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Monday, 15 April, 2002, 08:53 GMT 09:53 UK
Oasis: Your views
Oasis' fifth album is due for release this summer
Do the Gallagher brothers have something to smile about?
Oasis release The Hindu Times, their first single for nearly two years, on 15 April. The single is from their forthcoming album Heathen Chemistry.

The group had huge success in the mid 1990s with the albums Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory.

But their third and fourth albums, Be Here Now and Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, failed to sell as well.

"The new single gets close to the vitality of Definitely Maybe, if not (What's The Story) Morning Glory, but it fails to explore any new ground, despite the modified band line-up," wrote the BBC's Michael Hubbard.

But what do you think?

This debate is now closed. You can read a selection of your comments below.

Have your say

As a diehard Oasis fan, I am disappointed with The Hindu Times being too much like a Definitely Maybe/Morning Glory single. Noel's lead guitaring is too constant and the song lyrics bland.

If Oasis want to make it big again, they should take off from Standing on the Shoulder of Giants and not be afraid to experiment after wonderous hits like Who Feels Love and Gas Panic.
Khaled Shivji, UK

I think the new single is excellent. The British charts needs bands like Oasis and The Hindu Times is not ground breaking but is raw, powerful, very catchy and is much better than most of the manufactured rubbish in the charts at the moment!
Alex, UK

Oasis are BACK with a new album. To real die hard Oasis fans, there is no more to say!!!!!
Shane, Oz

It's great to see them back with all their swaggering arrogance

Scott, UK
They dried up a long time ago. They're not even diverting in the tabloids.
Robert del Valle, Detroit, USA

I fully agree with Khaled Shivji, UK . Since the making of Morning Glory there has been a constant development in Oasis' music. Each time they have released a new album, it has been a thrill to listen to the new approaches. But.....I could be pleasantly surprised, and find that this is not representative of the coming record. I hope and wish so!
Thomas, Belgium

It's great to see them back with all their swaggering arrogance. True rock muscians with a backbone.
Scott, UK

The new single is great! An instantly catchy and powerful song that hopefully will take off here in the States.
Chris, USA

A great solid tune... anthems like these are pure Oasis. This song is a dead cert for number one on Sunday. Looking forward to the album release, "Songbird" (written by Liam) is fantastic.
Chris, UK

Pure rock'n'roll, long live guitars!
Phil, Canada

Try changing your direction like Blur and other Britpop bands!

Gemma, UK
Same Size Feet - Stereophonics. Can Noel write a tune without ripping someone else off?
Dave, UK

Guitar riffs sound VERY much like those on Same Size Feet by Stereophonics
Maxine, UK

I think this song is pretty cool but it's like every other song they've released.A nd why must Liam always get into a fight just when there's going to be another album out?! It's tabloid attention that he wants. Try changing your direction like Blur and other Britpop bands!
Gemma, UK

Oasis may not be as "experimental" as other bands such as ColdPlay and Travis, but they write better unadulterated rock anthems than any other band currently recording in the UK. The new single sounds a raw mix of Rolling Stones and Stone Roses and surely that's better than soft rock like "Flowers in the Window"!! Unexperimental or not.
Will, UK

People should shut up because the album is amazing - very mellow and Liam's songs are the best. They are back, they are everything we love about rock n roll.
Neil, England

I hoped that they would never be seen again. But no, they reappear playing the same old Beatles rip-off dirge. The mutant faced duo never fail to irritate. Please just fade away and give discerning music fans a break.
Rab, UK

Fortunately, unlike other bands, Oasis haven't forgotten their roots and where they came from, they have only matured

Sean Hamilton, UK
Why can't people appreciate Oasis for what they are... a big sounding rock'n'roll band who want to be at the top again. Leave experimental music to the likes of Stereolab and the Delgados 'cos they do it best.
Mark, UK

As a real Oasis fan I'm glad to see that the band have gone back to theyre old style and can't wait to see them live on the 29th of June.
Keith Davison, N.Ireland

What more do people want from Oasis? Originality, experimentation? Well, would you rather there was nothing in comparison to another song in all Oasis' works but the songs were no good and meaningless?

Would you rather they experiment "to cover new ground" and become the next Radiohead, who in The Bends and OK Computer should feel proud of two amazing albums but Kid A and Amnesiac, very experimental but to no effect.

Luckily I've heard the new Oasis album which sounds like a step on from Be Here Now and SOTSOG and The Hindu Times is not an indicaton of things to be expected, this is a mature album.

