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Thursday, 21 February, 2002, 16:09 GMT
Brit winners 2002: Your views
Dido on stage at the 2002 Brits
Dido and Kylie Minogue have dominated this year's Brit Awards, picking up two statuettes each.

Robbie Williams won best British male, but the Gorillaz went home empty-handed.

Brit-watchers looking for controversy had a quiet night - but Frank Skinner's performance as host went down badly with the audience.

What did you think of this year's Brits winners? Was the ceremony too safe and predictable - or was it a real showcase for the best of British talent?

Here is a selection of BBC News Online users' views.

I think the Brits have gone way off the mark. The best British newcomers for this year and last year have been boy bands. The establishment should be giving the award to hard-working bands that actually play music to people are actually old enough to appreciate.

I think that some awards should be scrapped of voted for fairly in all magazines and music TV programmes.
Danny Gregory, UK

There are plenty of negative comments here about the Brits. People should relax a little - it's only harmless fun. Radiohead sell records, Bob the Builder sells records, and even So Solid Crew sell records, so they all provide a certain part of the population with some sort of enjoyment.

It's still a mystery that U2 failed to recive any nominations

ndy Labrow, UK
The Brits is just a bit of a laugh and I'll certainly be watching it on the telly tonight - if only to enjoy the talent thats there, slate the rubbish thats there, and see Kylie dance.
Dave, UK

That the terminally bland Westlife won an award says it all. It's way past parody, really, isn't it?
Neville Walker, UK

It's still a mystery that U2, who were the second highest grossing act in the world last year, with one of the most succesful world tours of any band (ever) failed to recive any nominations. Oh yes, I've just remembered, the Brits doesn't have to be about talent.
Andy Labrow, Bury, UK

The Brits as per usual threw up the usual suspects and winners, and all it is an industry backslapping drink-up, where the record execs can all get together and just congratulate themselves on what a job they have done in the last 12 months.

Pop music 2002 is insipid and sterile, with no real rebels.
David, UK

Bring back the good old days with Oasis, Blur etc

Ricky Krawetz, UK
No award for Gorillaz? The Brits yet again award marketability over talent and content.
Neil, UK

Glad to see Travis picked an award up, would of been nice to see the same for the Gorrilaz, but we know that wasn't to be. The Brits are not what they used to be. Bring back the good old days with Oasis, Blur etc. And when will Oasis get to pick up the life time achievment award?
Ricky Krawetz, UK

The entire thing is an absolute farce. When are we ever going to start rewarding actual talent again? I'm sure the Grammy organisers must be laughing at us Brits right now - we just haven't got a clue as to what rewarding talent is all about. My only congratulations would go to Travis and Sting, who both deserve the praise.
Yvonne, UK

Get rid of the Brits, they are worthless

Chris, US
As an exiled Brit, who feels the music scene in the US is so sterile with grunge still alive, I look frequently to the UK music scene for new acts to show that rock isn't dead.

However having seen the results from a so-called celebration of British music talent, I wonder what hope they have of being recognised for the talent they have. Get rid of the Brits, they are worthless, and only provide evidence of what is completely wrong with the hyped music industry in the UK.
Chris, US

As John Peel said once, though not of the Brits:"A tragic waste of talent and electricity."
Kev, UK

Well done to The Strokes, the only nominees worthy of their award. Have to agree that Shaggy winning best male is a joke!!
Kirsty, Scotland

Didn't see it because it's so bland and caters for the 7-13 age group of music buyers

Carl, England
The banality of the Brits indicates how dull the big record companies can be - directly driven by record sales, money and piling tripe music on tween-agers rather than pushing talent. Independent labels get your act together, get a roster of real talent and get out from under the dull big boys!
Reed, London, UK

Didn't see it because it's so bland and caters for the 7-13 age group of music buyers and they buy compilations. There should be recognition for Muse, Ash, Starsailor, Charletans, Feeder etc. But there never will be unless they all lose their individuality and conform.
Carl, England

The Brits is completley out of touch these days. It is just about record comanies giving themselves a pat on the back for releasing sucessful Rubbish (Westlife, So Solid Crew, S Club 7). Some talent deserve it like Dido and Kylie. But how Gorillaz, one of the UK's most original bands in recent years missed out on an award is mad!
Adam Smith, Ebgland

The Brits need a good shake-up and whoever decideds on the winners needs to wake up and have a good look around!
Ceris, UK

It's great to see Dido and Sting, who are great musicians gratefully accepting their awards

Jackie, UK
Well it's just another reason for pop stars to go out and get drunk on corporate money while the fans get to sit at home a watch another mindless ritual, again.
Stuart Clack, England

How can Robbie Williams win Best Male again ? The Brits is becoming desparately predictable. Why not cancel it until the next big thing comes along, at the moment it is backslapping in overdrive
Tim, UK

The reason why I did not watch this entertaining programme for the musical stars is simply because that idiot Frank Skinner presented it. Far better to have Samantha Fox doing it. Ron
Ronald Nuttall, England

It's great to see Dido and Sting, who are great musicians gratefully accepting their awards.
Jackie, UK

Dido is a good singer but No Angel is a 6 out of 10 and she knows it.
Chris T. Anarchie, London

I wouldnt mind what these talentless media monkeys get up to, but why do I get it smeared in my face by the so called music press?

