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Monday, 6 May, 2002, 12:23 GMT 13:23 UK
GameCube: Your views
Wave Race: Blue Storm
Can the GameCube storm past its rivals?
After the launch of Sony's PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox in Europe, now it is time for Nintendo to throw its hat into the ring with the GameCube.

The small and powerful purple cube goes on sale on 3 May but as with any console, the game titles released with it will be crucial to its success.

"It is great to play and really fulfils Nintendo's promise that the cube is all about fun, " wrote BBC News Online's Darren Waters about Wave Race: Blue Storm.

But Crazy Taxi did not go down as well: "The problem is that the GameCube version differs so little from the Dreamcast original that none of the power of Nintendo's neat little machine is utilised."

But what do you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

Just wait for the next in the Perfect Dark series - dare I say it, it could even be on a par with Halo.

How many of you actually watch DVD's on your consoles? I know at least 12 people with PS2s and only one uses the DVD player. The playing quality of DVD on the console is also inferior to watching it on a dedicated DVD player.

In reference to the 'cute' references, just wait until you see the lovely colourful blood, pooling on that stunningly cute floor, as it runs out of the .50 calibre hole in the baby-faced-zombie's head.
Ciaran O'Connor, N. Ireland

The GameCube may have some great games, but as a console it really is doomed.
Chris Malins, USA

I've got a Cube, an Xbox, a PS2, Dreamcast and N64. I bought the Xbox purely to play Halo. But I bought a Cube because I have high hopes for some "quirky" (Japanese) console games of the likes of Pikmin and Animal Crossing.

As it stands today, your choice of hardware matters very little as the same games seem to be available on all three "next gen" consoles at the moment. Personally, I'm hoping for more than just the current batch of boring PC ports on the cube, and hopefully Nintendo will bring us more stuff like the N64's Zelda, the PS2's Jak & Daxter and Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast.
John, Germany

I think GameCube is going to be in for some fierce competition given that Sega are developing games for PS2.
Max, UK

I have had my Cube for months now, and I can't wait for the new titles to get released. I am very happy to see that you all are enjoying yourselves over there. Rogue Leader is awesome, but I really like the billiards game on Super Monkey Ball.
Steven Romanowsky, NJ, USA

Having spent an hour queuing up at midnight, I can safely say that the Cube is a serious contender in the console wars. The vast majority of people buying the Cube were in their mid to late twenties. People should stop taking themselves so seriously and realise that far from being a kiddie console, the Cube is fun - what every console should strive towards!
Richard Marchlewski, UK

Having both a GameCube and a PS2 I can safely say that the GameCube makes a refreshing change from the other consoles on the market. Games such as Pikmin and Super Monkey Ball are exactly what you want when you can't be bothered with the other consoles that take themselves far too seriously. It's totally games orientated and although it's aimed at the younger market it's games will be a source of enjoyment for all ages.
Ade, UK

The GameCube's success depends on developers widening their vision of what can be released on a Nintendo machine, and whether the station generation can put down their lager and chips and enjoy the brighter side of gaming. I doubt gamers who's gaming collection includes Tekken, Gran Turismo 3, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Metal Gear Solid 2 will appreciate rolling a monkey in a ball around a brightly coloured tilting playing field. It's unfair though to judge the cube this early on, especially to a console that's been through its teething period. Developers tend to judge early on how a consoles life will play out, despite the potential of the machine. Just ask Sega.
Revels, UK

Much to my eternal shame, I was fourth in line for a cube in Glasgow. And already it's my favourite console ever with just one game (Luigi)

Ross McGlashan, Scotland
Crazy Taxi is the last game you should be mentioning on this site. The game is over three years old and this is it's fourth format. I have just picked a GC up and I am astounded by the games I have played so far: Super Monkey Ball, Rogue Leader and Luigi's Mansion. I have played the PS2 and Xbox, but the cube knocks them both into a cocked hat. Super Monkey Ball has got to be the most frustratingly superb game in recent years.
Martin Gillett, UK

I feel that the GameCube will most probably outsell the Xbox, however, it will take a very long time to reach the stature of the PS2. With great games such as Luigi's Mansion, Sonic Adventure 2 and Star Wars Rogue Leader, there will be something to cater for everyone's gaming needs.

