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Friday, 28 December, 2001, 19:08 GMT
Vote: 2001's TV
Walking with Beasts
Walking with Beasts followed on from Walking with Dinosaurs
This year's TV was compelling and sometimes controversial, with some memorable new comedies. But what was your favourite show?

Did Walking with Beasts amaze you with its special effects? Or did US shows like The West Wing and Band of Brothers impress you most?

Vote now and send us your thoughts on 2001's TV.

What was the best TV show in 2001?

The Premiership

Walking with Beasts

The West Wing

Big Brother 2

SM:tv Live

The Office

Band of Brothers


Brass Eye

1272 Votes Cast

Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion


The TV highlight of the year has got to be seeing the Slater family come to prominance in EastEnders, gladly shifting the show's perspective further away from the dull Mitchell family. More Linda Green, more new comedy shows, and hopefully a repeat run of both Red Dwarf and Blackadder for 2002. Pretty please?
Dan, UK

Monarch of the Glen. Great - and keep it coming.
Mark Jackson, UK

I'm not going to waste my vote on any of the programmes listed when The Blue Planet is so conspicuously missing. And it's not just me - when I was doing some market research about television viewing recently, it was the one programme that almost everyone said that they had been watching!

The best program was World at War, without a doubt. Devoid of the fashion for irrelevant computer aided graphics and trite commentary, World at War still shows how it should be done. Why not show us The Great War epic as well and treat your audience as intelligent beings for once!!
Geoff Parkinson, UK

Buffy, Farscape, Stargate, other Sci-Fi shows, I know the beeb likes to pretend that they don't exist or matter, but they are watched by millions week in and week out.
Michael Pearce, UK

Will and Grace, Frasier, Dr Terrible's House of Horrible and the Kumars were superb. Mr Charity, though, was "truly diabolical"!
Gary Dring,

Where's Survivor? Just because it didn't get as many viewers as hoped, a finale of 8.5 million is certainly a top performance.
Joey, Bristol, UK

You should have Marion and Geoff on your list - it was a brilliant piece of subtle comedy superbly acted by Rob Brydon. The new series, Keith Barratt Under Observation, should be just as good next year.
Jamie Wilson, UK

The producers of Walking with Beasts surely deserve some credit for their efforts in providing viewers with something spectacular for a change. The animations and graphics were amazing.
B Wong, Scotland

What about Coupling? It was a superb comedy - very, very, very underrated.
Lawan Hawizy, Scotland, UK

Monarch of the Glen was great. Keep it coming.
Mark Jackson, UK

SM:tv live was funny, but when it lost Ant and Dec, it lost its personality. It still deserves to win the poll, though.
Jo, UK

In my humble opinion, the best programme in 2001 was the BBC's excellent coverage of the 11 September incidents. It was better than CNN. The BBC proved, one more time, its excellence in journalism.
Richard Benetti, Brazil

I'm just writing to say how much I enjoyed The West Wing. I'm not usually an American TV show fan, but this was brilliant. I would just like to say how disappointed I am that it has been moved to a pay channel. This shows how commercial the world is becoming.
Andy, UK

The best programme was Coupling - so wonderfully funny, and insightful. Out of the programmes listed SM:tv was the best.
Laura, Wales

No Blue Planet. What sort of a poll is this? You cannot be serious!
David Bartholomew, UK

The West Wing - by far - wins my vote for the best television production of this and many previous years. It looks in depth at the hidden side of power in the US and at the uncertainties and weaknesses of mere mortals.
John Beguin, Switzerland

Cold Feet was a pile of pants - utter drivel, cobbled together over a morning snack by a team of rather dull "writers" who wouldn't know character definition if it bounced on their nose wearing a pink party frock whilst singing Tragedy.
Jase, UK, London

What about Blue Planet? That was the most exciting wildlife documentary I have ever seen. It gave completely new insights into the mysteries of the world's oceans.
Richard & Nicky, UK

