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Monday, 11 February, 2002, 10:48 GMT
Pop Idol: Your views
Gareth Gates and Will Young
Gareth Gates and William Young: Both set for stardom
So, William Young is the new face that will not be off our TV screens, and the voice that will not be off our radios, for months to come.

ITV1's Pop Idol has been chosen and the show has finally come to an end.

Did the right person win? What did you think of the Pop Idol format and should there be another series - or should we finally be looking elsewhere for our musical heroes?

Here is a selection of BBC News Online users' views.

I would have loved Gareth to win. He is very sweet and has a marvellous voice. I think there should have been two winners, both were great.
Teresa, Alderney

Both Will and Gareth are good singers. However, no doubt they will suffer in the hands of their record companies. They will be made to sing forgettable cheese for a year before being dropped, when they could achieve much more as respected artists.
Ed, UK

Finally, an ugly bloke wins a major competition on telly... theres hope for me yet then!
Neil Jackson, UK

I have a feeling the whole thing was fixed at the last minute. Gareth was obviously the nations favourite and somehow Will won. I can't see the connection? Can you?
Pip Kula, uk

Pop Idol? Vacuum-brained little boys, packaged by vacuum-brained music industry moguls for vacuum-brained little girlies and their vacuum-brained mums. Awful!
Emma, UK

I'm glad Will won, I couldn't cast my vote since the lines were so busy. However I hope there won't be anymore series, things like this should be a one off event.
Ana, UK

The show was great. Really entertaining. Will was by far the best with such a strong versitile voice. My only concern would be that it seems the single to be released is a Westlife song and aimed more at Gareth then Will.. did the judges asume Gareth would win?
Ed H, UK

What are you all on about. Will is the best pop idol around for he is so cool and bright. I will definetly be getting his album and also going to see as many performances of his as possible
Mammon, wales

Congratulations to the producers of Pop Idol - whipping up such massive consumer frenzy from this banal material show the mark of genius. Well done!
Al, UK

Hmm, there's a lot of jealous people on here. I couldn't get through to Will so it wasn't only Gareth's number that had a problem. And I don't think there's another 500,000 people on here that would have voted for him. Will won the poll on here, and Will was a better singer. Gareth is just Westlife's sixth member and we don't need that! It's nice to have some genuine people in the industry now.
DavidB6937, UK

In true style, I was addicted to this program, and everyones a winner as both Will and Gareth have contracts. But what about the amazing Darius, his Atomic Kitten ruled!!
Ricki Walker, England

I think Gareth should of won because he is the best

Ciara, 6
Will and Darius succeeded because they had original, versatile voices that appealed to the 25-45 demographic which the music industry has been shamefully neglecting in recent years. Please stop the Westlification of the charts and I just wish Will was able to tell Simon Cowell where to shove his contract and sign up with someone who has the talent to develop his unique voice and style as it deserves. Great telly though!
Paola, UK

BBC One's new series The Next Big Thing is already better than Pop Idol. The talent of the acts so far has been great, and they have more musical ability than the pretty boys/girls of Pop Idle.
Steve Maddern, Wales

The best man won. Will has a much more powerful voice than Gareth and his performances over the last six months has been a lot more consistent. I can't help but think that Gareth would have won with the sympathy vote more than anything else. Well done Will!!
Sally, UK

Pop Idol is over can we get back to normal and talk about something else?
Edward Dawes, UK

I think Gareth should of won because he is the best.
Ciara 6, uk

I cannot understand how they ended up with such a mediocre bunch of singers and performers. Will was the best of a bad bunch but the formulaic rubbish they were making him sing did his voice no justice. He will be rich but his credibility and independence is ruined for good. Still if you sell your soul like that then you get what you deserve.
Geoff, UK

I keep seeing it written that about 8 million people voted. This is untrue, the majority of people made two or more votes, so it isn't really an accurate count of the public interest - it just caught the imagination of the gullible few.
AJAnthon, UK

