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Wednesday, 6 February, 2002, 10:59 GMT
Hear'Say: Your views
Johnny replaces Kym Marsh who left in January
Hear'Say welcome new band member Johnny Shentall
The boyfriend of former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee, Johnny Shentall, is the new member of pop act Hear'Say.

Shentall was the "cream of the crop" of 3,000 hopefuls who auditioned over the weekend, his new bandmates said.

The 23-year old from Doncaster replaces Kym Marsh, who left the band last month.

Can Johnny boost Hear'Say's fortunes? What do you think of his famous connection?

Here is a selection of BBC News Online users' views.

We'll miss you Kim. This new bloke won't be as good as you.
Peter May

Although I admit to reading about Hear'Say, I personally cannot see beyond the manufacture of a pop "band" purely for profit. A band should be playing their own instruments at least, and sing live on Top of the Pops. Even the "band" members are caught up in thinking kids want to pay for their "music", when it is so carefully manufactured and marketed.
David Knight, UK

What can I say? All hype, no substance and soon to be forgotten.
Darren, UK

Another nobody to add to a group of other talentless nobodies!

Nick, UK
I admired Hear'Say as they where all "normal" people with dreams of stardom, the new member, good luck to him, but to me he's a little above normal with an already showbiz background. Looks a little out of place here.
Kirby, UK

He is a sex bomb.
Bernie Sloan, UK

Come on, who really cares? Another bland prettyboy face aimed at a market of the prepubescent. Isn't it about time we gave up on manufactured high saccharine tosh and developed something new? What we need is a new form of punk to kick the music industry out of its complacent recycling of illusionary talent. But having said, that as music for a generation that relies on disposability it fits the limited requirements.
Chris, UK

He's a right fittie!
Sue, London

Another nobody to add to a group of other talentless nobodies!
Nick, UK

What is the point of them, no musical ability, no talent, no personality.
Alex, Scotland

I think he is totally dreamy.....
Isabelle Hunt, UK

Well hello!!!! He's definitely added some sex appeal to the band that's for sure!!
Sarah, England

I think they should have chose a complete nobody, just like they where 12 months ago. After all, the new lad is going out with Lisa, formerly of Steps (not short of money) and has also been in a band
Lisa, UK

Kym did the right thing and left before they finally sink into oblivion

John Day, UK
It's just rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.
Chris Power, UK

I see the logic in Hear'Say choosing a male member to replace Kym (so that there aren't anymore catfights), but what if Danny and Noel don't get on with Johnny? I mean his girlfriend is one of the sexiest and well known women in pop, and we all know that Kym has a well known boyfriend - I fear for Hear'Say's future, by appointing Johnny Shentall, they might end up in deja-vu... RIP HEAR'SAY, WE HARDLY KNEW YE.
Steve, England

It makes absolutely no difference who they pick. The band is as good as dead! Just another bunch of manufactured has-beens. No talent, nothing new to offer, and no future! Goodbye Hear'Say!
Steve Randall, UK

I think it's the end for this manufactured band. Kym did the right thing and left before they finally sink into oblivion.
John Day, UK

'Hearsay Today gone Tomorrow'
Alex Cartwright, UK

If they wanted positive publicity then they should have picked Zoe from Pop Idol

Andy Millington, UK
I'm not surprised it's a bloke... Myleene wouldn't have wanted a new woman to overshadow her like Kym did.
Yvonne, UK

I think they will have a one hit wonder with the new boy & hopefully we won't have to hear them again!
Nik, UK

Kym probably had a clause in her contract saying she had to leave after a year to try and re-create the fame which Hear'say once enjoyed!! I really don't think that they will continue for much longer, God help Johnny!!
Cathy M, UK

He looks much too like a traditional boy band member to fit well with the look and feel of Hear'Say. Was he picked just because Myleene fancied him?
Steve, UK

Hear'Say held the imagination of the country during the series Popstars but have failed to continue after their first album. The difference with Hear'Say is that they don't appear to have ascended to popstar status remaining largely as normal people with little if any mystic or aura around them. Their second album flopped and now with Kym leaving and being replaced by a male the group is on the slide. If they wanted positive publicity then they should have picked Zoe from Pop Idol. I can see Hear'Say albums in the bargain bucket at record shops or on a best of 2001 programme in a few years when they have returned to normal work.
Andy Millington, UK

I fear that without better choice of songs and management Hear'Say will disappear from the music scene. They are a very talented group of young people, who seem to have been left to flounder on their own, without strong directional management.
Annie, England

PR stunt or what?