Although the GameCube doesn't have a DVD player or a hard drive, the fact of the matter is that it is all about the games. With franchises such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and more, along with developers such as Rare, GameCube will definitely be the machine to have if you're in it for the games. It's quality, not quantity. By the end of 2002, Nintendo will have reclaimed what is rightfully theirs, the throne of the video games market.
Zak, England

Much to my eternal shame, I was fourth in line for a cube in Glasgow. And already it's my favourite console ever with just one game (Luigi). It doesn't matter that it doesn't play DVDs or any of that nonsense, in terms of game-playing it's simply a perfect evolutionary climax along the lines of the Great White Shark and Siberian Tiger.
Ross McGlashan, Scotland

I've got a Japanese GameCube, and I'll be off buying the UK one shortly. I am stunned by the innovation shown in terms of the hardware, the software, the GBA link facility, and the pricing.

Compare and contrast: £230 for the Xbox and the very lacklustre Bloodwake and £150 for the GC and the magnificent Super Monkey ball. Where else can you get such quality, innovation, fun and value for money?
John, Reading

My advice to everyone even slightly interested in gaming is BUY A GAMECUBE! It looks cool, plays brilliantly and is very fun.
Jamie, England

Well bought the last one in the store along with the Star Wars game and ISS 2, a football game. Is it any good? Well put it this way, I was up until 4am pretending I was Luke Skywalker, and very nearly slept through the FA Cup final! Having played PS 2 and been utterly put off Xbox by its gargantuan size, this is definitely the best of the three!
Adam, UK

Having had one on import since it was released in the US I can say that this is one hell of a games console

Rik Sidebottom, UK
I was at the midnight launch at HMV London this morning (just behind the Sarah) and I got Luigi's mansion and Rogue Leader. Both games impressed straight away - with Rogue Leader edging it with the kind of graphics you show to impress your mates.

Remembering that this is only the first wave of titles, the GameCube is only going to get better, with titles like Mario Sunshine, Zelda, Metroid Prime and the simply stunning Resident Evil all exclusive for the console - the future looks bright for Nintendo's little box.

Excuse me, I have some games to play...
David Howlett, London

Although Nintendo will invariably experience a lag phase in sales, the games for the fourth quarter should be something to behold, regardless of your age it is going to be a big year for Nintendo.
Anthony Watts, England

We have a GameCube at our offices for our clients to use, it rocks, and our clients love it.
Fresh Egg, UK

Having had one on import since it was released in the US I can say that this is one hell of a games console. And that's what it is. Not a DVD player or anything else! It's for pure gamers. THPS3 is just a great game!
Rik Sidebottom, UK

It has some good games on launch and more on the horizon. It's also a lot more aesthetically pleasing and cheaper than the Xbox and the pad is a lot nicer to use

Chris Seto, UK
I own an Xbox and the reason? Because the launch games inspired me more on the Xbox than with the GameCube. I will definitely buy a GameCube but not at the moment. It's so cute! Nintendo have taken a different approach and created a "just for games" system which could just work.
Ed, UK

Amazing. Nothing short of that. The box is perfectly made, and the games are so small, they take less time to load. Yet, they hold enough data to make you appreciate the graphics and gameplay. Not only will Nintendo take the game market to a new level, they will set new standards with this fantastic machine. Has been well worthwhile queuing up till midnight for this.
Parvez Hakim, London, UK

I think the GameCube has a lot going for it. Nintendo have always developed some of the most enjoyable games for its consoles and knows the business. I think it'll come in second in the "console wars."

It has some good games on launch and more on the horizon. It's also a lot more aesthetically pleasing and cheaper than the Xbox and the pad is a lot nicer to use. I know I'm going to get a GameCube over an Xbox!
Chris Seto, UK

GameCube will finally prove to everyone that Nintendo are the world's best and forever greatest games company. Sony and Microsoft are just bit-players in this on-going saga - they are disposable.
Jon Adams, UK

GameCube games all seem to be ports, remakes or for the younger audience

Dani, England
I for one will be getting a GameCube mainly for two of the launch titles. Super Monkey Ball looks absolutely fabulous and will be great fun to play with the lads on a drunken night in. Then there's the Star Wars game. I've seen it demonstrated in the shops and it looks great, it's every Star Wars fan's dream to do the trench run, now we get to do it!! Fantastic. The obligatory football games are there too, my choice will be the attractive gameplay of ISS2 over the "run down the wings and score" style of Fifa games. All in all, with the launch titles and the price of the cube, it's already on to a winner!!
Darren, England (UK)

Excellent. Better than the Xbox.
Kash, UK

GameCube games all seem to be ports, remakes or for the younger audience. Recent polls have suggested that the average age of gamers is between 25 and 32. This means that for the largest portion of the gaming community there is no real reason to buy a GameCube. The PlayStation 2's technology is outdated, and was so even before it was released in the UK.

