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Friday, 22 March, 2002, 17:46 GMT
Ali G In Da House: Your views
Ali G poses in Downing Street
Ali G rocks the establishment one more time
Popular and controversial comic character Ali G made his name on television with his naive and mocking interviews with prominent public figures.

Now Sacha Baron Cohen projects his creation on to the big screen in his first film, Ali G In Da House.

"The question many people are asking is whether Cohen can wring any more mileage out of a character that many consider to be well past its prime," wrote the BBC's Caroline Westbrook.

"Well yes and no really for like, many similar comedies before it, this is a hit and miss affair, not always on the mark but boasting enough decent gags not to outstay its welcome," she added.

But what do you think?

Is Ali G's persona big enough for the film format? Or is the character becoming tired?


Me thinks that Ali G's movie is 'eavy and the "racism" is part of Ali's comedy! Please, where has the common sense gone?
DJ Aki, England

Funny for the first half hour but then the film lost its way a bit. The humour became far more purile. Disappointed with the overall result.
Gerrard Fagbemi, London, England

I must say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. However, many of the jokes either did not work or were overplayed, an example of both being the scene at the beginning where his dog is being "over friendly". Also, I thought Martin Freeman looked a little uncomfortable at points as Ricky C. Not bad overall though.
Stephen, England

What a load of racist minstrel garbage. What if Jamaicans ran around with bagels and locks, heavy accents,diamonds, sideburns, yamakas, etc, making "fun"? When we look back on this in 20 years, how will we view this buffoon?
Linda, Jamaica

The funniest part of the film was watching the idiotic teenage boys dressed in shellsuits in the cinema around me, trying to put on the accent, shouting and whooping at Ali G, and blatantly not getting the whole point - namely that he was making fun of people exactly like them! Yes, some of the jokes may be over the top, but the good gags make up for that, and the raison d'etre of Ali G is obviously still alive and well. He's a very clever social observer!
Anonymous, England

I am not a huge Ali G fan but my mates wanted to see the film so I went along. To my amazement I really enjoyed the film and I thought the humour was really well used. There was no huge controversy, just the usual Ali G jokes! After seeing the film, I think peoples' opinions on Ali will change. He's a big softy! The highlight was to see the famous "Mejulie"!
Rebecca, UK

Basically it's a simple as this, if you're a REAL Ali G fan, then see the film because it's brilliant, if not then don't bother going to see it at all. I have read a lot of reviews and noticed that all the people slating it are old people or non Ali G fans!!!
Darren, England

If you like Ali G you will love this film. He did it as well as he could have. Very funny, but clearly very stupid, but what more do you wanr from Ali G?
Michelle, Northern Ireland

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Ali G Indahouse
"This could be the first small to big screen transfer success we've had"
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