Sarah McAvoy, UK
The new member looks like Ricky Martin. Does he mean the public are laughing and not smiling at the band? Does Myleen or Noel fancy him?
Nina East, England

Great looking guy, can't you get rid of Myleene because she loves herself and can't sing as good as Kym could!!
Sue Smith, England

Good on Kym Marsh - she had the sense to see this ridiculous set up for just that. She made the most of it and can now get on with her life. As for the rest of them, I think they are all rather sad.
R, London

What is it about this country? Flavour of the month is Pop Idol at the moment. How long before we're slagging whoever wins that off! Practically everone since the year dot has been manufactured. Give them a chance. I say good luck to them you bunch of cynics.
Sylvie, England

I give it six months!!
Sally, Huddersfield, England

What a load of rubbish. If it took three months to find the right band members for the original Hear'Say group, how on earth was a decision made in one day to re-recruit the essential fifth member? PR stunt or what? By the way, big mistake getting rid of Kym, Myleen is your bad apple in the cart.
Sarah McAvoy, UK

After all the trouble of finding a new member for the band, let's hope they don't end up splitting up over something silly, as it would be a shame to see all their hard work go to nothing!
Sharon, England

I doubt even this stunt or a new member will help them survive 2002

Nicola, UK
I cant believe so much coverage was spent on this bunch of losers! It's sad to see how they have changed from being normal people, into monstrous media prima donnas! May they all be back on the dole queue where they belong, as soon as possible.
Andrew Barsby, England

Johnny should not have been picked. The place should have gone to a true newcomer offering new talent. Johnny has already had his 15 minutes of fame with Boom!
Robert Payne, UK

Why anyone would want to be in Hear'Say is beyond me. For teeny bands to stay successful they at least need to have some personality whereas Hear'Say are just clones. This is just another development (which will be televised of course) to try and keep the group in the spotlight as their record sales keep dropping.
Michael Smith, UK

I hope Johnny enjoys his "30 seconds" of fame because Hear'Say are a ship that is slowly sinking into oblivion. You can plug the leaks for a while but this is one vessel that is going down!
John Amans, Redhill

What a set-up. The open auditions seem to me to have been just a publicity coup to generate some interest in this lacklustre band. I doubt even this stunt or a new member will help them survive 2002.
Nicola, UK

I think announcing their new member this quickly was a publicity stunt to keep Pop Idol's Gareth and Will off the front page

Mike Shanahan, England
Four Questions; Yeah? And? So? What? The pop music scene in this country is badly in need of an enema!

They won't last a year!!
Tarquin Scadding-Hunt, UK

Why don't Hear'Say do us all a favour and just disappear? They have had their day, had one good song and are definitely no match for S Club 7. So please guys give us all a break and give yourself one too!
Iain Hughes, UK

I wish Hear'Say all the best!
Shane Brogan, United Kingdom

In my opinion Hear'Say will continue to decline in popularity and will indeed be finished by the end of the year. The experiment to 'manufacture' a top band was brave and generated a lot of interest at the time, however, there is clearly no substitute for slogging through the lower branches to eventually reach the top of the tree. This process is tough but it weeds out those without the total dedication and commitment to go all the way. It cannot be denied that individually they all have talent. It is just the process of thrusting them into public gaze and scrutiny before their talent has evolved that is flawed.
Frankie Callaghan, England

I think Hear'Say were on a downfall since Pure and Simple was no longer number 1. I think announcing their new member this quickly was a publicity stunt to keep Pop Idol's Gareth and Wlil off the front page. I give Hear'Say another year then no more.....EMINEM 4 LIFE.
Mike Shanahan, England

Yummy!!!! Looks a bit old though. Is he single????
Clover & Jo, UK

I think the fact they turned away some applicants on looks alone says it all. Style over substance

Paul, UK
Manufactered, plastic rubbish. Singing someone else's songs who are too ugly to sing themselves. See where they'll be in 5 years' time, presenting children's tv shows no doubt.
Steve Sullivan, UK

I'm not a big fan of Hear'say but i'm sure Johnny will fit straight in! Just hope the others don't hog the mic and let Johnny have his fair share of singing. Lisa will be so proud of him!
Rachel York (Lisa Scott-Lee fan), England

This just is nothing but a publicity stunt. I give them until the end of this year.
Karen, Scotland

What a fix! What more can I say?
Holly, England

Time will tell whether the band will last. It's anyone's guess if he will be successful as he came from a failed band before. I think the manufactured pop band has had its day, we need more songwriters and bands that play their instruments like The Strokes, this is just a boring bland band!
Emma, UK

I think the fact they turned away some applicants on looks alone says it all. Style over substance. Who would be sad enough to buy records just because they have a nice cover? Would they still like the music if it was produced by a bunch of flabby, spotty individuals (who look like most of Hear'Say's fans)?
Paul, UK