I watched the shows and enjoyed them. I assume those who called it pap or worse didn't. I don't think either Will or Gareth are heavyweight enough to survive for more than a few months, and certainly won't without the backing of the agents they've signed with. Those who couldn't get through to vote for Gareth? Something fishy there, although two people I know managed over 30 phone votes between them - all for Gareth!
Stephen Dale, UK

Darius will always be the real hero of the series but I'm glad Will beat Gareth!
Martin Hennessy, Scotland

I think Simon Cowell/ITV have a lot of explaining to do. Gareth has been the favourite for some time now. When millions vote, it takes a major event to change the outcome so when, during Saturday's final, Simon said to Will "I better be nice to you since we'll be working together", I was very surprised. It has all the hallmarks of a predetermined outcome especially if Gareth has already got a contract with Simon's company.
Dave, UK

I am really disapointed and think that Gareth should have won because he has been the best all the way through. I had to try all night, till I finally got my vote through 10 minutes before the show started. Couldn't there have been more phone lines for him? Gareth will always be my pop idol (all my friends at school think so too).
Emma, England

Gareth is my superstar, he will go on to great things, his sheer determination will get him there. Just a pity more of us couldn't get through on the phone lines - the result could have been very different
anne, UK

I think Gareth should have won. In all the polls recently Gareth was by far the favourite..and now Will has won... its a crime! Best of luck to the both of them though
Alison, UK

I prefer to watch my cat play with a ball of paper rather than waste my time on pop idols

Wolf, UK
It's clearly pap. I had to endure an episode while visiting home (London) and I could care less who eventually won. The panel was as inept as the contestants. I suppose in another year or so British TV will be as bad as what I get over here in the US. Stop the rot and put more interesting things on.
Mr Fox, USA & Sometimes Still UK

Get a Life People. Everyone knows that Simon Cowell was the most talented one there
Jim, England

If the people taking part in Pop Idol are really as talented as they claim they are, they would make it eventually, without making themselves look like puppets, and receive real respect for their talent.
Henna, Hull

Great TV show! I don't care who've won because in my eyes they are both winners. I will miss the yellow 'Vizzavvi' chickens in the commercial break. They were so cute.
Decker, Seychelles

It is clear that Will and Gareth are good friends and pleased for each other. I therefore think it's pathetic that people have to come on here and create bad feeling towards either one of them. No one can truthfully say that Will or Gareth are talentless as they both possess great voices and mature attitudes. Enough of the jealousy!
Louise, Scotland

This genre of television as with all the reality type shows does no good for good music and good television at all. It's total and utter garbage. I prefer to watch my cat play with a ball of paper rather than waste my time on pop idols etc.
Wolf, UK

Will deserves the title of pop idol. As one of the judges said, he could have come from any era because his voice is so unique and amazing. He sent shivers down my spine every time I heard him sing.
Jennifer, Northern Ireland

I think the real pop idol will always be Gareth, as Gareth has pop material, where as Will does not, he is more of a classical singer. Gareth you will always be a pop idol in my eyes.
vicki, England

Pop Idol was of no interest to me at the beginning of the series but it has had me gripped for the past eight weeks. To me, Will stood out right away and I'm really glad that he won. I hope that he has great success - I'm already looking forward to buying his album.
Jessica Bray, UK

It's PAP along with most of commercial television! The public are treated like morons. Where the hell is the talent in this eighteen week Karaoke marathon? Like most of today's pop, nowhere! It's just a huge money spinning racket!

N.L Jones,

Being 35, Pop Idol is hardly marketed at me, however I object to this record industry money making scheme assaulting my eyes and my ears. I feel sorry for Will - the money he will make will pale into insignificance compared to the record label that has a noose around his neck. Best of luck mate, you will need it because George Michael you're not...
Douglas, UK

Every Saturday at about the same time as Pop Idol, we have our own singing contest in the local rugby club. Last night against all the betting, Fat Pete the Loose head prop won with his rendition of Baracle Bill. Well done to all the contestants.
Peter, United Kingdom

Pop Idol was vital viewing in our uni house every saturday night. Will deserved to win, and I'm sure that both of them will do very well.
Jo, England

