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Tuesday, 12 March, 2002, 11:31 GMT
BBC 6 Music: Your views
Phill Jupitus and Sean Hughes are regulars on Never Mind the Buzzcocks
Phill Jupitus and Sean Hughes are among the 6 Music presenters
The BBC's new digital radio station, 6 Music, has a remit to play the best rock and pop from the last 40 years.

DJs include Sean Hughes, Craig Charles, Suggs from Madness and Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson.

The BBC's director of radio and music, Jenny Abramsky, said: "The birth of 6 Music marks a new era for people who are absolutely passionate about their music, not only all the great rock and pop music to come out of the past 40 years, but also the new artists that are emerging today."

But what do you think?

Is the station a good advert for digital radio? What do you think of the presenters?


Great idea. Great DJ's. Great music. Best of luck for the future.
Dermot, UK

Well done to the BBC for having the guts to launch such a station. If the decision were left to commercial radio, such stations wouldn't have even batted an eyelid, in a sector obsessed with mainstream audiences and playing likes of Britney Spears, Westlife and Robbie Williams on constant rotation.

I suppose I could summarise my point more clearly by comparing new digital stations launched so far by the commercial sector compared to the BBC i.e. Core (a bland and cheesy top40/dance station) and an automated national version of Capital radio named Life. Says it all really!
Michael, UK

At last! I haven't heard the same song twice yet. It's nice to have a radio station that has a memory that is longer than a week

Rupert, UK
It's a nervous start, relying too heavily on the most obvious tracks from the most obvious bands. Hopefully as things settle down there will be a relaxing of the playlist, and perhaps an opportunity to be more innovative in the daytime schedule.

Currently it's sounding a bit like a GLR hangover. Avoid the obvious - you already have two national radio stations filling that quota to the brim.
John Walker, UK

Great to have GLR back on air with Gid and Phill and Sean etc, I might even purchase a digital radio to hear it outside of the satellite dish I'm using now.
Tone, UK

At last! I haven't heard the same song twice yet. It's nice to have a radio station that has a memory that is longer than a week, although a real shame I don't have a digital radio and only got the internet at uni. I've always thought that the BBC must have so much music in their archives it was definitely time for them to dust it off and play it. I'll try and get a digital radio for christmas, you never know...
Rupert, UK

The hot topic these days is Digital TV, why doesn't the BBC launch a music digital TV channel. Currently, MTV dominates this segment with a very low brow, teenage oriented offering. With all the amazing content which the BBC must possess, such a channel would be a world beater, surely!
James Bruce, UK

More redistribution of wealth - why do I, disabled and unemployed, have to subsidise rich people's toys, yet again? Digital radio is a solution looking for a problem, no one really needs it, it's overpriced and you cannot tell any difference in sound quality from FM - unless you have technical measuring equipment.

I'm being ripped off by the BBC once more, made to pay for rich peoples toys which will never be any use to me, under threat of being locked up if I don't pay for them. This is just not democratic, no-one should have to pay for other people's luxuries. It stinks.
George, UK

About time you lot realised we are not all teenagers, middle aged housewives or retired accountants. There is a massive gap in the market and you should fill it with FM not digital. You are still missing the boat!
Robert Munn, England

Why is the BBC making such a song-and-dance about a station that only a few people can listen to? Along with BBC 4, all I see is another waste of my licence fee.
Jan, UK

There are already a number of people at my uni listening to it via the internet. I reckon it is a great improvement on the commercial rubbish normally played on other stations and a complement to Radio 2 in a way.

Ensure the chatter is kept to an absolute minimum though - we want music, not talk of banal topics among the DJs! Good effort.
Alex, UK

I hope the five people in Britain with digital radio are pleased with this new station.
Andrew Jones, England

I think it's absolutely marvellous the way the BBC is expanding in terms of new channels, so the licence fee is spread so thinly across the corporation. It's a remarkably clever way of creating dead-duck ventures to be axed when there's the next spending review. This way BBC One can remain, but in an even more trite form, since all the quality programming will have migrated to the axed specialist channels. Then we can finally all enjoy the 24-hour Jim Davidson home improvement revolve-o-thon, and feel proud to fund our great national broadcaster.
Tony Howat, UK

It's a great station and thankfully the playlist is far more varied than many other "pop" stations. Keep it up guys!
Paul Robertson, United Kingdom

Jan, more people would be able to listen to 6 Music if the Radio Authority hadn't allowed commercial radio companies to fill up digital spectrum with their bland and boring FM/AM stations.

What the RA should have done was ask ILR companies to launch new format stations - instead of the tired and worn out stations the commercial sector are famous for; in order to attract public interest in digital radio, thus store confidence amongst audio manufacturers which would have resulted in more affordable sets in the shops.

Had the RA gone along with this they could have awarded ILR for their efforts by reserving space for some of their existing stations on the DAB medium.

Government too must shelter some of the blame for failing to set a date for switch off of the analogue medium.
Michael, UK

Quite a nice little radio station just not enough music - shut up Jupitus and Kershaw. If you must talk, learn your lines.
Quentin, UK

Just found this on the web, well done BBC, you've mamaged to brighten up a rainy day in London Town.
Fraser, UK

On the whole, sounding promising. I'm sure the internet listeners will be the station's main audience for a long time.

