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Sunday, 6 January, 2002, 15:26 GMT
Vote: 2001's movies
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
The first Harry Potter film was a huge box office success
So what did you think was the best film? Did Lord of the Rings beat Harry Potter hands down? What about the extravaganza that was Moulin Rouge?

Click here to see entertainment correspondent Tom Brook's Top 10 movies of 2001

Vote now - and send us your thoughts on the films of 2001.

What was the best film of 2001?

Moulin Rouge


The Fellowship of the Ring

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone

In the Bedroom


Captain Corelli's Mandolin

AI: Artifical Intelligence

The Man Who Wasn't There

10004 Votes Cast

Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion


I say most of the films up on the list are good and maybe a few others should be up there but Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are NOT comparable! They are both first and brilliant exquisite pieces of film making.
Clara , 11, England

My favourite film is definitely Lord of the Rings. The film is fantastic. And Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn was really wonderful.
Astrid, Austria

Lord of the Rings is BRILLIANT!!! Peter Jackson is truly a genius. I've read the books and it's quite understandable that he took out a lot of parts because if he didn't, the movie would've been maybe four and a half hours long. He gave the book justice. He truly, most superbly, did.
Renate, Philippines

Shrek, without a doubt was the most creative, original film for the year. An enduring treat for all ages. David Lipman did a brilliant job of pulling all the talent together.
Ciny, USA

All I can say is Lord of the Rings has my vote, but a long wait for the sequel Two Towers.
Rob Tindale, Denmark

The best of 2001? Fellowship of the Rings (FOTR) is the best movie EVER. Being a huge Tolkien fan, I was almost afraid to watch FOTR. I thought nothing could possibly do justice to the books. I was glad to be wrong. It was three hours of pure magic. Although it did lose a bit of the book's depth, there was still enough to make it brilliant.
B. Apolot, UK

It has to be Lord of the Rings (LOTR) at one end (for exceeding all my expectations) and Harry Potter at the other (for being so disappointing). The LOTR audience sat gob smacked through the whole thing and applauded loudly afterwards. During Potter, people (including me) were squirming after 45 minutes and drifting out in silence before the credits rolled. No contest. And an object lesson for all studios: from now on, if you hype a movie, you'd better deliver!
Henry Hyde, UK

Lord of the Rings rules over all. The second time I saw the movie, it was better than the first. There are subtle moments that bring back the memories of the book, that upon the first viewing pass by due to the overall nature of this epic film.
Michael, USA

Simple. The Others. Stunning, innovative, superbly acted and directed and most of all DIFFERENT.
Mark Lodge, Canada

The Fellowship of the Ring is the ONLY film deserving to be in the list for 2001, which has been one of the most disappointing years in recent times for moviegoers. It's a visual masterpiece that is sure to clean up at the Oscars.
Lee, UK

Lord of the Rings was a prime example of populist cinema catering to an audience who are adjusted to an image over content culture. There is absolutely nothing to this film but three hours of (admittedly) great visuals.

I would say that Memento was one of the most original, dynamic and thought provoking films of the year.
Paul Thompson, England

LOTR was the best, but Amelie and others a close second, but it is all so subjective.

Oscar for Mr Jackson if you please

Jon, England
Why not have best and worst category, where the likes of AI and Captain Corelli, which we just awful. It seems your list is compiled from top grossing films of the year which is not necessarily indicative of quality!!
Richard, UK

What can I say there is only one film that can be called a classic, The Fellowship of the Rings. It truly was a masterpiece from Jackson's direction to the numerous wonderful performances from Sir Ian McKellen, Ian Holm and Christopher Lee amongst others. The GREATEST movie of all time!!
Jamiel, Southampton, UK

What is A.I. doing on your list? It was a truly horrible film of gratuitous child abuse which was only released as it had Spielberg's name attached to it.
Derek, UK

I only saw four films this year - Enigma (which I enjoyed), Planet of the Apes - um, Harry Potter (I fell asleep half way through, sorry) and The Fellowship of the Ring.

Previous writers have expressed their feelings on the latter far more eloquently than I ever could. All I can say is I've seen it twice now and the second viewing was no less magical than the first. I still jumped out of my seat, I still cried and I still felt drained on leaving the cinema. I'd happily sit through the whole three hours again.
Karen , Scotland

Amelie was an absolute joy to watch. If only Hollywood made movies like this. It was funny, visually stunning and made you feel good without resorting to smaltz.
Rob, UK

I was dragged along to see Harry Potter but I was mesmerised .A film for all ages. Top marks for Robbie Coltrane's outstanding performance.
Lucy , England

Your shortlist is startlingly narrow. You should have included Lantana; probably the best English language film outside the US-UK axis.
Patrick Norris, Australia

Tough choice to make this year. A) I didn't feel there was that many "great" films to choose from, B) Making a "best of" list is very difficult to do!

I could spend hours deciding, but after watching LOTR last night it gets my vote just for being one of the most clever and visually stunning films I've ever seen.

