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Sunday, 6 January, 2002, 15:30 GMT
Mulholland Drive: Your views
Mulholland Drive
Lynch's film was planned as a TV series initially
David Lynch's latest film is a surreal, complex mystery in which two women hunt for their identity in the Hollywood hills.

The film has already been voted best movie of 2001 by the New York Film Critics' Circle and has been nominated for numerous Golden Globe awards including best film and best director.

"Mulholland Drive makes no rational sense, but if you are willing to accept this, you will find yourself amazed and captivated by Lynch's fantastic creation," wrote BBC News Online's Jayne Douglas.

But what do you think?

Is Mulholland Drive worthy of an Oscar? Or has Lynch taken his love of the surreal too far?


If you're a newcomer to Lynch's twisted cinematic style, forget it. But if you enjoy a film that has to be deciphered patiently, don't hesitate. This is The Big Sleep for the new millennium.
Gifford Maxim, Chicago, USA

I saw it four times and it's still more enigmatic than a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing. But that doesn't change the fact that it is absolutely mesmerising - a challenging excursion into that borderland between dream and reality.
Robert del Valle, USA

Lynch's genius is in creating films that create their own internal logic, even though it's almost impossible for the audience to comprehend it all. Ultimately this film is only ever going to make complete sense to one person - the director.
Matt, UK

Mulholland Drive makes almost total sense and is a cinematic breath of fresh air, especially after the cinema-by-numbers of Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter.

Peter, England

Mulholland Drive is 2/3 of a movie. It has a beginning, a middle but no end. Lynch has nothing to say so he hides and distracts us from his emptiness with nonsense.
Dearth Verbose, USA

David Lynch has created a film which pulls you right in, especially afterwards as you will be discussing it for hours. The cast is superb allowing you to be totally engrossed by a twisted yet unique story about the harsh world of Hollywood.
Kunal Patel, Ireland

The Christmas season of kids stuff is now tucked into bed with a hot water bottle, it's time to begin 2002 with some some serious David Lynch magic. Veering between a Twin Peaks II and nighmarish pulp fiction feel, this is an experience that will make you think for ages after - spend time with it and love it - the master is back on track !
Mark Armstrong, UK

Although I really like David Lynch and admire his mysterious and often bizarre style, Mulholland Drive follows a very similar format to Lost Highway, a great film of his, but when mirrored like this, a little tedious.
Ellen Reid, England (currently in Canada)

This is a dire mish-mash of a film and one of the biggest let downs I've seen in quite some time. The direction is laboriously bad with no knock out scenes and little evidence of any imagination at work, just tedious scenes refilmed with different characters. Don't let people fool you, there's no enigma - just an uninspiring mess.
Jon, UK

Stunning. Afterwards, I stumbled on to the street confused, bewildered and very uneasy without really knowing why. It took about a day for me to form some sort of logic out of what I'd just seen, but still those little extra Lynchian moments come back to haunt me.
Justin Lynham, UK

There is no orchestra. It is all an illusion. How true. What a brilliant film. I've been thinking about it for three days, and still find it intriguing, confusing and fascinating.
Matt Law, UK

Saw the film in a cinema in Paris. We saw this film without knowing anything about it. Without a doubt the worst film I ever had the misfortune of paying for, and my friend agreed. No doubt one of these "if you don't understand it you must be stupid" films, but I'd rather be stupid than to watch any more of this rubbish. The French seemed to agree, and they're usually into this sort of stuff.
Arno, Scotland

As a life long Lynch fan I would love to add my comments on this new film. If only a single one of the many big name cinemas in my area would show this film for just one night rather than fill five screens with Mr Potter and a load of hobbits!
Andy Icke, UK

Amazing...dark...inspiring.... After Twin Peaks another captor of Lynch´s dark side. A film as good as Kalifornia but much, much darker. Great stuff.
Heidi Schnitzer, Austria

You can call me ignorant or just plain impatient - I could only sit through 45 minutes of this "brilliant" film. Was very disappointed.
A.P. Haworth, USA

I'll just try to point out the non-obvious and unread already. Mr Lynch has always had a unique capability to discover and/or launch the best of the previously non-acclaimed actors/-esses. Also this time. The film is superb when analysed thoroughly, yet a more compact and "melodic" Blue Velvet / Twin Peaks style would be my of suggestion for the future undertakings of this great director.
D.Milicz, Poland

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