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Wednesday, 6 March, 2002, 11:02 GMT
CBBC and CBeebies: Your views
Story Tellers with Danny John-Jules: Part of CBeebies
Is it a new era for children's television?
The BBC's new children's digital TV channels, CBBC and CBeebies, have gone on air.

CBBC broadcasts between 0700 and 1900 and CBeebies between 0600 and 1900 daily.

Children's BBC controller Nigel Pickard said it marked "an exciting new era for children's television."

Four-year-old Ethan Johnson liked CBeebies: "It's good. I liked it as much as Nick Jr and Disney Playhouse. My favourite programmes are Brum, Bob the Builder, Tweenies, Clifford the Big Red Dog and the Shiny Show. Didn't like Teletubbies though."

Ethan's mum and dad, Lindsey and Mark were impressed, too:

"It was up to the usual BBC children's programming standard. A very good quality home-grown product, with just the right mix of entertainment and education.

CBeebies is comparable with Nick Jr, and superior to many satellite so-called children's channels that often import overly violent cartoons and present them in a very lazy and cynical way.

Between the hours of 8-9am, though, it doesn't compete with Bear in the Big Blue House (shown on Channel 5 and Disney Playhouse) which is a big hit with children in the pre-school age group.

Overall a very welcome addition to the children's TV market."

But what do you think?

Is the new CBBC and CBeebies a revolution in children's entertainment? Or just more of the same?

Here is a selection of BBC News Online users' views.

I and my daughter (two) were very impressed with CBeebies this morning. The interactive content of the channel, Bob the Builder games, were exactly what I expect from the BBCs digital output, well ahead of the game.
Michael Harvey, England

The children's schedule on BBC Choice was more preferable. You try explaining no Teletubbies or Tweenies to an early rising two-year-old!
C Cashin, England

I think the new channels are a great idea. The BBC produces quality kids shows, and the new channels appear to have lots of new, UK produced programming. Much better than the endless American cartoons screened on other channels.
Jamie, UK

The logo on CBeebies is the most irritating thing I have ever seen! All on-screen logos are annoying but this - wow!
Howard Armitage, England

The BBC is spending millions on channels whose content are already covered by commercial stations like Disney and Nick Junior

James, UK
Our little boy of 2-years-old lived for BBC Choice at 6am every morning, now he's got even better programming and educative content through CBeebies. Well done BBC and thank you for addressing this age group that was previously poorly catered for.
Will Beavis, London, UK

CBeebies continuity presenters seemed to be talking in a manner appropriate to one-year-olds - very slowly - almost talking down to them. Great for the one-year-olds, but not so good for the three, four and five-year-olds. And putting Tellytubbies on at the time the Tweenies used to be on in the morning... ergh!
Mark Rogers, England

My three children are great fans of CBBC. I'm sure they'd enjoy the new services if we were able to receive them. Unfortunately we can get neither terrestrial or satellite digital services. Are you going to improve the terrestrial coverage?
Joseff, Wales

My children regularly watch the Children's programmes on BBC choice. These programmes sit well alongside the commercial children's channels as the content is different. Providing the new channels continue providing the same type of programming I think it's licence fee money well spent. Why shouldn't children have as wide a choice of channels as adults?
Bryan Hutcheson, UK

Bloomin' waste of our money! The BBC is spending millions on channels whose content are already covered by commercial stations like Disney and Nick Junior. Cut the crap, BBC, and spend the money (we have no choice in giving you) on many fewer but higher quality programmes on your existing (enormous) network. Even better, get rid of more of your digital stations and go back to being a proper public service broadcaster.
James, UK

My two kids love it. Well done BBC!

James Palmer, UK
I think the age split on the two channels is good, but I'm not looking forward to the time when our eldest wants CBBC and the other two want CBeebies! I think there is too much repetition in the CBeebies schedule. The same programmes 3 or 4 times a day is too much. Twice at a maximum would be good, as on CBBC. The BBC kids programmes are the best TV there is for small children in my opinion, Teletubbies excepted of course.
Mark, UK

I think these new channels are a great way of moving people towards Digital TV. Well done BBC, they are great! My son was glued to the TV (CBeebies) from 8.30 this morning! So now I'll have to argue with him (as well as my wife) over what we watch!! Congratulations on a smooth start as well.
Russell English, England

My 22-month-old son has just used interactive TV for the first time, on CBeebies - he chose the colours for Bob the Builder. Whatever next? Thanks BBC for helping keep him occupied.
Julian Cosky, UK

I have been waiting to see what this new channel would be like, and I am happy to say it's great. Content is fine. You are always going to get repeats of programmes, but that is what children like - to see the same programme a couple of times. My two kids love it. Well done BBC!
James Palmer, Sheffield, U.K.

