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Tuesday, 4 June, 2002, 10:05 GMT 11:05 UK
Party At The Palace: Your views
S Club 7 said goodbye to Paul Cattermole
S Club 7 said goodbye to Paul Cattermole
The Party at the Palace aimed to please both young and old fans, including performances from Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Queen, Tony Bennett, S Club 7 and Will Young.

The concert was also broadcast live on big screens along the Mall and in the parks adjacent to Buckingham Palace.

BBC News Online received over a thousand e-mails commenting on the concert - here is a selection of them.

We were lucky enough to be right at the front in full view of the Royal Family, they were all grinning from ear to ear all day, especially Prince Philip who looked proud as punch. The boys both seemed really relaxed and get on well with Charles. One of the days of my life, which I will NEVER forget - unbelievable!
Bonita Enright, UK

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the party and we enjoyed every minute of it. Having the chance to sit on the lawn of Buckingham palace with a pint of beer in hand! with thousands of other people most of whom were as exited as us was great. All of the performers were excellent and the finale was unforgettable. The only bad side? it had to end!
Lucy Bell, UK

It was the best concert, ever! Ozzy Osbourne totally rocked (when does he not though?), he was definitely the best act, closely followed by Joe Cocker and Paul McCartney
Angela, Scotland

I totally agree that it did feel like we had seen it all before. And, there was such a glut of American music - why? We have enough great British music without bringing in decrepit Americans.

Also, I can't believe that Prince Charles commented on the sound quality. There were so many sound problems it was terrible. The microphones were never turned on in co-ordination with the right singers, ruining treats like Bohemian Rhapsody and blanking out some of the S-Club 7 members (or maybe that was intentional). And the compares - Ruby Wax was an embarrassment.

I did enjoy it, but it was a missed opportunity to really show the best of British - how much longer are we going to keep wheeling out Cliff?
Victoria Newton, UK

I thought the concert was OK but Paul McCartney, Bradley from S Club 7, and a whole host of others need to rehearse their live vocal, they were dreadful and so off-key. Why did they make a Tribute to George Harrison but not to the legend Freddie Mercury? Seemed unfair to me. And what kind of a finale was Hey Jude, even Cliff Richard singing Congratulations would have been more apt! Even though I'm not a fan of Will Young, I have to say he stole the show, and shone like gold, so Well Done Will.
Karrie, UK

What a fantastic event. Really captured the imagination of us all. Once again though, numbers and enthusiasm were underestimated. More screens were needed, and better sound quality in Hyde park would have heightened the spectacle. That aside though what a fantastic night, little did I know that was just the warm up for Tuesday. Makes you proud to be British, the Monarchy has had a rough ride, but we all love her, perhaps more than before.
David White, South Coast, UK

Wish Shirley Bassey was on longer. Great show. Awesome.
Margaret, England

The Party at the Palace was a fantastic event. We were sat just in front of the Royal box and you could see from their faces that all the Royal Family were really enjoying themselves.

The atmosphere all day was electric, from the Bootleg Beatles performing on the side stage in the afternoon, right through until Sir Paul McCartney's Hey Jude finale. God Save The Queen.
Darren Shepherd, Great Britain

Just want to say that I would have paid my TV licence fee 10 times for Saturday's coverage by the BBC. It was fantastic. The BBC successfully captured the atmosphere of the occasion, and brought it into my front room.
Mark Williams, UK

Nice one Ma'am, looking forward to your diamond celebrations already!
Rebecca Lewis, England

Sir Brian May me thinks! What a show!
Daniel, Wales

Sir Paul and Eric's rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps was the highlight, and Joe Cocker was on top form. Ozzy was good but the appearance of Tony Iommi playing with him made that part of the show. The only thing that let it down in my opinion was the normally fantastic Americans Tony Bennett and Brian Wilson.
David Anderson, N. Ireland

I was born in 1986 at the very end of proper music, and I never quite got to hear such great bands playing proper music instead of the processed, bad-tasting stuff we get today.

I've always been a huge fan of Queen and I have to say - even without Freddie they did steal the show as they did at Live Aid.
Joseph Keely, England

I thought Nigel Tufnell, sorry, Brian May's solo of the national anthem was superb. His amps were really turned up to 11...
Rob, England

Why on earth is everybody droning on about how good Will Young supposedly was? He was dreadful - by far the weakest link. His voice sounded thin and weak and why does he do that annoying bendy thing with his knees?
Andrew Pashley, England

Brian Wilson performed with all the animation of Davros from Doctor Who

Iain, Scotland
It was weird to see all these wonderfully rock stars and then have minor pop acts on, if anything was bad about it would be the fact they were on it! How can the likes of Blue match up to Sir Paul McCartney??? It made me laugh! Over all it was a great event to watch!
Emma, England

A fantastic night of celebration. For that there can be no doubt. Everybody had favourite acts and despite missing the target a few times it was good to watch Blair squirm - well done Ben Elton!
Mark Harrison, UK

An amazing concert, although let down by some dodgy singing and a few technical problems. He seems to have been forgotten by everyone here, but the best performance of the night for me was Bryan Adams - both the music and the vocals were fantastic. It is a pity that he only did the one track.
John Galley, England

Over the past few months I'd practically written off this weekend as just another boring Royal event. However, I shall be purchasing a hat and devouring it over the next few days. The people's party was truly spectacular.
Martyn, Manchester, UK

Brian Wilson performed with all the animation of Davros from Doctor Who, Paul McCartney was his usual unpleasant self, the microphones didn't work and ruined some of the songs etc etc.

Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker were good and I enjoyed seeing Prince Charles laughing his head off at some of the jokes from Ben Elton. Highlight of the night was Tony Blair's hard stare after Ben Elton's comment about the railways
Iain, Scotland

The celebrations were wonderful, as only the Brits can do. Loved it all.
Beth MacGillivray, Canada

Wow!!! The best concert in the history of rock. Queen were amazing. They totally stole the show (I didn't used to like them). Joe Cocker was the other highlight, but Sir Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart did a great job as well. Hopefully this musical era will last longer.
Nick London, Canada

An amazing, once in a lifetime event, for everyone involved and us stuck at home. The line-up was awesome, the VIPs seemed genuinely to be having fun and Prince Charles' "Mummy" comment was priceless. The downsides were the patchy sound quality and some dubious comments from the hosts.

