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Friday, 11 January, 2002, 09:56 GMT
Your tributes: Feeder's Jon Lee
Jon Lee
Feeder formed in the early 90s in Newport, South Wales
Feeder drummer Jon Lee was found dead at his home in Miami on Monday.

The 33-year-old musician, who committed suicide, was a founding member of the Welsh group who had four UK top 20 singles.

They had their first major hit with High in 1997 and their last single, Just A Day, was released only last month.

The band relocated to Florida last year, and had just finished a European tour supporting the Stereophonics.

BBC News Online received around 1,000 tributes to Jon Lee from its users. Here is a selection of some of them.

Thank you for all your beautiful comments from Feeder's PR company. We are currently collecting up all the messageboards so Jon's family and Grant and Taka can see how much loved Jon was. We knew him well - he was a proper lovely guy, and will be terribly missed. May you rest in peace.
Julian Carrera, UK

We met Jon and his wife Tatiana about a year ago as our next door neighbours. Quickly we became very close friends and had unforgettable, great times together. We got to know Jon very well not only as a great musician, but also as the most down to earth, intelligent guy. We used to meet and chat together every day, and we were there for him till the end. He opened his heart to us. We know that he had great passion for his music but his son Cameron and wife Tatiana were everything to him. Jon, you stole our hearts, we will miss you and you will live in our hearts forever. RIP. Love you. Elizabeth and Roman.
Roman Dondalski, USA

You grew up with one of my good friends. I saw you last month at Birmingham NIA, you were great you rocked this world...and the next. I even caught your red bull! You will be greatly missed, my heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragic loss. I LOVE YOU JON!!!! Who wants to live forever?
Naomi, Birmingham, England

Jon, I'll never forget you, and I'll never forget the way you made me smile when we talked at Strasburg on October 2nd. Your autograph is still on my wall... Love forever, Cin... Peace and respect...
Cin Obringer, France

Thank you Jon for the hours of enjoyment and entertainment you have given me, I consider it an honour to have been in the same room as you.
Brett, England

I admit that I had have not had much to do with the band in recent years, however I was around at the time that Feeder were first trying to form a fanbase, and wherever me and my friends saw the band they would always make a point of coming to say hello ,not just to us, but to all their fans after their shows.

Jon in particular would make a point of speaking to and signing every autograph for every fan. Having had personal experience of a close friend ending their life, I just wish Jon could have spoken to those around him who could have helped him - however depression is a terrible illness - but I just feel so sad and that his death could have been so easily avoided. As old as I get I will never forget how Feeder's music helped me, when I was younger, with some hard times and all my deepest condolences go out to Jon's family and the rest of the band and management. I'm just so sorry.
Chris Hidden, Manchester

A friend...R.I.P
Stewart Pettey, UK

I've been a Feeder fan for a while now and I met them at a signing a year ago. I brought along a drum I had "borrowed" from school and asked Jon to sign it, which he kindly did, and he even tuned it for me! He seemed such a nice person and it's such a shame that he's gone.
Liane Persaud, England

Feeder have long been my favourite band, and this news is deeply upsetting and shocking. My thoughts go out to Jon's family and friends, but especially to Grant, not only a bandmate but a childhood friend for 16 years. RIP.
Paul, UK

I've only recently begun listening to Feeder. It was the soundtrack to my trip to Europe. It was the embodiment of the general state of mind I was in, and it meant a lot to have the music there. Even with so little knowledge of the band, this is still quite terrible. The world will go on, but never will it regain that same meaning that his personality gave it.
Andrew, US

I couldn't believe it when I heard about this terrible news. I thought someone was playing a sick joke. Jon's death is a true loss. I remember seeing Feeder for the first time back in April in Jon's home town of Newport, they were brilliant and I loved them so much from that very moment. The band will never be the same without Jon but I hope Grant and Taka continue and get Feeder as far as they can go. It's just sad that Jon won't be there. RIP Jon Lee.
Dave Timbrell, London, UK

Jon, you helped change my outlook on rock music

Ollie, England
When I first started playing the drums I was inspired and always tried to eminate Jon. You and Feeder are a piece of my youth and I'll never forget you. Condolences for Jon's family and to the band.
Seb, Torquay, England

I have only met Jon Lee twice, however the time I spent with him backstage at Astoria (London) was truly memorable forever. Not only was he funny but he was a truly genuine guy.

What can I say, what a great man and a great drummer, he'll be missed by all Feeder fans such as me and my mates. I'm so upset, he was great, the life and soul. He will be totally and utterly missed, all I can do is ask myself why did he do it. What a great loss. I'm gutted! Rest in peace dude.
Nicola Janye Tucker, South Wales, UK

I saw Feeder support Stereophonics in November. That gig was unforgettable. The whole hall rocked to Seven Days and Buck Rodgers an event that just wouldn't have been the same without the amazing drummer that was Jon Lee. He will be sadly missed. RIP.
Peter McB, Scotland

We went to the Stereophonics gig in Manchester last year especially to see Feeder and they were brilliant. Jon was a great drummer and the backbone of the band. He will be greatly missed. Feeder will never be he same without him. We are so glad we were able to see him play live. All our thoughts are with his family and grant and Taka.
Christine & Philip Heyworth, Blackburn, England

I was distraught to hear the news of Jon's death. I have always considered Feeder to be the best British there has been and I hope that despite this tragic loss, they will continue. R.I.P.
Phillbizace, UK

The fact that he asked if we enjoyed the performance and how we were doing, I knew that he was decent and caring, taking pride in his work. He was a great musician and was part of one of arguably the best bands of all time. My commiserations to his family and friends who must be grieving over the loss of a terrific man. Rest In Peace, Jon
Darren Sillitoe, England

Our thoughts and hearts go out to the family and friends of Jon, he may have left us, but his music will live on, thank you Jon, you helped change my outlook on rock music and for this I am eternally grateful.
OllieC4, England

I was fortunate to meet Jon on two occasions, he always had time for others. My thoughts go out to the Lee family at this awful time.
Richard K, England

