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Friday, 1 March, 2002, 11:38 GMT
The Grammys: Your views
Alicia Keys' hit Fallin' was named best song
Alicia Keys won five prizes out of her six nominations
The big winners of this year's Grammy awards, the musical equivalent of the Oscars, were R&B singer Alicia Keys, U2 and the musicians who contributed to the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

Coldplay, Destiny's Child, Linkin Park, Eric Clapton, Alison Krauss and Sade also took home prizes.

Meanwhile, organiser Michael Greene attacked websites which allow users to download music for free - claiming they could scupper the chances of up-and-coming artists.

But what do you think?

Do you agree with the choices? Were there any big surprises or major omissions?

And was Michael Greene right to use the Grammys to make his attack?

Here is a selection of BBC News Online users' views.

I think that Craig David should have won an award.
Holly Smith, England

This year's Grammys, like all of the ones before it that I can remember, highlights the main problem with the American music industry - it's too safe. In the best year for American bands in a long time (The Strokes, BRMC, White Stripes) the U.S. is still honouring a band that started over two decades ago, and an album made up from tracks over a century old!
Gary, U.K.

Another shortsided view of the music world by the self-serving insiders. The album with the most sales gets only one figure it out....
Terry, USA

I think Alicia Keys rightly deserved to win all those awards. I throughly enjoyed listening to her album and recommend it to anyone out there who has not experienced it. In my opnion, she is one of the most talented artists this decade and I wish her all the best. Congratulations Alicia.
Ebele Isamah, London, England

To Gary, UK: I wouldn't exactly call the choices too safe, especially in the light of awards for the O Brother soundtrack. As I recall, the Brit awards weren't exactly cutting edge: an Australian lady wiggling her bottom in the air to disco music! And Robbie Williams overkill. And to Holly: Yes it's a pity about the talented Craig David, but the Brit awards didn't give him anything either, and that's where I would have expected him to win!
Helen, UK/USA

Brilliant!!! U2 are the best rock and roll band in the world and I am glad bands that play guitars can still be number one!!! Real musicians, real singers and real songs. Cheers to Coldplay as well!
Peter, Canada

Well done U2!!!
Elvis, Namibia

The Grammys once again proved to be a joke, and it is unfortunate that some slack-jawed yokels walked home with Best Album. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Oh brother, where has your logic gone?! It is my feeling that U2 deserved to win the award due in no small part to their resounding success this year, their blockbuster tour, and the emotional strength it gave America post Sept 11. U2 however, may not have deserved to win best Pop song for Stuck in a Moment.

The questions I pose are: Where was Radiohead? The Strokes? Craig David? If Usher wins over Craig David, there is something wrong. This year's edition of the Grammys followed suit as an American back patting, short sighted, and predictable embarrassment to the recoding industry (whose true innovators will never get recognition).
James, Canada (orig. Manchester)

I think the Backstreet Boys deserved to win an award. It's a shame that good talent isn't recognised these days!
Joanne, London, England

Good to see Manfred Eicher win a well-deserved award as a producer. He undoubtedly deserves more recognition for his contributions to contemporary music, and just as certainly has more talent in his little finger than most of the other winners have put together. His ECM label is truly the realm of unfamiliar beauty.
Mike Hennessy, UK

Of course bands like The Strokes should have been nominated, but I think for once the Grammy officials, in the words of Alicia Keys "were thinking a little bit out of the box". Isn't it better that most of the people recognised last night "were doing it for themselves"? Producing/writingplaying/singing their own music. Not some glib record with a few dance steps thrown in. Which sadly seems to be the state of the UK pop market these days.

In my view, last night, for perfomance alone, Mary Jo Blige should have got something, she sang her heart out and brought the audience to their feet after.

But hey, Coldplay and Sade were honoured and Craig David is doing great here, he will definitely be a Grammy Winner next year.
Debra, UK/USA

With such a ludicrous number of impossibly named categories, this show has to be a joke, right? Still, it must keep the engravers happy.
Chris White, UK

Is it me or do British music fans seem to think the world should revolve around British or European artists? I've read countless comments of people complaining about Coldplay, Radiohead, Craig David, and Brit acts being pipped and the answer is because it the Grammys are not the Brits.

Craig David's bland attempt at R&B music cannot compete with Usher and other American R&B stars who have mastered and are defining the music scene in America right now. Believe it or not almost all of the British acts you love so dearly are not even known or mentioned in the US.

Acts such as Robbie Williams, Craig David, Kylie Minogue, and others that you so highly regard are nobodies. The US has their own version and the originals of each of those acts.

Kylie is a Madonna rip off, Westlife is a boring and dull N'Sync or BSB. Britsh rock never hits in the US anymore because they're all rip offs of American artists. Why should the Grammys honour British nobodies?
Urias, USA

Mary J. Blige's performance was the show stopper at the Grammys.Her flawless execution was genuinely from the heart. Her raw emotions and stage presence just did it for me.
Piwe, South Africa

Well done to Coldplay! Amazing talent and music has been awarded finally. If anyone hasn't heard that album, I recommend it strongly! I completely agree with Debra: Mary J Blige should have gotten something after that performance.W ow. Did anyone else notice how she changed the last verse and said something about "How something you love doing turns to something you hate!'"? She deserved that ovation. She is a woman obviously in pain or trying to recover.

I also say that Craig David will be back. He's young and gonna have a lot more hits and nominations. He will win something for everything next year. And to Joanne: no, the Backstreet Boys aren't a strong talent in most people's opinion. They've gotten laboriously annoying now to the mainstream audience; another cheesy boyband has come and gone. I'm sorry that they didn't win an award for a faithful fan like you, though.