Most of the performers were excellent, but a special mention has to go to Will Young. He blew his pop contemporaries out of the water in the Motown section and, not being known as a rock singer, took everyone by surprise when he sang with Queen. The hug from Brian May said it all: Freddie Mercury would have been proud of the passion and individuality this newcomer put into his performance.
Val Woodhouse, UK

Brilliant show. Everyone was great but Will Young really shone. The real stars though were the audience in the grounds and on The Mall. I watched the show on CBC here in Vancouver. I'm so proud to be a Brit and longing for the next 18 months to pass when I'll be back home in London again.
Chris Neep, Canada

It was a good show but why Ruby Wax? She is definitely one of the USA's worst exports. Ben Elton could have done with a sense of humour transplant too. My deepest regret was seeing May and Taylor calling themselves Queen. Without Freddie, there is no Queen and Deacon's absence said it all. I'm not saying they shouldn't have performed. The opening rendition of the National Anthem was sensational and they are both class acts in their own right. But they are not Queen.
Adrian Hughes, UK

What a night. It had me partying hard. Well done to all the artists. Most of them were great, apart from the odd one or two. The highlights of the night for me were Queen - Brian May on the roof was outstanding - and Will Young - both on his own and with Queen - proved that he's much more than a karaoke singer. Well done Will, you deserve it. You were brilliant. As for Robbie Williams: who? I think he'd better watch out, because a certain Mr Young is taking over his crown.
Jackie, Scotland

Cheesy, clichéd, fawning rubbish from start to beginning.

Dean, England

Great performance by almost every artist. Especially the intro by Mr. May really rocked !
Jurgen Bilcke, Belgium

It was the most amazing spectacular I ever saw. The BBC should get a pat on the back and the recognition it deserves. The musicians - British and overseas - should also be congratulated for providing our nation with the best entertainment I have ever seen broadcast.

This concert with the unbelievable light and firework finale was a credit to all those that took part and performed. It's just like Prince Charles said ''There is a lot of British talent about'' and I don't care how un-PC that is to say - it's true at least someone said it in public.
Rob, UK

I only saw it on TV - Buckingham Palace looked fantastic, used as a large screen - how did they get the colours so vibrant? Did the Queen wipe away a tear or two when the flags were projected onto the Palace?

We are a hard working nation that does not get the occasions or the time to express itself collectively. Great Britain...absolutely!
Mark, UK

It was a brilliant show, very professionally executed with so many acts performing. The highlight of the show for me was the performance of Mr William Young, who is fairly new to the music industry, but held his own amongst such respected names in the business. I commend the BBC for a wonderful evening of entertainment, that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you.
Sheila B, UK

Well, what can I say it was fantastic. Congratulations to the BBC. The best performance must go the fantastic Mr William Robert Young. He has been slated a lot by the media lately, they can all eat their words tonight. He more than held his own, he as well as Mr May stole the show by miles.
Karen Grace, England

Brian Wilson was the best performer! He's songs are so much better then anybody else's. Good Vibrations rocked!!!!!
Halvard Helle, Norway

I really enjoyed tonight's concert. Everyone was brilliant but I have to say that Will Young was amazing! In such a short space of time, he's gone from being a total unknown to singing for the Queen. And what a voice! He was definitely the best performer of the night for me.
Jayne, UK

Cheesy, cliched, fawning rubbish from start to beginning. I'm deeply suspicious of every single person who attended a concert in honour of a fabulously rich woman. Cliff's dancing was hilarious though.
Dean, England

Absolutely amazing - musically, the performances all-round cannot be faulted! The humour throughout & good-feeling was clearly abundant. I thought Blair looked uncomfortable when Ben Elton made a quip about the state of the railways - good on him! The evening had everything.
Peter Kyne, UK

It was okay. It was stopped from being fantastic by a few things: e.g. some weak and tasteless links from Ben Elton and some problems with microphones not working - notably Rod Stewart's at the end. Also, there was not one performance that really stood out - the show cried out for someone like Robbie Williams to steal it. However, for all that, taken as a whole it was memorable. The crowd loved it, and Her Majesty looked suitably impressed.
Chris White, U.K.

Will Young stole the show for me tonight, the guy came from nowhere a few months ago, and now is outperforming some of the greatest musical talents ever with his superb live singing.

The only artist to put his own stamp on both songs he performed, whilst up on stage with Queen and other big names, he just looked so relaxed and at home, and made it all look so easy. What a star this country has found from a simple musical talent search show. Magnificent!
Michelle, England

What a wonderful concert! Spectacular. With thrilling tributes from Brian Wilson, Eric and Paul (the tribute to George) and of course sir Paul himself ('Her Majesty', 'Hey Jude'). Pity that the microphones sometimes did not work, but hats off to this wonderful evening. Great, Britain!
Tino Pol, Netherlands

I really enjoyed the whole show (with the exception of Ruby Wax) but thought that the sound quality for viewers wasn't the best. Some of the early performers were almost inaudible. I especially liked the two performances from Will Young, I feel that this young man has an outstanding talent and was made for nights like this that require 'live' singing. So many performers mime to their records and he is such a refreshing change. I thought the whole coverage of the fireworks was spectacular, but wish we could have seen some of the scenes inside the garden whilst the display was on. THANK YOU BBC for a great evening.
Carole Teare, England

Wow, that was the best night TV I have ever seen you - made me fell great.
Steven Mann, England

Dame Edna stole the show. Prince Charles' comments re: "Mummy" were wonderful. It was a fabulous show. I wish I could have been there. God Save the Queen!
Marian Satterfield, U.S.A.

What a wonderful evening was the Party at the Palace. I watched and watched, the full four hours and enjoyed myself thoroughly. A perfect registration. Well done BBC.

It was, even from a chair in a house in Holland, unforgettable. It was much better than I had expected. Best performer? Paul McC? Joe Cocker, everyone was good! I am 62 so I preferred the old stuff, or, as Dame Edna said: what an evening full of collectors items... Thanks.
Mrs F Kempers, The Netherlands

Sycophantic nonsense.
T Gray, UK

Brilliant! Will Young performing with Queen, Sir Paul playing a cheeky ditty, lovely! Wonderful! Wow! Perfect for the Jubilee
Roy Fu, UK

Well, Queen stole the show (as usual!) Then the Queen came on and stole it back! Fantastic!
Jenny Kiernan, UK

It was awesome. Very well produced with excellent performances by everyone. All the stars performed their best though the highlight for me was While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. Ozzy Osbourne and Queen rocked the house, really livening things up (now if only they hadn't put in Will Young to sing We Are the Champions, it would have been perfect.
Umair Tariq, UK

Thought the concert was fantastic, I'm a great fan of Will Young and thought he really shone through - thanks for supporting him.
J. Cockburn, England

Will Young was, by far, the best performer at Buckingham Palace tonight. I loved his performance... What a star. Hope that he thoroughly enjoyed himself, he looked like he was having the time of his life. And how fantastic for him to meet the Queen and the rest of the Royal family, Wow.