The only real innovation was Microsoft's Xbox, however the PSX's fan base was so large that Microsoft were always going to have a tough fight. The Xbox has great games and is a great console. It is just a shame that most gamers are too stubborn to put down their Sony products for fear of not looking "cool".
Dani, England

Just got my cube and wow! I've always said Nintendo make the most original games that are always great to play. Long Live Sonic!
Keith Scott, Northern Ireland

Ultimately though I think that the GameCube will win out with those exclusive Nintendo titles

James, UK
I'm loving it, loving it, loving it. I got home at 1am this morning and plugged it in straight away for a few hours of fun.

As an overweight middle-aged man I find playing Tony Hawks Skateboarding a really great experience.

Of course, being an overweight middle-aged man also makes playing Star Wars Rogue Leader a dream come true when I finally get to destroy the death star.

Long live the rebel alliance.
James Hayward, UK

Amazing! The graphics which are made by ATI have really brought out the power in the GC. With 20 release games and about 50 by the end of the year Nintendo have made and effort. I feel that the GC is the best around, the PS2 has respectable games but poor specs and the XBox is a glorified PC that looks like it came out of the 80s. Nintendo are truly the best. Remember - No Nintendo, no PlayStation.
Ben Anthony, UK

The GameCube is one of the best consoles on the market. With games that already blow peoples' minds away and yet the best is still to come. Nintendo will bring out the most memorable sequels such as Zelda and Perfect Dark.
Genius, UK

The GameCube sure looks cute, but after the fall in the price of the Xbox just before my birthday, I'm afraid I could not wait for the GC. Sure the games look good (If you're into cutesy graphics and gameplay). But for the serious more mature gamer once you've played Halo on the Xbox. There's no need for any other machine. Though I do secretly hope my brother gets a GC, mind you he said he'd get the games 'cos the discs are cute (oh brother).
Tony B, N.Ireland

I am not disappointed! Rogue Leader is just fantastic, I'm currently unlocking as many hidden ships as possible... Anyway back to the fun before I have to go back to work on Monday!

I live in a student house with eight other lads. Between us we have every console under the sun. I can safely say that Sony better get their Playstation 3 out soon 'cos their console is looking outdated, outmoded and simply old fashioned. The Xbox is a great console and I personally would be happy to have one along side the GameCube. Ultimately though I think that the GameCube will win out with those exclusive Nintendo titles. Just wait until those PS2 games start popping up on the Cube. And what a deal it is at £130.
James, UK

GameCube simply doesn't have the killer app titles to compete with Playstation 2 or the power to compete with XBOX. Its perception as a childrens toy is well founded. It will be a home to some exceptional titles over its time like the N64 before it but just like the N64 it will be an "also ran" horse in the console war race.
David Williams, UK

I¿ve had a Cube since it was launched in the US, and the games knock spots off other formats, the controller is excellently ergonomically designed, watch out for Bloody Roar, a solid beat 'em up with awesome graphics, beautiful, gauntlet dark legacy's brill, but its early days yet! Goodbye Microshaft X-Box!
Ibbs Hussain, England

I went to the Nintendo Cube Club event in April for a taster of the GameCube, I own an X-Box and GameBoy Advance. I was disappointed that so many of the games on offer were games that were already available for other systems. It hardly shows the GameCube¿s uniqueness. Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin looked good titles, but I'm wondering at what age group that they're aimed for. At 21, I'm more likely to go for a game like Halo or Deus Ex. Anyway, it's good that the console race isn't just two systems. Hopefully all the consoles available will make developers create new and much more interesting games.
Alasdair Duncan, Scotland

It's a shame that the success of a product depends so much on how 'cool' it is, for in my opinion the Xbox wipes the floor with all these machines