Glad to see Hear'Say back on track

Jude, Scotland
They should have kept Kym, she is the only one with real talent.
Isla, United KIngdom

This all smacks to me as a big publicity stunt. I won't be buying their records anymore.
Sue Clarke, UK

It's not what you know, it's who you know... The auditions were a farce.
Andrew, London

No wonder Danny looked so annoyed...the way Myleene was thrusting her chest in Johnny's face!
Mel & Shella, Scotland

What a hunk! I think he's totally sexy. I'll definitely be buying more Hear'Say records now...
Simon Reeve, Wimbledon, London

Not surprised they choose a man - Suzanne and Myleene don't seem the type to share the limelight

Natalie, UK
I was one of the unlucky applicants for the job - the standard at the audition was very high indeed - perhaps I should have worn my contact lenses!
Specky Watson, UK

How long do you give Lisa & Johnny's engagment now that Myleene's got her claws in him?
Nia, UK

What a waste of time and effort. Now the TV series is over they will probably disappear into obscurity!
C Brooker, UK

The sooner Hear'Say pack it in the better. Without ITV pimping them they are just another one of the mass of wimpy boy-girl bands. As soon as they split up, another will be along to take their place. They are devoid of originality or merit.
Dougie, UK

Perhaps the Pop Idol can join in the future and form a super group. Why not? Who cares?
Paul, England

They deserve each other!
Robert Cook, England

I think they're a great group, and very good role models for young people

Emily, Wales
Hear'Say are old news and will be even more so when the 'Pop Idol' is announced at the weekend. Personally, I don't blame Kym getting out whilst the going was good. Not surprised they choose a man - Suzanne and Myleene don't seem the type to share the limelight. Good luck to them - I think they will need it!
Natalie, Britain

Good luck to Johnny as now there's a decent looking bloke in Hear'Say! Shame about Kim, I thought she made the band, we will just have to wait and see. I wish her and Jack all the luck in the world with her new life!
Suzannah Foad, UK

Glad to see Hear'Say back on track. Always knew Kym was going to be nothing but trouble for them. Johnny's a great looking guy and if if he can sing as well as he looks, the band may well prove their critics wrong. Good luck guys!
Jude, Scotland

I think its very easy to criticise the so called 'manufactured bands' - it seems the fashionable thing to do. But I think they're a great group, and very good role models for young people. Good luck to them for however long they last.
Emily, Wales

He can't be any worse than the rest of them. The sooner the whole band quits the better.
Tommy Cawley, United Kingdom

Let's hope Johnny's arrival will make Hear'say as successful as Boom

James Gilmore, UK
Well done to Johnny but what does everyone reckon about the future of Hear'Say - one more year?
Jimmy, England

I really hope that Johnny will give Hear'Say the lift they need to get back to the top of the charts, however I feel that the loss of Kym as a member will have too big an impact on the band and fans for it to last much longer. Good luck guys, I really hope that you prove me wrong because your music cheers me up without fail after a bad day!
Sam, UK

Going on first impressions I think that he looks great, he really does, good luck to him and the rest of the group. You are all brill, now let's see what he can bring to the band..
Samantha Jones, England

I think it will take more than a new member to bring Hear'Say back to life!! It will not be the same without Kym there as she was the only one of them that could actually sing live. I personally think it would have been better for Myleen to go!!
Gemma Paterson, United Kingdom

Well, I liked Hear'Say because of Kym so I'm not that bothered anymore. She'll make an excellent solo artist. I reckon maybe she should have taken Danny with her and formed a duo!
Jo, UK

I am not in the least surprised that they have gone for another male singer as I feel that Myleene in particular was threatened by Kym's singing ability. It would be nice to think that Hear'say will keep on going for the sake of their numerous young fans but in reality even with all the recent publicity it is highly unlikely that they will continue to top the charts as prior to this their popularity was dwindling. By next year we will be saying "whatever happened to Hear'say"!
Sarah Baker, Pwllheli, Gwynedd North Wales

I am annoyed that they picked a person who already had his chance at stardom and got nowhere

Adam, England
Pity they had to do it the week of the great Will vs Gareth battle. Who cares what Hear'say do?
Dave, Wales

Let's hope Johnny's arrival will make Hear'say as successful as Boom.
James Gilmore, UK

Question: Which band is so desperate to regain their lost fanbase that they're attempting to ride in on the back of a bit of free Steps related publicity ? Answer: Fairly obvious I'd have thought.
Bill, UK

I am annoyed that they picked a person who already had his chance at stardom and got nowhere. This just gives the ones who haven't been discovered yet a real kick in the teeth. It seems that even though Hear'Say are generally new talent, they don't show the generosity to the thousands of new talent that applied. Roll on Gareth, and put 'em out for good!
Adam, England