I feel a bit sorry for Gareth, as he was clearly the better singer, but I think the real loser is music. While, technically, the lads could sing in tune, they both possess bland, indistinctive, boy-band voices - I'm sure Jim Morrison will be turning in his grave at such as soul-less rendition of Light My Fire!
Andrew, United Kingdom

Most people dream it, Will did it, he is living the dream and he deserves it. He has a fantastic voice and worked hard to win. I think you are fantastic Will and I will be buying your single well done, the best man won.
Trace, Hants, UK

When is the UK ever going to be ready for a male singer who sings like a man, not a girl?
Barry, UK

I have been glued to my seat for the last 10 weeks. Fantastic TV. What will do without it? Will has the most amazing voice and I will running out to the shops on the 25th of Feb to buy his record. I notice most of the nasty comments are from blokes. Not jealous at all are we lads ?
kelly, UK

Yeah i think the right guy won. Will is amazing, unique and talented and I'm sure he will go far!!!!! However I would have been just as happy if Gareth had won, he is also amazing and has a style of his own!!! They both deserve the future sucess I'm sure they are going to achieve!!!!!
Shinead, England

Mikee.... Your comments concerning Gareth and him 'playing on his speech' is outrageous. As a fellow stutterer I know the anguish and humiliation every time I try and speak. People do not understand there is no control. As for Pop Idol, Will was better on the night and deserved to win, but lets face it they are both winners and will both go far. At least Gareth has had a little of the pressure taken away and will have time to develop out of the spotlight!
Matt, London

Well done to Will and Gareth, they both have great voices, but at the end of the day Zoe and Haley had better voices than both of them. Will is not a pop idol and Gareth should be in a boy band not an individual singer.
Sam, North England

Will was the deserved winner. He sings effortlessly and will become one of the truly great worldwide singers. His talent is amazing. Commiserations to Gareth who has great courage and sang well, but was no match for Will.
John, South Africa

Yesterday, in the unexpected winter sunshine, a fly landed on the wall outside my house. For me, this event garnered more interest than the results of Pop Idol.

Ian White, UK
It was a brilliant show, and wonderful to watch, will miss it greatly. However, if they have another show too soon then we'll see the same people again, like with Popstars and Pop Idol, should be another two years at least!
Adam Garratt, England

Oh, for heaven's sake! Once again, the Great British viewing public bows it's head at the alter of over-hyped commercialism. The real winner didn't have to sing a note. How often are we going to fall for this? Simon Cowell must be laughing up his sleeve at all of us!
Dan, UK

Yesterday, in the unexpected winter sunshine, a fly landed on the wall outside my house. For me, this event garnered more interest than the results of Pop Idol.
Ian White, United Kingdom

Will won because the country wanted to see the best singer win - there is no comparison. Anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously just in love with Gareth's look - personally Zoe, Hayley and Darius all had better voices than Gareth so I'm so glad that the real winner won !!!
Susan, UK

Well done Will, everybody thought that Gareth would win due to his stammer. You have won due to pure, raw talent. Both will go far, but Will, you have been the first thing the public have voted for in years that has won by a popular vote, and not just voter apathy. WELL DONE MATE!
Scott, Wales, Wales

Pop Idol and all programs like these are a waste of consumers' time. They're nothing but glorified advertisments. I feel sorry for Will as, given another year, his albums will undoubtedly grace the bargain bins alongside those of Hear'Say and Liberty.
Phil Pill, UK

A triumph from start to finish! It had it all - emotion, excitement,energy and entertainment with a capital 'E'. And to top it all the underdog reigned supreme. Will, Gareth and Darius thank you for brightening up my Saturday evenings for the past 20 weeks. Roll on Feb 25th!!!
Joanna, scotland

I was a sceptic of this show coming so soon after Popstars and Soapstars but it won me over. It was rich with the kind of entertainment so often missing from television. It had everything a good show should have. Gareth and Will were both stars and long may they shine!
Jay, UK