Richard Joseph, UK
Got my console today (just, last one in the shop!) and I've been playing it virtually all day. I got Super Monkey Ball, which is superb and very addictive. Rogue Leader, every Star Wars fanboys dream come true this: Destroy the Death Star, battle Tie-Fighters, trip up AT-ATs, and that's just in the first 3 levels! And ISS2, which continues to be a superb footballing experience on a new generation of Nintendo hardware. I can honestly say that I was tempted mid-week to buy an X-Box. Needless to say any such thought has since been firmly banished from my mind forever, as I already have more games for my 'Cube than I would purchase at the moment from the complete range of available X-Box titles. Also, less than £130 for a new console, as opposed to £200 for either of the other two? No thanks, I'd rather have my 'Cube with 3 games for the price of a PS2 or an X-Box with 1 game. And it's a superior console to boot.
Dave James, UK

GameCube will wipe the PS2 because of GameCube's 400Mhz or more and PS2 has only got 200Mhz or more. GameCube will be beaten by the X Box by miles with its 700Mhz Or more.
Buckey, UK

Like Microsoft, Nintendo will have to come up with some sort of ingenious idea to pull people away from their PS2s

Humza Ibrahim, UK
I got a GC today and I am sooooo impressed!! The X-Box is too expensive & I know no one who has one(you can buy a GC a PS2 and a game for the price of the X-box alone!!), the PS2 is starting to show its age though it will still out sell both the GC and X-box.
Dillon Scott, Eire

Now I realise what attracted me to games in the first place - NINTENDO
Wayne Spencee, UK

It's a shame that the success of a product depends so much on how 'cool' it is, for in my opinion the Xbox wipes the floor with all these machines. Apart from a small handful of games GameCube on the whole is aimed at much younger players anyway, leaving the PS2 to slug it out with Xbox in the 'big boys' arena. Early adopters of the latest generation of consoles will have gone with the PS2, which is understandable, but the discerning gamer will have bought Xbox. And of course the hard-core gamer will have all of the machines, including GameCube!
Richard Joseph, UK

The GameCube is fantastic. Star Wars R.L. 2 has speed and graphics to rival any Xbox title and games like Super Monkey Ball and Wave Race Blue Storm have gameplay only Nintendo can produce. So it's not all about the hardware, the software is the key!
G.Williams, Co. Durham, UK

GameCube rules. I now have both PS2 and GameCube. PS2 will win this console war purely on the fact that it is deemed "cool" while GameCube will run second even though it is the best machine of the three.
Chi hao Tsang, England

I have to say the GC is way much better than the Xbox, it's small, powerful and it's got a great line up of games (Rogue Leader kicks ass).

Like Microsoft, Nintendo will have to come up with some sort of ingenious idea to pull people away from their PS2s.

The Xbox is just a souped up version of a PS2 with a different name, they both have similar games apart from Halo and other Microsoft franchises.

Overall, in the next two years or so I predict Nintendo will be named King of Gaming consoles.
Humza Ibrahim, UK

Nintendo are the kings. Super Monkey Ball is stunning

Graeme Crowley, UK
I am really impressed with the GameCube - it has launched at a price which is very affordable. It can produce some of the most amazing graphics ever. The Xbox has failed to be a success in Europe and it has specs which it can never perform to, looks ugly and a controller which is a deformed copy of the Dreamcast one.

I admit that Halo is a cracking game - but the GameCube at a cheaper price, easily matches or surpasses the Xbox in terms of graphics/sound, has a great launch line up and the best controller ever made. The PS2 is getting old now and although it has some mint games, it fails to excite.

The GameCube is a breath of fresh air with some really original titles. Future. Pikmin, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Eternal Darkness, Super Mario Sunshine, Starfox Adventures, Perfect Dark 2, Metroid, Kameo, the whole Resident Evil series plus new titles and a whole lot more - and these are just the games which haven't been released yet on European shores. Rogue Leader is amazing, Luigi's Mansion is very original and Super Monkey Ball is mad. Too many good games - too little time to mention. Buy a GameCube and you won't be disappointed.
Mike Thornton, United Kingdom

I think the GameCube will wipe out the PS2 but get nowhere near the Xbox.
John, UK

Nintendo are the kings. Super Monkey Ball is stunning.
Graeme Crowley, UK

Video game aficionados cannot possibly want to miss out on this little box of joy

