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Friday, 8 February, 2002, 15:16 GMT
Monsters, Inc: Your views
Monsters, Inc
Could Monsters, Inc beat Shrek at the Oscars?
Monsters, Inc, an animated film about a monster factory that collect's children's screams, had the best-ever opening for an animated film when it opened in the US last year.

Produced by Disney-Pixar, the same partnership that gave us Toy Story, the film has now been released in the UK.

"Monsters, Inc is both a technical and imaginative treat. And, in the manner of all the best films in the computer animation genre, it keeps adults and children fully engaged," wrote BBC News Online's Rebecca Thomas.

But what do you think?

Is it as good as Toy Story? Can adults enjoy it too? Does it have the cross-audience appeal of Shrek?


This really is a fantastic film. After all the advertising I thought it was going to be a flop. The film had the audience laughing and crying, a truly fantastic film, well worth the fiver for the ticket!
Martyn, England

EXCELLENT!! So much better than Toy Story and a Bug's Life. It's for kids of all ages.
Samantha Norris, UK

The film is hilarious. I'd go and see it again, if it wasn't for the UK's over-inflated cinema prices.
David, Spain/UK

Fantastic film, hilarious all the way through and gorgeous to look at. Loved the little extra cartoon at the start too.
Paul Manington, UK

While I enjoyed Monsters, Inc., it doesn't get close to Shrek for comedy. I was slightly disappointed, and felt it was over-hyped.
Judith Davies, UK

My 4-year-old prefers Toy Story (I and II) and Shrek. Good movies I thought, but lacks that 'something special' that Shrek has.
Martina, UK

Whilst it doesn't quite have the same richness of a story as Shrek, the inter-movie jokes make up for it

Simon Potts, UK
The quality of the actual picture was the best seen to date, the quality of the script was dreadful. All the jokes had been seen in the many trailers and adverts and the story was far too syrupy sweet. Not a patch on Shrek or the Toy Story films.
Andrew, London, UK

I loved Monsters Inc even more than Toy Story. I loved the message behind the movie and my daughter loved the characters.
Rowena J., United States

A good time was had by all my family watching this at the cinema this weekend. The children loved the characters and the story. Personally I think Shrek has more 'adult-appeal' but don't let this stop you seeing it. Have to mention the short feature before the main film - 'For the Birds' - tears of laughter.
Paul Ferrari, UK

It is an excellent film, my 5-year-old adored it as did I!!! Very amusing and moving....excellent family fun.
Kate Kenny, United States

Is it as good as Toy Story? Not only as good but a lot better, I wouldn't have raved over TS. Can adults enjoy it too? My 25-year-old friend and I (31) came out of the cinema with tears coming down our faces, so I guess so.

Does it have the cross-audience appeal of Shrek? Whilst it doesn't quite have the same richness of a story as Shrek, the inter-movie jokes make up for it. And the children in the auditorium seemed to laugh throughout. Maybe they are right about the true power of laughter?
Simon Potts, UK

I enjoyed the film but I don't see it as a classic in the way that Toy Story and Shrek are

Tony O'Hagan, UK
Brilliant film, but not a patch on Toy Story 1 or 2. Keep an open mind and enjoy it and you will have a wonderful day out. The kids love it and it is a very clever story.
Simon Sherlock, UK

Having seen Monsters, Inc 3 times now, I believe it is way better than Shrek, which I actually found quite boring and cliched; despite its billing as an unconvential animation! The detail in Monsters, Inc is superb, not just the animation but the storyline too, with a final chase scene that has you perched on the edge of your seat! I don't know if it's better than Toy Story, it's quite different so I don't know that you can really compare the two.
Sandra, Auckland, New Zealand

Monsters Inc was excellent. A story everyone can relate to - monsters in their bedroom closet. It's about time there were fun, happy movies around!!
Roxie, USA

I enjoyed the film but I don't see it as a classic in the way that Toy Story and Shrek are.

This is partly due to the fact that I never warmed to the two main monster characters.
Tony O'Hagan, UK

Pixar has done it again! Those guys know what they're doing! Monster's, Inc. is yet another masterpiece

Leica, USA
'Monsters' is a far more enjoyable film than Dreamworks' 'Shrek'. While Shrek relied on cynical and snide pokes at classical themes and stories already well-known from Disney, Monsters, Inc had a highly original story and strongly engaging characters.

