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Tuesday, 30 April, 2002, 11:37 GMT 12:37 UK
Rise: Your views
Rise presenters
The show replaces The Big Breakfast
Channel 4's new breakfast show, Rise, replaces The Big Breakfast which was dropped last month due to poor ratings after a 10-year stint.

Presenters include Sky Sports rugby presenter Mark Durden-Smith, his Sky colleague Kirsty Gallacher, MTV host Edith Bowman and former Newsround frontman Chris Rogers.

"It featured a mix of hard and soft news stories and topical items, without the stunts that characterised its predecessor", wrote BBC News Online's Ian Youngs.

Executive producer Sebastian Scott said: "This show is for people who want to know about Bin Laden, Beckham and Britney Spears."

But what do you think?

Is this a unique format for a UK breakfast show? Will it work?

Have your say

I watched as much as I could bear this morning which was about 5's garbage!!
Graham Cawte, UK

Very weak. It had no edge and nothing to make me watch it other than for curiosity.
Mark, UK

Great look for the show, but there were a few teething problems which made the presenting look patchy and "irreverent". Hopefully, this will develop into a much classier version of the BB, and entertain as well as educate. Annoyingly, the same information is regurgitated every half an hour, meaning you wouldn't want to watch all morning but the potential is definitely there for a happy medium between BBC1 and GMTV. I'll keep watching. Anything is better than Eamonn Holmes!
Matt, Coventry, UK

In all, not a bad replacement - but they need to address some of the over-cheesy elements

Ian Lloyd, UK
"Your six-pack of news." Come on, what are they on? Have they been watching Chris Morris? This is surely a line straight out of The Day Today.

And as for everyone checking their PDAs for incoming e-mail - my God, what a bunch of nerds that makes them look.

In all, not a bad replacement - but they need to address some of these over-cheesy elements.
Ian Lloyd, UK

Nothing really new, but always nice to see Kirsty Gallagher. If they want an informal approach, why stick the presenters behind a high desk?
Tom, England

OK - the constant reference to "six pack of news" became very tiresome, very quickly, but I liked the rolling news items on the ticker at the bottom of the screen, as well as the relaxed style of presentation.
Gary Plummer, UK

I was extremely disappointed with Rise. It was boring, the camera work was very dodgy, the presenters were dull and it just didn't keep me awake. The Big Breakfast used to wake me up in the mornings. Even GMTV seems watchable now!
Jamie, UK

If I wanted constant news first thing in the morning I'd switch to BBC One

Amanda, UK
The new show is different and I liked the way they moved into commercial breaks without boring theme music. The problem is that the presenters are a bit too pleased with themselves. I'll be sticking with Jeremy Bowen!
Helen, England

A show for readers of Loaded and FHM. So "new lad", complete dross.
Nick, UK

Anything with Kirsty Gallagher on is a good thing!!!
Tony, England

Rise lacks the warmth, humour and spontaneity that made the Big Breakfast so watchable. The presenters are cheesy (especially Mark Durden-Smith who would be much more at home on GMTV), the graphics running along the bottom of the screen are distracting, and the set is cold and sterile. If I wanted constant news first thing in the morning I'd switch to BBC One.

The Big Breakfast offered an alternative to standard morning TV but Rise only gives us more of the same. Congratulations Channel 4, you've just lost another early morning viewer. I'll stick with the radio from now on.
Amanda, UK

Stilted, embarrassed and perhaps over-rehearsed

Tommy Q, UK
Rise was in many ways appalling but had some promising features like the lip reading of celebrities. Overall it was far too repetitive, and was unwatchable beyond 15 mins.
Paul, UK

Hmm, it's going to take a little while to get used to this. The mixture of news with lighter stuff was quite refreshing and there were a couple of nice touches - one of the guys bringing coffee for the team, for example. I only watched for half an hour (does that make me an "average" viewer?) but even then I caught some of the repetition, which was annoying. Overall, though, given this was the first day, I feel it has potential - leave the team to iron out the more jarring moments and increase the level of chemistry that's obviously there, and I think we'll be rising together for a long time.
Paul, England

It was sooooooo dull, I switched off after a few minutes. There are so many news channels on Sky that I could watch instead. I'll miss the cheerfulness of the Big Breakfast.
Emma, UK

Stilted, embarrassed and perhaps over-rehearsed. The Fun of the Big Breakfast is absent - and thousands (like me) will be forced into becoming pre-mature TOGs courtesy of Wogan on Radio 2.
Tommy Q, Yorkshire, UK

I think that the new format will work. It sounds as though it is refreshingly different

Pritesh, Jadav
Wooden presenters, bad content presentation and extremely dull. However, it does live up to its title; it is an incentive to rise... and leave for work early to you don't have to watch the drivel.
Nick, UK

Why not just change the name from Rise to Channel 5 News?
Yan, England

I liked it - as the producer said, it's a show for those who watched BB but have grown out of it. Having said that, it's a shame Futurama has been taken off its early morning slot.
Anthony, London, UK

I think that the new format will work. It sounds as though it is refreshingly different. I do however feel that it could have done with some sort of launch campaign. I did not know about it until I read about it on the BBC News website. Good luck to them all.
Pritesh Jadav, UK

Put Futurama back on!!!!