It was nice to see him perform along side other top musical artists too. Got the whole extravaganza on video, thank goodness, I'll watch it again and keep it, always. Loved the fireworks "shabang"
Lilian, England

How disappointing to see a bunch of so-called "rock-and- rollers" toadying up to the bloated British aristocracy. Only in England!
JuJuBee, USA

A great concert for a great Queen. Ben Elton was an absolute disgrace. Shame on him.
Jonathan Rogers, UK

An amazing and awe inspiring event. Makes us proud to be British.
Glenn Davis, UK

Absolutely grand.
John Lynch, Kansas City, USA

This evening I wished I were British. You showed the world, music made in Britain is best. Congratulations! God save the Queen!
Klaus Maiwald, Germany

Unbelievable....only the British can pull of such an incredible event. I sat glued in front of my PC for the entire concert. As for the best performance...Joe Cocker!
Paul Harros, USA

Brilliant except for Ruby Wax. Kermit should have had Miss Piggy, the jokes would have been better.
John Hill, England

Wow - that was amazing. Great to see the older rockers - but where was Robbie? He's better watch out because Will Young was amazing, and he's only been around a couple of months - what a great voice, and so lovely to see him accepted by all the established artists. Certainly a superstar in the making. Amazing fireworks - I wish I had been there!
Sue Downing, England

I must compliment Will Young on his fantastic renditions of both "I Heard It On The Grapevine" and "We Are The Champions". He looked and sounded like a real star. Fit for the Queen! Well done Will Young - you brought a bit of class to the evening!
Tas, UK

A fantastic evening's entertainment with something for everyone. The star of the show in my opinion was Will Young. For someone so new to the business to completely hold his own amongst so many legends was an absolute revelation. He not only took a Queen classic and sang it his way but did it with the original artists. What a star! The rest of the evening was pretty good too. Excellent coverage BBC.
Tracey Leslie, Wales

Never in my 51 years have I been so moved by both the music and the magnanimous gesture of Her Majesty to invite everyone in for a truly worldwide party in her garden. An extremely emotional event for myself and I'm sure for the many millions who listened around the world via the BBC. To have heard the songs of my heart, especially While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and the beautiful reflections of George Harrison. It took my breath away. The whole thing should be released for all the world to see and to help charity. I am so proud of the BBC for their excellent production.
Marty Scott, USA

We may have been served by Queen Elizabeth II for 50 years now, but tonight was all about King Ozzy - Long live the king!
Steve, England

I was blown away by Will Young's performance, particularly with Queen. This young man's vocals are amazing and he's only been a professional singer for three months. What a compliment for him that he was asked to sing with Queen. For me Will was the best singer of the night. Thanks BBC for such amazing coverage of a fantastic event. I wish I had been there.
Carolyn Tyers, UK

The concert was amazing and a great tribute to both the Queen, and the BBC. Never before have I seen such a great performance.
Scott Cullen, UK

I am a Brit living in Toronto, Canada and we have been glued to the TV coverage by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. They are going to show the whole concert at 7pm this evening local time. I have been checking up the BBC website throughout the day, just to find out all the details of this special day. I wish I was in London to celebrate. You did a great job, BBC.
Rose Hirji, Canada

The concert was absolutely fantastic best of all was that amazing Will Young. What a true star he is turning out to be. I was stunned by him, twice. The performance of the night was Will with Queen, not the royal one of course.

What a stunning performance, great show.
Heather Pearson, Scotland

Congratulations to Will Young on such a fantastic performance so early in his career. How happy and relaxed he looked when the Queen went on stage. He certainly belonged there, he is a superstar.
D Forrester, UK

This was a great night's entertainment. by far the best performance was Will Young who showed he is far more than a 'pop' idol. thanks for showing this...
Kirsty Harrison, UK

Will Young was excellent, showing that young singing talent is alive, well and blossoming today. Surely he will have silenced many of the critics who have been slating him since the Pop Idol show. Well done Will.
Anna, England

Well done BBC - excellent concert. Best performance has to be Will Young - what a star he is turning out to be. To do what he did tonight after just a few months is unbelievable. Well done to him and to all at the BBC.
Karen Dawes, UK

Will Young definitely the best performer - star of the show! Loved We Are The Champions
Dana El-Hilu, England

Party at the palace was well good. The only bad thing about it was that I couldn't go!
Daniel, England

I'm still enjoying the concert at the moment, so I can't say who I think was the best performer yet. Congratulations to everyone involved in today's celebrations. I've loved every second of it.
Christel Carnas, Belgium

My favourite group of all time Queen with my favourite singer of all time Will Young, things just can't get better for me, I've missed Brian May's guitar, Will looked so at home, and Brian looked happy again. OMG I'm in tears again. Fantastic, thank you Will, thank you Queen.
Zandra Lee, UK

I'm sure it's all very well getting all the talent together in one place at one time, but the presentation of the event leaves so much to be desired, with the sound levels, microphones and general continuity bordering on embarrassing.
James Hadwen, England

Just have to say that Will Young has proved to the world that Britain still has the ability to find talent. There are few singers that are able to sing soul and rock, not to mention swing . Will makes me proud to be British and his duet with Queen was the Highlight of the evening for me. Great show.
Ann Furber, England

Will Young has outshone all the other acts at the Queen's Jubilee Concert. He was simply outstanding. Most of the others couldn't even sing in tune.
Karen Reveron, UK

With all the mixture of old and new there is only one performer who managed to rise to the occasion, Will Young has now proved beyond all doubt that he is a true superstar.
Miss J Kerr, England

The concert is absolutely fantastic, best bit of television I've seen in a long time. Best performer just has to be Will young. He was completely amazing. What a voice, what a performer. The song he sang with Queen had everyone on their feet and they got the biggest cheer of the night, apart from The queen herself that is. The Motown number Will sang was by far the best performance in that group and he was only one to sing in tune. Brilliant night! Annie Lennox was superb as well.
Laura Stewart, Scotland

Party at the Palace on BBC1 was awful. I was in hysterics. What a wonderful celebration of great British acts, I say ironically.