Basically, I agree completely with everything Debra, UK/USA wrote.

I find it a shame that the Grammys proved themselves unworthy of holding the distinction as the main musical award show, properly giving awards to artists who deserve them rather than the commercially overhyped artist.

Alicia Keys was not deserving of five awards and India Arie was snubbed and basically robbed, going home empty-handed. What message are they really trying to send to artists and the music audience? I don't think it's a good one. Especially when other artists such as U2 realise and even acknowledge artists like India Arie. Shame.
Kakazi, USA

I agree with the comments Gary made. I feel the Grammys this year were more about September 11th than real musical talent. This year was a real let down as none of the award winners deserved to win. I found the speech by the prseident a complete joke and just sour grapes, as the internet is not ruining the music industry, pop artists and pop Idol are doing that for them.
Richard White, UK

Big ups to Bono, Larry, Adam and Edge. You are the greatest and long may you prosper. Let's see you back onstage in the UK and a new studio album before too long. That way you can win some more Grammys next year. The Brits, are you listening? How dare you ignore the greatest band on the planet.
Steve, UK

I was really surprised to see that India Arie did not win one single Grammy for her efforts in pleasing her fans and the radio stations with many requests and much record play. The Grammy awards were very dissappointing and I don't think that me or my sister will watch again unless you have a damn good singer.

Even though Alicia Keys has a hit CD, my friends and I all agree that she is over-rated and that you guys probably picked her because you thought that's what we wanted to hear, but change is good, so next time I hope that you will focus on music that a college audience would want to hear just as much as an older audience.

We are all ages 19-23, and we thought the Grammys were boring. Next year we will rent movies so we will have something decent to watch when you take up all of the air time.
Terrell, U.S.A.

Michael Greene's whining is typical of the music industry's misplaced self-pity, which has been going on for years. We heard the same sad story about pirating when Dolby-equipped cassette decks made the scene - back then, the music gurus tried to have a punitive tax placed on all blank cassettes! The fact is that when good music and creative packaging are combined, the public gladly pays for it. How much of that did we see last year? Add to that the pitiful state of American radio, and resulting lack of exposure for many fine artists, and yes, there is a problem - the lowest-common-denominator mentality of the music and broadcast industries.
Steve, USA

Good to see Manfred Eicher win a well-deserved award as a producer. He undoubtedly deserves more recognition for his contributions to contemporary music, and just as certainly has more talent in his little finger than most of the other winners have put together. His ECM label is truly the realm of unfamiliar beauty.
Mike Hennessy, UK

U2's "Walk On" was the best part of the Grammys I've ever watched so far. What a way to begin the awards show. U2 is one of the most talented and likable contemporary bands to be a part of the Grammy bonanza. When can I rush to the music store to pick your next musical offer Bono and the boys?
Vincent Rodrigues, India

I feel that Alicia Keys won too many awards, and Nelly Furtado should have won more awards as I think she deserved them 10 times more.
Joey, England, London

How on earth could earth could a boy band like Linkin Park win best hard rock single? What were they thinking? System of a Down deserve a Grammy for Chop Suey! None of that Linkin Park rubbish.
Jasmin, New Zealand

Well done to U2 on their Grammys. Long may they continue.
Heather Jackson, United Kingdom

Alicia Keys is one of the few truly talented artists out there, for a long long time. I believe that music is good when you can listen to the CD over and over again without tiring. And this is what Alicia Keys has done for me. Her music is a fusion of everything that I could possibly hope for and her songs truly touch my soul. I couldn't ask for anything more. On another note, my views concur with Urias. British music is no longer what it used to be...and as such has lost its individuality. British music now is a complete waste of time and is nothing more than a few factory-churned tunes with a synthsiser. In the past, listening to a song in the UK used to be like listening to a story. Very witty and unique. However, unless British music producers begin to open their eyes, British music will continue to be ...without a better expression, pretty pathetic.
Slick, U.K.

I thought Alicia Keys and Nelly Furtado's performances were fantastic - but I wasn't so sure about the flamenco bit and didn't Alicia's legs look funny in those boots!
Vikky, Australia

My only comment about the Grammys is that Stevie Nicks was robbed. She should have won the category for best female performance in a rock song. Instead the award went to Lucinda Williams and even she admitted it wasn't a rock song! What an injustice!! It is high time that the music industry opened their eyes to the amazing vocal and songwriting skills of Stevie and awarded her a Grammy.
Pip Fidler, UK

U2 is welcome to stay in America forever! "Elevation" is THE classic rock song - I should know, I'm 53 and STILL rockin.
Roberta Trew, USA

Well done to Jeff Beck, nice to see him up the top where he should be.
Paul Hudson, UK

Actually to Ava and to anyone else who wants to diss the Backstreet Boys who are the biggest pop band in the world today. They aren't lame and their audience has got nothing but stronger. They did deserve that Grammy. That Grammy nomination was their 8th nomination already. Four years in a row they have been nominated for one and they didn't win cause the Grammys dont like boy bands and they like the veterans of music.

The Backstreet Boys aren't going anywhere. They have a loyal fan base all around the world and are the nicest five guys you'll ever meet. So in conclusion do not bash another group that you don't like or appreciate, just keep your rude comments to yourself. The Backstreet Boys are here to stay and they are still as big as ever.
Linda, New Zealand

Alicia Keys
Hear a clip from Fallin'
Hear a clip from Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Nelly Furtado
Hear a clip from I'm Like A Bird
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