I thought Blue Planet was simply the best nature documentary series I have ever seen, bar none. Indeed, I think it was even better than Walking With Beasts, However, to have had them both on the list would have split the wildlife documentary vote right down the middle. Brilliant pieces of work - well done, Auntie
Paul Tout, Italy

Seinfeld was the best programme - had anyone seen it at the times it ignorantly scheduled on BBC Two.
Jon G, UK

Blue Planet was, for me, easily the best programme on television during the year. We're all used to special effects by now, but this programme simply didn't need any - nature did it all for us.
Neil Cohen, UK

This year was the BBC's, without a doubt. The Blue Planet is one of the most magical and visually stunning programmes that I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Well done!
David Bell, UK

Band of Brothers was by far and away the best programme of 2001. The BBC should invest more in these sorts of dramas and première them in decent slots on BBC One as opposed to BBC Two.
Ken Bunce, UK

Brass Eye was the funniest programme on TV, without a doubt, not just because of its brilliant observation of the press today but also because of the reaction it got from those very people. Blue Planet must be the best nature documentary I've ever seen. The Office was just too true to life - it was sometimes difficult to watch without squirming. All in all, a great TV year.
Thomas, UK

The Office highlights the ridiculousness of real office life almost too well. Excellent.
Tiyen, UK

The West Wing is the best political drama to ever hit the TV, with its line-up of stars acting out believable roles and its infinite number of real or plausible stories. Walking With Beasts definitely runs a very close second, with its computer-generated visual effects bringing scientific theory to life.
Richard machin, Pittsburgh, USA

Without doubt, the highlight of the year was the return of AbFab after a five-year absence. I hope it is not so long next time.
Matt, UK

It appears that everyone has forgotten that some of the most compelling TV, which made us laugh and cry, was the News. I would vote for BBC News 24, as it takes me all over the world every day, peeking into people's lives. It is kind of like Big Brother, but for people who can read.
Benjamin Maffin, England

Band of Brothers was an eye-opening experience that was able to convey the horror of war while illustrating why, despite these horrors, soldiers still choose to fight. There are still many lessons we have not learned from World War II, and series like these do an important job of educating succeeding generations.

The production values and acting were first class, and the last episode, with the surviving soldiers of Easy Company, helped to bridge the reality gap in a very moving way.
Ben, England, UK

I liked most of the programmes listed, especially Walking with Beasts and Blue Planet (where is it on your list?) but my highlight had to be the return of AbFab. The press were unnecessarily cruel, and I thought the whole series (except perhaps episode four) was brilliant. Tell Jennifer Saunders to keep up the good work. More, please!
Chris Scales, UK

I thought Band of Brothers was a well put together and well told story. Admittedly, it was somewhat US-centric at times - but then again, it was about the US 101st Parachute Division! Well done, BBC, for showing it.
Matt Morris, UK

What about The Sopranos?
Tom Powell, England

The best programme was surely Blue Planet. It was visually stunning, educational, entertaining and even gripping. It also provided perfect escapism from terrible world events. I hope there will be more such projects.
Andrew Wardlaw, UK

What about The Sopranos, CSI, Marion and Geoff, Blue Planet, Saira Shah's Behind the Veil, Jazz, the BBC's Islam season, the BBC's excellent coverage since 11 September, Jon Ronson's Secret Rulers of the World and Peter Kaye's Phoenix Nights?
Ben Rigby, UK

2001 was, without a doubt, the BBC's year. I could name dozens of superb shows, such as the superb Walking with Beasts and the hilarious My Family - not to mention the Beeb's appropriate coverage of the 11 September attacks. Well done, Auntie! I can't wait to get my teeth into the best cuts 2002 has to offer!
A. F. Leitch, Scotland

None of the above! The best programme of the year was Messiah - and the best actors were Ken Stott and Jamie Draven.
Michelle, UK

You missed Cold Feet off your list!
Tracy Hyde, united kingdom

Who picked that list?? Messiah takes it, no doubt about it. Gripping drama.
Rebecca, UK

Er.....Where's Ab Fab on your list?? That was the tv highlight of my year! Hope I get some more of my Eddy and Patsy fix next year....
Frances, UK

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