Talentless, tasteless, unimaginative, mass produced crap!
Dave, Wales

Total and utter rubbish-like all the rest of the viewing on a Saturday night. Sad it appeals to the mass audience, but I have to wonder what make these viewers tick??
Kevin, UK

Justice, as they say, HAS BEEN DONE! There is nothing more to say. The talent in both contestants was obvious, Gareth Gates will go far, but Will will last longer. Well done Will.
Hamish, UK

If everyone who wanted to vote could have got through, would the final outcome been any different. Gareth is a real star. He should have won.
Heather , N. Ireland

Very enjoyable viewing..yes, what will happen to Saturday evenings? I think the contestants outshone the silly presenters and that some true talent emerged. I'm very pleasd Will won, with his distinctive, versatile voice, but I feel Gareth was equally good and is sure to go far.
Ann, UK

What a load of garbage!
Nicholas Blair, Uk

How sad it is to see such low grade pap on the minds of so many people. Hundreds of song writers struggle in pub and clubs in bands they've formed themselves. Why should good looking "singers" be given the chance like the Pop Idol cheats?
Liam Pennington, UK

On all of the news websites Gareth has taken the lead and Gareth is a better singer. He has been favourite for the last two months, and Will won! Gareth should have won if you ask me the vote counters have counted wrong!
Michael luke, England

I am furious that myself and most of my family could not register any votes for Gareth. We all tried for two hours and managed only to get through four times. The areas we called from were Yorkshire, Dorset and Essex. How the hell did all Will's fans get through. He is no Pop Idol. We all think it was fixed and will not buy any of Will's records now.
Mrs Caroline Barker, England

Well done to Will!! He thoroughly deserved to win. He has an amazing voice. Throughout the contest his performance has been outstanding. He has a great personality and I see great future ahead of him.
Reuben C, South Africa

There is more to being a superstar than just being able to sing. Neither Gareth nor Will has any stage presence - watching them is boring, even though their voices may be ok.
Neil, UK

What a great show, so much tension I had butterflies in my stomach I felt like I was stood up there. Will and Gareth are very brave, both stars, but Will has the slightly better voice than Gareth though Will's voice is more unique. Will has made me laugh loads with his jokes and Gareth as well. I hope they both do well and Darius as well.
Sarah, Lincolnshire, England

At the end of the day, Pop idol made great TV - and let's face it Saturday night TV has been struggling to capture the viewers for a while now. So let's embrace it with open arms.
Mark Wall, UK

Since you asked, pap.
Tim Elliott, Dubai

This method of finding musical talent has had its day, I think its time we went back to the days when people were spotted doing thier own gigs which would make good television. Voting is meant to be the majorities opinion but its mainly young females that vote.
Nigel, West Midlands

Will did really well and deserved to win, Gareth was not strong enough and played on his speech problem which didn't pay off in the end. Will has more talent and personality which showed throughout the series, well done mate.
Mikee H, UK

Yawn. What's all the fuss about then? The folks who control our lives must be very pleased to know they can manipulate millions of subjects through a box in the corner of a room!. "Lighten up," I hear the cry, "it's only a bit of fun". I think not.
Barry, UK

This show has been totally addictive for me - I've watched it right from the start. Once it got to the finals stage I wanted Will or Darius to win, simply because they seemed Pop Idols to me, so I am naturally delighted that Will has won.
Carol Gibson, United Kingdom

Well done Will. What a entertainer he is and going to be. I have loved watching him and now thankfully we will see more of him. Gareth, well done too. He is fantastic also and I am sure that he will be well looked after and in the charts pretty soon too. I know Will won but they are both winners. Roll on Big Brother next.
Sheila Jones, Preston, Lancs

Mindless, instantly forgettable music and format that no-one will remember in two years time. Where is the sincerity, conviction or emotion? Who moves you more - BB King or Gareth Gates?
Andrew Kerr, UK

There have always been vocal stars, but is it me or is that all we get these days? I like singers but please please lets see more real musicians that play and sing and write lets see a series that promotes this, split into different panels juging , a guitarist, a drummer, a bass player.
Tim, UK