I am devestated. They are such a good band and he was such a good drummer, my heart goes out to the family of Jon. I am omly 16 but I have liked Feeder for ages and I am sure Jon will be missed greatly by all his fans and those close to him. Thanks for the music Jon.
David Ravenscroft, England

I first saw them at V98 and they were brilliant. I remember thinking "Here is a band that will go somewhere". A terrible tragedy; he will be missed by many. R.I.P Jon.
Liz Bonsey, England

Feeder were one of the first ever bands I got into, I had the privilege to meet Jon on a couple of occasions. He didn't just ignore me, instead we had a good chat. I'm deeply saddened by this news, he's the first person I've met to kill themselves and I doubt I'll ever forget Jon and how I feel today.
Ian Hill, England

I don't think there is anything that I can say right now. Buck Rogers was the first song I mastered on the drums and I am just so shocked. Ironic that. But sometimes I feel it, you know how it is. Wake up in the morning, everything fits. I'm still hoping tomorrow feels like this. My Perfect Day was the song I was listening to when I heard the news. You will always live on in our hearts.
Jenny Gupta, Winchester, UK

He was the driving force of the band and it would seem unlikely that they will go on without him. They just wouldn't be the same.
Alistair McErlain, Scotland

Just when we thought you'd made it. Hope you find the peace in death you didn't find in life. Rest in peace!
Phil, Newport, South Wales

Hope you find your happiness, thanks for the music, thanks for bringing me up when I was down, We will miss you.
David Ross, Morecambe, UK

My deepest sympathies to Jon's family, Grant and Taka. He will be sorely missed by all. His contribution to Feeder will not be forgotten by the fans who regarded them as among the great British bands and will continue to hold him close to their hearts. R.I.P. Jon.
Simon Hills, UK

Thank you for bringing us outstanding music!

Katy, England
Superb drummer, rest in peace son.
Marco, London

May you rest now where no shadows fall.
Craig , Newport, Wales

Jon will be very sadly missed in our lives. A tragic end to a wonderful person. Love to all his family and friends.
Rob and Donna, Norwich, UK

You were famous and you are now a legend. I saw you at Reading festival. You were brilliant. Thank you for bringing us outstanding music!
Katy, England

A tragedy, just as we thought the band had made it

Oli, London
Tragic death and very sad. As the band were just making it to stardom, all the hardwork paid off. A very good person, who will be sorely missed, and respect to the other band members and family members.
Jon Lavercombe, Newport, South Wales

Can't believe the news. Just wanted to pass my condolences on to all concerned. On all the many occasions I met Jon through my radio work he was a pleasure to be with and like the rest of the band a refreshing change from some of the idiots and egos in this business. He will be very sadly missed.
Neil Jones, Star FM, Cambridge, UK

This is devestating news. I'm shocked to say the least. But may Lee's memory not be forgotten and his music played on. Echo Park will continue to sell and may some of the money go to his loving family and help his child growing up.
Daniel Stapleton, UK

Feeder have been a great influence within my band, and the tragic departure of Jon will be felt in the hearts of many, many music lovers across the world.
Matt Dude, South England

A tragedy, just as we thought the band had made it. Jon, you will be sorely missed by many.
Oli, London

Feeder have proved that music in the UK is not dead

Normura, UK
It seems only yesterday I was shaking his hand in a music store in Middlesborough. My deepest sympathies go out to your family, friends, bandmates and fans that have been shaken by his tragic death as I have.

I only wish you could see the impact your music had on me and the people around me. I'm devestated by your departure and only hope that this does not mean the end of Feeder. It seems that Yesterday did go too soon! Rest in peace.
Richard Murphy, England

I met the band a few years ago and I was struck by how approachable they all were. This is a desperately sad piece of news after the death of Stuart Adamson a few weeks ago. My condolences to Jon's family and friends.
Ian Peters, Manchester, UK

As a music journalist, I was never a Feeder fan until interviewing the band last August. Their attitude - that it was the music and the fans, rather than themselves who mattered - converted me, as it is a rare thing to see in today's corporate industry. Jon Lee epitomised that and will be sorely missed. RIP.
Ben Wilson, England

I just want to say how shocked I am at this news. After hearing him several times on the TV and radio, he appeared to me to be a friendly and easy going character. His musical ability spoke for itself, as he helped Feeder to the verge of greatness. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Robert Brown, UK

Feeder have proved that music in the UK is not dead. I think that Jon was a very, very talented drummer and I shall miss his distinctive drumming with Feeder.
Nomura, UK

He was a really nice bloke who never let fame get to him

Chris Hope, England
This is the most devasting news I have heard in a long time. What a way to start a new year. He shall be greatly missed and I hope that the Feeder spirit will stay alive in his abscence.
Jon Gordon, UK

Shocked by the news. Unconditional thanks to him for the music and the memories. Support to all friends and family.
Matt Shaw, England

Wow, I can't believe it. I saw them last May and they looked good then. I am in deep shock. Jon, you shall be missed.
Jim, England

I met Jon on a few occasions and he was a really nice bloke who never let fame get to him. He climbed down off stage one night after a gig and gave my sister his drumsticks. He promised he would when we met him last - she was so chuffed. He'll live on in my memories forever. Strength to Grant and Taka. Respect.
Chris Hope, England

It's a sad day for the music industry. I hope you rest in peace Jon. My thoughts are with those who were closest to him.
Katie, Holland

To Jon Lee's family and Feeder. My deepest condolences. I have been a fan of the band since the start and I can only guess at how you must be hurting. I am so shocked and saddened.
Ian, Gwent, South Wales

The rhythm may have gone but the legend will live on.
Nick, Wales

I saw Feeder at the Reading Festival in August and they were fantastic. This is really tragic news and my thoughts are with his wife and son and the remaining members of the band.
Laura, UK

Jon, you made us fans happy but obviously not yourself. I feel saddened and sorry. Goodbye and rest in peace. My thoughts are for his wife and child and Grant and Taka.
Wendy Trimmer, England

I'm in shock, I've seen the band quite a few times live. Peace and love goes out to the band and their family.
Luke Manic, Wales

You will be sadly missed. Feeder are one of the best bands around, and such a talent has been wasted. May our thoughts be with the family of Jon.
Jim Smith, England

