way? Was it too much for her to thank anyone? And, if someone puts on a party for you, would it not be appropriate for you to turn up for it, and not just for the last half an hour? As far as the music goes, it was excellent. But, who does Paul McCartney think he is? Why was he allowed to get away with being the same old self-rightoeus arrogant performer he always has been?
H Thomas, London, UK

You think that being the biggest event in the calendar this year, they could have got the sound right. The microphones were very poor quality, and the sound man must have been asleep - the levels were all wrong! Some of the links were tragic, as to was Ben Elton's mindless banter combined with shameless plugging of his embarrassing musical based on the legends that are Queen. Despite those issues, it was enjoyable to watch. Good work BBC, but don't get complacent!
Clive Messington, England

I'm sorry to dissagree but i thought Will Young wasn't very good and certainly can't do a good job at queen songs (although no-one else except freddy can). Dame Edna and Ruby Wax spoiled it a bit. But altogether Brian May at the start was the highlight for me.
Chris Campbell, England

I'm sorry to disagree but i thought Will Young wasn't very good and certainly can't do a good job at queen songs (although no-one else except freddy can). Dame Edna and Ruby Wax spoiled it a bit. But altogether Brian May at the start was the highlight for me.
Chris Campbell, England

Ijay, UK

I thought the evening was spectacular, the music was outstanding, I really enjoyed the performance by Will Young - what a star, almost as good as Bryan Adams! We should do this more often - a thoroughly enjoyable night.
Annie, Amsterdam

Anyone who has been to a live music event knows how long it normally takes to get acts on and off. The speed and fluidity of the changes were absolutely stunning and the minor glitches were well covered by the professionalism of the performers. Coupled with the projections onto the palace one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen - congrats BBC. High Point: Brian May performing the national anthem on top of the palace - filled me with renued confidence in this nation and it's sence of humour! The low point I think was Brian Wilson. He tried hard but it tarnished the memory of those wonderful songs - about being young, carefree and having the time of your life - to see them performed by an old man, looking slighly lost in the enormity of it all. Overall though - fantastic.
Will Rossetti, Great Britain

Unfortunately I wasn't there for the concert, but I was able to watch the concert over the cable here in the States. The show was fabulous, especially for the performance of Sir Cliff Richard. He is one of the very few best singers from Britain. I just wish that he could have sung more, especially the newer songs that he had done so exceptional as well as the old songs.
Emily Johnson, U.S.A.

To say I was not a royalist was an understatement. When the Jubilee was announced, I unashamedly thought ut was just another excuse to promote a royalism that didn't exist, especially in the eyes of younger people. However, the weeks of television and radio programmes about the Queen soon had me thinking twice about my views on the monarch. The BBC's quality of broadcasting on the Queen's life and times gave me a much needed insight into the real person behind the palace walls. I was so touched by her kindness and 'unstinting change', and I felt so very proud to be British. As for the concerts and the parade... what need I say that you don't already know? They included the very best stars, and the atmosphere was electric. For once, the people of London and Britain gathered together in unity and solidarity, and it was a wonderful sight. I have never witnessed so many flags and banners, and I felt a strong sense of much needed patriotism. And I am proud to say that I cheered and sang my heart out for the Queen. I'm a converted royalist, but more importantly, I have a newly instilled belief in the humanity and solidarity of the people of this country.
Jeannette Mines, London, England

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