I think the band believe that acquiring another band member will mean another number one and obviously create another wave of publicity, of course there is another TV show, showing the picking of the 'new member'. Too much publicity not enough talent. Hear'say have had their 2 minutes of fame and as the strongest singer has gone and they do not have the looks or talent of some of the other manufactured bands, such as Steps, I think they should accept they have made some money and call it a day before they get any more egg on their face!
Rebecca Stratton, UK

Good move for Hear'Say to get Johnny, it maybe won't help them selling more discs but it will certainly boost their poster's sales. Money grabbing producers know that teenagers are easy targets and that's exactly what they are aiming for.
Eric, UK

The band's initial success was completely due to large amounts of media attention. The sad fact is that they are not able to add the touches that inspired musicians can, and therefore only perform composers work in a bland and lifeless way. Recruiting Johnny Shentall will help them little to achieve success with such important issues still to be resolved.
Nick Rice, UK

I'm not too sure why so many people here are giving Hear'Say such a hard time for being manufactured. Don't get me wrong, I listen to 'real' music by real musicians, and wouldn't listen to stuff like Hear'Say in a million years, but they are no different from the majority of the other acts around the top of the charts these days. The thing that makes Hear'Say such a target is the fact that they went through the selection process on TV in front of the nation, thus taking away from whatever mystery they might otherwise have had.

The real problem is with the music industry itself, which is filled with businessmen all obsessed with milking girls aged 8 -16 out of as much of their parents' money as possible in as short a time as possible.

So to all those getting worked up about them, just sit back and let nature take its course, safe in the knowledge that the only thing more certain than Hear'Say breaking up, is the fact that there will be five more new manufactured bands waiting to take their place in the sun for a few months.
Chris, N. Ireland

The new member is a pretty boy, the band are not on a high and although this is all good publicity it will not be remembered if the songs do not improve. The two girls left in the band look very happy with the new member of the band. Does Myleene always get what she wants? If so, Lisa better watch out.
Peter Taylor, England

What a fix!!! It would have been so nice to see someone who was new to it all to be picked.

Johnny has had his moment and he blew it, there is so much talent out there and i would have thought Hear'Say would have made the effort to find someone who had the dream like them.

It's obvious that they are having real problems and wanting to whisk someone in as soon as possible, if they weren't having a problem they wouldn't have announced who it was so quickly... what a PR stunt!!

All I can say is thank god that the TV show is on ITV2!!
Kerrie, UK

Well, I think its quite interesting that they went for a guy. I'm sure it will make them more appealing to female fans. As for peoples' comments dismissing their musical ability and talent, well it smacks of just musical snobbery. You might hate the idea of manufactured bands and dislike pop music, but the finalists on Popstars and Pop Idols have all proved that they can sing (and live for that matter). Even critics of the Popstars/Pop Idol format find it hard to argue that these people can not sing. They might be mindless puppets for the music industry, but talentless they aren't!
Clive, London

I do agree that he looks a little out of place in the group and I think they would continue longer if a girl with strong vocal talents like Kym was chosen. At least it means that Myleene and Suzanne will get their chance in the spotlight, which may have been the reasoning behind choosing a guy for the role. Good luck to the group anyway!!!
Elaine, Scotland

What makes me laugh is it took ages to find the "talent" already in the band and yet it took a couple of days to replace one of them. However I am sure it will make the band and their management lots of money and maybe then they will all quit.
Cathy, UK

People, lisen to yourselves, you are all so hypocritical. You are only giving Hear'Say flak because they were "created" in the public eye. Westlife, Boyzone, Steps etc were all "created" in a similar manner but without the TV coverage, yet I see no words against them. No one is slagging off Atomic Kitten for replacing a member and carrying on. So give Hear'Say a break. Granted their last album was poor - 'cos they rushed it - but they are still talented singers and deserve to be heard.
Peter, UK

I think that Johnny will do good for the band. He has said that he likes the band so that is a good start. He is good looking like the rest of the boys in the band, which is great. I will buy the first single when it comes out with Johnny on. I hope that he does well and that I will come and see him and the rest of the band when they are on tour.
Emma, Grimsby

Myleene looks like she might eat Johnny alive!

