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Friday, 26 April, 2002, 16:19 GMT 17:19 UK
About A Boy: Your views
Nicholas Holt, Toni Collette and Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant: Has left the foppish image behind
About A Boy, based on the successful Nick Hornby novel, stars Hugh Grant as a serial monogamist who develops a friendship with a vulnerable young boy.

The film is set in London but is directed by American Pie directors Paul and Chris Weitz.

"It is well-made and genuinely funny in places but lacks the wit of Four Weddings or the charm of Notting Hill," wrote BBC News Online's Darren Waters.

But what do you think?

Will this prove a success for Hugh Grant? Or does it fail to do either the author or stars justice?


It definitely is not a classic, but I thought the film had some very funny moments. The young male lead was better than your review suggested, though I agree with the waste of the Rachael Weisz character, she was much less interesting than Toni Collette, making me wonder why Will was so swept away by her.
Martyn, England

Having completely loved the book i was dying to see this film. I saw it on saturday night and I have to say it was brilliant. I felt a little bit cheated that big significant chunks had been missed out - like Marcus' relationship with Elly, but other than that I thought it was great. Very funny, and nice to see bits of London I recognise too. I thought Toni Collette was fantastic - accents are obviously not a problem for her. And I have to say that Hugh's appearance didn't exactly offend! I think all in all the film really captured the feeling of the book, and I left the cinema feeling all rosy and lovely.
Dawn Bailey, UK

We were allowed a sneak preview over here. My date loved it, but to me it was just another "egotist learns sensitivity through 'fatherhood'" flick.
Robert del Valle, USA

I thought it was fantastic, made me laugh out loud throughout, almost to the point of being an embarrassment!! The most a film has made me laugh since Withnail and I. Ten out of ten!
Charlotte, UK

This film made me laugh. I've not laughed at a film so much in ages. I thought all who took part in this were brilliant. Looking forward to it coming out on DVD.
Sarah, UK

The movie was good in parts, but the best thing about it was it felt real. I liked the character Hugh Grant played. Also the movie made me laugh. Though this isn't a must-see movie, one would enjoy it nonetheless.
Srishti, India

Unusually for me, I left the cinema with a warm fuzzy feeling somewhere around my abdomen. Not a cinema classic, but a classic feel-good film.
Gus Symons, UK

Surberb film. It was funny, sad and a great observation on how a boy in Marcus' situation might feel. A feel good movie with a great script and cast. I'd watch it again today. Hugh Grant was brilliant, very amusing and touching.
Holly Kendrick, Edinburgh, UK

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About A Boy
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About A Boy
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'It's so neat, there's no rough edges at all'
Radio 4's Front Row on About A Boy
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