Ben Elton could not help being political. Is this relevant especially when the Monarch is apolitical and it is her day? Some of the singers could not sing in tune, including Paul from S Club 7 and Brian Wilson - the guy with the wobbly microphone and warbly voice.

The evening actually began on stage with Ricky Martin - that well-known British act. Her Majesty must have been ecstatic with that over-the-hill bat-munching gothic in her house.

This concert has really let the BBC down. It was a wonderful show, however, if you like a side-splitting laugh! The poor royals looked bored senseless.
Roger Stevens, England

I'm gutted. My mother-in-law has tickets and is there, so we're watching on the BBC and what is going on with the sound? It's soooo disappointing that the Beeb have a major technical problem and it almost looks like everything is being lip-synced. Please sort it out, it's been out of sync for nearly an hour already.
Jules, UK

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen could not be followed. It should have been the last song.
Rick Westwood, UK

I'd forgotten how great Ricky Martin is, and what inspiration to have Mis-Teeq join him. A brilliant start to what is already a great concert. Fantastic variety and a few greats remembered. Annie Lennox - amazing!
Fiona, UK

Watching David Dimbleby this afternoon... he asked for e-mails suggesting a name for the area in front of the Palace. Something that would echo the atmosphere of the wonderful Jubilee Celebrations. Well I suggest it should be called Party Place. Thank you BBC for the wonderful coverage of all that's going on.
Val Parley, UK

I don't know how well the concert is coming across to the home audience, but RTL II is providing coverage at the moment in Germany and making a complete farce of it due to the incessant babble of the presenters and ill-timed commercial breaks... What I can hear of it is enjoyable, but that's not as much as I'd like, I'm afraid.
Steve Coombs, Germany A big thank you for the Jubilee party concert. I was totally transfixed. With so many great artists, some absolute legends and some brilliant new talent on the bill it is so difficult to choose an overall personal favourite. I would have to select a few. Phil Collins and Brian May for sheer hard work coupled with talent that refuses to date or fade. Eric Clapton - the gentleman of rock whose guitar solos can still reduce me to tears and, of the young blood, the sensational William Young who held his own among these greats and whose vocal abilities are close to perfection. Thank you again for a fantastic evening's entertainment! PS I also though HRH was a superb and gracious hostess and Cherie Blair rocked!
Sally Holmes, UK

It was totally magnificent. Once in a lifetime opportunity to see an amazing celebration. I loved it!
Harry Dulger, Scotland & Turkey

We never, in our wildest of dreams, could have thought it would have been so brilliant. What a truly amazing evening, filled with pride. Congratulations to everyone who had anything to do with it, and so many, many thanks to you all at BBC. Is it at all possible for it to be repeated, or better still, to be released on video, with some money going to charities perhaps. We thought the Queen was truly delighted with it all, Prince Charles in full swing too. A marvellous and unforgetable evening, thank you. God Save The Queen indeed.
Sue & Terry, Somerset, England.

Absolutely fantastic! Echoing so many others, the best performer was Will Young - superstar! Queen and Paul McCartney also great. Hope the Queen decides to do it all again some day!
Jo, Solihull, England

The fireworks were good but I cannot believe how much rubbish has be said about the rest of it!
Ed, UK

Brian May playing guitar high atop Buckingham Palace. That says it all.
Tom, England

The star of the show without a doubt was Will Young. What a performer. He was one of the few artists who could sing in tune and added his own stamp on the songs he sang. When you consider he has only been in the business professionally for 3 months he completely blew me and all the other performers away.
Carolyn Cullip, UK

There are bound to be some things that not all of us liked! But this was not the event to mark anybody down. Well done to each and every one. I am so damn PROUD to be British.
Steve, Lincs

A great night apart from Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys performance. This man should never have been given the opportunity to sing 4 songs in such a dour fashion. He resembled a puppet sitting and jerking and painfully rendering his old songs! This almost ruined the evening! Top marks to Will Young - a true Brit in every way!
Bruce Elrick, Aberdeen, Scotland

On the whole, I enjoyed the Jubilee Pop Concert very much, with a few exceptions. First the good news. I thought Will Young was sensational. For someone who has only been a professional singer for a few months he outshone some of the more established artists tonight.
Elaine Bullworthy, U.K.

Great show! I watched it on CBC from Toronto and particularly enjoyed seeing Queen (the band) perform.
Sues, Canada

If that was rock 'n' roll, Buddy Holly is swivelling in his grave. Bland, sycophantic, corporate drool. Will Young is a remote-controlled baboon.
Tim, UK

Well done BBC! Despite dome of the earlier acts being flat, the whole evening was moving, exciting and patriotic. Dame Edna was brilliant and Prince Charles' speech resounding and perfectly fitting. But most perfect of all was the coverage of the fireworks which were the most spectacular I have seen for years. As for the projections: what a brilliant use of the Palace building. The shots of the Mall and the atmosphere, created by the spontaneous singing of the National Anthem, created a real sense of national unity not felt in Britain for many a year! Please repeat the evening's television! God save the Queen!
Chris, England

Sickening to see the plastic fabrication, Will Young, freeloading on the back of Queen's magnificent music. The rest - outstanding evening of entertainment.
Lionel Scales, Wales, UK

Tonight I'm very proud to be British. Britain became Great again. God Save The Queen!!
Neil Fellowes, Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

Thank you, thank you, thank you BBC for streaming that magnificent evening. I had planned to watch a few minutes. Instead, I took a very large chunk out of a very busy day and watched every moment, until the last firework died down. It was exciting. It was moving. It was memorable. Thank you again.
Mike Lundy, California, USA

Truly amazing show ... anyone failing to be impressed has lost the lustre of life
Tony, U.K.