What on earth are the presenters of CBeebies on? They act like their audience is comprised of one-year-old half-wits

Duncan, UK
Hmmm, two "new" "channels", and BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge dark until 7pm? Give us 'new' services in addition to what is already there, not instead of. There's little enough on ITV digital as it is to recommend it as a platform. Faux rebranding exercise. Hope the kids are impressed!
Adrian, UK

A big con! Children's programmes have been removed from BBC Choice (which I have not seen mentioned anywhere). The programmes for this week on CBBC are certainly not programmes I would let a six-year-old watch. So we don't actually have an extra channel at all. My daughter is very disappointed after all the hype.
Pam Taylor, UK

What on earth are the presenters of CBeebies on? They act like their audience is comprised of one-year-old half-wits. My 3 and 5-year-olds were not impressed, bring back Adrian. My kids were left staring in disbelief at the daft closing song, as were their parents. Overall we think the content is best suited to 2 to 4 -year-olds, CBBC on Choice had a much more appropriate selection.
Duncan, UK

Congratulations! Many a time I have been late for work having been distracted by the programming on BBC Knowledge! Well, problem solved no BBC Knowledge till 7pm so no need to be late! I suppose its good for the children, but not so good for everyone else!
Peter, UK

So what do the BBC do? They sell out to American culture and bring in cheesy Americanised presenters talking down to the kids in slow mid-Atlantic tones

Mick Russell, UK
Why is CBBC showing programmes for 6-13 year olds from 9 to 3.30? Aren't they supposed to be at school?
Ian Tomey, UK

Have to agree with Duncan on the presenters. I didn't like the manner they talked to the screen. The song was a bit naff as well. Otherwise a good effort on the programme front.
Ian Westwood, UK

Extremely infuriating that BBC Knowledge no longer broadcasts in the daytime - this provided an oasis of quality and depth in the intellectual wilderness that is daytime TV. As others have noted the changes are fine for the children but what about quality public service broadcasting for the rest of us? Can't help but feel more than a little short-changed!
Alex, UK

I think its good, there may be lots of other Kids' channels, there are also lots of sport channels, the more variety the better, so if you can keep the kids happy - everyone's happy!
Nikki, UK

The old CBBC on Choice was great for my 2/4 year old girls. It has heaps of their favourites, Come Outside, Tweenies, Mortimer and Arabel, Bodgere and Badger, Radio Roo etc. and a good presenter, not patronising like the Disney and Nick Jr Americanised link presenters.

So what do the BBC do? They sell out to American culture and bring in cheesy Americanised presenters talking down to the kids in slow mid-Atlantic tones. What's more there's a raft of strange new cheesy puppet orientated shows just like what we can already get on Nick Jr or Disney. Yuk. My 2/4 yr old are no longer interested, they can't relate to it. It's smoochy. BBC, keep to your fine British programme delivery that makes you world famous. CBeebies IS A MISS.
Mick Russell, UK

My 18-month daughter squeals with excitement when she sees the CBeebies blobs

Antonia Bestoni, UK

I have a 2-year-old boy and he hates the presenters. Why can't we have Michael and Liam back PLEASE.
Hannah, Norwich

BRING BACK ADRIAN. Not very impressed with the CBeebies. Very patronising presenters. My 2-year-old is not interested in the new content. Why does the service end at 7pm? As there is nothing to follow it would be useful to keep the reruns going through the night which will help us when the little one is teething and cannot sleep.
Richard R, UK

My four-year-old used to watch BBC Choice and loved Radio Roo, Bodger and Badger and Chucklevision. She seems to be enjoying CBeebies but is missing her favourites from BBC Choice. Also, from what I have seen of the presenters so far, they don't seem as professional as the ones on BBC Choice. However, the interactive part is an excellent idea and is great to fill in the gaps while waiting for another programme to start.
Tracy Noonan, UK

By trying to copy the Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney and Out of the Box, CBeebies is failing! My four-year-old wasn't impressed, and where is Auntie Mabel and Pippin?
Stephen Berridge, UK

I think the new channels are great! The only thing I hate is that some of the presenters which I loved have suddenly disappeared with a whole load of new ones. Where have they gone? BRING THEM BACK!
Micheal T, UK

My 18-month daughter squeals with excitement when she sees the CBeebies blobs and enjoys The Tweenies and Teletubbies the most. I especially like the idea of bedtime wind down.
Antonia Bestoni, United Kingdom

My son is missing the Chucklebrothers and Bodger and Badger. Please cut out the presenters and just bring back the old favourites

Liz, UK
I long for the day when instead of dialling up a childrens channel, I could instead, access the programmes that my daughter wants to watch, when she wants to watch them! Now there's an idea....
Lucy B, UK