This is a shocking tragedy. I think Feeder's hits over the last couple of years are brilliant, epecially Buck Rogers and more recently the Police classic Can't Stand Losing You.
David Chapman, England

Jon was a great drummer, I saw him play last month, and I will never forget it. My thoughts are with the rest of the band, and his family.
Jamie Ryan, UK

I went to see Feeder Live in early 2001 in Bristol. They were absolutely brilliant, and I think Lee will be sorely missed.
Ben Stinson, England

Thanks for a great six years..from Swim to Echo will live on.
David Cornelius, UK

His death is a great loss to the whole rock scene, he was a great drummer.
Leanne, England

The rock community has lost a decent bloke and a good drummer and musician - Jon will be missed.
Luke Elwick, England

We are pretty upset to hear the news about Jon - we saw Feeder In Birmingham last year and it was one of the best gigs we have been to. Our thoughts are with Jon's family and Grant and Taka. Take it easy man.
Will and Ian, England

Feeder gave a new name to rock'n'roll. You touched many people out there with your music Jon. Your fans and me will never forget you.
Adam Simmons, England

Such a shock, totally unexpected. Jon will be missed, the music of Feeder will never be the same but I hope they carry on in his memory. RIP to one of the greats.
Rob Watts, Birmingham, England

It is tragic that such a time of success and joy should end so sadly for Feeder. We can only hope that Jon Lee has escaped the pain he was obviously going through.
Chris Spurr, England

Lost for words really, just wanted to pass on my sympathy to all. Great Band.
Gary Robinson, Durham

Jon, you will be greatly missed. Tragic loss of a drumming idol.
Dave Chamberlain, Southampton, England

Why are all the good people taken from us? Great drummer, top chap. Rest in Peace.
Debs, Cornwall, UK

I hope he finds where he is now what he couldn't find here on earth

Matthew Dixon, UK
I still remember the great times in my life when I got a chance to meet you in person. You were always so kind, and sincere. It won't be the same without you, nothing will. RIP.
ali, uk

Deepest sympathies to the band and family and friends of Jon. Feeder's music has meant so much to those that followed them. Peace be with you.
Mark Hughes, England

Feeder's music has always provided its fans and the British music scene with entertaining and intelligent songs. I was fortunate to see them last year and I hope that as the dust settles from this tragedy they will be remembered for being unique in the alternative scene and be awarded the credit they merit and not be labelled as the band who lost their drummer. All the best to the lads
Steven Walker, UK

I just heard the news. I am so saddened and shocked. My thoughts go out to his wife, son, family, friends and everyone that knew him. He will be deeply missed, Rest in Peace Jon.
Louise, England

Great entertainers! I thoroughly enjoyed their set at Reading Festival this year! I hope feeder still go on to obtain many more hits
Hannah Laker, Lindford, UK

Sorry to Jon's family, I saw Feeder live at Leeds 2001, and I shall never forget them, and him
Sean Kenny, England

"but I'm missing yesterday!" We will never know exactly why Jon chose to end his life - but I hope he finds where he is now what he couldn't find here on earth
Matthew Dixon, UK

Really a waste of talent.
Simon Dewhurst, England

it's just not going to be the same with out jon, a role model to a lot of people, and a lot of sorrow is felt for his family and friends.
Katie Langley, England

A tragedy. RIP
Rob, UK

Truly devastating. Jon was a great musician who will be missed dreadfully. My thoughts go out to Grant, Taka and Jon's Family and friends. I was privilaged to meet Jon and you will be missed. May your spirit live on in the Music of Feeder. A Friend always.
Ben, England

We think it's a great loss and will miss him! - Christine, Sam and Jenny
Jenny Trimmer, England

Shocked and upset are the only words at the moment, that describe my grief. An inspiration to many including myself his presence in the world will be sorely missed.
paul owen , england

Your music will forever touch peoples lives. I feel honoured to have met such a gifted and talented person.
Sarah, USA

You will be sadly missed. Pleasure to have met you, you were so down to earth. I hope you find your peace, God's speed Jon - thanks for the music.
Anneliese, UK

Jon seemed to be the most down to earth person you could ever meet. Fame never went to his head

Ellen Tully, England
I was going to meet Feeder this Tuesday at Reading uni. I am absolutely gutted as I was so excited about meeting an amazing band. Thank you Jon, for your part in what made an amazing band.
Lee Hayes, UK

Feeder are one of my favourite bands and I am so shocked at the news. Deepest sympathy for Jon's family and also to Grant and Taka. R.I.P. Jon
Clair Abbey, Birmingham, England

Oh Christ, Its a real shame as I really enjoyed the sound, You got to realise that there is help when you are this low. What a sad waste, my feelings are for the Family and close friends.
simon smith, scotland

A great drummer who once again has passed on like Keith Moon and all of the other greats. Those beats will live on forever.
Joel Mellor, Luton, England

This truly is tragic news. jon was a lovely bloke in the best band the UK had to offer. Somethings just aren't fair. Rest in peace boyo.
mike hemsley, england

Jon seemed to be the most down to earth person you could ever meet. Fame never went to his head. Even though our meeting was brief he said to me how important his family was to him -my heart goes out to them.Jon you will be missed
Ellen Tully, England

A total shock, we have lost a very talented musician
Matt, UK

I'm in complete and utter shock!! I'm a MASSIVE Feeder fan and this all seems so surreal.
Vix, uk

I'd only recently come accross the phenomenon that is Feeder, the music is excellent.