Fortunately, unlike other bands, Oasis haven't forgotten their roots and where they came from, they have only matured and it's about time the critics realised so and in turn matured themselves and not expect Definitely Maybe to be reinvented. It may never be beaten by them but I sure hope they give it their best go.
Sean Hamilton, Scotland

So if Oasis rips off a chord here and there, it's fair (by a mil or more) to say that they WRITE and PRODUCE their own songs, not like other Pop Idols etc.. They are back and they belong HERE!! Heathen Chemistry OUT 1 July. I will be there then.
Jure Røsjordet, Norway

I heard the new album and it's just great! Oasis at their best!
George, Greece

The Hindu Times is a great anthem... but Stop Crying Your Heart Out will become THE summer anthem. You watch what you say all you nay-sayers, 'cos I know you will be singing this song everywhere you go, and you WILL buy Heathen Chemistry because it's where Oasis should have been after Morning Glory. The boys are back.
James, England

Personally I think that going back to what they had on the old albums is a good idea. SOTSOG to me was nothing compared to Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory. Those two albums were when the band was at its peak. Every band evolves into new music and matures over time, its natural, and I still like some of their SOTSOG music but I have no problem at all if they want to go back to the type of music they were known for doing in the 90s. It kept rock n' roll alive and they are showing that it will always be there and never leave.
James, UK and USA

The Stereophonics, Travis and Coldplay put together aren't half as interesting as Oasis. As for Oasis "ripping things off", couldn't you say the same about Fatboy Slim and Moby? The new song is good but not great but unlike the three bands I have listed Oasis can call themselves a great band, and measure themselves against any band in history
Owen Rees, UK

They still are and will be forever the best rock and roll band in the world and as such they can still reclaim what was once theirs.
Jose, Puerto Rico

A pleasure to hear such a rock"n"roll anthem, it's been a long time coming.
Freddie, UK

Heathen Chemistry starts off in a mediocre but good way, with The Hindu Times. It has a spark which is held until the fourth song, Stop Crying Your Heart Out. I didn't like this song at the beginning because of Liam's singing, sounding like he just swallowed a Chupa Chupa. Fortunately the song improves greatly. The next songs are a bit slower (except Little By Little in the chorus) but also good. The instrumental is very beautiful which is one thing you rarely get to say with Oasis songs (Beautiful Rock?). Only downer is probably All In the Mind.

And the innovation? Well there's not anyone else who sounds like Oasis, so that must be it!
Simon, Denmark

Great album, no mistake, proof that Oasis are still light years ahead of the rest, 10 years and they are still loved, show me another band operating on the scale of Oasis and any other rock star with the conviction of Liam Gallagher, answer - there aren't any.
Paul Johnson, United Kingdom

Heathen Chemistry is a good rock album. It is not spectacular, but solid. Unfortunately there is a huge dropoff in quality after track six. Liam's songwriting has improved, although his vocals have not. Noel's are better for once. Biggest flaw is Better Man. It is a bad Stone Roses/Seahorses rip. Hindu Times is a great opener. The album could be more original but hey, this is Oasis. They will never have the variety of a band like Queen, or even Radiohead. True Oasis fans will love this album. Bitter critics of the band will call it rubbish. It is somewhere in the middle, leaning more towards good.
Matt Ellis, USA

Why are people complaining? Liam's three songs are pure quality and Noel's songs prove once again that he is the greatest talent in the British music business. Gem and Andy's songs fit perfectly into the Oasis style. A great album: keep it up lads!
Louis, Liverpool, UK

Simply put, the record rocks! Great songs period. The band is definitely bigger, better, and badder than ever! I do not compare it to prior records of theirs, nor do I want to. What's the point? That was then, this is now, and the now is as relevant as ever, it's a well-oiled music machine delivering heart, power and melody. The soul is intact here! Full on!

Great bands like Oasis with longevity are rare. I grew up listening to the band since day one, and continue to enjoy all new material, 'cause it's good! There's no mystery, or gimmick here, you like the band for the band, and that's it, real and fodder-free. And as a live band... there's a reason why their shows always sell out within minutes!

Listen, my parent's generation may have had The Beatles, but I've had, and still have Oasis, and I wouldn't change that for the world! Super-good record by a devestatingly good band, who will only get better! You better believe it!
Rémi, Canada

"Hear a clip from The Hindu Times"
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