Please bring back Liam, he made my son's birthday when he read out his card last week, it is a good job we videoed it so I can watch him again! As for the new presenters?? - does the BBC not realise that parents have to sit watching these programmes as well?
Julia F, Kent, Uk

I would like to say, even though I am 15, that CBBC is a lovely channel, all the people from BBC1 and 2 all together and even some good drama which has kept me glued to the channel. Even my mum is getting into the channel. Well done BBC.
Ross Boase, UK

My little brother loves CBeebies. Everytime in the morning all you see on the TV is CBeebies. He is only four.
Adam, Coventry, England

So, Digital TV, paid for by adults, but only for kids, well not now. I was going to buy one of the pace set top boxes in March, but not now.
Richard, Eastbourne

I have only watched CBeebies on Two with my 2 and a half year old daughter and "we are not amused". The programme content is fine, but as for those dreadful presenters....bring back Michael and "poach" Naomi Wilkinson from "Milkshake"...they ooze quality by comparison.
Liz Spear, Stramshall, U.K.

The programmes on CBeebies are excellant but why have the presenters started to talk down to our toddlers?

Anna Matthews, England
I love the programmes, I love the presenters and I'm so pleased to see some of my favourites return, BUT I wish they'd be allowed to drop that twee, over jolly style of presentation that is just too American for our tastes and very reminiscent of Playhouse Disney. I like my children to formulate their own opinions, but one that we share is that we don't think our presenters look or feel comfortable with the ever so nicey nice performance that they have to give. Leave that to the likes of Barney, the big purple, come shoot me, dinosaur!
Tracy Mullen, UK

It is very good and it started in time for half term. GREAT!!!
Lauren, England

CBeebies is a disgrace. Bring back CBBC on Choice. Do the presenters actually have to pass an audition to appear?! At least on Playhouse Disney Alex and Dave can sing a little. The birthday song is earsplitting. My son is missing the Chucklebrothers and Bodger and Badger. Please cut out the presenters and just bring back the old favourites.
Liz , UK

When is Come Outside going to be on CBeebies? I used to love watching it on CBBC on Choice.
Melissa Jenkinson, England

What a load of rubbish, what was wrong with the old way, it was much better family entertainment? It was funny and entertaining, the presenters are neither for CBeebies, or the other one (what's it called?) The CBeebies presenters are out of date and must think our children are totally dense.

The programmes are totally wrong, it puts a barrier between ages, the older programmes are now on at the time my children would usually switch on and get a mixed bag of their programmes and older children's programmes. I do not see what was wrong with this, it was encouragement for all. It seems you only cater for my children later, and they will be at school next week when their programmes are likely to be on. Thumbs down, biggest waste of money.
Alison Webb, UK

I watch CBeebies with my two-year-old and he loves it! He enjoys the programmes like Teletubbies but it also helps them to watch more educational programmes also, they have brilliant presenters that keep the children entertained between programmes. A brilliant channel!
Debbie, UK

Bodger and Badger was my son's favourite programme on CBBC - what's happened to it?
Esther Walker, Scotland

Three-year-old Jack, one-year-old Charlie and their mum love all the programmes in CBeebies, but are confused as to why you have had to spend so much money on the dreadful set with even worse presenters? Can you try and put the birthday song in the right key so that the female presenter can reach the notes? I know it's early days for the presenters but even the kids can tell they are nervously reading from some shaky script! Bring back the old presenters - they were fun, fast and snappy, not dull and phoney!
Jo Fitzgerald, UK

The programmes on CBeebies are excellant but why have the presenters started to talk down to our toddlers? It has never happened before and there is an unnecessary patronising way about their presenting.
Anna Matthews, England

I feel there should be more of the old shows i.e. Come Outside, Yoho Ahoy, Angel Mouse etc. My daughter misses those and we would like to see more variety, it's the same shows every day, it's boring! Also the new presenters need to be more relaxed, they seem to be trying too hard.
Mrs Wray, U.K.

I like CBeebies because it's funny and i like the Shiney Show, good to watch when I get in from school.
Natisha Virtue, England

Huh, Brum wasn't on today, Philip (3 years old) has just got into that. Great fun. Gone. Where are Bodger and Badger, Come Outside, Chucklevision? Open a Door? Totally transfixing. Notice that these shows do not have silly little puppets in them. (Badger is not silly. And he is real).

Just think - hours and hours of really good kids' programmes from the BBC. Hmmm. Two lots of Tweenies in one hour between five and six. Yuk. "Not Tweenies AGAIN Mummy..."

Tony Hart - strut your stuff for the younger kids, too, they love watching what you do. Where's Mr Benn, Pingu, Paddington, Thomas the Tank Engine (a massive favourite), or even Hector's House? Where are the images of that huge wide beautiful world the BBC covers? How about a five minute programme showing musicians playing their instruments without some silly person telling us what they are doing?