Richard Stokoe, England
I saw them recently when on tour with Stereophonics - always loved their music before that aswell... RIP John
James Little, Tunbridge Wells, UK

I'm shocked he was a great drummer and always seemed like a nice guy, he was always to the fans. RIP
Sam , Wales/England

An absolute shock, the music has stopped, but his memory will live on. Rest in peace.
Richard Press, London, England

Am in total shock. RIP Jon, you were a diamond. Love and strength to Jon's family and of course Grant and Taka
Kayt, London, England

Such a shame, a great loss of a great performer. I can only hope Feeder will go on without him.
Pete Hampson, and James Cooper, Weaverham, England

Lying back last night listening to yesterday went too soon, completely oblivious to the fact that Jon had died thinking to myself, "Ah I've always loved this band," is only made clearer in my mind. I'm shocked as many others are and it is a great loss.
tim clark, england

You won't be forgotten
Chris, Nottingham, England

i am utterly is such a shock, he will be sorely missed. my thoughts go out to his family, and to Grant and Taka. RIP.
Beth, Sidcup, Kent

Jon was a great guy to all he met and whenever I talked to the band he was always a laugh yet sincere

Tom Marshall, England
I'd only recently come accross the phenomenon that is Feeder, the music is excellent. What a sad day to hear that part of it is gone, under such tragic circumstances. You shall be sorely missed. My deepest condolensces to family and friends.
Richard Stokoe, Newcastle, England

RIP Jon. Condolences to all his family and friends.. I saw feeder supporting the stereophonics in november, they were amazing..I hope they find a replacement soon and get the success they wud have got with Jon. RIP dude. We love ya
Michael Carrick, UK

Jon was a great guy to all he met and whenever I talked to the band he was always a laugh yet sincere. He will be sorely missed by many but as is the way maybe he didn't realise this and if only he had maybe this wouldn't have happened. My condolences to all his family and friends.
Tom Marshall, England

At a time when British rock was stuck at a low-point, Jon and Feeder continued to produce up-lifting, intelligent, and high-quality work. It takes a certain kind of genius to do that - a genius that will be missed. Farewell, Jon.
Mark Thomas, Staffordshire, UK

What a shock. Our deepest sympathy to Jon's family, Grant and Taka. Thanks Jon for your contribution to the best band in the world. RIP.
Helen and Rich, Sheffield

John will be missed by all, I'm just glad I had the privilege to see him and Feeder live. Rest in peace John, and thanks for all you did.
Si Humphreys, England

They are one of the best live bands I've ever seen

Andy Aston, England
Unbelievably sad. A terrible loss. I hope he finds peace, music and happiness in another life, it has to be better than this one.
Jeni, England

Jon helped make Feeder a band we can relate to. We will all miss him now, and what he would have achieved in the future. The band helped me personally through difficult years, and seeing them live in 2000 touched me. I am so grateful. Truly, rest in peace.
Will, UK

Mike C, Shropshire, England

I've seen them twice this year and they where brilliant. It's a big shock. They are one of the best live bands I've ever seen. The band won't have the same energy without Jon Lee. You will be missed. Thank you!
Andy Aston, England

My thoughts are with Jon's parents and family in Miami. Jon - I will miss seeing you around. You were a lovely person to have known. RIP
Karen, Newport, S.Wales

Deepest sympathy to Jon's family and friends, Feeder will never be the same.
Andrew Corthorn, England

Thanks for your music, you were the rock which Feeder was made around. The albums were brilliant, especially songs like Yesterday Went Too Soon, Turn and High. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. "I dont want to be a hero."
Stewart, Scotland

I can always remember Jon (and the rest of the band) being the friendliest guys of all the bands I played with

Dale Goodridge, UK
Hearing the news totally blew me away. I met Jon at the Pop Factory, and he was such an approachable guy. I can't bear the thought of no more Feeder, but without him behind the drum kit, it won't be the same. R.I.P.
Ian James, Wales

Lots of bands lose members, but to continue playing and recording is the best way to remember the lost ones.
Steve Carpenter, Wales/United Arab Emirates

I have been a fan since the EP Swim and love the band. I modelled my band on their style and energy. I hope you find peace Jon and that Taka and Grant find a way to continue through these hard times. RIP and hope for the future
David Harrison, UK

I saw Feeder on the last night of the Stereophonics tour. Jon Lee was the life of the band and will be missed dearly. Rest in peace
Craig Perks, England

RIP Jon Lee 1968-2002. That's all I am able to say right now. I am in total shock.
Tom, England

I am a musician and had the great fortune to support Feeder a few times in 1995 when they were on the gig circuit when I was in a band called Homesick. I can always remember Jon (and the rest of the band) being the friendliest guys of all the bands I played with.They were finally getting the recognition they deserved this year. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him and listened to his music. Sleep well.
Dale Goodridge, England

Am shocked. Had not heard any of their stuff until a Stereophonics concert a couple of months ago. I thought they were brilliant and have been meaning to buy their album ever since. My thoughts go out to the rest of the band.
Vicki Wilkinson, England

Finding out about this whilst sitting wearing my new Feeder T-shirt came as somewhat of a shock to say the least. Jon will be missed and i'm thinking of friends and family at this time. May the music live on, and keep Jon with us all.
David Newman, England

To a man who will live in the hearts of Feeder lovers everywhere. He will keep the beat of the drum going for us all. Farewell and keep on playing in the new life.
Matt Sherriff, UK

Very sad ending to a brilliant band. Deepest sympathy to Jon's wife, family, Grant and Taka.
Matt, England

I heard the news at lunch time. I never met Jon, but I am as big a fan of both the music of Feeder, and his drumming as you can imagine. I came back from school just now, listening to the new Aphex Twin CD in my player, and it seemed like blasphemy. Thank you Jon for all the music you made.

Jon was a father and a husband, and there must have been something so very wrong to make him take his own life. I don't know what to say, other than I'm truly sorry, and I wish Tatiana and Cameron, as well as both Grant and Taka the best, as well as all of Jon's family and friends. Thank you Jon.
Russell Hope, England

Jon was not only an amazing drummer but a friend to the fans, he always gave us his time and a smile. His memory will live on every time one of us listens to the music which we have always loved so dearly.
Pippa Clay, Leicestershire, England

It is a great shame that this has happened just as they have been getting the recognition they've deserved for so long. RIP Jon.
Rich Beaumont, Alton, England

Jon, we'll miss you heaps. May you rest in peace and your music live forever!
LF, Scotland

I am totally in shock about this news and deeply saddened. Rest in peace Jon.
Gareth Pearce, Wales

From the first gig I saw Feeder at London LA2 in '96, to the last in Manchester in '01, all I can say is that he provided so much energy and friendliness that nobody could ever replace. I know Feeder are carrying on but just as long they do not sacrifice anything he did, his memory will remain on in the music he helped create and his smile when he met us fans.
Rob Bright, UK