Neil Blair, UK
For fans of the Sega version of Crazy Taxi I would recommend getting Simpson's Road Rage which has identical game play but the added fun of all the Simpsons characters! 2 player mode is great fun too.
Andy Mc, Boston, USA

Why does everyone keep thinking that this console is for kids? Only if you think that as soon as you hit adulthood all you want to do is look at Lara's chest. I'd suggest it's the other way round, this console is for the discerning grown-up.
Mike, UK

I own a PS2 and I have considered purchasing the Xbox, but I can't bring myself to part with cash when I know that the GameCube, which costs less, is the safe bet for outstanding, playable games like Mario, Zelda, and Metroid - there is simply nothing comparable on any other platform. Video game aficionados cannot possibly want to miss out on this little box of joy. I'm 28 years of age by the way...
Neil Blair, UK

The GameCube is great for younger children, with its bright colours and childish games. If you want the best gaming experience available though - buy an Xbox.
Chris Crowther, London

If people say that the GC has better quality in graphics than the PlayStation 2 or the Xbox then they haven't played Final Fantasy X for the PS2 or Halo for the Xbox

Jonathan Pluth, USA
While the PS2 and the Xbox are both big, meaty machines with fairly serious games (e.g. Halo), I think the GameCube has the upper hand. The cute, purple (or black) machine sums up what gaming is all about - fun. Also, with games like Mario Sunshine, Zelda, Rogue Squadron and Super Monkey Ball, how can it fail?
Edward J Clark, UK

The GameCube is by far the best looking console on the market. Now having played it, it's got the best games as well.
Inzi, UK

Personally, I think Nintendo should just throw in the towel on console gaming. This is their fourth console and they have finally made it to the level of Sony PlayStation one. If people say that the GC has better quality in graphics than the PlayStation 2 or the Xbox then they haven't played Final Fantasy X for the PS2 or Halo for the Xbox. And when game developers truly start designing their games to use the full processing power that the PS2 and Xbox has to offer, well, I hope Nintendo has a rag to wipe the dust off their face as they get blown away. Anyway, this is my thought on the subject. But just to let you all know, the only way to game is computers.
Jonathon Pluth, United States

Tried the Xbox, and was unimpressed - most of the games are clones of those available for other platforms. I picked up a GameCube today, and haven't looked back - stunning graphics, fast and oh-so-addictively fun gameplay, and all in a cute little box to boot.

Well done, Nintendo - you've even put Sony to shame!
Jack, UK

In my eyes, Nintendo will always rule the console market. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be enjoying the amount and quality of games on all platforms. Xbox's specs eat the rest up but it is quality in gaming that I'm after, not graphics and anyway, you'll be using them all as a doorstop in three years time. Especially the Xbox!!!

The graphics are poor and the gameplay is lacking

James Peck, UK
The GameCube is a cool little machine, a good alternative to the Xbox and PS 2. Plus it's got the Resident Evil franchise which should help Nintendo shift a few more cubes.
Ashley, England

Great games, but it can't play DVDs. Huge mistake there Nintendo. Sorry guys, you will be missing out to the PS2 and Xbox on that one!
Paul, UK

Having got my cube this morning, I must echo the comments of most of the folk here, it's amazing. As for it only having "cute" games, then take a look at what games are heading to the cube. I'd hardly call many of the tiles cute. And as for many of the games being ports.. of course that never happens on any other console now does it? Nintendo have produced a winner.
Joanne Connors, UK

The GameCube is rubbish! I can't believe I queued this long to pay £129 for this. The graphics are poor and the gameplay is lacking.
James Peck, UK

While many gamers seem to fall into one of three camps, I personally think there's room for both Xbox and GameCube. With the PS2 already well established, however, both may have a little trouble finding a footing. Technically, both are better than the PS2. The Xbox gains ground on the GC due to the hard-drive, broadband modem and full DVD support. The GameCube, on the other hand, can link with the GBA which could prove interesting.

And while the Xbox/PS2 tend to cater towards the older or "cooler" gamer, the Cube looks to be shaping up to deliver a series of small but perfectly formed fun-fests for the whole family.