Matthew, UK
Dave Wright, UK

Watched for 10 minutes which was all I could take - amateur and looked awful.
Kim Clark, UK

Is Rise a parody of Brass Eye? When the Seven Dead came up on the red screen it was beyond fun and quirky and moved to sick.
Ben Haynes, England

Embarrassing, cheesy and incompetent - they obviously have not learnt from the mistakes which the Big Breakfast made!!
Simon, UK

Put Futurama back on!!!! That was a suitable replacement for The Big Breakfast.
Matthew, UK

Why call it Rise? It only made me want to go back to bed

Eric, UK
I didn't see much of it, what I did see seemed okay - not sure about the background!
Victoria, England

The BBC still rules the roost with the Breakfast Show, especially with Sophie Rayworth; phwoar!
David Bell, UK

I only caught a brief glimpse of the show but it soon became clear they have picked presenters who can best represent all the different accents within the British Isles. When setting up shows of this nature, are they under some contractual obligation to have one Irish accent, one Scottish etc.
Rob, England

The trailers were more engrossing that the programme itself - I give it two months to live.
Karl, UK

Why call it Rise? It only made me want to go back to bed.
Eric, England

I hope I never hear the phrase "6-pack of news" again

Ben Gray, Scotland
Channel 4 got rid of a winning formula for this pile of tripe! Since the demise of the fabulous Big Breakfast, I've been tuning into the BBC's Breakfast News. I don't think Rise will entice me away.
Roger, England

Appallingly clumsy and tediously repetitive presentation, with superficial analysis of news events. All of the hosts seemed to be trying to be "the next big thing", and spent all their time trying to outdo each other. One self-important attention-seeking presenter announced that he needed to "go for a pee" at one point, and ran across the camera while another presenter was stumbling through her item. So much for trying to be different from The Big Breakfast...
Michael Reeve, UK

Whereas GMTV is aimed at the 30-somethings, this is the same format aimed at the 20-somethings. I hope it works, although this morning's episode seemed a little bland. And I hope I never hear the phrase "6-pack of news" again.
Ben Gray, Scotland

All a bit embarrassing, could have done without the "six pack of news". Incidently, does anyone know what the music was for the trailers to Rise?
Jane, UK

We need an entertaining, warm and vibrant programme to grab your attention, not this dross!!

Stuart, UK
Come back Richard Bacon, all is forgiven. Buttock-clenchingly bad.
Peter Ould, UK

Most turkeys can expect to make it through to December - this one should be put out of its misery immediately. Flowed about as well as setting concrete but was less interesting to watch. Dull! Dull! Dull! Dull! Dull!
Roy, UK

As with nearly everyone here, who wants to wake up with a programme that is yet another news desk with cardboard cutout news readers? And I'm sorry but putting in an attractive news reader isn't enough to make me watch this for longer than it takes to switch over after the night before. Complete rubbish
Simon, England

Bring back the Big Breakfast... or at least Futurama!
Skoo, UK

It appears that Channel 4 have pilfered more from Sky than just their presenters. The rolling news and clever graphics are one thing. The wooden presenters, cheap gimmicks and endless repeats are another. Whilst Kirsty Gallacher is well suited to such a job, her co-hosts, especially the men, are awful. Both looked and sounded like poor parodies of presenters, and Simon has obviously worked out one expression which suits the cameras, and he is not going to change it for anyone!
Tom, UK

If the comments I've read are anything to go by I give the programme two months, less to see several presenters sacked. Being the first show I thought it's never going to be perfect. Most of the presenters appear to be dull and talentless. The camera work was shoddy and finding people making coffee more entertaining. I managed 15 minutes before I got bored. Might tune in again in a few weeks to see if it's improved but overall I think it is a poor idea!!! We need an entertaining, warm and vibrant programme to grab your attention, not this dross!! Even I can come up with something better.
Stuart, UK

I ended up watching the Mr Men on 5 as Rise was no better than GMTV

Ellen, UK
I'm very disappointed - absolutely nothing new, just lots of contrived spontaneity and pretty faces. One-dimensional yoof TV at its worst.
Steve, UK

Channels have to realise that they cannot go on competing or comapring with the past. If Rise had been correctly branded and marketed then the audience expectations would be set and probably have been met.
Ranjit Lad, UK

Was disgusted at the immature way that the forthcoming May Day protests were looked at. I am thankful that at least the BBC treats these matters with the necessary gravity.
Alasdair, UK

Absolute rubbish!! Five minutes was more than enough, come back Big Breakfast!!
Donna, UK

Bring back Angela Anaconda. Much funnier and easier to watch. I ended up watching the Mr Men on 5 as Rise was no better than GMTV.
Ellen, UK

Kirsty Gallagher seemed to be the only professional and decent thing about the show

David Ogilvie
Things can only get better... PLEASE bring back Futurama!
Phil Vinniv, England

Well, C4 have managed to make a lukewarm copy of the excellent Liquid News. The set is practically indentical, shame the presenters aren't as good!
Leigh, UK

Three minutes. Yeah, three minutes was all it took for me to turn it over. I turned it back and watched it again for an hour and came to the conclusion, why get rid of The Big Breakfast? BBC and ITV breakfast shows have interesting items between the news, this just seemed to be Groundhog day within the space of two hours.

Kirsty Gallagher seemed to be the only professional and decent thing about the show. The rest came across as boring and unappealing. Any humour in the show was quickly killed by the presenters unaware when a joke was over. Also, when Kirsty was doing the sport there just seemed to be this irritating mumbling in the background, offputting to say the least. No show is perfect from the start, so hopefully things will improve. All in all it seems CH4 has taken The Big Breakfast from us and left us with two slices of toast, not a great start to the day.
David Ogilvie, Scotland

This confirms that UK TV channels are determined to keep "dumbing down" the news

Simon, UK
Futurama used to keep me late for work. My manager is very happy that Channel 4 has put this rubbish on to get us out of the house in the morning.
Neil, UK

I thought it seemed like a cross between the new Richard and Judy show and Newsround!
Karen, UK

This confirms that UK TV channels are determined to keep "dumbing down" the news.
Simon Walker, UK

It's not bad - though I think it's the presence of Kirsty Gallacher that makes it bearable. I probably wouldn't watch it otherwise. BBC News24 has better news coverage, and I find the scrolly banner at the bottom of the screen distracting.
Matt Moran, UK

This should last about a week. P45s for all concerned!

Milo O'Connor
All I can say is please please please bring back the Big Breakfast
Janice Mead, UK

Wogan will be rubbing his hands with glee at the sight of this trash.
Jeff, Liverpool

Why are they catering for semi-literate viewers? The running caption at the bottom of the screen moves so slowly I was constantly waiting for the next word to appear! So frustrating - I won't be watching again.
Cathy, UK

Total Tripe! Channel 4 should go away and watch tapes of the early BB with Chris and Gabby and remember what makes a good morning show. That was the best. This should last about a week. P45s for all concerned!
Milo O'Connor, London

They manage to be humorous without the dumbing down and Sophie is more than a match for Kirsty Gallacher

Paul, England
I could only bear about five minutes. The Big Breakfast was the only lively good thing on TV in the mornings (although I admit it lost its edge after Johnny Vaughan went).

