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Sunday, 26 May, 2002, 09:20 GMT 10:20 UK
The Osbournes: Your views
Ozzy Osbourne performing with his band, Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne arrives in your living room
MTV's reality TV show starring Ozzy Osbourne and his family had finally had its debut in the UK after transmission was postponed due to "contractual issues".

The series, which has been a huge success in the USA, was meant to begin on 19 May.

The show's first episode was eventually shown a week later, a day after the British leg of Osbourne's travelling rock festival, Ozzfest, at Donington Park in Leicestershire.

"This show is worth at least a second watch. The mix of ageing headbanger with doting dad is an interesting update of an old formula," wrote the BBC's Kevin Anderson.

But what do you think?

Is it going to be a hit in the UK too? Does it show a new side to the rock hard man?

BBC News Online users sent us their views.

Having been an Ozzy fan for a number of years, I couldn't wait to see The Osbournes and I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed. Ozzy has always been entertaining both on and off stage, and watching this just reaffirms my belief that he is a truly unique character and the world would be a poorer place without him. Quality television!!
Jason Novak, UK

The first episode of The Osbournes was fantastic, so funny, down to earth - much better "fly on the wall" TV than Big Brother! Made perfect viewing having been to the Ozzfest at Donnington the day before and I don't want to miss an episode!
Gemma, UK

Very entertaining, they are all obviously quite barking which makes for great television.
Lucy, London, UK

Forget Big Brother - this was the best reality TV ever

Adrian, UK
I thought it was funny, but what annoyed me the most is that so many clips have been shown advertising the show it felt like i'd seen most of it already!
Stu Reeves, England

Well worth the wait! The Osbournes aren't exactly what you'd describe as a model family, but watching their antics was fascinating viewing.

Yes, there was swearing, but that's nothing new. It only added to the amusement factor. Long may it continue!
Nev, England

I thought it was brilliant. I dunno if my parents would let me get away with the language Ozzy's kids used, but then again Ozzy is hardly one to talk! Saying that, despite what some people say about him, him and his wife/manager seem like pretty average parents and they seem to be doing a pretty good parenting job. How the other half live eh? I'm looking forward to the next episode already!
Andy Slater, Bristol, UK

Forget Big Brother - this was the best reality TV ever. Its charm lay in the fact that the Osbournes know that they are all completely dysfunctional, and they revel in it. And Ozzy's body may have fallen prey to the years of abuse, but some of his one-liners where brilliant. Can't wait for the next episode.
Adrian, UK

Fantastic! I've long been an Ozzy fan. Ozzy is everything you expect and more - a man of extremes and quite frankly an apparently great father! What a show, what entertainment, no wonder the Yanks look at us all strange!
Mark, UK

Probably the geatest show ever!
Nicholas Magnus, United Kingdom

I have watched the show whilst working overseas. I think it is good down to earth, real family life, where everything is not all so squeaky clean, it shows Ozzie as he is really, like in his home with his family and also showing his opinions as to what's going on around him.
Paul, UK

Very good show but it proves that the kids of the rich and famous are spoilt brats. Going to parties and bars when under 16? How the other half live!! Too much money and not enough brains.
Dave, Northern Ireland

I saw The Osbournes and not being a fan (or even heard his music), I decided to follow the hype. It was brill! Its a docusoap in a style similar to Making the Band... It was really funny... Goes to show that these rockers are all puppy dogs at the end of the day. He acts so dull, it's hillarious. His kids are spoilt, and his wife is a bit dull too. But nevertheless, they are very funny, nice people (with a little more money than sense!). Worth watching!!!
Bebe, Wales

All hail The Osbournes!!!! This show is so funny to watch!! The scene with Ozzy trying to get the TV to work was hilarious!! I can see this becoming a huge cult. I'll be watching it next week.

Move over Simpsons, the Osbournes are in town now!!!
Stuart Kenny, England

I thought it was a fantastic show! Ozzy shows he is still a brummie at heart with his colourful language. I love it!
Jason Mcintyre, Birmingham, UK

I've never taken much interest in Ozzy Osbourne until now. His household is mayhem but he just tries to keep the peace! His kids and wife are wild just like him so I've become addicted after one show!
Graham Pallett, UK

Personally, I hate MTV and pop culture in general, but the show itself rocks! For it does show an often ignored side of Ozzy. There's nothing better than having a god of Rock and Roll.

Talking to his children on television about sex and using drugs in a mature fashion in an age when entertainment mediums are under fire for promoting both. I hope it is an equal success in the UK.
Danny Carter, Jr., USA

Brilliant, simply the most fun TV show I've seen in ages.
Austin Rathe, UK

This is the sanest and healthiest and happiest family in the history of television.
Robert del Valle, USA

I was as caught by surprise by this as anything else. It shouldn't be funny, it should be irritating the way the spoilt little rich kids behave. But Ozzy saves it, every time. Somehow he's retained enough Northern fortitude to weather the years and to realise how preposterous things are which the rest of us are watching in rapt amazement.
Mat Bettinson, UK

I watched the entire series already in America, and I can honestly say that it is the best television I have ever watched. It is absolutely hilarious from start to finish. Ozzy is completely messed up after a life time of drugs, and is in shockingly frail state, but he is still brilliantly witty and long-suffering. Watch it!
Phil, United States

I have watched the whole series here in the US, and I have never laughed so much in eight years of living here. Continued success to Ozzie,Sharon,Jack and Kelly, they deserve it.
Trish, USA

Brillant, brillant, brillant! Haven't stopped thinking about it all day. Osbournes, we love you!!
Suzanne, UK

The Osbournes was fantastic, as expected. The family is wild...and Ozzy never seems to lose his common touch, no matter how rich and famous he gets.

However, I do find it strange that it was aired on MTV, where Ozzy songs are played extremely rarely, as opposed to MTV2, where Ozzy is a regular.

Rich, England

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