Kate, UK
I also think that somebody who has never had a taste of pop stardom or fame should have been chosen. Hear'say were normal people picked from obscurity where as Johnny has already had his crack at fame. I think that another girl should have been picked to fill Kym's shoes, although no-one will ever truly replace her. We will just have to give Johnny a chance and see how he fairs on the coming tours etc... Also, why doesn't Danny look very happy in the pictures that were taken with the new recruit ?? Good luck Johhny, I hope you make the best of it and Hear'say forever !!!!
Jo, UK

I love Noel. He should go solo. He is lovely.
nova, UK

Oh surprise......a bloke. Myleene obivously couldn't stand the thought of competition from another female.
avee, Northern Ireland

Me and Ria here think its great! cant wait for some more quality choons from good old Hear'Say!
Alex Cunningham, Zimbabwe

Looks like the musical chairs games continues unabated in the manufactured band business. One band this week, another the next week. There, are more transfers than in your average premier league team!
Grant Kemp, London

Myleene looks like she might eat Johnny alive! Would be funny to see a scrap between Myleene and Lisa! Lisa would step all over her!!!!
Kate, UK

Well - Johnny's cute - he has the pop connection by being in a previous group - let's hope Hear'Say can continue their success.
kevin jonas, United Kingdom

The Hear'Say brand is being polluted now. They're moving further away from their Popstar roots, but that was why people liked them in the first place, not for their music. They could make themselves more interesting by releasing a CD of the sound of paint drying.
Jon Anderson, UK

I wish Hear'Say would stop referring to themselves as a "band".

Guy, UK
Is this a brave new step from Hear'Say or just a convenient excuse to refloat the careers of the cuddly 'TV' band. It did look as though the days of Hear'Say were numbered as sales were plummeting, Kym had already run for a life raft to get off the sinking ship, and the critics had condemned their second album to an early watery grave. But now what will happen. Kym was probably the only talented vocalist in the band and was the backbone to many a song, how on earth are they going to recreate this with an extra bloke? Well I suppose it's quite easy, re-record the album, relaunch the new improved remixed album and relaunch your flagging pop careers. The public will go crazy, buy it by the bucketload and Johnny Shentall Fever will sweep the UK. That should keep them in the land of Pop for least another six weeks!
Mark Thomas, UK

Is this the same Hearsay who announced on TOTP that people auditioning to replace Kim needn't worry as it wouldn't be filmed?? Obviously they realised just how badly they needed the publicity to get any interest in their tour.......
Beth, UK, UK

It won't save them - Kym was the only one who could hold a note....
Jo, UK

I prefer the new line up because I havn't heard it yet.
Chris Farnan, UK

Personally I┤m much more interested in what Kym will be doing in the future than "the new" Hear┤Say, after all she was and still is the most talented with a stunning singing voice. Go Kym!
Jenny, UK

Hear'who? They're better start learning their lines for their new job..... "Would you like fries with that?"
Paul, Northern Ireland

Exactly how many people do you need to mime?

Simon Twilley, England
I wish Hear'say would stop referring to themselves as a "band". They are a pop-group - bands play instruments, and Hear'say certainly do not seem to play any instuments.
Guy, UK

Does the ease by which members can be added and removed from this "band" indicate that it's not a band at all but a "glitsy" front on all that's wrong with the music industry?
Bernie Cook, England

Most Likely future Hearsay Headline a) Suzanne and Myleene in bust up. b) Lisa Scott Lee tells Myleene "Hands off my man" c) Hearsay have huge hit.. I'll give you a hint.. its not c..
Paul, UK

Here we go again, another bland face in an already bland band. What a pity! They've got more publicity selecting band member(with the blessing of ITV) than singing, that is a real shame.
Trevor, Edinburgh

Does any one remember when Steps broke up? The same will be for Hear'say. The public will forget them just as soon than they first remember seeing them on TV. It's the media to blame, not the band members as they are just pawns.
G, New York, America

I have no idea why Hear'Say needed to replace Kym. Exactly how many people do you need to mime????
Simon Twilley, England

Surely someone else should be given a chance rather than someone who's obviously already minted by being the future hubby of Lisa Steps. Someone else should be given the chance to have a dream come true. Hearsay are rotten. Boo hisssss...
Lola, UK

I basically think that Hear'Say are in league with the devil anyway, so anything that might speed up their demise is good news to me.
Andrew Battles, Scotland

I can't believe that a one year old 'band' requires a 'new lease of life'. This time next year we'll have forgotten all about Hear'say
Jay Neill, UK

Wow!! With Noel and now Johnny there are two cuties in the band. I can't wait to hear their next single. Good luck guys, I'll keep buying your records.
Isabel Dean, United Kingdom

Hahahahahahaha They do make me laugh!!
Matt, UK

Lets face facts the four remaining members are hardly Vogue material!