I'm gob-smacked. Even though I couldn't see the concert in its entirety, the after-event euphoria makes me very hungry to see the whole thing! What it feels to be BRITISH!! yeah. Any chance of a Repeat TX??
Patrick Stacey, Singapore

No one can do it better than the Brits! Simply stunning! Congrats from a loyal Canadian supporter. A wonderful tribute to Her Majesty!
John Hymers, Canada

The concert was really good and I especially liked the projections onto the palace - the colours were amazing! Musically, it started off fairly impressively with (yes that all-too-British?) Ricky Martin, and S Club 7. Will Young was good but definitely the wrong choice for We Are The Champions - his voice cannot make the high notes, so instead we had some mediocre middle-range flourishes. However, apart from a few glitches (which are inevitable for such a colossal event) and apart from Ruby Wax, this was a feast of entertainment, and thoroughly enjoyable. Rule Britannia!
Sally, UK

Thanks BBC!!!!!! What a spectacular event. Queen, Will Young, Dame Edna, McCartney- how do you choose? I even liked Ozzy Osbourne- wonderful. The Queen looked really lovely, Charles was great, was William flirting on stage he he? The fireworks were breathtaking, what a backdrop. Fabulous!! I only wish I was there!!!! Long live the Queen and the BBC!
Les, UK/US

Well done BBC! Can I reserve front row seats for the Diamond Jubilee now??
Carole, England

I went along tonight and stood outside the main gates. An excellent concert - Brian May at the start through to Paul McCartney's cheeky rendition of Her Majesty. There was a real party atmosphere in the Mall and it was topped off by a superb firework display. Hats off to the BBC, organisers and performers - best free night I've ever had!!
Martin Ball, UK

To join in a live performance of "All You Need Is Love" for the second time in a lifetime was fantastic. Truly a landmark concert that made me feel proud to be British again. God bless the Queen!
Pastor John Ruffle, UK

All those legends in one concert was stunning although there were some notable omissions. I loved it all but it was spoilt by a bit by awful sound balance with even Shirley Bassey's voice being made to sound weak against the backing. One of the microphones seemed definitely faulty. Although my husband felt there were no outstanding performances I was moved by Eric Clapton on the roof and I can't help agreeing that Will Young and Queen were a wonderful homage to the talent of the old and the new. Queen and Will Young - superb.
sf, UK

On a sheer musical basis my favourite moments were Ozzy and Toni Iommi playing Paranoid, Eric Clapton with Layla, Joe Cocker With a Little Help of My Friends and the final with Hey Jude. What I actually liked most was Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody - a really perfect rendition of one of the best pieces of (rock) music ever written. All in all - simply brilliant! Thanks, Mum!
Joerg Estelmann, Germany / UK

Absolutely fantastic, the royal family seemed to enjoy it, It was so nice to see Prince Philip get an applause for once, and Charles calling her majesty 'mummy' was wonderful and reached out to all, they ARE a family after all. Well done BBC (worth the licence fee this year), Ben Elton - disgusting, Lenny and Edna really funny! Shame about the mikes not working, but well worth watching - is there going to be a CD? Hope so
Sam Bird, UK

The idea of a concert was a good one but for me the whole thing was a farce. The entire line-up was populated by has-beens from over 25 years ago; Cliff Richard, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Phil Collins, Brian Wilson, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Steve Winwood, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, Shirley Bassey, Tony Bennett... how am I supposed to feel that the royals are connected with people when a list of artistic fossils like that is wheeled out? As if that wasn't bad enough, the "new" acts just flogged old motown hits to death. It was hilarious.
John, UK

Despite poor sound quality I loved the whole evening. Some dodgy performances were made up for by the whole event itself. So many legends in one place(with some notable omissions). Brian May on the roof was a highlight but I can't help but agree Will Young and Queen stole the show for me.
sf, UK

Watched the entire concert on Internet for 4 hours. Excellent - Who/what was the best - Difficult to choose - but Bohemian Rhapsody was incredible, Joe Cocker stole the show and Sir Cliff was extraordinary. Take your pick from those and others.
Mac, USA

Managed to see most of it on TV, and the fireworks at the end in Hyde Park. Despite a few technical hitches, and a few singers slightly out of tune (Bradley!), great to watch - just wished there'd been more of The Corrs!
Francis Wong, London, UK

I can't believe how many people thought that Will Young was any good. His voice was weak, like so many of the other performers. I certainly expected more of Ms. Lennox, and Brian Wilson, as good as his CV might suggest he is, was dull and out of place. Lenny Henry and Dame Edna provided the only decent links, though Jamie Theakston made a mockery of the final one. On a positive note, Tom Jones, Elton John (with backing tape) and Eric Clapton were faultless. I was mildly impressed by Blue as well. More importantly, two years in the planning apparently cannot guarantee us any performers of the likes of Sting, Robbie Williams, Jools Holland or the Stereophonics. Finally, were Ladysmith Black Mambazo not advertised as being in the concert? Final rating: close but no cigar.
James Andrew, UK

What a wonderful experience! I am an "ex-pat" living in Argentina and apart from the great show , with its multistarred cast, I was deeply impressed by the people's obvious love for the Royal Family, shown in their heartfelt cheering. My favourites on the show where Sir Paul and the fantastic Shirley Bassey who looks just as I always remember. Paul looks just as young as he did when I first met him in the 60s in the Cavern Club, when I was a student in Liverpool! Susan Argentina

Seeing Her Majesty the Queen on stage with so many rock stars and pop icons, yet looking so happy, relaxed and comfortable, melted away any generation gap and really showed me what makes the Queen relevant. She really seems to unite people and that's a great service to the world!
Christian Hackbusch, Canada

The concert was fabulous, but the undoubted star of the show was Will Young. He was absolutely fantastic and has today shown the world that Britain can still produce the best singers in the world. Congratulations to the BBC and well done William, you done us proud!
Tee, UK

A celebration of Britain's music and royalty for all ages and groups? Humm, not so sure. it appeared that the teeny boppers had their fare, 1 minute, music business owned, wonders like Will Young to other such dire acts ie Emma Bunton, whilst their parents had something as a consolation for having to put up with sitting there i.e. Eric Clapton and the remnants of Queen, which don't quite pack the punch that they used to without Freddie Mercury. Queen seemed to enjoy the free evening long advert for their new West End show.