It was that bad I found myself watching re-runs of Eastenders on UK Gold as even that was better than that poor viewing on C4.
Shauneen, UK

No clear direction on where it is going. Summed up by having to ask showbiz hacks for feedback whilst on air.
Russell, UK

Seemed like real amateur hour stuff. Nowhere near as entertaining as BB or Breakfast News for that matter. I'll be sticking with the best breakfast pairing there is, Jeremy and Sophie. They manage to be humorous without the dumbing down and Sophie is more than a match for Kirsty Gallacher.
Paul, England

After watching this programme for five minutes, I rose out of the chair and went to work early - almost unheard of on a Monday!!!
Jase, UK

Nothing new or interesting, the presenters were rubbish and the constant update at the bottom of the screen was very annoying

Lucy, UK
We've had Chill Out mixes - is this Chill Out TV? If so, stick it on at 4am on a Sunday
Sully, UK

I tuned in and found myself enjoying the programme, to be honest, there isn't much competition at that time in the morning.
Simon Wacton, UK

Getting unfunny people, shoving them infront of a camera, and telling them to be a bit wacky is cringy!!! I can't believe this is going to last more than a month, get it off telly now!
Tommy Peters, England

Absolute drivel! Nothing new or interesting, the presenters were rubbish and the constant update at the bottom of the screen was very annoying. Bring back Big Breakfast, all is forgiven.
Lucy, UK

GMTV is still the best!!
Steve, UK

Very, very disappointing! What are they thinking? There is no way they will attract the audience they wish to with such weak material and boring presenters.
Zana, UK

Very very poor !!!
Aj, England

The constant updates running along the bottom of the screen were addictive, I couldn't take my eyes off of them, but unlike other addictions this was just annoying! I think the show is too long - two hours, how can the mornings news be spread over such a long time period without getting repetitive - it can't! The presenting was Ok, bit cheesy, but I guess this will calm down once the "I must make a good impreesion" syndrome has worn off. It's not bad, but I've seen much better.
Rebecca, England

I thought the news content was concise but informative and presented really well

Waddsy, UK
The Rise formula seemed OK, but they did something very stupid, and that was try and embarrass the opposition, showing very selected pictures of GMTV and Breakfast. Is that a sign of a desperate newcomer..... seems to me that is so.
Chris Corbin, UK

OK, we'll have our clock up here where all the others leave them in the lower corner. We'll have our news read in front of obscure screens that no-one can see because it's different to what the "others" do. Then we'll try to look like we've been doing this for years with smug expressions and laugh at political leaders' wigs over and over. It's got to be a winner!!!
Luga, UK

Dire. Even Hang Time was better than this.
Paul, UK

Dull dull dull! Bring back the Big Brekkie!!
Mary, England

I thought the news content was concise but informative and presented really well. Good work Chris Rogers!
Waddsy, UK

I thought the news content was concise but informative and presented really well

Iain, UK
Jane - the music you heard on the trailers was Mercury Rev. It's the first track on their 1998 album, Deserter's Songs.
Freddy, UK

I thought the news content was concise but informative and presented really well. Good work Chris Rogers!
Iain, UK

I say sack whoever cancelled the wonderful Big Breakfast for this rubbish. BB was as "channel four" as Countdown, what an appalling decision all round.
Matt G, UK

I didn't even watch Rise, but after reading these comments I think I'll stick to GMTV!
Claire, London

Weak, cold, talentless drivel. The show is actually worse than the bad news they have to present. "What Rises, must come down ...eventually". Bring Back The Big Breakfast.
Indy Bhandal, England

Just the right mix of fun but without the lunacy and noisiness of the Big Breakfast

Rebecca, UK
Chris Rogers' charm and Kirsty Gallacher's other assets will make this show one to remember!
Danny, UK

I know it was only the first day, but I gave up watching at 8am.

If it's supposed to be a news show - it's not as good as the BBC. If it's an entertainment show - it doesn't really work so far.

I can't believe they pulled the BB and all they could put on was this load of tripe!
Wombat, UK

The show was great, smoother than a purring cat.
Dan, UK

Bring back the Big Breakfast.....
Ali Martin, UK

I thought it was marvellous. Just the right mix of fun but without the lunacy and noisiness of the Big Breakfast. I felt it had balance and think that all these critics really ought to at least give the presenters a chance to get into their stride... it was the first day afterall!
Rebecca, UK

Banal, amateurish and utterly third rate in every sense

Clair Ward, UK
I didn't think it was possible to dumb-down this far. Kirsty, for the sake of your career, go back to Sky. Now!
Simon Johnson, Wales

I watched it for about half an hour and can honestly say it was like watching a car crash in slow-motion. You could see what was going to happen and you could see it wasn't pleasant and you could see people die in their boots right before the cameras but it is so hard to tear your eyes off such carnage in progress.

Whether it is the girl interviewing Denis Leary, the presenter presenting coffee or the fact that the weather map makes is just about unreadable. Come back Zig, Zag and Johnny Vegas, you're all far more professional!!!
Paul, UK

High Tech, high tack and low interest level. Some good features (scrolling news), but on the whole, a terrible piece of comissioning, way below the high standard C4 can produce, must be the Sky influence. Not particulary professional and had little flow to it. May get better, but please bring back Big Breakfast, far more entertainment in five minutes than in two hours of rise.
Jonny G, England, Manchester

Banal, amateurish and utterly third rate in every sense. The attempt to provide "eye candy" in the morning, and running down the competitors, cannot disguise the fact that this show has little style and even less content.
Clair Ward, UK

The quintessence of everything that is wrong with yoof culture. Tragic.
Ian Kramer, UK

As for the entertaining news I can get more breaking stuff in Heat once a week for half an hour

Ashley Izzard, UK
I feel like an echo resounding through an eerily empty canyon. Yep, I too could only watch three or four minutes before shaking my head in frustration as to how they believed this show would encourage viewers back to the channel. I will try and watch some more over the next couple of days, as all shows seem to start badly and then get better. Here's hoping that this one can "Rise" to the occasion.
Nick, UK

Boring, especially the news - it's just a repeat of itself every 30 minutes. The presenters were as dull as the script.
Elaine, Northern Ireland

"Welcome, you're watching Rise", we'll repeat this about every two minutes just in case you forget. The programme lack substance, constant repetition of the top stories but no details. The best was the Mayday riot preview and that was thin! As for the six pack of news it was just the old Big Breakfast news stand-up, extended headlines, no detail!! As for the entertaining news I can get more breaking stuff in Heat once a week for half an hour.