Andrew Cassidy, UK
A complete fix although we won't say no!!!
Sue & Danielle, UK

The new member will enjoy falling into obscurity again after doing it with his old band.
Steve, England

It's bands like these and their totally inconsequential, talentless, manufactured existences that make me wish that crimes against music were punishable by firing squad. I don't care who the new member is, how he fits in, what he does or who he's with. I just wish they'd all gracefully back out realising that their 15 minutes of fame were totally unjustified. Noneities.
Eoin, England

Thought it would be a guy!!
Lorna Stevens, England

Good luck son - you'll need it.
Steven McQuillan, UK

Different puppet, same hand moving the lips. I doubt very much the new member will influence the musical direction of the group. I look forward to not remembering them when I LOVE 2002 is on air in 10 years time.
Andrew Tagg, Netherlands

I'm glad they've chosen a boy this time - there are too many groups with 3 girls and 2 boys. Also, I'm glad they did this so quickly - they could have dragged it out for months and made even more money out of it! Good luck to the new boy.
Sali Earls, UK

I feel the media has been hijacked by their publicity department.
Andy, UK

Nothing will ever give Hear'Say a new lease of life. They were dead after their first single and aren't worth saving. At least they've all reached their goals though, to become just another mass market, no brained, piggy bank emptier for gullible kids.
Barrie May, UK

I wish someone would recognise the very clear difference between being a talented singer and being worthy of critical praise. Millions of people can sing, but Hear'Say was built on image, which explains the new lad being hired and will explain why they last five minutes. The same will happen with the Pop Idol. These bands are like Lego - the fun is in the building. We have hundreds of identical pop-tat bands to actually listen to if we feel so inclined. I'd be stunned if they even scrape out one more hit.
Greg, UK

Hmmm - Kym leaves Hear'say just as Pop Idol is at it's peak....Coincidence or yet another publicity stunt??
Claire, Scotland

Why did all those thousands of people wait for hours to get an audition only to be told to "sorry you're not good looking enough"???. Lets face facts the four remaining members are hardly Vogue material themselves!. Johnny's unveiling as the new Hear'say member shows that it isn't what you know but who you know that matters. Not that i'm suggesting his girlfriend had any influence in the decision!!! Heaven forbid!
Andrew Cassidy, UK

Evidently their sales are flagging in the teenage girl department... Let's face it, they knew they were looking for a guy. At the end of the day, this outfit exists to make money. Well, good luck to them, but I hope they feel guilty lining their pockets with kiddies pocket money.
Ed Vista, UK

Hear'Say should replace Danny as well as he looks like Shrek!
James and Pete, UK

He looks like he should be in Five!
Jen, UK

Well he is going to be another poor soul taken for a ride by the fat cats in the music industry and i'm sure they will be another forgotten manufactured band in about 12 months so there is no point trying to remember his name.
abby, UK

I think it's great, Kym doesn't care about the band now she has a famous boyfriend and it was not fair leaving the band and thinking of her and her kids, she will become nothing and fade into the background.
Katie, Dublin, Ireland

They sent away the prettiest girls from the audition before they had sang a note - it is their own fault that they won't make it until the end of the year

Emma, Scotland
What a farce! I hope their fans bin them over what quite clearly was a PR exercise designed to breathe life into this dead horse of an act. Nepotism runs rife in the music industry YET AGAIN!
Lisa , UK

I don't know what anyone else thinks, but isn't it a little suspicious that out of the 2000 odd hopefuls that turned up in Brixton on sunday, the one they picked for Hear'say is dating an already well established artist...?
Bekki, UK

I honestly dont think that HearSay will be able to struggle back to their positions that they had when they were first brought to the public...manufactured bands DONT work!
AJ, Northern Ireland

I supported hear'say from the beginning. They do have individual talents, particularily Myleene. However as a manufactured group, it seems their future is uncertain. It's more about business these days rather than talent, a rather sad reflection of society in general. I was dissappointed that Kym hasnt said more publically about her departure. Having to rely on rumours is disrespectful to her fans. But good luck to Jonny and the rest of the band for the future.
Jennie, UK

They had the chance to get another talented female vocalist to replace Kym, who had the best female voice. They chose not to. It was even reported on this website that they sent away the prettiest girls from the audition before they had sang a note. I think therefore that it is their own fault that they won't make it until the end of the year. I wonder which member will attept to replace Kym's vocals on previous tracks.
Emma, Scotland

Oh well, at least Johnny will know the routine when Hear'say disappear without trace ! They should be grateful for the fame and fortune they've had and gracefully disappear and enjoy what they had. They are history but that Kym is so arrogant I hope she flops like the rest of them! Good riddance to bad rubbish I say!
Trisha, England

I reckon Kym had a figure in her head that she wanted to make for her and her kids, made the dosh, got the celeb fiancee and got out as fast as her (chubby-ish) legs could carry her
Rose, England (Belfast ex-pat)

A lot more dishy than the other two!!
emily, wales

They might as well join Kym and quit while they're slightly ahead. I've seen more talent in a goldfish! Fair play to Johnny though (if he knows what he's letting himself in for).
Stacey, Doncaster