The amazing thing is that the evening seemed to miss a whole generation's music, there was no indie bands i.e. Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, or numerous other bands of high quality. Another missing link was dance/garage/techno etc., though not my choice in music, if the BBC is to present an evening of music to the Queen then it should represent all walks of life, or maybe these bands quietly abstained from the union jack brigade. Instead She got another bland image of Britain. Fireworks were good though.
Adam, UK

Seeing Her Majesty the Queen on stage with so many rock stars and pop icons, yet looking so happy, relaxed and comfortable, melted away any generation gap and really showed me what makes the Queen relevant. She really seems to unite people and that's a great service to the world!
Christian Hackbusch, Canada

God Save the Queen. I watched the web cast while waving my union jack flag. Britannia forever.
Jonathan Pearson, USA

As usual, Queen stole the show, despite Will Young. As well, was quite a feat to have the Queen drumkit in every shot. Bohemain Rhapsody was wonderful. Should have been the grand finale. Paul McCartney, genius as he is, did not give a stellar performance. A lot of the time he was off tune, or the harmonies just sounded awful. I felt that George Martin's comments about the Beatles were a bit too much, considering the presence of Queen, who have had extraordinary success as well.
Lauren Schneider, USA

Definitely a great party for the Queen. It was so nice to see the synchronised hand clapping once again during Queen's set. Oh and congratulations to all the vocalists who sang with Queen much better than the attempts at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. One disappointment though the missing Dire Straits or the appearance at least of Mark Confer would have finished it off.
Dave Bedwell, uk

Concert not bad. Highlights, Brian Wilson (after a shaky start), Ray Davis and Macca. But OH GOD why, with the exception of Lenny, did we have to put up with those bloody awful mediocre "Comedians" between acts? They were all thoroughly cringe making.
Jim Sansbury, UK

Deeply disappointing stuff; mostly old rockers well past their sell-by date, but at least Tom Jones can still sing. What can one say about Ben Elton? - probably Britain's biggest hypocrite. He's spent a lifetime rubbishing the Royal Family and things British yet jumps on the band-wagon for free publicity for his new musical, he's absolutely shameless and tasteless. The BBC should be ashamed of the almost non-existent sound reproduction and appalling presentation/production. The evening convinced me though that Freddie Mercury was a quite incredible performer - had he been around it would certainly have been some show.
Roger Gough, United Kingdom

It was an interesting spectacle to watch - even sitting at home felt a certain vicarious thrill of involvement. The only downsides for me were (i) the badly coordinated microphones (ii) HMtQ looking positively miserable at the fireworks display (iii) Brian Wilson - who, I'm afraid to say, didn't do a good job. If one's going to perform Beach Boys tunes, surely it should be >1 Beach Boy there! Brian Wilson looked like he'd been taking Mogadon! Other than that though, great show!
Craig, UK

This show has it's man from the beginning, and I'm talking of Mr. Brian May. His rendition of the national anthem was absolutely both superb and thrilling!!! I think H. M. should make him a Sir. God Save The QUEEN!
Pablo Martin Amieva, Argentina

Safe and boring people - not really what you call rock is it?
Dan Fullen

WOW. Marvellous. Thank You, Your Majesty and all of Britain for sharing. and thank you CBC for replaying.
Patricia Lawson, USA

Fantastic show! Made me feel a little melancholy with thoughts of living in England in the 60's and being part of that great era in music. Loved seeing Ozzy and Eric Clapton was great as ever.
Virginia Hill, Canada

We have just watched highlights of the concert and were totally spellbound. We wish we could have seen the whole thing. Fantastic!
Sally Denham, British Columbia, Canada

That concert was the most amazing thing I have ever seen on TV. To be able to see icons from the past and present performing on stage together was great, especially because they all played their most popular tunes. There was not one moment of dullness during those three hours. This was truly outstanding.
Jessica , Canada

Best thing since Live-Aid !!!I am no royalist but only Britain and the Beeb could have staged such a memorable evening.
Mike T., UK

What a great show- i do disagree about Will Young, to me he doesn't sound good- just whines. The show as a whole was great, Will didn't do Queen justice, no where near it. The fireworks were amazing( even at home!)
Andrew Mortimer, England

Looks like I missed the greatest party on record! Everyone says that the BBC did a great job - so why didn't they broadcast the show on BBC Prime? In that way people all over the world could have seen it, too. What a missed golden opportunity! Will the BBC be releasing the show on video or DVD for those of us who couldn't see the original?
Tom Spencer, Switzerland

The concert was brilliant, but a bit of a weak end by Paul McCartney. We needed a song for all not a little guitar ditty. Stars of the show that excelled and outshone everyone, Will Young, Brian May.
Annie, England

Some of the performers should not have been asked. S Club 7 were seriously out of tune, especially Bradley. I know Brian Wilson has been ill but it would have been better to have had a tribute. Best performances of the night - Brian May on the roof, Queen with Will Young who was amazing considering he has been singing professionally only since February. "We are the Champions" was the easily the best and got every one up on their feet.
Gill Proudfoot, England

What morons chose utter garbage as presenters such as Ben Elton and 'Dame Edna' etc. They were a disgrace. Or were they just part of the BBC 'agenda'. At least I can edit them out of my copy of the show for my video library!
John Squire, Australia

Thank you BBC World Radio. I missed the TV but it was the very first day I enjoyed being stuck for half an hour on The Josher Causeway traffic jam. The last half hour including Prince Charles speech and Sir Paul's contribution was sheer magic. Thank you.
Bryan Paulding, Malaysia

As someone who saw it all from just off The Mall, an excellent evening. Something to be proud of (apart from Ben Elton of course).
David W, London, UK

The night was fantastic a superb show. I suppose your choice of star depends on age- me I really enjoyed Brian Wilson and Joe Cocker and of course the beautiful Annie Lennox
Ian hugill, uk

Before the concert tonight i was very anti monarchy but I spent the night on the mall and have now changed my opinion. the monarchy brings the people together and if for nothing else should be respected. long this generation and bring o the next
will booth, England

We don't get to see the concert until Wednesday night down here in the land of the sun!! But based on what I have read above I can't wait - it sounds like Wednesday is going to be a night for Pizza and TV!! Thanks in advance for the great show!
Sarah, Australia

As a Pop Idol cynic, I have to eat my words as far as Will Young is concerned, he outdid a lot of seasoned performers last night, what a voice! Pity about the terrible sound problems, mikes not working, etc. I did find it a bit restless, various performers coming on several times instead of doing one set (e.g. Annie Lennox, Tom Jones), it took away from the flow I felt. Otherwise a most entertaining evening, thanks!
Louise, Amsterdam

Looks like you guys had a great time, it really made me miss home and family. UK rocks!
John Fagan, Australia

A fantastic evening a credit to everyone involved felt proud to be British. Will young, I hate his voice with a passion but his performance was superb. Ozzy meets the Queen !!! Joe Cocker WOW. Tim
Tim Pace, uk

Brian Wilson's appearance was desperately sad. The performance of 'God Only Knows' was breathtaking. Why, oh why were there so few performers with Afro-Caribbean or Asian roots...Brian Adams? Canadian, okay. Ricky Martin? What relevance does he have to British culture? Where were the Eddie Grants, the Heather Smalls? Did they decline invitations? I THINK WE SHOULD BE TOLD.
Harry, UK