Jon's death is a loss to modern rock. He was part of a fantastic band who had great things ahead of them. This is a sad day for music.
Ben, UK

Jon - you will be missed. My thoughts are with your family and friends. Thanks for the music.
Debbie Brooks, Cardiff, Wales

Brilliant band who were only now really enjoying the success they so richly deserved. He'll be very much missed.
Claire French, Scotland

No words available. I just hope he's climbing high, up above the streets and rows of neon lights! Saw Feeder in Glasgow end of November 2001 and they rock the world. Keep it real lads.
Graeme Davidson, Scotland

What a tragic loss for his family and the British music industry. You will be sorely missed Jon. R.I.P.
Jo, England

You will be sadly missed, maybe we'll meet sometime. Rest in peace.
Ben, Burnley, UK

I've seen them live twice and thought they did great at the Reading festival. Jon will be surely missed.
Kevin Halstead, Cumbria, England

Thanks for making my teenage years memorable with your great live performances. You shall be sadly missed.
Darren Downs, UK

I was sat in the common room when I heard the news on Radio 1. Nobody could believe what they were hearing. Feeder is constantly on the Hi-fi in the sixth form block! Jon will be sorely missed but we will ensure he lives on.
Vikki, England

After hearing the tragic news of Jon Lee's death I am deeply upset, Feeder was the first big band I went to see. Feeder won't be the same without him. God bless Jon Lee 1968-2002.
Dan Glasses, England

We thought you were gonna make it. Just when you were getting the recognition you truly deserve. Thanks for the wonderful music, and you will live forever. Rest in peace from all of us Welsh Butties!
Will, Pontyclun, S.Wales

I will miss you Jon, you would not believe the craft you have given me. Thank you. Gareth, drummer from Leech.
Gareth Fuke, England

Your single "Just a Day" was the best song I have heard since I heard "Imagine". All my mates and I will miss your influence on music.
Edmund, England

Shocked and devastated; I only really got into Feeder about a year ago and have found that their music is refreshing, thoughtful, wonderfully melodic and means so much to so many. Jon was a huge part of this. Every Feeder fan will remember Jon and we are lucky that at least his music survives him; my heart goes out to his friends and family and of course to Grant and Taka. Rest in peace.
Nic Ames, England

Feeder may have lost their drummer but their music will never die. My condolences go out to Jon's family, and friends. I go to the same school that Jon went to, and I live in St. Julians, the area that he grew up in. We are all devastated, such a loss of great talent. Rest in peace.
James Collins, Newport, South Wales

Sorry to hear the bad news boys. I watched you last November at Manchester with the 'Phonics. The best thing you can do for Jon is keep the good music coming - all the best.
Leigh Orme, England

Jon - thanks for the music and just for being a top bloke. You will be sorely missed and certainly never forgotten. Our thoughts are with Jon's family, Grant and Taka. R.I.P.
Kara and Rach, Essex, UK

No words can express just how sad this is. It is such a tragedy, events like this make you wonder what could drive someone to that point? I don't think he realised just how much he will be missed. I pay my respects to an extremely talented man who will be remembered in our hearts. To Jon Lee, R.I.P, and support goes out to his family, friends and all who were lucky enough to meet and know him personally. I wish I had that chance
Luke Nelson, England

Well, what to say, words don't seem to do justice? I still cannot believe what I've heard, it is such a tragic thing to have happened, especially at a time when things were going so well for the lads. I can only offer my deepest sympathy and condolances to his family, Grant, Taka, his friends and everyone that knew him. Jon you will be greatly missed by more people than you would have possibly imagined.
Sarah Tredinnick, UK

I am greatly saddened by this terrible news and send my greatest sympathies to all who knew him. He was great at what he did and will be missed.
Sarah-Lois Jamieson, Northern Ireland

What a sad event to begin 2002 with. I feel even more privileged to have seen Feeder and talked to them at TOTP. A top band and a top bloke. Love to his family, Grant and Taka.
Louise, Herts, England

Only weeks ago I saw you supporting the Stereophonics at the Telewest Arena. In the summer I was privileged to see you at the Leeds Festival. Both times you and the band were the showstealers. Thank you for the music.
Mark Allan, England

I just hope he can find in death what he thought he could never find in life. Thanks for the music.
Stuart Davis, UK

I felt my insides twist when I heard. Shocked, upset, hopeful that Taka, Grant and family can find strength to carry on. We never realised that he was putting on a brave face all these years, I hope he's found peace. Always remember you Jon.
Ellie S, South Wales, UK

Jon will be missed loads and all our thoughts are with his wife and child.. we will miss you Jon. Love you and your work for ever.
Helena, England

Such a damn shame for somebody so talented, Jon Lee and Feeder have brought me hours of pleasure as they have to millions, thanks Jon and to Feeder, rest in peace my good man.
Shaun Wyvill, United States

He was destined to become the Brian Jones of this century. A great talent now gone.
Bob Friedkin, UK

It only seems like yesterday when I saw Feeder blow away Everclear and the Stereophonics and waited ages for Polythene to be released, and now a third of the power has gone, thanks for many a great memory.
Stuart Laws, Wales

Great guy, what a shame. i met the band the beginning of summer, i was getting CDs signed 4 myself, and i also got a ball signed for a friend who took photos. i gave jon the ball he bounced it a bit, gave me a funny look, then signed it, i asked it to make it out to "kenco" (nickname of my m8) and he gave me a funny look again, and kind of held my arm when signing it. im glad i got to meet them and see them live.
lizzy, england

This is such a shock and so unbelievably sad.
deborah cook, scotland

Feeder are without a doubt one of the best bands Britain has produced in the past decade. They have only just been getting the recognition that they deserve. One can only ask why. Reading this awful news left me feeling stunned. Rest in peace Jon
Paul, England

I interviewed Jon a few times, and he was one of the most honest, easygoing, and down to earth men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A loss to all of us.
Matt Taylor, Scotland

Thank you Jon for the work you did with Feeder and the music you created. Thankyou for the endless upbeat, rock 'n' roll and emotive songs you have given us. You will forever hold a place in our hearts. R.I.P
Si Haworth, Blackpool, England