Andrew, Scotland
I thought the Brits was good but So Solid Crew deserve more then they recieved, with the amount they have had to put up with in the last year.
Ryan Bailey, Isle of Wight, England

Well done to the Brit Awards for once again proving how irrelevent they actually are.
Kevin, UK

I was lucky enough to win tickets and went along to the Brits but am wondering if I saw the same ceremony as BBC News Online's Ian Youngs. Frank Skinner was the funniest host the Brits have ever had - perhaps if Ian had been in the "proles" seating area rather than the press seats he'd have noticed hoards of people genuinely laughing out loud to the gags.
Stuart, England

What was the point? I didn't even watch, it was entirely predictable anyway.
Briony, England

When is Cliff Richard going to be rewarded for his diligence and perseverance?

Kieron Kerr, England
I am so glad to see that so many people on this page are able to see through the whole Brit scam. It restores my faith in the fact that real people enjoy real music.
Malcolm Sired, UK

When is Cliff Richard going to be rewarded for his diligence and perseverance in the face of media adversity? He is the true legend of rock. He is the true legend of rock.
Kieron Kerr, England

Let's face it, the Brits is well past its sell by date.
Rob, Cardiff, Wales

Limp, talentless drones foisted on an uncritical, sheep-like public by a bunch of fatuous middle-aged industry money men.
Mike, UK

Though I was unable to see the awards I feel that the outcome was great. I'm very happy for all of the winners, though why Linkin Park and Craig David did not win an award is beyond me.
Kelly, USA

It is great to see Dido and Kylie Minogue scoop the headlines with two richly deserved awards each

Richard, England
These awards don't mean a great deal, but some of those people making comments without any musical knowledge should shut up. Dido writes her own songs which are good listening although not everyones cup of tea. Anyone who writes or plays should always get the vote over the faces that can do neither but will always be there because they make record companies money.
Chris Esson, Scotland

The Brits, before it was named as such, had some kudos among the record buying public because it actually acknowledged good music and talented artists. The name change has seen a corresponding drop in the integrity of the whole event. It is now nothing more than an over-long advertisement for 'product' that the record companies want us to buy.
Neil, Wales, UK

Safe and predictable marketing scam as usual then. How a talentless clown like Shaggy can be awarded the category of best international male over someone like Ryan Adams sums up the whole thing for me.
Mark Kennedy, UK

Since when has mediocracy and banality been awarded in our musc industry ?

I feel the awards have become less about the music and more about promoting and backslapping

Andrew Bowers, UK
Well done to the Strokes and Dido. But Robbie, best male? For an album of karaoke performances?
Simon Green, UK

I feel the awards have become less about the music and more about promoting and backslapping the marketing departments.
Andrew Bowers, Surrey, UK

Radiohead is just one of the bands that deserves so much more credit than they get, but then again they shouldn't look for credit in such a terrible award ceremony.
Arnab Majumdar, Canada

Well done to Dido, well worthy of her two awards. Other acts should take note, good music, intelligent lyrics and a voice to charm the birds out of the trees is what it takes these days to become a quite justifiable global winner. Well done once again.
Doug Williams, Wales UK

Any award ceremony that counts Bob the Builder among its list of nominees cannot be taken seriously. Can you imagine Barney the Dinosaur being awarded a Grammy?
Elliott, UK

Great nominations this year although Sophie Ellis-Bextor should have one Best British Female at least

Rupert, UK
Are we ever going to see a female winner who can sing? Dido writes nice little ditties and Furtado is quite creative - but both have very thin reedy voices. Minogue's is even worse and that is without the creative talent - she keeps in tune, it does not mean she can sing. Why not just give awards for tiny women who wear few clothes and have done with it?
Cleo, Scotland

The nominations were jokes

Geoff Batchelor, UK
Come on, Travis - its a joke! Jamiroquai easily blows them away. And how come the fab Anastacia doesnt beat The Strokes (saddoes or what) as best international newcomer - she is way better! What planet are the judges on? And how come Westlife beat S Club 7 - S Club must be the most consistently good pop band around.
Hannah & Natasha, UK

The nominations were jokes. The winners were the punchlines.
Geoff Batchelor, UK

Great nominations this year although Sophie Ellis-Bextor should have one Best British Female at least. How the talentless and irritating Dido won this catagory shows that there is no justice.
Rupert Curthoys, UK

Robbie Williams' comments about Will - what a joke

Michael David, UK
How could Craig David not win something two years in a row, when he's by far, one of the most talented of all the nominations as a whole?
F Demosthenes, UK

Robbie Williams' comments about Will - what a joke. Scaried of a bit of talent are we? I thought you were getting over the "poor me phase". Now I know you're as bad as ever. You seem to forget where you came from. Bad dancing in Take That. Accept it mate, your star is falling, fast.
Michael David, UK

In what was a great celebration of music in this country, it is great to see Dido and Kylie Minogue scoop the headlines with two richly deserved awards each. Also good to see So Solid Crew and Basement Jaxx awarded for great input into the british music industry this year. However, many of the awards were easily well predicted and its arguable about how worthy the likes of Blue, Shaggy, Westlife or the Strokes are in getting awards. Despite this and good, if not safe, awards ceremony performance.
Richard Chamberlain, England

What a joke! For years the Brits has been going down the pan: it used to symbolise great British music, but in previous years has turned into the worst of the British music industry! Of all the nominations, for Gorillaz, Radiohead and REM to miss out just goes to show how bad the situation has become. Also, let's hear more on Sting's award - the only justified praise of the evening yet one that receives the least acknowledgement!
Dom Thomas, UK

I wouldnt mind what these talentless media monkeys get up to, but why do I get it smeared in my face by the so called music press?
Andrew, St Andrews, Scotland

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