I'll give it one more try but it just seemed to be headline, ad break, headline, Beckham, headline, laugh at each other a lot. The presenters had the ability to shout over each other all the time except Kirsty who was too scared to speak. A waste of Chris Rodgers and you can so tell that Colin Murray is more entertainment than FEATURES. All rise, I rest my case!
Ashley Izzard, England

I think the show has potential, but I couldn't really watch more than 15 minutes this morning, as I found it boring. A good idea is there, but it didn't work. I will flick on to it for the next few days, but if it doesn't improve it will be back to the equally dull (yet more watchable) BBC news!
Adam Smith, England

I thought it was pretty bad. Jeremy and Sophie still get my vote

Danny, England
Is this a BskyB production? It's "lowest common denominator" style would suggest so. I could only stand a few minutes before changing channels - I think I'll be sticking with the BBC in the mornings.
Graeme, UK

Enjoyed 7am - 8am, but then they seemed to repeat it. Turned over at 8.10am.
S Thoms, England

I watched this morning, but won't again, only because I find that all morning TV hinders your progress in the morning.
Jon, UK

I was gutted when the Big Breakfast finished and cannot believe that Channel 4 have chosen Rise as its replacement! I watched for about five minutes this morning and then spent the rest of the time flicking from channel to channel. There is nothing on TV in the mornings worth watching now. After seeing the headlines I ended up turning over and watching MTV instead. Bring back the Big Breakfast! It was nice going to work chuckling away after a rowdy edition of BB.
Sharon B, UK

I thought it was pretty bad. Jeremy and Sophie still get my vote.
Danny, England

I cannot stand those two blinking dots between the time. And the rest of Rise is a load of blinking rubbish too!
David, England

Lip Service was not just the most original thing on Rise, it was the most original thing I've seen on TV in a long time

Nick, UK
Recorded this morning out of pure interest to see what the fuss was about. Got about 30 mins through and stopped.

Even CBBC had a go at them this afternoon "don't watch that new thing on channel 4, watch us". Good idea.
Peter H, N. Ireland

I seem to be in the minority here but I quite enjoyed the show this morning. It was their first day and it has the potential to get better. Just a quick message to Claire in London who didn't watch the show....don't just go on people's opinion, watch it and decide for yourself. I did and I liked it.
Reecey, England

Lip Service was not just the most original thing on Rise, it was the most original thing I've seen on TV in a long time. Lip-reading celebrities - hilarious! It must have been really well researched, but goodness knows how they will sustain it as a daily item - is there enough footage out there of stars sounding off amusingly?
Nick, UK

Complete and utter rubbish. It hurts and angers me that anyone could think this was better than the number one Big Brekkie. Channel 4 think now they can get rid of the cutting edge programming and go mainstream... this will be their downfall.
Tom Parker, UK

GMTV is far superior to this Liquid News/Wright Stuff/C5 news mix-match

Will, UK
It would make more sense to just have Rise as a half hour long programme rather than just have the same features repeated again and again for two hours.
Robin Blamires, Canterbury, UK

Rise - not one of the best names, but it was certainly better than BBC Breakfast and GMTV. GMTV and BBC have nothing to offer any more because it is all the same, same studio, same presenters, same everything. I never liked The Big Breakfast because it was too cheesy. Rise offers alternatives to the same formats, something different, a news ticker and a fresh look. Rise is produced by Sky and naturally I hate Sky (that┐s why I have cable) But I like it and it's better than the same boring da┐da┐ddaaaaa on GMTV and the beep┐beep┐beep on BBC1. I really really liked it. Well done Channel 4.
Andrew Pearson, East Yorkshire, UK

Trash!!!! I have no interest in it at all. I thought The Big Breakfast was better. What a big mistake by Channel 4. I won't be watching anymore of it.
David Murphy, England

I watched two minutes this morning which was plenty to see that this is rubbish. I'll be back to GMTV tomorrow, and regret missing it today: GMTV is far superior to this Liquid News/Wright Stuff/C5 news mix-match, and why does it have to be fronted by a load of beautiful people who just make you look even worse first thing in the morning! Rise? Fall!
Will, UK

As I was reaching for the telly clicker, trying to get my head round Monday I switched on to Rise. I promptly got dizzy at the thingy at the bottom, as that's far to fast for me to read that early. I squinted my eyes, rolled back over with my duvet on my head and dreamt that FHM was now live on telly. More like breast-fast TV then breakfast TV.
Amy, UK

Keep your eye on Edith Bowman, she is a very talented and funny presenter

Matt, UK
Sky News that repeats on you. We don't have Sky, but I've tried watching Sky News on 5 in the morning. The same scripts recycled over and's noticeable in an hour long programme, but was exactly the same half-hour show times four...they'll call it the four-pack. They came unstuck pretty quickly.

The best bit was the 8.30 headlines - Chris Rogers had updated his script to include an Israeli statement just in, but the film was exactly the same as the last time. This meant he introduced President Bush with the words, "A spokesman for the Israeli government defended their action"...for a split-second I thought it was an attempt at satire...if only. Sophie and Jeremy - you're safe with me!
Matt, UK

The format was OK to watch, I thought the presenters were quite good but the idea of just repeating the first hour was a disaster, why get up at 7 when you can see the whole programme from 8, even Denis Leary seemed surprised that he had to repeat what he said in the first hour!
S Jordan, N.Ireland

I think that Rise will take time to settle down and work out exactly what it is trying to be. I thought it was very strange having the presenters behind a desk and the news reader without one. It is clearly trying to be very 21st century, relying too much on these hand held email devices and modern technology. There was no real structure to it, which made it hard to watch.