Take us on mini day trips to an aquarium, a zoo, a fire station. Let's see some children at school and see what the big kids get up to. Can we have a nursery rhyme per day with interesting images? That would be worth repeating several times if it were not too cringingly presented for parents.

The super-duper multicoloured backdrop to painted paper plates and crafty filler in material is just not necessary. Don't try and persuade us that we're enjoying ourselves. Philip and I know it could be so much better.
Claire Kolarova, England

I'm four so Dad's typing this for me, thank you for the programmes on CBeebies, I dance and sing with the Tweenies every day.
Ryan Churchill, UK

The new channel line up is very poor in comparison to BBC Choice. There is nothing on for very young children, i.e. between 06.30-08.00, as that is their 'up' time. I feel the programmes are far more geared towards older children and not toddlers.
Leah, England

Where has Fireman Sam gone - I don't see him on CBeebies, I ask Mummy every morning for Sam!!!
Daniel Norman, England

Please bring back Adrian. My 4-year-old son cringes when the two new presenters sing happy birthday or goodnight, I must admit that we parents feel embarrassed for them. He misses some of the old favourites like Noddy and Enchanted lands.
Carol-ann Bitensky, England

My 2 year old loves CBeebies. I find it easy to talk with her about the programmes and we can join in. The only thing that lets it down at the moment is Bodger and Badger which is too old for pre-schoolers. We switch off when it comes on.
Angela Harris, Lancashire

I have a three-year-old daughter who loves watching CBeebies. After tea she enjoys watching StoryMakers before bedtime but was very disappointed and upset this evening when the television was turned on at 6:40 for the CBeebies lullaby and the programme finished.

You are supposed to be on until 7pm each evening. What made this worse was that last night when we turned the TV on for StoryMakers, the channel wasn't working properly and so she has now missed her favourite part of the programme for 2 nights.

Please, please keep the listings to the same times then she can continue to enjoy what is a great children's channel. Your comments on this would be appreciated.
Liz Shaw, United Kingdom

My three boys love watching the new CBeebies. They love watching the Teletubbies and also Bob the Builder as well as the Storymaker.
Mrs A Wilson , East Yorkshire

I was just looking through the channels when I came across the new CBBC channel. The programme was the Saturday Show Extra and I was shocked to see what was being shown. This day and age the policy I believe is equal opportunities and rights for everyone. So when I saw one of the male presenters was ethnic in origin, I thought, good on the BBC, until I heard him lower the tone by taking the micky out of the Welsh.

Living in Wales all my life I feel so angry that this is shown for children. If someone took the micky out of the ethnic minorities on TV there would be uproar. So how can you let someone take the micky out of the Welsh on children's TV, when the people who watch this are so young and impressionable. Is there one rule for everyone or not, that is the question.
Mr D Thomas, Wales

My three kids all love the new CBeebies, but put their hands over their ears when the presenters sing the happy birthday song. It really is pretty bad, the song is ok but the presenters look so uncomfortable singing it, and they are always out of tune. It is actually funny to watch, as my children make such a fuss when they start to sing it. My middle child, aged five, thinks it is the worst singing he has ever heard.

Apart from this, we love the new channel,and the presenters are very good, just tell them not to audition for Pop Idol.

From Lewis, George, and Eva, and their mum -
Mrs More, Scotland

The presenters of the links between programmes are cringingly awful. If Pui grins any more her face will stick and her singing is dire.
Kate Jones, England

CBeebies sounded like it was going to be great. Then it was launched and after a couple of weeks my son's had enough. We liked the different scheduling at weekends. We especially enjoyed Come Outside, Chucklevision, Open the Door. I look through the listing now and there isn't even Postman Pat or Fireman Sam.

What's even more annoying is that the programmes from one day were repeated on the same day the following week. Even my 2-year-old noticed that.

Also, what has happened to Choosy Bits? This gave children the chance to ask for a particular programme to be shown.

Finally - get rid of the presenters and BRING BACK ADRIAN!
Justine, Leeds, UK

Your presenters are the worst thing I have ever experenced, they make me cringe! They're like the Hale and Pace of children's TV, even my 3 yr old has turned her nose up at them, BRING BACK LIAM AND MICHAEL!
Mrs C Chuter, UK

My girls aged two and five love CBeebies, especially Storymakers and Bits'n'Bobs. They like the jolly presenting and love Rabbit beebie. It's on much more in our house than Nick Junior which is second favourite!
Jenny, Stockport, UK

I really dislike the presenters and programmes on CBeebies, bring back CBBC on Choice, it was 100% better.
Chris, England

When are Bodger and Badger coming back? My 2 year old is driving me mad about it?
Sharron, UK

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