The best vioce won on the night, Will is an amazing singer, but the whole thing is a bit distasteful; pushing the predjudice that we only want beautiful singers, not talented musicians.
Christopher, UK

I was disappointed with the result, as I wanted Gareth to win and what frustrated me the most is that I could not get through to vote for you Gareth.
Nick, Uk London

So, the whole nation was in the grip of Pop Idol fever, really? Perhaps the TV companies should be on the look out for genuinely talented singer/song writers, musicians and artists rather than yet another manufactured pretty boy/girl/group act performing someone elses work.
John Amos, UK

First lets say well done to Will!!. But the show was looking for a pop idol and I think that Gareth fitted the statement better. But no matter how the final turned out Gareth will still get a record deal and we will not see the last of him.
Claire, Scotland

Congratulations to Will. I would have voted for Gareth except it was impossible to get through. Strangely enough my sister got through to vote for Will!!
Kate, UK

I hope the handful of people behind the scenes give Will every opportunity to be successful whilst they count their money. Otherwise he'll be back to obscurity far quicker than the time it took to run the Pop idol series.
Richard, UK

My sincere congratualtions to all the business concerns that made a killing out of millions of feeble-minded citizens phoning in to vote, week after week, to choose their "idol". I thought Big Brother was bad but this has got to be the con of the century (so far).
Craig, Scotland

Is the BBC just a little jealous that they have not had such a successful programme of this nature. It seems all they do is knock it. I have not watched the show every week but found it to be compelling viewing in the last few epidodes. Best of luck to both finalists - however Gareth should have won!!
Bob Hill, England

Bland voice, sings with little emotional commitment. The country gets the music industry it deserves: I guess another few years of over-produced, meaningless pop ballads are all that we will hear.
Andrew McKenna, UK

Gareth and Will were brilliant, the big difference for me was, Gareth could reduce me to tears and raise goose pimples with every song Will never could.
John (55 year old), England

Will deserved to win as he has the most amazing voice that sends shivers down your spine everytime he sings. Gareth is a good singer however, I felt he was getting the sympathy vote. Well done Will! Can't wait to hear your album.
Paul, Scotland

It's sad to see that more people vote in Pop Idol than vote in the general elections. Granted, most of them are under 18, but it's interesting to see that the British public are more interested in voting in a cynical, short-term, moneymaking program than voting for who will run our country and have a direct influence on our lives.
Marc, UK

The whole show was a bit of a farce until this week when justice prevailed. The excess number of female voters meant Hayley and Zoe were binned much earlier than they should have been, and Darius also was a better singer for male fans. The final was just a battle of who women wanted to win. A totally sexist contest. I hope Hayley and Zoe go onto bigger things.
Jack, UK

I think that Gareth should have won by far and that Will is a one-hit wonder.
Tom, UK

It was great, and even greater that someone with real humility, humour and general niceness won!

Beth Foster, England
People can criticise programmes as much as they want, as lowering standards of entertainment, but Pop Idol has shown that nothing is more gripping that true human emotion, talent and youthful ambition. It was great, and even greater that someone with real humility, humour and general niceness won! Yay, go Will!
Beth Foster, England

Do we need yet more wimp pop boys cluttering up the media? No, not really, programmes like this just serve to make it more difficult than ever for talented musicians as opposed to karaoke singers to get the recognition they deserve.
Andrew, Scotland

Presumably all contestants wrote their own material, and played their own instruments so they were able to sing with true conviction and passion like so many 'superstars' before them??? Surely if not, that is like calling a frozen 'ready-meal' a gourmet dinner??
Steve, UK

Now this is over can we stop having this pre-manufactured pop rubbish shoved down our throats... and have recognition given to the proper musicians, who write their own songs? After all, the Beatles and bands of their era never got thrown to the top of the charts by a voting public. They got there by hard work and doing the gigs and that is what true fans want. Not short-term bands who let their fans down by splitting up after a couple of years.
Steve James, UK

I hope we'll see you both on our screens in the near future!