I've got a PS2 and an Xbox at the moment. Certainly a GC will fly my way soon - but not quite yet. The initial line up, bar Super Monkey Ball, holds nothing "must buy"... Give it a few weeks, though.....
Dagada Dagada, UK

The launch selection is the most impressive I have seen to date

Kevin Prince, UK
Too little. Too late. Disappointing to see a company who wield the banner of games forth and foremost should present the least technically innovative to gamers. Where's the broadband gaming future? Ironic that a stuffy, PC-orientated company like Microsoft should lead the way with Xbox.
Cockles, England

The GameCube is good for what it is aimed at...I have PS2 and Xbox for big, more serious games, but the GameCube is just right for that after pub gameplay with friends... and it's small enough to fit into the limited space under my TV.
Papa, England

We bought the GameCube for our children at Christmas and it has been a great success. I love playing Pikmin, a good mix of action and strategy. The kids like Smash Bros Melee.

I have one, am very excited. I only have bought Super Monkey Ball so far as this game is fantastic! The GC really offers something different, unlike the Xbox that just does the usual Microsoft trick of copying everyone else.
Jasper, UK

The launch selection is the most impressive I have seen to date. I believe with lowest price and most powerful hardware, the GameCube will secure its place as a market leader.
Kevin Prince - Next Gen Games, UK

I've got my GameCube (though not played it yet as I'm at work). I do own a PS2 and a PC (so I don't need an Xbox) but I can see this becoming my main games machine. Nintendo do only games and they do it well. They're not doing it for control of the living room like Sony and Microsoft. They will concentrate on the quality of their games, while MS and Sony will concentrate on extending their games consoles into the rest of your home. I sincerely hope that the quality and innovation that Nintendo deliver will ensure a long and fun future for Nintendo.
Simon Frost, UK

Unfortunately I have no faith in Nintendo following the N64, where games like Mission Impossible which were meant to be launch titles didn't come out until nearly a year after the console

Adam Green, England
I think the Cube will succeed as an "impulse" buy - it is less than three average games after all. I will buy one to complement my Xbox, but Xbox is the one that I am most excited about in 20 years (!) of gaming.
Ross, UK

Whether or not you buy this machine is completely dependent on what you're looking for. If you just want games, get this. Unfortunately I have no faith in Nintendo following the N64, where games like Mission Impossible which were meant to be launch titles didn't come out until nearly a year after the console. They simply don't have the wide developer support that Sony has, Rare being one of the few. Plus the fact that the games and machine, as Nintendo have admitted themselves, are generally aimed at the younger market.

You look for fun games, definitely, but you can get these on a PS2 as well as the darker, more cerebral games like Soul Reaver 2, Silent Hill 2, et al.

More powerful as regards the hardware, but not the most appealing of the batch I'm afraid. And hey, give it a few months and chances are most of the games will have been ported to PS2 anyway.
Adam Green, England

Just picked up my GameCube. I haven't managed to take it home yet as I am still at work. (I got at lunch!!!) Three excellent games - Sonic, Luigi's mansion and ISS2 ....I can't wait.
Chico Mendez, UK

Whilst Super Monkey Ball is an excellent game, it is far from being in the league of Halo

Ian Harvey, UK
GameCube's launch titles may be good, but it's the next six months that will show whether it has the legs. Playstation beat N64 by the sheer number of games churned out for it. PS2 will kill Xbox and GameCube if they don't adopt the same approach.
Laurence, UK

The wait is finally over. I love this console - the games don't rely on their amazing graphics and sound, the playability is un-rivalled. Unlike its competition, Nintendo have launched this console with a huge array of great games right from the start. The only question when deciding on which console to buy should be "What colour GameCube should I buy?"
Richard Allen, UK

I've had a Japanese Cube for a few months, and it is by far the best console since the underrated Dreamcast.

Forget the power and DVD arguments - the games are the most important, and Pikmin, Super Monkey Ball, Super Smash Brothers and Rogue Leader are pure entertainment. What more could you want from a games console?
Dan, Wales

I picked up a GameCube today, with four games. I played them all and loved every second of it...I urge you to buy one.
Kip, UK

Nintendo certainly have the pedigree and financial clout to make GameCube a success, and with a £130 price point from launch it is a very attractive option. What concerns me however is the speed to market of their software, and the quality of it. The N64 was a good machine but suffered from a dire lack of "adult" themed games and was notorious for triple A titles being delayed. With the exception of Zelda and most of the Rare titles it was a disappointing range of games. If Nintendo can rectify this (and the signs are good with Rogue Squadron and Resident Evil) then they will be on to a winner.
Nathan Griffiths, United Kingdom