I am a bit bleary-eyed this morning having to stay up until 12:40 hrs. CET to watch the entire programme here in Amsterdam, but it was well worth it. I felt proud to be British. Furthermore, the BBC produced an excellent programme.
Barry Freeman, Netherlands

Outstanding concert, not much I can see - it seems everyone else has said it .. Will Young shone out, and Yes I am extremely proud to be British!! God Save Our Queen!!
Sue Georgiou, Great Britain

When the Queen came on stage I hoped she was about to sing a love song to the UK taxpayer: 'Hey big spender!'
Jim Buck, UK

Why do the young performers allow the old ones on the stage? They old ones show them up - for what they really are! Mediocre, 2 dimensional and limited in talent. I enjoyed the concert generally, but why was there no 70's 80's contributions, doesn't George Martin like that period?
Tony, England

Absolutely Brilliant. The most fantastic thing I have seen on TV. Made me even more proud to be English. Just goes to show the world, only Us British could stage such an event. Prince Charles breaking Royal protocol and calling the Queen 'Mummy' was an excellent choice of words. I am so proud I think I will pay my Tax Bill early!!
Ian Rose, England

What a night! Everything about it was top notch. The BBC outdid itself. Previous comments here mention out of tune singing - ever had to sing a tune without being able to hear the music clearly? Onstage ain't easy, guys. We have one voice - either judgmental or forgiving. Thanks for the night, BBC.
Mary Murphy, England

The RTL II coverage in Germany was an absolute disgrace, talking over most of the songs, too many adverts meant that we missed a large portion of the show, and the comedy interludes were completely drowned out. Nevertheless a good nights entertainment especially the brilliant Annie Lennox.
Dave Battensby, Germany

So this is the new informal way ahead is it? McCartney comes on to the stage and performs a mock salute at the royal box. He then proceeds to sing about the 'Jubilee Girl'. (I turned over at this point) The next thing we will hear: they will want Her Majesty up on the stage doing a number. Perhaps 'If I ruled the world'. Have the Palace PR people gone mad?
Michael Davis, UK

Great night of music and the Palace lit up in a way that will make us want it every year. Cocker...Ozzy...Macca and Clapton who would have thought it. All we were missing were Elvis, Lennon and Hendrix.
Anwar Ahmad, UK

An amazing night with few weak bits - not sure about Atomic Kitten and Emma Bunton's singing, but Will Young was a true star and Brian May's opener was an inspiration. What a great speech by Prince Charles, too.
Sarah Pearman, UK

As a celebration of Britain, this should have been British acts only, we have enough good people of our own.
Christina Weston, UK

A good concert spoiled by one or two of the links - Ruby Wax springs to mind and whilst I don't care for Ben Elton's use of the gig for a political platform, seeing Blair squirm in front of 200 million people was worth it! Best act? Without doubt anything with Brian May! The man is amazing and was one of the few who sounded true to form in these days of computerised pop stars. No offence to the Will Young fans but I am sure a stronger voice like Robbie Williams or George Michael would have carried We Are The Champions better. The cast of the musical doing Bohemian Rhapsody were fantastic - that should have been the finale of the show. It also sounded like someone had turned Eric Clapton's guitar down to about 5. I have heard him sound better. Look forward to the next concert! Thanks to the BBC - you did great!
Dave, UK

I now live in Germany. Watched party from the palace on a small screen in Germany - it didn't matter though, it was absolutely fantastic - it had everything for young and old. It made me so proud once again to be British. Had the Union Jack flying from our house. It was a thrilling, sensational show - highlights for me were of course Will Young who once wished to have tea with the Queen - well I think he may just get an invite now!! Then of course the classics, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton - it's hard not to mention everybody - Queen with the Queen made a truly inspirational, unforgettable night. God Save the Queen.
P. Ferrier, Germany

I saw the webcast of the whole concert, and it was great!! Can't wait until it will be broadcast here in Sweden. Maybe the concert will be produced for DVD? Eric and Paul was the best, but what was Brian Wilson doing there?? I really missed Mark Knopfler and Status Quo A million thanks to BBC, the performers and of course The Queen!
Mats Fredriksson, Sweden

Can ITV and my wife be confined to the tower of London. i had to tape Coronation Street for an hour and missed getting that wonderful Queen section. Parts of the gig were special. parts were dire. I think the National grid output will show what was popular and what was not by the number of kettles turned on at certain times.
Andy Yates, England

Wow! What a spectacle. A lot of praise has been heaped, deservedly so, on all the performers but I would like to add my appreciation to the musicians, backing singers and, especially, to the organisers, technicians and everybody backstage. They all put up a superb performance to ensure a smooth running show that demanded tremendous logistics control. Congratulations to all of you.
Peter Levy, Belgium

Joe Cocker - as powerful and moving as at Woodstock
Gary, USA

We have the George Cross flying proudly outside our home, what a concert, I hope we do not have to wait fifty years for the next great event, Will Young was superb, Brian May playing the National Anthem fantastic opening, congratulations to all involved, we only hope the boys bring home the world cup and Tim Henman wins the Tennis.
glenis collins, the Netherlands

A wonderful night. In fact, it made you proud to be British. Pity the that the sound did not come across well at all on TV and some of the performers, Will Young particularly, would have done well to limit their appearances. What a flat droning sound he made! Overall though - unforgettable.
William, UK

I thought the whole thing went very well and struck just the right tone. The organisation and technical brilliance required to put on such a complex event with so few hiccups was awe-inspiring. On the down side it was a shame to see Brian Wilson looking so out of it - he virtually had to be propped up with a stick! But in the end it was the quality of the stars that shone through - a truly memorable event.
Barry, England

Indeed a large collective of superstars. Brian Wilson was as incredible as ever and Sir Paul rose to the occasion. Eric Clapton surprised me with a very heartfelt rendition of "Warmth of the Sun". But I have to say that Will Young came across as being the bland non entity of the evening. I know that S Club were there for the kids but at least they appeared in context. For me, he just seemed to be in the wrong place amongst so many original artists who don't sing like any person you might hear at a karaoke bar! Brian Many on the roof? What a great way to start a show! Her Majesty rocks!
Duncan, UK