Kat, England
What a result. Brilliant. An incredible show topped off with the most deserving winner. Incredible.
Andrew, UK

I'm so glad the person with the best voice won through. Gareth is pop and has the better looks but Will has style -something which lasts longer.
Simon, England

Well done Will. Personally, I think Gareth should've won but you were really good. I wish the both of you good luck because you both deserve it. I think Gareth was very brave to do what he did and he has given a lot of courage to other stammerers. I hope we'll see you both on our screens in the near future!
Kat, England

Will is soooo fit. He has an amazing smile and such a lovely and unique voice. He sings without any effort at all. He is a natural star. Gareth is brilliant to but he wouldn't have lasted, he is to weak. Will definitely deserved to win. He delivered the goods and they were up to scratch. Good on him!!!
Kelly, England

Well done Will! Although I was really rooting for Gareth because of the wonderful way he has raised the public awareness of stammering. I'm on the same speech course as Gareth and felt for him every step of the way. But, c'est la vie, and Will was pretty damn good.
Tim, England

I think Gareth should have won, he was a better singer, more musically talented and well better looking.

Amy, Widnes, England
I have had my faith restored in the voting public..I though Gareth was going to walk it, with phonelines jammed by teenage girls!
Lisa Parkinon, England

I think Gareth should have won, he was a better singer, more musically talented and well better looking. Will didn't deserve it.
Amy, Widnes, England

The winner is pretty much irrelevant now. The final three have all become stars in their own right, and I hope that they sustain their success. I think it was good that Will won, as Gareth is a pop idol regardless (what a surprise he's got a recording deal with Simon's company anyway!).

Anyway, it's great TV - truly gripping stuff. Bring on the sequel!! Oh dear, what are we all going to do on Saturday nights now? Go out or something crazy like that?
Christopher, UK

Will definitely deserved to win but both are total stars

Bekki, UK
My congrats to William and well done to Gareth who I think was the underdog all the way. The show has been entertaining but a bit to much in your face by the media.

I also think it's a cheap and tacky way to find talent which has been the case for the last 10 years. It's no wonder we're crap at the eurosong contest and lost so much music respect from the USA. I do remember we used to be the dominate force in the USA charts up until 10 years ago. I rest my case!!
Leah Harlow, United Kingdom

Will is a total superstar and a great all rounder. He has a strong dynamic range and can turn his hand to any number of genres which is to his credit and benefit.

Turning to Gareth; though the disapointment was tangible, he should feel safe in the knowledge that coming second is not the same as losing and he two has a great future ahead of him. Will definitely deserved to win but both are total stars
Bekki, UK

Will's performances were stronger on the night, and Gareth didn't quite hit a few notes right on his last song. I think the public all thought Will was the underdog which is why more people have rallied round him. Hope he doesn't get too jaded too soon.
Jon Anderson, UK

One big question remains... what are we going to have to look forward to on Saturday evenings now it is all over?

Jan Woodhouse, Wales

It didn't matter who won, they all sounded the same as the pop acts that are around today - there's no variety.
Sarah, England

The best TV viewing for such a long time. It is just what we all needed to brighten up our lives since all the recent troubles in the world. Will was always the one to win - well deserved- but Gareth was a very, very close second, if not a joint first. I hope the last five contestants go on to achieve what they set out for. Such talent!(So why can't we win the Eurovision song contest?)

Well done to everyone involved. One big question remains--- what are we going to have to look forward to on Saturday evenings now it is all over? Please, more of the same.
Jan Woodhouse, Wales

Will is totally brilliant! His voice has a depth and a richness to it that Gareth could never match. I will definitely be buying his single.

Justice prevailed!!! I am sooo psyched! The result is the best!!!!!!!!
Karen, Mitcham

His career is going to be limited if it ever takes off at all. What Pop Idol and its audience is interested in is the selection process, not the singer that results from it.