The games are incredibly beautiful, the controls are responsive and fluid and the humour is as present as it ever was

Ash, UK
Fantastic console and games. Size of console makes a great change from that elephant of an Xbox. Long live Nintendo.
Adam, UK

Whilst Super Monkey Ball is an excellent game, it is far from being in the league of Halo. Having owned an import GameCube for months, I now play it very rarely and it is sitting gathering dust like my PS2. Halo, Jet Set Radio Future and Project Gotham Racing put the GameCube to shame. I expect better games to arrive in the next six months!
Ian Harvey, UK

It may be small but it will frighten the life out of Xbox, except Halo which is the best game ever.
Joe S, England

Awesome, absolutely awesome. As simple as that.
Mark, UK

The cube's great. I'm hoping I can run my Xbox games on to it real soon, as it's so much cheaper.
Ciaran Mullan, Ulster

I think it's brilliant and can't wait for more games.
Daniel, UK

My mate bought one on Friday, with SMB, Rogue Leader, Luigi's and Waverace, and I was stunned. I have always been a keen Nintendo fan (having owned every console so far) and I was interested to see what route they would take into the next gen of gaming, and they have blazed their own path as usual.

The games are incredibly beautiful, the controls are responsive and fluid and the humour is as present as it ever was. Since the demise of the N64 I have converted to PS2, but I think the two are going to lead the way, with Xbox trailing behind. PS2 seems a bit more adult and serious, whilst GameCube is definitely geared towards the multiplayer post-pub crowd. Get one of each and make your life complete!
Ash, UK

I think it's stupid when people say that the GameCube is a kiddies console. Is Resident Evil a kiddies game?

Jake Kearsley, UK
I'm a 30-year-old gamer and I must say that I own all three systems and Nintendo by far outdoes the other two. With the games they have now and the ones on the way, Nintendo is gonna leave the rest wondering what happened. Because it is fantastic. About it being a kiddie system, just look at the release calendar. I am going to trade my PS2 and Xbox in to pre-order as many Nintendo games as I can. It's just that good. Nintendo rocks. By the way, wait till you lads see Resident Evil. It's the best looking and scariest game I've ever played. Be sure to check that one out. And please enjoy the sweetest system of them all. Nintendo rules all.
Mark, USA

I think it's stupid when people say that the GameCube is a kiddies console. Is Resident Evil a kiddies game?
Jake Kearsley, UK

The Xbox is undeniably American - ugly, big, powerful and noisy just like their cars, however, it only has one distinctive game, Halo, that was destined to be a hit on any platform.

Whereas we look at the GameCube, it is undeniably Japanese, sleek, small, affordable and fun - also like their cars.

This is not a battle of consoles, this is a battle between the East and West!!
Alex, UK

I have a PC, I always will have a PC and my PC will always be better than any console. That said, there is only one reason why I'd buy a console; multiplayer!! I cant think of a better way to spend an evening in with three friends but to play Super Monkey Ball or Super Smash Bros.

Also the fact that I can get any decent Xbox game for my PC (Halo) makes me wonder why I'd want to shell out £200 for what is essentially a one game platform
Max, UK

How can the Xbox and Ps2 compete? GameCube is almost half the price, half the size but four times as powerful as the PS2

Glenn White, Uzbeckistan
This cube kicks serious butt. Rogue Leader is amazing, as is the short but very sweet Luigi's Mansion. Done Nintendo, let's keep these magnificent games coming.
Jac, Scotland

I got a GameCube with Luigi's Mansion, Super Monkey Ball, and Star Wars. The console itself is excellent - I love the size and the look. The control pad feels good in the hand and the games I have at the moment are all very good. I'd highly recommend the GameCube, oh and I'm 22.
Ben, UK

People talk about the "power" of the GC compared to the X-box, the fact is that as those who understand the technical specifications of the machines will know, the GC is more than a mach for the X-box. Why? Because for one, it utilises Apple's "Power PC" technology in its "Gekko" CPU, whereas the X-box uses a standard Intel chip. Bottom line, the raw power/clock speed of the GC at 485MHz is fairly much on a par with the 733MHz of the X-box.