Almost every single positive comment here revolves around Johnny being fit. Tells you everything about the fans that you need to know.
Ross McG, Glasgow

I was there at Brixton studios on Sunday... all I gained was a cold

Kat, England
Just out of interest, did any of the thousands of people at the 'auditions' actually see Johnny in the queue? Someone must have if the reports are true that he queued like all the rest. I would at least go halfway to dispel the 'unfair' choice of an already has-been. (Maybe he was chosen to help them cope with the downward spiral!!!).
Phil, UK

I think the new Hear'Say will be as good as the old one. (Not Very!)
Rex, UK

I agree that the bands shelf life is quickly coming to an end and the way they went about this PR stunt has not helped in the slightest. Yes, I was there, Brixton studios, on Sunday, standing in the pouring rain, queueing for nearly 3 hours to have an "audition" (a line up) that was completely based on a "predefined look".

I didn't expect to have to look my very very best, first thing on a Sunday morning, after an early rise to commute for over an hour on the appalling train service, and then stood in the rain and the wind.....well, I was looking just fantastic!

I initially decided to go along for 'the experience', to add another performance to my continuous practise but I didn't even get to go indoors, let alone sing a note. All I really gained from it was a common cold!!! Thank you very much Hear'Say.
Kat De Adman, Surrey, England

What purpose does the " ' " serve in the title "Hear'Say"?
Eddie, UK

What a fix! How much money did Lisa stump up to get her bit of fluff a job? I bet he already had the job as soon as kym was out the door! The 'auditions' were just a PR stunt. Hear'Say are a waste of space.
Onyx, uk

Music is my life. I have my own band, Control-Alt-Delete. We're a four-piece boy-band with an 21st century urban vibe. We are currently trying to get signed. We have put out a couple of cds ourselves but it is so difficult. What chance have we got with these manufactured bands with their record companies paying their way to No 1? I think that it's a disgrace. If this sort of thing happened in any other industry there would be a public enquiry. Times are tough for us but we are just going to keep promoting ourselves and staying true to the music. I also think that Hearsay's days are definitely numbered now as Kym was the most talented. I love her vocals. Good luck to you - go girl!
Jim, UK

This episode of the last few days seems a little farcical to me, I think it's the beginning of the end

Rob, UK
To me they are just a group of dancers who can sing, not a band, a band signifies people who come together to do something important to themselves not a group of people who a put together by a suit in a record company. There are far better, more talented bands in the UK who continually get looked over because they don't use the Hype Machine, they just release quality records.
Bob, UK

Who gives a damn - they're still rubbish.
Jason Lockwood, UK

How can a guy replace Kym!!!! She will be sadly missed and I don't fancy this new chap!
George, UK

What a scoop Hear'Say have landed Ricky Martin as the new member !!!
Lee, England

They're rubbish and another "talent" joining them will not change that. Kindly consign yourselves to oblivion.
Arthur Pilkington, UK

Fiancee of Steps' Lisa gets the job. Enough to make you sick after all those poor people auditioned. Goodbye Hear'Say
Stephen Page, UK

I think people should give Johnny a chance before they start their comments

Lee M, UK
Pop Stars and Pop Idol might be fashionable now but they will soon be overdone and get boring like Big Brother did. This episode of the last few days seems a little farcical to me, I think it's the beginning of the end.
Rob, UK

Attention: People who has got nothing good to say about Hear'Say - shut up! Why can't you be happy for people like them? You are such a jealous and sad people... Have you got something better to offer to the world?
Jennifer, UK

Why are all the comments by women about Myleene so horrid? Can't they stand a beautiful, intelligent woman?
Emma, UK

What can I say? I think maybe the rest of the band should be replaced with professionals as they are already heading that way! I can hardly see that the new band member will have a bearing on their already falling record sales. Goodbye and Good riddance to Hear'Say - I hope!
Anon, UK

It is ironic that some of the products of Popstars and Pop Idol (most notably Danny, Myleene and Will Young) really do have genuine vocal talent. They really need to emphasise that and not let themselves be pigeonholed with the usual talentless boy/girl band members. Appointing this new guy has been a backward step.
Stephen, England

I feel sorry for the few fans that Hear'Say have left as they'll be obliged to buy their third Hear'say album in less than a year when the flop second album gets "re-recorded" with the new guy.

I also feel sorry for the thousands of people who wasted their time auditioning only to be part of a publicity stunt.. This guy must have been lined up as a replacement before the auditions.