Frightful deferential tosh. Even as a Beatles fan, I never want to hear Hey Jude or All you Need is Love again, they're so hackneyed and over-familiar. And what is a nice young man like Will Young doing in the company of these aging, doped-damaged crumbling rockers. It was also an interesting comment on the total failure of Brit-rock to produce any interesting music since the Silver Jubilee.
Barry Austin, Ireland

I loved the show my best acts were Rod Stewart and Brian May of Queen.
Jordan Croal, Scotland

Great artists, great performances, but disappointed by some of the song selections. For example, Bohemian Rhapsody is musically a terrific song, but is featuring lyrics like "Beelzebub has a demon set aside for me" prominently (twice) on such a night appropriate?
Andrew, NI

I wasn't going to watch it, but somehow the TV switched to BBC1, and stayed there... the show was amazing - except for some technical problems with the sound. Great to see Brian May again! What an amazing guitarist! When is he going to be knighted? The highlight of the evening was definitely While My Guitar Gently Weeps, excellently played by Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney - it brought tears to my eyes! The worst moment of the evening was Will Young's impression of We Are The Champions. Why did he try to make this anthem his own? Freddy Mercury rules!
Werner de Jung, Henley-on-Thames, UK

Wonderful. But everyone needs to get over this Will Young already. He isn't that great. Ozzy and Queen truly stole the show, not that little popstar. And where was Robbie, and something like that doesn't seem right without Ronan, even if he is Irish. But all in all it was pretty darn good.
Jo, UK

A good mix of old originals and young musical talents. My favourites were the Motown songs, they always were, Blue with Get Ready and Will with Heard it Through the Grapevine, a notoriously difficult song, and of course Phil Collins with the perfect rendition of You can't Hurry Love.

Lots of other highlights, hope it gets repeated. A very nice surprise from the BBC.
Helen C, UK

This celebration made me proud to be British. The BBC is fantastic and has little in the way of competition anywhere.God save the Aueen, long may she reign.
Perry Maunder, Canada

Really good, loved the concert. Ruby Wax, Brian Wilson, Ben Elton and Ozzie dreadful. Fireworks brilliant. Congratulations BBC.
Jennifer Harvey, England

Cliff Richard with Brian May was most definitely the highlight of the concert for me!! Great stuff!
Sarah James, UK

Yes, well done to Rod Stewart. His "salute" at the end of his performance showed that there was at least one person there who realised how ridiculous the whole affair was.
Colin Fallon, UK

Amazing celebration - best thing since Live Aid. I loved the mix of the old and new talent - and of course like many others must mention the lovely, talented Will Young. Gutsy vocals on both I Heard it Through the Grapevine and the We Are the Champions with Queen. Remember the likes of Brian May and the remaining members of Queen (rock legends!) would not have duetted with Will if they did not think him fit for the task.
Janice Box, U.K.

Probably the best music concert to have ever graced our screens! I think the Queen might have just about beat Posh and Becks in the "who can throw the best party competition"! Well done!
Nicola, England

Outstanding, the older artists out-did the younger ones by far, especially Sir Paul and Brian Wilson. An event we'll never forget!
Dan Hodgett, Nottingham, England

I thought Will Young was absolutely fantastic last night. He 100% deserved his place up there - some proper British talent at last! Definitely the best performance of the whole night - great!
Cheryl, London,UK

Fantastically well staged show. Some of the performances were a bit subdued and some of the songs badly picked. I was afraid Brian Wilson would collapse in the middle of his set. Joe Cocker was magnificent. His was a true rocker's performance that made Will Young look the amateur backing singer he really is.
Mick H, UK

The Saturday night proms concert was excellent, very high quality sound but the Monday night pop concert was more like the antiques road show! Where did they get such poor performers? Why not have Van Morrison on the show?
Eric Caves, N. Ireland

The Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, and Will Young ruled! God Save The Queen!
David, England

I thought the whole show was fantastic. Well done BBC. It would be great if we could have an event like this once a year when everyone can come together and enjoy themselves.

The highlight of the show was Will Young. He sang songs by legends and did a very good job of it and to think that he's only been around for four months! I also enjoyed Eric Clapton's performance and the fire works display and much more. Lenny Henry was great but Ben Elton was a bit too political which, was in my view, inappropriate.
Candy, London, England

Great concert and loved Prince Charles' speech, especially the "Mummy" bit. I trust someone is going to have a word with Rod Stewart re his two fingered salute at the end of his performance and get him to apologise and explain his actions.
Angie, UK

Glad to see Will is getting the praise he deserves (apart from an ignorant few). Brian May seemed delighted so get off your high horses. Will Young is a superstar.
Kate, Glasgow

I'm not a Royalist, nor do I work for a record company, but I thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night. The highlights for me were Annie Lennox, Joe Cocker, Will Young was very impressive, I was quite shocked by just how good he was, and I loved the whole Queen thing. The Royal Family turning up was the only let down. The coverage was fantastic though, I hope the Beeb will repeat it soon.
Kitty Golding, , England

I was one the fortunate few that went to the party and it was fantastic the moment I walked throught the gates of the palace. The pre-concert entertainment was great and the concert was fabulous. In support of Ruby Wax and the other presenters they may have appeared to come across badly on-screen but they were actually stringing out their words as the performers weren't ready in time. Apart from that minor point the rest of the concert organisation was top.
Paul Fowler, England

A real treat and welcome antidote to sport.Some poignant moments: Brian Wilson struggling to recapture the Beach Boys' magic; references to the late George Harrison and John Lennon;the enduring Beatles' classics; outstanding guitar work, starting with the amazing Brian May intro; nostalgia-inducing Tamla Motown songs; even my cat was gently bopping. Best moments for me were the stunningly soulful performances of the suave Will Young, Layla/While My Guitar...,and Sir Paul's guitar work on Blackbird. Thanks, Your Majesty!
Lizanne, UK

The whole evening just blew me away. Loved Brian Wilson (brings back so many memories) but for me the highlight was Will Young - he made both those songs his own - absolutely brilliant. Well done BBC!
Jenna, UK

It was a fantastic day from start to finish. I found it very emotional and it made me feel very proud to be British. I would like to thank HRH and her staff for a lovely day that my daughter and I will never forget.
Geraldine Darling, United Kingdom

Look folks, I'm 59 and grew up with that 60s and 70s musical fare, but my goodness many of them looked very dated. In fact, Brian Wilson looked like a mock-up from Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum! Get those tired rockers into retirement, please. Thank goodness for those younger performers!
Henry Besier, Canada

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