As for games (the most important factor), I would hardly call the complete Resident Evil series a child's game. If you look at recent screenshot comparisons you will also see how vastly superior the graphics are to Sony originals.
Andy, UK

Bought one under extreme duress from my housemate who has always rated Nintendo above all others - looked forward to mocking the smug little fella for being sucked in by the prospect of cutesy games wherein you fire your bubble gun at smiling hamsters.

However - I have just blown up the deathstar and bent it like Beckham in under 30 minutes and have to admit he was right - Super Monkey Ball is a bit poor though.
Neil Stephens, UK

How can the Xbox and Ps2 compete? GameCube is almost half the price, half the size but four times as powerful as the PS2. Also, some incredible games are lined up for the next few years and third party developers are already queuing for licenses to develop for Nintendo.
Glenn White, Uzbeckistan

Friday May 3rd. A day I had been waiting for months. Ever since the launch date was announced I counted the days waiting to get my hands on Nintendo's cube of quality. I bought Luigi's Mansion, Fifa World Cup and Tony Hawk's 3 and have been playing ever since. The graphics are unbelievable and the gameplay is even better. My advice to anyone who wants a console that plays good quality games is: BUY A GAMECUBE!
Darren, England

GC already wipes the floor with the competition in terms of sheer fun. Super Monkey Ball is the most enjoyable game I've ever played and Rogue Leader the most impressive. But Nintendo will only defeat Xbox if they can convince enough adolescents that there's more to gaming than guns, gore and fast cars. I'd love to see Microsoft crash and burn, but it will take the right sort of marketing.

Incidentally, in response to a couple of earlier posts, the Cube does have broadband capability.
Charles, UK

The GameCube is superb, a next generation console for £130, what really annoys me is people that say the GameCube is not as powerful as the Xbox and see that as the be all and end all. Okay it isn't as powerful as the Xbox but what you need to understand is that all the machines including the PS2 (look at Jak and Daxter, Devil May Cry, GTA3, MGS2,THPS3) are capable of hi-end graphics, it's mainly how you work with the hardware to get the game running smoothly. The GameCube has soooo much potential, just look at what Rare did with Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo.

For me the Xbox has always been out of the picture, I think it is losing the fun aspect of gaming and all the titles seem to be way too serious, and you can't get away form the fact the machine is big and ugly. (Halo is great though!)

I do believe that the GameCube is the best choice in the long run and cannot wait for new games such as Sega Soccer Slam, Zelda, Mario Golf and that Starfox one. The PS2 is still great!
Ross Wallingford, Sussex, UK

For me, the Xbox launch software was better. I think I'll use my GameCube money to buy some more Xbox games. Maybe get one in four or five months time when there's more software.
Arran, UK

How disappointing, after reading all the comments here I expected so much more. Star Wars is good but just not finished off professionally. Luigi's mansion is for children. Oh well, back to the PS2 and Metal Gear Solid 2!! I think if you are over 16 or something it's not worth it. It's a toy aimed at children, my daughter loves it!
Kevin, England

With a huge amount of games on day one and with games to come like the new Zelda and Mario Sunshine, GameCube will rock. I already own a cube and the graphics rule, the sound is amazing and it is so great I can't put it down. With more and more games being announced it will easily thrash the Xbox and the PS2 in the computer games wars.
Andy Holkham, England

I got a GameCube for my kids (to get them off my PS2), but I find myself sending them to bed early so I can get my hands on it. It's an elegant design, and Super Monkey Ball is great fun. For a £129, it rocks!
Janus, UK

The GameCube is just plain amazing. It's got the most games on release than any other console, its' easy to carry (unlike the Xbox which gives you a hernia just trying to lift it), it's got four times as much power as the PS2 and it doesn't actually look ugly. So BUY A GAMECUBE, don't waste your time buying these overrated consoles, mentioning no names (PS2, Xbox!). Think clearly and buy a GameCube!
Robert Boyce, England

I have been very pleased with my GameCube. The graphics this system can produce are stunning and easily comparable to the PS2 and not far behind the Xbox. The controller is very comfortable to hold and all the buttons are within easy reach. The most important thing though is the games and both games I've bought (Star Wars and Super Monkey Ball) are excellent fun and have a lot to come back to. I have always bought Nintendo consoles and the GameCube certainly doesn't disappoint.
Alex McIver, Scotland

I have a Cube and an Xbox but the cube seems like a toy. The box has an air of power in comparison to the weedy cube.
John Woodhouse, England




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