So sorry, hopefully he is at peace now.
Meg, UK

He had recently married, had a young son and a house in Miami, Feeder could have become huge - I guess that's not enough when there's something so wrong inside

Michael Fitzgerald, Wales
Feeder were my first big love in music when I was in my teens, and Jon will remain a hero of mine. I feel deep sympathy for his family, friends and bandmates. We are fortunate to have a catalogue of great music to remember him by. God bless you Jon - be at peace.
James Hawkes, England

I met him last year at MTV's 5 night stand. He was the most down to earth and genuine rock star I have ever met. A true loss and may his soul rest in peace.
Rob, UK

As the beat in the heart of feeder, Jon's death will break many musical hearts around the world. Here's to the hope that he finds a happy place to rest. The music will keep his memory well and truly alive.
Alex Faust, London, UK

I had lots of fun learning to play the Feeder songs on my guitar...I hope the band carry on and finish what Jon started.
Manoj, England

God bless Jon's soul and condolences to his family. Rock on in heaven.
Taz, UK

Deepest sympathies to Jon's family and friends, also to Grant and Taka. Jon will be greatly missed as part of one of the best groups to come from Wales. He was a great inspiration and will never be forgotten
Gill, England

I don't know why he had to commit suicide, but it must have been the pressure, I've always wanted to be a singer and I'm on the way there, but if this is what it leads people to, I'm not so sure i want to fulfill my childhood dream! Feeder are an amazing group, their music means a lot to me and a lot of other people, I hope the band carries on because they are a blessing to the music industry! Rock on! You are the best, hold your heads high and keep smiling - have faith.
Amy Frank, UK

I am extremely devastated at Jon's death, he was the driving force of the band and he will be missed sorely by the fans.
Ben Stephenson, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland

I don't understand why this happened, Jon was a friend of a friend. I saw him live three times, twice last year. He had recently married a Brazilian model, had a young son and a house in Miami. Feeder could have broken America this year and become huge. I guess that's not enough when there's something so wrong inside. He will be missed.
Michael Fitzgerald, Wales

You will be greatly missed and your music will live on forever. The music won't be the same without you. I wish I could have seen you play live with the band. Rest in peace Jon Lee.
Danny Smart, Isle of Man (UK)

This is such sad news. My deepest sympathy to all that knew Jon - especially his wife and child. Rest in peace.
Sarah, England

I had the pleasure of playing in a local band with John about 10 years ago - as well as being a really nice guy, he was also a great drummer, the best I'd played with

Simon, Wales, UK
I was only listening to the fantastic Just A Day this morning thinking what a truly great band Feeder are, completely unaware of the news of Jon's death. This has come as a total shock and although we will never know the reason why Jon felt he had to do this, wherever he is I hope he knows he will be truly missed. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and of course Grant and Taka. I hope they keep the spirit of Feeder alive even though it can never be the same without him. Thanks for the awesome gigs and truly inspiring music. I know every other fan will feel the same at this tragic time.
Martin Peters, Bristol, England

i met Jon last year and he was a really nice guy, and a hell of a drummer... this is a huge shock to me, and my thoughts are with his wife and bandmates. Rest in peace Jon.
Chris, England

I am still shocked after hearing the sad news. Feeder are the best live band I've ever seen. My thoughts are with the family and band members Grant and Taka.
Una O' Boyle, Ireland

Feeder are the greatest band ever, and without him no Feeder record will be the same. I'll miss him, and even more, his talent. Rest in peace Jon.
Jenny Emms, UK

All the members of Neocoma wish to send their thoughts to Grant,Taka and Jon's family at this difficult time. You were an inspiration Jon!
Kevin Atherton, England, UK

I would just like to send my love to his family and say I love Feeder and hope they have the strength to carry on
Katie, England

I had the pleasure of playing in a local band with John about 10 years ago. As well as being a really nice guy, he was also a great drummer - the best I'd played with. He went on to do great things with Feeder. I was proud that a local guy was doing so well in the business. Sympathies to his friends and family. Newport and the rock world has lost a great musician.
Simon, Newport, South Wales, UK

Jon Lee was a third of the band, not just the drummer at the back.
Emily, England

My thoughts and prayers for Jon's family and friends. He will be sadly missed by all Feeder fans including myself.
Helen, UK

I feel gutted. He was such a nice guy, easily approachable

Ali Carr, Scotland
Jon. Rest in peace, my friend. God, I didn't see this coming. I only spoke to you seven weeks ago and you seemed so happy. Grant and Taka, I am with you. Hope you find the strength to go on. If you need to talk you know where I am.
Dan Moule, England

A terrible shame that Jon took his life, Feeder had just made it after all those years and Echo Park was their best album yet. I hope Taka and Grant are able to carry on the legend. Rest in peace and I hope he knew how much his music affected me.
Rob, London

I was lucky enough to meet Feeder last year and I was amazed at how down to earth they all were. they are the nicest guys in rock and Jon was a big part of that. I hope he has found his place and that Feeder will go on to gain the success they so deserve in memory of him. A great dummer, a great guy, and a huge loss. Rest in peace.
Fiona, England

Around this time last year my friends and I bunked off school to a signing in Birmingham where we met Feeder. I just can't believe it. I'm gutted. I just hope Feeder go on and that Jon knows how much we will miss him.
Siobhan McCall, England

As a fan lucky enough to have met Feeder, including Jon in person, the death of Jon is a tragic loss. I personally can't see the band continuing without him, so we have another great loss in the form of Feeder as well.
Dave, England

I saw Feeder twice last year, and they were amazing. I can't belive this has happened. RIP Jon, we'll always remember you. Thanks for the music.
Clo, Uk

I met him a few months ago at a signing and I feel gutted. He was such a nice guy, easily approachable. I can only imagine how Grant and Taka feel. I only hope Feeder can go on. My thoughts go to Jon's family. Absolutely gutted.
Ali Carr, Scotland

Tragic. I have nothing to say that hasn't already being said, except that I pray that Jon will find eternal rest. No one will ever know exactly why he did what he did, and how he must have felt to do that. Condolences to anyone involved. Peace out.
Hannah, Birmingham, England