What I don't understand is that The Big Breakfast was axed because of low viewing figures, why have they replaced it with a programme that you can only watch for 15 minutes before it all gets repeated again? All that is going to happen is that people will flick over to another channel and stick with that for the morning. How will their viewing figures grow, if there is nothing to keep the public watching it? Keep your eye on Edith Bowman, she is a very talented and funny presenter, who once has settled into the show, will surprise you all.

It has only been day one, so let's see how it evolves, but if this format continues it won't be long before Channel 4 get that axe back out!
Matt, UK

Thank God for Sophie Raworth! Rise was complete trash; aimed at unintelligent viewers who find Eamon Holmes and Fiona Phillip's homespun "showbiz" insight a bit too difficult to comprehend. Channel Four should either put Futurama, Hang Time and The Real World back on or ideally create a breakfast news show for Krishnan Guru-murthy aimed at a more educated market which is more stimulating than GMTV and a bit more insightful than BBC (which does the best job at breakfast so far - Hint, hint BBC).

Why don't you make your show appeal more to the educated viewer and wipe away the opposition whose appetite for Beckham news and trashy pop information is becoming too much to bear!
Michael, UK

Entertainment? I've never been so starved of it on a Monday morning!

Ali, UK
The first episode was truly appalling. The opening gag surely alienated the old BB viewers from the outset. I watched it all the way through, except to watch Brumm on the Beeb, I can honestly say when I watched the tape back I missed nothing. The repeat everything every half an hour idea is very poor. I was screaming out for Futurama. I emailed the team on set, to give them my views. Strangely enough, I heard nothing back. This show is awful. UK Gold it is then, unless Channel 5 come up trumps!! I will watch tomorrow, out of morbid curiousity.
Gavin Martin, England

Not a bad effort by the Channel 4 can't compare it to the Big Brekkie! With an onscreen clock, why are we told incessantly by Mark "Judith Charmers" Smith the time? It's way too formal, I needed to take paracetamol because the scrolling bar made me feel sick! With pictures of the motorway, their attempts at the weather were laughable and embarrassing, and where were the celeb guests!? It reminds me a lot of The Matthew Wright show on Channel 5. A new formula? A tried and tested one! Despite my lack of enthusiasm, I still liked the presenters and I'll keep on watching to see if it improves!
Lynsey, Wales

The Big Breakfast did decline after Jonny and Denise left (and picked up again, only too late for the big bosses), but not to the awful state that Rise... Sorry, RI:SE is already.

Big Breakfast was fun, and provided an alternative to other shows. Rise is more of the same, only worse, because it doesn't know what it wants to be.

I feel sorry for the presenters, because they are all able, but there's no chance to see the chemistry that the BB presenters had, because there's seven of them!

Get the presenters back to doing what they do best, and get the Big Breakfast back to where it belongs.

Entertainment? I've never been so starved of it on a Monday morning!
Ali, UK (Bristol)

The news analysis slots were far too flippant and patronising, but the ticker bar was good

David O'Reilly, UK
Would work well as a shorter show, perhaps in the 6-7 slot before a Big Breakfast.
Brekkie Boy, Wales

I work in the media and thought the five minutes I could bear to watch were awful. No advertiser is going to buy into such poor quality programming. Will be re-vamped inside three months with only D-Smith and Gallagher surviving.
Dominic, London

Keep the girls, sack the boys, particularly the laddish, scowling Mark - how dull was he? I liked the format and I do think the other presenters will settle into it and control the nerves once they've cut out the dead wood (a.k.a Mark). The news analysis slots were far too flippant and patronising, but the ticker bar was good, I like to be able to go to work armed to the teeth with trivia. With a bit of a tune-up and some harsh home truths for the lads this could be the cool, classy and comfortable show promised by those outstanding adverts.
David O'Reilly, UK

Yes, the six pack thing is a bit tedious, but don't you just want to hug that cutey, Chris Rogers!
Stottie, UK

I thought I'd give it a go this morning, just to see if there was any improvement on the previous effort. No chance. It is the usual vacuous dumbing down you might have associated with the Big Breakfast. I'm sticking with the A-team...Sophie Rayworth, Jeremy Bowen et al...what a team.
Al Platz, England

Well done to Channel 4 for trying something different but it just didn't seem to work

Ed, UK
Definite potential with the balance and format, perfect early morning presentation from Mark (well worth getting out of bed for!) and Kirsty. Unfortunately making the other two seem like spare wheels though.

One major complaint, why the repetition? Why Mary J Blige four times in one hour.... Come on Channel 4, surely there is enough going on in the world that each item only needs coverage once per show.

At the moment, beating Eamon hands down (not difficult!) but needs tightening before he recovers in the ratings....
Toby, UK

Well done to Channel 4 for trying something different but it just didn't seem to work. I agree with everyone else that there wasn't enough content. It got very dull, very quickly. We want bright colours and enthusiasm in the mornings, not people sitting behind a desk..Sorry but it didnt get a rise out of me.
Ed , UK

If this show is going to work around the daily news then we better pray that the world goes bonkers otherwise we will be dying of boredom

Sarah Franks, Northern Ireland
I watched out of curiosity. It was a poorly put together, badly presented, dismal production. Smug presentation from people with nothing to be smug about. As such, well in keeping with Channel 4's traditional morning output. At least the Big Breakfast was capable of sending itself up.
Phil, England

I thought it only fair to take a look at Rise with an open view and was looking forward to watching the usually talented presenters. However, I found the show to be dull and void of any spark. At this stage the team do not appear to have much of a relationship but maybe that will improve with time.

It was very slow and the repetitiveness was very annoying. I watched for one hour and saw the news four times and the pointless Beckham story three. I could not believe they were even having a phone in about Beckham. None of the news was interesting and this poses a problem...... If this show is going to work around the daily news then we better pray that the world goes bonkers otherwise we will be dying of boredom. They need to find other stories and features.