Prediction for 2002 (and you don't need to be Mystic Meg for this one):- HEAR'SAY TOUR CANCELLED... followed by ... HEAR'SAY DROPPED BY RECORD COMPANY.
Scott, UK

I think Johnny Shentall will make quite a big diffrence

Sam Holmes, England
The only reaon Hear'Say have chosen a new member this way is because it needs publicity. No other band would have chosen a new member, never mind like this. Their second album is is a flop so they need publicity. They got even more by choosing a fiancÚ or Lisa from Steps.
Darran, Ireland

I have to agree with Sarah McAvoy, UK comments. I just wonder why they even went through the pretence of letting hundreds of people audition when they probably already had this guy lined up. If I were one of the guys who queued up for hours I'd be mighty annoyed with the contempt this band seem to have shown to all those hopefuls.
Matt, UK

I think people should give Johnny a chance before they start their comments. Johnny has worked hard for this, but then again people don't see that, they just like to right him off before he has got into the recording studio. Good luck Johnny.
Lee M, Donny, UK

I think that the whole ordeal has been appalling. They obviously knew this bloke already and just used the auditions as an excuse to get some publicity. It's all a con and I hope they fail. Admittedly I did like the Popstars programme but the end product was absolute rubbish.
Jonnny, England

About the saddest thing about this whole affair is that virtually every single message in support of the new member is along the lines of "Mmmmmmmmmm, he's a bit of a hunk. I can't wait for the new single".

Some people deserve what they get.
Gladys, England

I think Johnny Shentall will make quite a big diffrence.
Sam Holmes, England

It was a fix - now the fans will turn away and then the band will be no more.
Lias, UK

OH GROW UP YOU CYNICAL LOT!! With the exception of a brilliant few most of you have not got most of your facts right. Anyway for me I don't care that they are supposedly manufactured. As a 31-year-old I find their music has many special deep meaings and love them; even if it was sad to see Kym go. I will do what I can to get them and keep them at the top. GO HEAR'SAY.
Tom Tomalin, England

I think that without doubt all the members of the band are good singers, but it stops there. I agree that a band should be made up of people who play their own instruments, write their own songs and are not manufactured in a way such as this. The classic bands that everyone remembers like Led Zep, Queen, The Beatles, Beach Boys etc produced outstanding music that a "manufactured" band could never hope to emulate.
John, UK

As someone who queued along with 3000 other people, I doubt very much that the boyfriend of Lisa from Steps and Korben from Pop Idols were made to wait in line like the rest of us on the off chance (and it was literally an off chance) they would be spotted. I think not - all the same, as one who'd like to be in any of their shoes, I can't help but wish Johnny well!
Chris, Bath, UK

Sadly I don't think it will make much difference...Hear'Say are not doing so good anymore. Anyway the Irish version of Popstars, who are called 6, will be much better!!! I think it's time they all think of doing something individually!!!
Ross, Ireland

He looks very nice. He should appeal to the young girls and the gay men. If he can't sing, who cares? It is all about making money.
Phil Watford, UK

CON! Are we seriously expected to believe that an ex-boy band member who's engaged to a pop millionaire-ess queued up in the rain in the middle of the night whith thousands of pop wannabees - or was he already chosen and the auditions were just another clever marketing ploy?? !!!!
Alan, England

I personally think adding this new member has totally ruined the band Hear'Say. I mean, Hear'Say were lucky hopefuls, just normal members of the public who entered a contest we all watched. We saw the tears and the stages they went through to become a popstar. But adding a member who already has showbiz experience is totally unfair. All the other people have been let down totally who auditioned. I think it's totally unfair now that bands are judged becuase of their looks. Adding this new member of Hear'Say has wrecked this band totally. It's like adding Mr Blobby to the Beatles!
Neil, United Kingdom

I think that Hear'Say did a brilliant thing by choosing Johnny, he has got the talent, the looks, he just looks like a popstar. I know that he has been in Boom before but I still think that he looks great in the band. Hear'Say rule!
Beckee, UK

Hmmm, a dodgy Steps connection? Glossy photos conveniently published? Sham auditions methinks, I feel sorry for all the people who queued out in the cold! Shame on you Popstars!
Michael H., UK

Having been a Steps fan and so taken an interest in Johnny Shentall, I have come to this conclusion - he is a lovely, down to earth bloke, a great dancer with a good voice and he isn't bad looking either!!! Maybe he's just the thing Hear'Say need to inject some life into them. I wish him the best of luck.
Hollie, UK

I think Hear'Say's problems lie in the fact that the material they have had to work with has been very weak. Also, they do not seem to know what image they want to portray. Their management need to take a serious look at what they are doing with these kids. If they want to survive past the end of the year, they will need the best songwriters on their side to have any chance. I think Kim will have been proved to be very wise when we look back in a year or two.
Brian Clark, UK

Will new recruit Johnny give Hear'Say a new lease of life?



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