. I hope the best for Grant and Taka and all my love and best wishes to the Lee family, and I know all the fans across the world will be just as shocked as I am. I hope their love and best wishes go to all of Jon's friends and family. RIP Jon.
Carl Halligan, England

One of the best bands I've ever seen live with some of the best songs I've ever heard. Quite shocked at the news of Jon and Feeder won't be able to replace him.
Graeme , Scotland

What a shock. I hope Feeder carry on to make excellent music to make him proud

John McCormick, England
I saw him just last November with the Phonics. Feeder rocked that night. I couldn't wait to see them because they were one of my favourite bands. After the concert I couldn't, and still can't, wait until they announce a UK tour. It will never be the same again, but I will definitely still go. I just can't take it in. All my condolences go to those who were close to him. R.I.P Jon, you were loved by so many and still will be.
Richard Ashton, Bedford, England

A truly sad moment in music. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers go to his family, bandmates and friends.
Nick, UK

Hope you find the peace in death you couldn't find in life. Our hearts go out to Tatiana and Cameron.
Yasmin El-Minyawi, London, UK

I saw you in Manchester - my first live music experience. You were awesome. May you find peace in death and may all who knew you celebrate your life.
Matt Freedman, UK

A true musician in a world dominated by pop and fakes. What a tragedy. We will miss you.
Laura, Boston, USA

Jon is very sadly missed by my sister and I, he was a great drummer. All my sympathy goes out to his family, Grant and Taka.
Anna Dorward, Scotland

Such a tragedy at such a young age, it isn't fair that his talent was taken from the world. My uncle died on exactly the same day being the Monday just gone so both will be missed.
Sara, England

What a shock. It is hard to believe that happened. He will be missed by Feeder fans everywhere. Respect.
Stuart, Northern Ireland

What a shock. I hope Feeder carry on to make excellent music to make him proud.
John McCormick, England

I met the guy a couple of times. Once at a gig, and once on the train. He was a cool guy in a damn fine band. I'm going to miss him, as are we all.
Matthew Ibbs, UK

I had the pleasure of meeting Jon when I interviewed him for a website, he was a lovely , lovely man. Funny, witty and very pleasant. One of the nicest people I've ever interviewed. This is very sad news indeed.
Alex Buttle, UK

Why does this happen to the talented and we are left with boy bands?

Simon, UK
Had the pleasure of meeting Jon at a festival last year and he seemed a top bloke. He had his Mum and Dad there to help celebrate after the show and their loss must feel immense. May I add my condolences to the many. RIP to a drummer with style and soul.
Deano, UK

Life can be cruel, and sometimes it seems that the best people leave early, but the contribution you've made will live forever. Rest in peace Jon.
Dan, England

That's very gutting to hear, all my mates are fans, and I was later converted about a year ago. What a sad way to go too. My condolences and thoughts are with Jon's family and friends.
Phil Booth, England

Rest in Peace Jon Lee, Yesterday went too soon... you will be missed.
Dave Barras, UK

I saw them on TV for the first time ever last month and thought they were excellent, it was so good to hear some real music

Philip Robbins, UK
Met the guys last year back stage in London. Chatted and drank some of their beer. Genuine nice guys, especially Jon. Put us at ease and had a laugh. RIP.
Will Black, UK

A great drummer in a great band. You will be sorely missed. RIP Jon.
Steve P, Lincs, UK

Why does this happen to the talented and we are left with boy bands?
Simon, UK

Only yesterday at lunch I was chating with my mates about Feeder and today I hear that the drummer and one of the coolest in the band had killed himself. I don't think the band can contiune now it will never be the same.
Craig H, England,Somerset

I saw them on TV for the first time ever last month and thought they were excellent, it was so good to hear some real music. RIP dude - thanks for the tunes.
Philip Robbins, Cheshire UK

I don't know what to say except that Jon will be sorely missed and I hope he is with God now and has found peace. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Emily Gosden, England

My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Jon Lee. A terrible loss to us all.
F Stewart, UK

Condolences. Feeder are an excellent band and it's a tragedy not only to his family and friends but to British rock music.
Lucy, England

He gave so much to rock music, today was truly a great loss. Jon will be missed, and what he gave. Condolences to his family. In loving memory, Jon Lee, RIP.
Mohan, England

Seeing Feeder live was one of the highlights of this year

Liz, England
This is such a shame. On the one occasion I met him he was really friendly and encouraging, and he could really play the drums.
James Foley, UK

Thank you and rock on my friend. You will be missed by all who knew you. All my love to family and friends. And especially all of Feederweb. You should stay strong!
Katherine, UK

Seeing Feeder live was one of the highlights of this year. thanks to them for all they've done. Jon will be missed.
Liz, England

I can't believe it. It's just such a shock. When I saw this news I just sat, thinking "Oh my God, I can't believe he is dead." I want to offer my condolences to Taka, Grant and Jon's family and friends. So long and thanks for the memories.
LTF Dude15, England

You will be sorely missed, sympathy for his family and friends. A great musician.
Paul Russell, Tunbridge Wells, England

I was totally devestated to hear about Jon Lee's death. He was a superb drummer in a great band and a truly brilliant guy. Rest in peace Jon!
Charles Smallwood, England

If only Jon could see now how Feeder's last track Just A Day lifts me when I feel down

Scott Gourley, UK
"It's better to burn out, then fade away". Neil Young.
Nick Byrne, Pontypool, South Wales

Jon Lee was a third of the band, and without him there will be a space. Jon's spirit will always be alive. The music industry will not be the same without him. Let's just hope that Feeder continue. He was a great guy and will be greatly missed. Sympathy to all who ever knew him. It's such a great loss to you, I can only imagine how you all feel. Rest in peace.
Amy, England

I was shocked to hear this terrible news yesterday. Jon and Feeder were just putting Wales on the map as a major force in British music when this tragedy happened. My deepest sympathy goes out to Jon's family, Grant and Taka. Take care guys.
Martin Buchanan, Cardiff, Wales