I hope it improves but I dont think it will.
Sarah Franks, NI

Switched on at 6:58, switched over at 7:05. What was that big red screen with the words 7 dead all about? Back to Bowen and Co. tomorrow until the Blue Peter re-run starts on BBC2.
Ian, England

Tony, England

I thought the show was extremely easy on the eye, in terms of the presenters, graphics and set

Matt, UK
I don't know why there are so many negative comments on here - I accept that Rise isn't excellent, and is perhaps not as good or original as the Big Breakfast, but today's show was only the first, and there is much room for improvement and development. I hope that the show will get better over the next few months.

Not as zany as The Big Breakfast, but nevertheless a fitting replacement. So please, I bid you, give Rise a chance.
Mark Bowley, UK

Anything with Kirsty Gallacher will do for me. Apart from her it was rubbish. Bring back Chris Evans.
Christof, UK

I think the other criticisms are obviously coming from people who are not being targeted by the show in any case. I thought the show was extremely easy on the eye, in terms of the presenters, graphics and set. It was not complete crap and shows potential. The presentation was a bit woolly, i.e. trying to be serious, then informal, a little repetitive and at times dull.

The newsreader should be barred from doing interviews if all he is going to do is ask one useless question. I think four main presenters is innovative, but as we have seen with other shows, namely the ITV daytime womens' programme (the name escapes me!) this never works!

Judith Chalmers's son was very good as was Kirsty Gallacher. The other two were also good. However, putting them together showed quite clearly that the chemistry was missing. I really hope that things get much better and it wipes the floor with the arrogant GMTV and Breakfast. I will be patient!
Matt, United Kingdom

Since we are not allowed to use profanities I will just say that it was effortlessly amazingly awful.

Get JV and DVO back on. I used to watch BB every morning for an hour. I won't be watching this at all.
Dave, UK

Having numerous presenters never works

Martyn, England
Have you heard this lot of moaning minnies?

For those that say it is not serious enough, watch the BBC. For those who don't like the presenters, watch ITV. For those who have nothing better to do with their days than watch hours of breakfast television and then complain about it, get a job you moaning students!
Dan, UK

I can well believe I am not the only person who only managed five minutes of this stilted rubbish this morning then. I watched the Big Breakfast from day one except if there was an important news item in which case I would turn over to the BBC Breakfast News. Since the Big Breakfast ended I have watched the BBC and after 5 minutes of Rise - I was back with Jeremey and Sophie because this is by far the best show first thing in the morning now.

The Big Breakfast would sometimes make me late for work, Breakfast has made me late for work, Rise would only drive me out of the house!
Lizzy, UK

All I can say is, this made TVam look good!
Mike Carrick, England

I got up early this morning so that I could find out what they had replaced the watchable Big Breakfast with. Within five minutes I had turned back to the BBC. Rise was absolutely dire!! The worst peice of drivel I have seen on television for years. Channel 4 should have kept on showing Futurama!
D Bailey, UK

Watched for five minutes until the weather came on, where the presenter confessed that none of them had ever read the weather before. It was like watching a sixth form project. In a month's time it will change to being just Kirsty Gallacher and Mark Durden-Smith. Having numerous presenters never works.
Martyn, England

I think that C4 should give up on the idea of a breakfast show altogether and show a genuine alternative, even if it's just cartoons for the kiddies

John Harrington, UK
Surely this show is a joke. Who in their right mind thought this would work? If this show lasts more than three months I'll be amazed!
Tim, England

I tuned in for the "hard hitting news" that we were promised, and was duly presented with a debate on the merits of the latest David Beckham photo shoot, and the video of a single by the latest Aussie poptart. Still, not much going on in the world at present is there?
Liz, London, UK

The Irish guy was a bit of a pain, the cup of coffee in the middle of the Dennis Leary interview was stupid, can you show these people how to read the weather, in their case, very bleak! Rubbish, bring back Mr Bacon and Amanda.
Roo, UK

What niche is this trying to fill? Too frivolous to show serious news, too stale to be entertaining. Certainly no better than the Big Breakfast. I think that C4 should give up on the idea of a breakfast show altogether and show a genuine alternative, even if it's just cartoons for the kiddies. I'm sure a lot of parents would appreciate that.
John Harrington, UK

Like many, I found Mark Durden-Smith a refreshing change from the dowdy Richard Bacon. He seemed pleasingly unashamed to show off his chest hair to the viewers and his fans, of which I have suddenly become. The show, and the rest of the presenters (especially that Kirsty Gallacher, who seemed to want to hog all the limelight - we want more Mark!) were shameful. I hope Mark can find another vehicle for his considerable talents soon.
Stephen Conkar, Harrogate, UK

Rise is awful, and is an insult to one's intelligence

Dean Osborn, UK
It just made me miss the Big Breakfast even more.
Neil, England

Typical British response. Knock something from day one - because we're all so perfect and never make mistakes at first. Are these the same people that criticised the first series of Only Fools & Horses....?
Mark L, UK

It's good...
Loofy L , UK

I echo the call to bring back Futurama. In fact, the only thing worse than this gaggle of stereotypes is the appalling puns on the word "rise" in the See Also list at the top of this page...
Sam, UK

There's a saying - If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The Big Breakfast wasn't broken, just needed an MOT. Rise is awful, and is an insult to one's intelligence.
Dean Osborn, England

I give it the thumbs up

Neil, UK
I have to echo a lot of the same comments; what have they done?! I watched my normal 15 minutes of TV before work, usually the BB would at least make me laugh over the stupid things they did, this just made me wonder why I do not leave 15 minutes early for work instead of watching this tross!
Lisa, England

OK, so there is scope for improvement and the news ticker gets pretty annoying, as does the repetition of some of the stories. However, with this light-hearted look at the news without the anarchy of the BB, Rise is onto a winner
Marc, England

I think we have to give the show a chance. I think we should not slate it until we give it a chance!!!!!!
Suzi S, UK

It's great to have a programme that I can watch with my brain switched off. I can't be doing with thinking at that time in the morning. I give it the thumbs up.
Neil, UK

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh, adverts, what a pleasant surprise. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh, adverts, what a pleasant surprise.
Darryn, UK

Clearly a hugely under-rehearsed first show, severely lacking in the pizazz, humour and wow factor

Marianne, UK
Very sad, could only stand to watch it for 30 seconds! Who actually writes the scripts, let alone watches it?
Johnny Fieldhouse, UK

Clearly a hugely under-rehearsed first show, severely lacking in the pizazz, humour and wow factor one would expect a show supposedly "better" than the BB to have. The programme seemed to be on a 30 minute loop, repeating the same trash, and indeed the same "improvised" interviews, again and again.