Away from the oxygen of the TV show Will will slowly wilt, just as Hear'Say has done. ITV doesn't care as it will have moved on to the next version of the show. The problem for the singers is that the judges are the stars, not them.
David Patrick, UK

Gareth was the better singer and less arrogant than Will.
Lynn McCann, United Kingdom

I smell a big rat here - things don't change that much - all polls said opposite. I'm afraid its not looking good for the show.
John Smith, uk

I glad Will won. I voted for him because his rendition of 'Evergreen' was stunning! Gareth doesn't have the staying power that Will has
Shanine Salmon, England

A new record for TV/Phone voting? It's a pity Telewest didn't have the foresight that BT had by allowing for the communications surge. We were unable to summon an ambulance.
Adrian Rothery, UK

I'm so pleaded Will has won!!, he so deserves it though I hope Gareth gets a record deal too
Linda, Bolton, England

Quite simply, well done Will. He has a lot of talent and deserves to do really well. Good on you!!!
Teresa, Reading, Berks,

I reckon Will deserved it, he doesn't sound like just another boyband singer, he has something original that Gareth doesn't. Gareth would be fine fronting a pop group, but alone he's nothing special, look at Westlife, A1 and the like, and you'll find many more like him
Joey, England

Justice has been done. Darius had the best voice by far and should have won, but out of the two that were left, Will definitely was the better one; he'll stay around for longer than Gareth. Well done Will !!!!
Erla, UK

I'm so glad Will has won. He has got so much talent. He's gonna be a superstar! Good luck to you Will!
Katie, 14, UK

I could not get through to vote this evening. I would have voted for Gareth.Will is great but NOT really a "pop idol", more for the older ladies!
Lorraine, uk

The better man won - though I feel a little sad for Gareth, Will has the better voice and more of a presence onstage - go Will!

I just hope he gets given some good material to work with now - it would be a shame for someone with such a unique voice and style to slide down the pan because the people surrounding him didn't maximise his potential.
Chris, UK

I love Pop Idol and hope to be able to buy Gareth's records as well as Will's.
helen, uk

I'll give Will and Gareth a year then it will all be over for them whereas with Darius it will just be begining. He'll get my vote anyday!
Miranda, Scotland

I didn't vote for either of them as I think Darius should have won but good luck to Will (he probably won't be around this time next year anyway!)
Claire, Scotland

I am a telephone operator and i think that the importance afforded to Pop Idol by some people is ridiculous. On saturday night I had to endure a lot of abuse from callers complaining that they couldn't get through to vote (both for Will and for Gareth). I even had one person claiming that the UK wasn't a democracy because he couldn't vote for who he wanted. Also, the mass panic caused the UK's phone network to be put under immense pressure and I believe that they should be banned
Sarah, Scotland

Gareth is clearly nothing more than a boy band member who has got lost, he has talent but doesn't stand out

I tried for 2 hours and could not get through to vote for Will. Well done but it is time for ITV to come up with an original idea.
Maz, UK

Why did this circus have to go on for so long? Perhaps its to do with the masses of money the record companies will make out of the exposure that each contestant received. They are after all the real winners.
Luke, UK

I found Pop Idol totally entertaining from the start. It has had me hooked. I have also been hooked by Will from the first time I heard him sing. I think that he deserved to win as his voice is fantastic and unique. He also has a winning smile; he won my vote!
Liz , UK

Gareth is clearly nothing more than a boy band member who has got lost, he has talent but doesn't stand out. Will has a voice that stands out and has relied more on his individual talent rather than screaming teenage girls.

I think that William was the right choice to win Pop Idol because he has a wider range of vocals together with his own unique style that will appeal to a more varied audience and help to keep him at the top as the trends in music change. I also think that overall that he is a better package than Gareth. Good look to Gareth in the future as I think that he will be a star just as much as Will but I do not think that Gareth can change his style and vocal range as much as Will. This will mean that Will will be around for longer. Good look to both of you.
Lindsey Cope, England

Instantly forgettable TV for the masses. More toe-curling to watch than Blind Date!
Colin, UK

Talent is what it takes and what we have seen is a tremendous display of British marketing and PR talent. Neither Will nor Gareth has any more creative talent than thousands of other wannabes and dontwannabes. I have no doubt he will end up in history as no more than a Will o' the Wisp.
Nigel Mykura, UK

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