Jon, it's too early to leave us, I really miss you. You were the most beautiful and energetic drummer of the world. I will never forget that I drunk with you in Japan! Japanese fans are also missing you. Rest in peace, cheers.
Satoshi, Japan

I met the Feeder guys this summer and had a great time with them all at an Italian festival. I will miss Jon very much. He was really a great drummer and a really polite person. Hope the band won't stop making great music, even if it's obviously hard to think of the music after this tragedy.
Alfredo, Italy

If only Jon could see now how Feeder's last track "Just A Day " lifts me when I feel down. This is a tragedy which beggars belief. And another example how fame and fortune cannot bring happiness. My heartfelt condolences go out to Jon's family and of course Grant and Taka. I just pray that Feeder continue to make uplifting music that will keep the memory of Jon alive. RIP.
Scott Gourley, Scotland

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Jon, you and your band's music is still an inspiration to many. You have made it. Rest in peace and smile on us.
Eben, Cape Town, South Africa

Tatiana, Cameron, Norman, Patricia, Grant and Taka. Condolences. "Music is your only friend, dance on fire as it intends: Music is your only friend; until the end. Until the end." Please continue for Jon, and us. Deepest respects.
Owen, USA (British)

I only became a big Feeder fan after seeing them live on tour with the Stereophonics last year when they were superb but feel deeply saddened by Jon's death. I just wanted to wish, as I'm sure all Feeder fans will, my best wishes to his wife, child, family, and bandmates.
Gareth Matthews, England

Seven Days in the Sun was without doubt my favourite single of last year. Clever and witty and as a drummer I was jealous. I was DJing in a very posh club in St. Moritz last year and insisted on playing that track even though most of my audience didn't like it. It was songs like that that got me through the winter and although sadly one member of an incredibly talented band has gone, let's hope the rest carry on. Good luck!
Mark Fellowes, Scotland

Goodbye Jon. The music industry won't be the same without you. You'll be sorely missed. Thanks for helping keep me sane.
Adrian Thompson, UK

I saw Feeder last year opening for Muse in Brussels. They were playing with Jon while onstage, having a chicken hung over him... very cool moment at the time, but now this image in my mind is not funny anymore. Bless you Jon, you rocked the place!
Vince, Belgium

My heart breaks for you and your family. The great ones are always taken from us too soon. Know that you were loved and respected by anyone who ever heard your music. Carry on Feeder and keep Jon in your hearts as the rest of us will.
Kaz, Scotland

To the local boy in the photograph - I hope they got a good kit set up for you when you get there so Jon drums on. Peace.
Marc, Newport, Gwent

Was lucky to meet Jon at the Reading Festival this year. Really nice, down to earth bloke. Hope you're happy now, you obviously weren't here. Cheers for the music, you'll be sorely missed.
Rhys Buckley, Wales

It's such a tragedy to hear of death, and especially when talented people die. Feeder will always live on, and remember him for his good moments and his inspiration for music, we should not let his death prevent us from admiring him and giving us motivation!
Ben Dallas, England

I'd like to thank Jon for his music and fantastic contributions to Feeder. I've met him before and found him to be a great guy. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jon's family, friends, fellow Feeder fans like myself, Grant Nicholas, Taka Hirose, Matt Page, and most of all, his wife Tatiana and his son Cameron. Rest in peace Jon, forever you will be missed.
Steve Barnes, England

What a loss...just when Feeder were gonna hit the big time. Lets all crank up Just a Day loud in memory of Jon.
Matt Andrews, England

I'll miss Jon a lot, he'll always be part of Feeder. He won't be forgotton. Keep going guys! You're the best! I love you loads!
Michelle, England

Jon, you were a real laugh when I met you and you can never be replaced. I hope you have found your peace. Your music and my fond memories will be in my heart forever. My heartfelt condolences to Jon's family and friends. "Found that place to be, Set your spirit free, Lighten up the shade, Colour to the day, A perfect kind of you, ... Glow, glow, forever glow Glow, glow, forever glow Glow"
Chaz, UK

Why? You were great but I hope Feeder carry on going for loads of years. From a heartbroken fan.
Gemma, England

Me and my mates are really distraught over this. We just wish that he hadn't died in this tragic way, as the music industry will never be the same again! I am sorry that he had to die. I am just happy that the band hasn't split up, but it won't be the same.
Daniel Smith, England

I remember meeting Jon when he broke his leg. He was a great and friendly guy and fab drummer. Hope that you will be able to remember getting "high with your friends". Love and sympathy goes out to all those that were close to him. I hope that he is at peace. RIP Jon, you will be missed.
Anna, England

This is a total shock, it's awful. When I found out I was so upset but I also didn't believe what my friend had just told me, I went straight to the library in school and went on the Kerrang! website to check. I was met with horror and deep sadness, I can't believe this has happened. I've seen Feeder live twice and their music is amazing and Jon put such energy into the drums and I admired him, and of course the whole band.

He will be deeply missed by my generation of rock fans no doubt, and whereever he is, I hope he finds peace.
Claire Millen, N.Ireland

We will all miss Jon very much, he was a great drummer and a great guy. Seeing Feeder live twice with him in the band was a privilege, it's such a shame we can't rewind. Rest in peace and don't let any shadows fall on you.
Ian Sargent, England

I am incredibly shocked at Jon Lee's death. Feeder's music has been a soundtrack to my life. Jon has always seemed really lively and happy and fun in interviews, their music is always upbeat and enjoyable and when I saw Feeder at Reading they amazed me. I still can't believe the news! May you rest in peace now Jon and may you and Feeder be remembered for making the fantastic music that you have.
Richey, UK

Feeder are totally awesome. Jon's drumming and Feeder's music helped lift me when I was feeling down. This is a sad loss, I'm in shock.
Alan Douglas, Northern Ireland

The restless talented beings are the ones tormented by life. Rest in peace. I hope the next life is better for you.
Kirsty, UK

Jon's death has come as a total blow to me. Inexplicable emotion runs through me. He, along with Feeder, have given the British music scene a surge of sheer brilliance and wonderful creation. So, come on Feeder, let's set this world alight with your music, and make Jon damn proud of the band he co-founded!
Rick, England

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