The music playing in the background throughout the show was highly irritating. And the presenters were obviously trying to make out they were best buds having the time of their lives, but failed miserably. I'm willing to give them a chance, but if this morning's helping was anything to judge future shows on, I can see ratings slipping lower than Lisa Rogers' tops. (BB, RIP).
Marianne, UK

Bit bland - too many cooks spoiling the broth. They managed to totally lose me when they started booing a story about Freddie Ljungberg and Arsenal, then the posh bloke went on to tell us that he's a Manchester United fan. Impartiality on the first day might have been a better idea as most people in the country DON'T support Man U and aren't interested in his pseudo-ladsy comments. Otherwise we could all watch Eamon Holmes rant on instead.

Apart from that, a story about anti-capitalist protesters could have been quite interesting but the only thing of interest to the reporter was that they "Didnt smell and were cleaner than he expected" - sad, repetitive and superficial.
Phil Ashby, England

Just happy to be able to see Chris Rogers each morning - he is great! He should be more involved!
Krista, England

They just don't come close to Eamon and Richard Arnold!

Dawn Bailey, UK
Have Channel 4 learned nothing? This was "The Channel 4 Daily" without the graphic of the woman in the shower! The Big Breakfast was different, this was....dross.
Robert Philpot, Sussex, U.K.

Oh long before SEE HEAR! does a feature on "Lip Service"...lots of ethical questions, such a shame they couldn't come up with something cheeky and fun without it being questionable!

Is RI:SE the same rise as in ris:isble? It was terrible. After 30 minutes you could switch off as all it did was repeat, a bit like Mark Durden-Smith's breakfast as he very publicly got up and announced he had to go to the toilet. The show was bad, but since when has a presenter so readily agreed? However, Kirsty is a possible saving grace. P.S I bet Edith wishes she was back on MTV.
Sean Hogan, UK

Dire, the BB had become old and tired and yes, it needed replacing, but unfortunately C4 have come up with a right stinker. As the other channels have nothing better to offer I'll be turning back to the radio.
Chris, UK

Liquid News in the morning. Very obvious where the inspiration for this came from, however, they don't have the anchor man (woman) of quality. Too smug.
Nick, London

Did not like the comments on "May day riots", do these glossy puppets even know what it is about?

Matt, UK
I tuned in just as they were talking about Beckham in sequin pants, and that they had the pictures which they'd show in a few minutes so I watched for a few minutes. They then just showed the cover of GQ - WOW! AMAZING! how on EARTH did they get hold of those pics??

I'm sorry, but i just wasn't impressed at all, I couldn't be bothered to try and read the ticker, and all in all they just don't come close to Eamon and Richard Arnold!

I gave up on the BB when they insisted on keeping Richard Bacon who makes my skin crawl, and I'm sorry, but I think it is GMTV for me...
Dawn Bailey, UK

Mark Durden-Smith is absolutely unwatchable. Far too crass and patronising for any programme which seeks an audience.
Adam, UK

It's hard enough to keep my eyes open at least Big Breakfast or Futurama kept you awake those vital 5 minutes.
Papa, England

So, so, so, dull. We want Futurama back, failing that, the test card will do.
Helen, UK

The trailers looked good so I watched it, but it turned out to be the same stereotypical, predictable dribble. Never again C4.

At least it's not as bad as the Daily Mail TV on Sky News.

Oh, and come on Ben Gray, GMTV is for the 40-somethings of this world, not 30s.
Andrew, London, England

Rise was OK for five minutes, but then I found myself longing for the Futurama repeats. Give me a week of this drivel and I'll be longing after Bewitched too!
Nicola, UK

Did not like the comments on "May day riots", do these glossy puppets even know what it is about?
Matt, UK

It needs an experienced anchor, someone different who the vapidly cheerful team can play off

Anthony, UK
The trailers sum the show up I think... the actors definitely had the right idea, only wish I'd taken their advice and stayed asleep... amateur drivel!
Richard Shelton, Wales

The Big Breakfast was warm, colourful, bright and cheery. Even when it got bad it was certainly a lot better than the complete drivel and dross that has been offered to us as a replacement. Rise? I'd rather go back to bed!
Tina, UK

I was a big fan of the Big Brekkie. It used to wake me up and keep me gripped with the live TV with humour and sillyness.

The new show ... a little bland for my taste with more for the Loaded lad than the Attitude lad. Presenters are lacking somewhat in charisma and the resulting show is like the misguided lovechild of Channel 5 news talk "sport" radio and Chris Moyles without the humour!

Decisions .... think I will stick to switching between Breakfast News and GMTV. Can one pray for the return of the Brekkie?
Ian, UK

Bright, informal and chatty. I think this could be a winner. Durden-Smith was likeable and off-beat. Cups of tea, pagers and amateur weather reports were a refreshing change from the awful GMTV and the tired and worn out Big Breakfast. Kirsty G rules ok!
Nik, England

Only managed five minutes of rise before going back to BBC One. Five minutes after that I gave up and went to work. Today on Radio 4 is all I need in the mornings (plus tea and cereal!).
Stephen, UK

Utterly desperate.
Edward Kershaw, UK

Too early to judge maybe, but this show gives tokenism a bad name. It needs an experienced anchor, someone different who the vapidly cheerful team can play off.
Anthony, UK

Watching the annoying ticker was as entertaining as it got

Ross, UK
Same old flavour with a different coating.
Tom, England

I thought the show was very dull compared to the BB. It is nice to see the lovely Chris Rogers back on air though. Maybe it will pick up!
M Cahill, UK

I have to admit to only watching fifteen minutes of the show before I started to worry about permanently damaging my mind.