One point, thought. Why does a station that claims to be so passionate about music still cut songs off 30 - 60 seconds before the end of the track? Music not DJs is what we want.
Andi, UK, UK

I'm really pleased to hear the new station though it's a shame only some people will be able to hear it. Great to see genuine groundbreaking talent like The Clash being championed rather than endless reliance on pop playlists. Keep up the good work.
Dave, England

It's nice to see the digital era is getting support, however another pop and rock station isn't going to persuade me to upgrade yet. When are we going to get a station with instrumental music, new age, relaxing and listenable stuff?
Dr Simon Williams, UK

It's good to see that this radio station is appealing to people who like all good music of the past 40 years, hopefully it will get the right mix of rock, pop, soul and more recently hip hop.
Matt, UK

This is just rock music radio for ageing males. What happened to the other "great" music? Where are the popular black musicians? This is a lost opportunity - when we could have had a free-ranging free-format radio station. There is too much talk and the on-air promotions are dull. Suspect that 6 Music will need a rethink and a relaunch within months.
Chris McWhinnie, UK

Here's a thought. Why not give the existing Radio 3 FM frequencies (which hardly any one listens to) to 6 Music, which is presumably aimed at a mass market. Then put Radio 3 on digital where the classical buffs will appreciate the sound quality.
Simon, England

Been listening to it over the web all this morning and I'm impressed by the quality of both the broadcast and the music being played. Hopefully the price of DAB sets will come down so more people can enjoy it!
Oli, UK

Gideon Coe, Phil Jupitus, Sean Hughes, Clare McDonnell and a day full of The Clash. Great to have the old GLR back.
Michael D, UK

About time too! The BBC successfully managed to ditch the "baby boomer" audience (30-45 year olds who are still fashion conscious and still go to rock concerts) when it revamped Radio 1 and we were swamped with happy- clappy, here today gone tomorrow drivel.This left a huge gap in the market which hopefully is now being addressed.
mf, UK

The four people with digital radios in the UK - AND the several million with Sky digiboxes who can receive this on channel 911. This isn't just for rich kids - Sky digiboxes were free until very recently.
Alistair Tyrrell, UK

I'd personally like to thank the British taxpayer for subsidising another radio station for me to listen to while I slave away at work here in America.
Michael Day, USA

Andrew Jones, are you trying to tell us that commercial radio's offerings of Core and Life(less) are more worthy of exposure? If so, you must work in commercial radio.
Michael, UK

According to a BBC News article, "Interactivity will be a key element of 6 Music." But thus far, my emails have been ignored, I've yet to hear a single song request honoured, and the message boards are so heavily censored that it's impossible to even hold a conversation on them. I can understand why stations as popular Radios 1 and 2 can't possibly be interactive, but 6 Music, with only 500 listeners, has no excuse. Play whatever music you want (and I admit I enjoy the selections), but please guys, drop the "interactivity" pretense if you're not going to bother to accept any feedback except for boot-licking, PR-friendly "God, I love you Phill Jupitus!" comments. We're adults, and we know when we're being lied to.
Aaron, USA

Great music. Great new station. Great job overall.
Rajesh Tahil, India

It is a great station,at least we are not made to listen bunch of rubbish childish "boys" and "girls" band...please remember there are some adult people in this planet loving the music as much as many best wishes for you dears
Sina, Iran

Every new technology needs a killer application to make it a "must have" purchase. 6 Music could be digital radio's long awaited killer app, although the presenters sound a little too earnest. It's almost as if they're trying to justify the station's existence as an educational tool to teach us about the history of rock and pop. Just play us the music we love and chill out!!
Andy, Wales

Your webcasting signal seems extraodinarily weak. I am getting 62% packet loss according to my Real Player. I have similar issues with BBC2's webcast. Your Real Servers must be connected to a bandwidth pipe with latency problems. I can run Saga radio all day here with minimal packet loss.
Ed Terry, US

The BBC has such a fantastic archive, I'm glad there is now a station dedicated to showing it off. Those people whinging about the fact that the broadcast is only digital should broaden their horizons: the BBC is international, and has millions of listeners both home and worldwide tuning in via satellite and the internet. Thank God for digital and good luck Radio 6!
Rob, Germany

Passionate about music, yeah! What the hell, let's just talk over it and interrupt it with banal 6 Music jinglebombs. Nobody really minds - do they? Other than this very, very annoying trait, things appear extremely promising. Some full length concerts from the archives would be really special though...
Thingie, UK

I had trouble getting things going with RealAudio, but once I got it going I found a station that is quite listenable. For those who whine, they should try listening to American radio sometime. Almost all of the music stations are controlled by large broadcasting companies who accept payola from the record companies to fill their playlists with the same bland, 12-17 age group music.

As for the web, recent licensing fighting and the dotcom crash has silenced some quite good internet radio stations here. In this climate, Radio 6 is a very welcome arrival. It's more listenable than every radio station here in Seattle but KEXP....
Gene, USA

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Phill Jupitus is the 6 Music breakfast presenterDigital rocks on
BBC 6 Music dishes up tunes for the boys
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