The animation was fine too - Pixar is known for pushing the boundaries but always with a point; here it was to have a furry lead character who was truly convincing, and it succeeds brilliantly. By contrast, Dreamworks animation just lacks - and there was nothing in Shrek that hadn't been done in this field before.

I'm hoping that Monsters, Inc. heads off Shrek in the Feature Animation Oscar category - it certainly is a stronger, more appealing and better crafted film in all respects...
Chris, USA

Pixar has done it again! Those guys know what they're doing! "Monster's, Inc." is yet another masterpiece. As an adult, I found myself completely enjoying the film - clean entertainment and fun even for someone who's not a child. Who said that nudity and violence are necessary to enjoy a film?
Leica, USA

I've seen this already - downloaded illegally - and I thought it was rubbish! No plotline, too cutesy, quite boringly self-congratulatory.
Rose, England

Everyone is saying it's better than Toy Story, I'm saying it's better than that AND Shrek put together, it should walk away with the new Best Animated Film Oscar for sure!

Steve, England
No matter how sophisticated the "art" of computer graphics get, it will always lack the harmonious beauty that typified animation during the thirties and forties. Would Michelangelo have done better if he had had an airbrush?
Robert del Valle, USA

My seven-year-old raved on about Shrek for weeks after he'd seen it but Monsters Inc didn't seem to generate the same enthusiasm. Technically the animation is second to none but it is somewhat lacking in places in the one-liners and plot departments.
Nik Bartlett, UK

I liked it very much. Crystal and Goodman are both very experienced comedy actors, and the depiction of the monster's world shows the attention to detail that we saw in the Toy Story films. I'll certainly buy the DVD when it comes out.
Brian Milner, UK

Dare I admit that I didn't have to make lame excuses when my children wanted to see the film a second time. The graphics are great, and it hits a chord for young and old alike - we have all been afraid of monsters in the closet at some time in our lives - haven't we????
Julie Stephens, Brit living in the USA

I'm an adult, and I thought that Monsters, Inc was a really good film - the effects used on it look realistic, you notice the hairs sticking out of the lead character's furry body move about, and the characters' movements are much more realistic than in both of the Toy Story films. Though you do need to pay attention in order to understand the plot, it is a feasible and original one. Everyone is saying it's better than Toy Story, I'm saying it's better than that AND Shrek put together, it should walk away with the new Best Animated Film Oscar for sure!
Steve, England

Up to the usual Pixar standard, i.e. absolutely fantastic... The first thirty seconds are, as always, mind-blowing as your brain attempts to soak up every gorgeous detail. Eventually you relax into the story, which isn't as 'knowing' as Toy Story (perhaps because the film never ventures into 'our' world beyond the child's bedroom) but is all the more heartwarming for that. Difficult to find any major flaw with it on first viewing, in the face of such awe-inspiring achievement it almost doesn't seem fair!
Richard Heasman, England

It's absolutely brilliant. I was lucky enough to see it at a private preview a few weeks ago, and it really hit the mark with the whole audience. There was plenty of action to keep the kids amused, and some very sharp dialogue and visual jokes to entertain the adults.

The whole storyline is based on a fabulous idea, and the Pixar truly deserve the Oscar above Shrek (which at the end of the day was a fairly run of the mill fairytale).
Katie, United Kingdom

Whilst I did think that the effects were amazing, I felt that the plot lacked something - it wasn't as witty as the Toy Story films and I was quite bored at times... The animation is first class but the plot was a let down.
Hannah, UK

It's a good film, all the family will like it, but it does lack that ooomphh that Toy Story 1 and 2 has or the comedy that Shrek has. I enjoyed it (along with all our kids, 5, 7 & 11) but I probably won't get the DVD.
Jez, England/Oz

This film was really funny, but as usual the best bits are shown on the TV.
Claire, Scotland

Entertaining, colourful, cute and imaginative. The out-takes during the credits were superb.
Lisa, UK

I enjoyed the film and laughed out loud a few times. But as far as I am concerned it was in no way as good as Toy Story 1 & 2. It probably appealed more to children (which is fine) but as an adult I would prefer to watch Toy Story or Shrek. The animation was fabulous though.
Stephanie Lyons, Northern Ireland

Superb and very funny, pitched at the kids but packing the adults in too. I didn't see one person walk out of the theatre without a smile on their face - it's a laugh-out-loud gem of a film.

Monsters, Inc. is even better than Toy story and A Bug's Life. It is simply brilliant.
David Newton, England

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