I think that the show is nicely encapsulated in the word "dreadful" and can only suggest that Channel 4 bring back the Big Breakfast, if only for the fact that Amanda Bryam is fitter than Kirsty Gallagher.
James , England

Rise was a big let down, there was no humour, the set made it look like ITN and you felt you had no personal connection with the presenters. The Big Breakfast was fun, quirky and was must-see TV. I was happy to be late for work for the BB but Rise will have me there early every day.
A J Train, UK

I can't really comment on the content of the show as it starts at 7, when I leave for work. As do many other people. It's a shame there's no alternative to news for people that get up early. Although from the sounds of it, this programme is only intended for the work-shy.
Onisillos Sekkides, UK

Watching the annoying ticker was as entertaining as it got.
Ross, UK

It lacked the lively atmosphere of the BB, but it was competent enough. Futurama was far better at preparing me for the day though. The trailer music, for Jane (above), was from Mercury Rev's album All Is Dream.
Matt, UK

I managed about 30 seconds of this tosh this morning. The presenters were boring, I hate to say it but I will carry on watching GMTV until they replace this under-thought programme. The BB was so much better!! Bring back Jasmin Lowson anyday, she really brightened the morning up.....
Mike G, UK

It had all the low production values of BSkyB stamped all over it. Bring back Futurama.
Alan, UK

I managed five minutes of Wednesday's show. Sorry C4, but this is a minging excuse for a morning show. All boobs and no talent.
Alan, UK

This is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen. One way to to get some ZZZZzzzzz after a night shift. Come back Big Breakfast, all is forgiven.
Dave, UK

These "low production values" of BSkyB would, I suppose, be the same production values which meant Sky News won RTS News Channel of the Year and a BAFTA award for its coverage of September 11th. Let the snobs watch the BBC and kick a programme before its even got off the ground.

It's sad to say but we're a nation that enjoys slagging things off before we've even given them a chance.

Yes, there are faults, but criticism can be levelled at the BBC for being too stuffy and GMTV for being too trashy. Rise is a combination of the two and given time it will improve.

Just because BSkyB has something to do with it doesn't mean it is poor. I do wonder whether most of the people who criticise Sky News have ever even watched the channel.
Mack, UK

I actually liked it. It was different to anything before; ever since Chris Evans and Gaby Roslin left I found the BB awful...

Rise seems to actually put together news and entertainment into an informal show. Yes, Monday's show did have a "new show" air about it - but Tuesday's show was much better. Fantastic.
James, UK

All I would have said about Rise has been said. Amateurish production, bad presenters and irritating graphics. It is as crap as Sky One. It's unoriginal, despite what was suggested. It's a mix of The Wright Stuff and Channel 5 news. Repeated endlessly. I hated it.
Arthur, UK

I think that Channel 4 are brave for trying a format as modern as Rise and I think that people are too quick to disregard what they aren't used to. The scrolling tickertape at the bottom of the screen allowed me to find out the latest news before I went out without having to wait for a bulletin. I think that the overall programme was a bit duller than the old Big Breakfast, but things need time to get better - it is a very new idea and it just needs a bit of time. Good luck to them.
Andrew J, w J, Wales

I was wondering if my hatred of Rise was down to me being a Big Breakfast "superfan"... comments here and at Reach 4 prove I'm not alone... and I won't even mention the dismal ratings!!!
Tom Parker, UK

Channel 4.......own goal.....ouch.
Abby, United Kingdom

Bring back Angela Anaconda anyday. At least it had a theme tune I could hum on the way to work!
Lilac, England

How on earth did something that bad make it on to television? And to rip the Big Breakfast within seconds of being on air? Big mistake!!!! Total and utter dribble, I gave it a fair chance, I watched for a while....awful television, I'd rather lay in bed.
Carpet, UK

Flimsy, directionless and bland, it certainly didn't hold my attention. I'll switch on again in a couple of weeks to see if they've bedded in at all, and if not I'll switch off for good. Back to Sara Cox in the meantime, at least she's got a bit of spark.
Al, UK

Well, Channel 4 have dug themselves a very deep hole. The Big Breakfast got an average of 300,000 viewers a day, and the final show got 800,000.

Rise has got 200,000 viewers. Oh dear!
Matthew Sansom, UK

Probably looked like a good idea on paper - however the result is disappointing.

Is it really necessary to wrap the news up with an irritating catchphrase like "6-pack of news"? What if there are more than six urgent items?

The constant drone in the background irritates as well. I'm afraid 30 minutes was my limit.

Lose the background music, drop the pointless catchphrases and quite possibly it might be tolerable.
John, South coast, UK

I was very encouraged with my first dip into Rise. At last we have got away from the inane Big Breakfast banter and come into some "proper" light entertainment and news. You don't have time for deep and meaningful "stuff". It seemed light and airy but also just enough focus on the news stories of the day. Well done.
Peter Hanson, England

I managed to watch about twenty minutes before work. I really enjoyed all that stuff about the Hoob mobile. Though I thought the songs were a bit childish. The programme could do with a bit more news content though.

There was a terrible programme on afterwards with puppet presenters and awful graphics, so I switched off.
Paul Hatcher, UK

Rise - an advert for how good GMTV is.
Phil, UK

Sorry. Really wanted to like Rise, but it just makes you want to stay in bed longer. Perhaps it's just the people involved, but it does tend to remind me of hours and hours of Newsround.

If I want deep news coverage, I go to the BBC. If I want a substandard magazine style show, I've already got GMTV. If I want something lively, something to wake me up on those long cold winter mornings, I used to have The Big Breakfast, now I have nothing.

It seems to me that Channel 4 has killed a niche market favourite, in order to create an irrelevance. The worst thing is, I can't see how this programme can be improved within its current format.
Ben Christie, UK

If they'd have got Kirsty Gallagher on the Big Breakfast it would still be on the air.
Deano, England

A disaster for Channel 4. How can the people at the top allow such drivel to even be made?
Hedgehog, United Kingdom

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