George Lucas has a lot to do to make EP2 as good next May! Shrek may have been the funniest animated film of the year, but LOTR has the edge.

Can't wait till next December and the next LOTR. Oscar for Mr Jackson if you please... amazing considering he made Braindead and Meet the Feebles!!!
Jon, England

In my opinion Shrek is the best film of 2001, because it is the film for people in every age, it is the funniest film I have ever watched, and I have seen many funny films.
Tom, Poland

Two films that haven't been mentioned are Wit and George Washington. Emma Thompson gives the performance of a lifetime in the very powerful Wit. George Washington is a dreamlike story of a sleepy Southern US town. It's great stuff!
Franklin, Washington DC, USA

Lord of the Rings re-established my long lost faith in cinema. Every aspect deserves praise. Never have I been so excited and astonished as when I was watching LOTR. Kudos to Peter Jackson!
Leica, US

Moulin Rouge is not only my film of 2001 - its my all time fave film. Both the film, the cast and crew deserve to clean up at the Oscars, particularly Nicole Kidman, if not for Moulin Rouge, then for the equally excellent The Others.
Sarah Lovell, UK

Harry Potter was the best movie I have ever seen in my life

Denea C, Canada
This list is so biased. Why can't a movie which has great narration, characterisation and direction be called the best movie of the year? Just because Lagaan is an Indian film, does not mean it should not be in top 10. Audiences around the world have loved the movie, especially here in Australia. Poms are beaten in this movie, that's the reason, you can't place it in top 10 eh? This is sad because Lagaan is the is BEST and deserves to be on top and at the Oscars.
Jo, Australia

It was a really hard job choosing between Moulin Rouge, Shrek and Lord of the Rings, but in the end I had to pick LOTR. Whilst the other movies excelled in their own genres, LOTR excelled in every field and left me feeling emotionally drained after watching it. I don't remember a film blowing me away quite as much, or transporting me so completely to another world.
Ali, UK

Harry Potter was the best movie I have ever seen in my life. The way Chris Columbus brought J.K. Rowling's world to life amazed me and has brought me to the theatre three times now!! Daniel Radcliffe was exceptional.
Denea C, Canada

Lord of the Rings! This is what films is all about. AMAZING. See it in the cinema first.
Craig, Scotland

LOTR and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone completely blew me away. Shrek was rather good, and, embarrassingly enough, I haven't seen any of the others.
Seven Lovecraft Oberon, UK

Some of the films on your list are just awful - who selected them?

Jim Waite, UK
I would nominate Harry Potter as the best movie this year. My 14-year-old daughter is crazy about the movie and rants about it everyday. I also think it's great for all ages and the actors are great. This beats Lord of the Rings
Annie, US

The Others is the best movie of the year with such a startling and innovative ending. Some of the films on your list are just awful - who selected them?
Jim Waite, UK

Dil Chahta Hai. Lets not exclude Bollywood movies.
Andrew Chung, Canada

On a purely visual stand point it must be Lord of the Rings. The scenery is so beautiful it made up my mind to visit New Zealand as soon as possible! If you go for the story, well, what can beat the best novel of the 20th century?
Etienne Brodeur, Canada


Lord of the Rings surpassed all my expectations. Simply flawless.
Vincent Yau, United Kingdom

LOTR has all the right ingredients - good casting, special effects and an accurately faithful story line from Tolkien. There is little that one can fault in the conversion of book to movie.
Oo Khaik Cheang, Malaysia

The Coen brothers have once again proved that they are two of the most brilliant filmmakers in the world

Robert Flook, UK
The Fellowship Of The Rings was simply the best.
Nathaniel, The Bahamas

The Man Who Wasn't There was a truly amazing film. The Coen brothers have once again proved that they are two of the most brilliant filmmakers in the world. The actors shone, especially Billy Bob Thornton who performed amazingly whilst not actually saying much, the storyline was interesting yet funny (in typical Coen brothers dark style) and the cinematography was flawlessly smooth, a brilliant film all round.
Robert Flook, UK

Mulholland Drive, Requiem For A Dream, Time and Tide? Your list is so short...
Raoul, France

I can't say enough about Harry Potter. The cast, effects, and script were fantastic!!
Darron, Colorado, USA

Shrek was one of the worst children's movies I have seen in years. It was obviously written by adults who erroneously believe they know what is "cool" for kids. Take your kids to see quality children's films - Monsters Inc. or Harry Potter.
Sara, USA


What happened to other great films such as A One and a Two and The Others?

Macey, UK
I fell in love with Tolkien stories when my father read them to me as a very young child. The movie brought back the same sense of wonder and suspense that I get each time I re-read them. I sat for three hours and watched scenes and characters that seemed to have been plucked straight out of my imagination and splashed onto the cinema screen. Initially I had expected to be disappointed by the film. How could it possibly do justice to my favourite story? Instead, I was amazed. I even forgot to eat my snack.
Liz, USA

To even contemplate putting The Man Who Wasn't There on this list seems bizarre. It was a true disaster of a film of which I expected great things. Poorly acted, poorly directed and a turgid plot. This was an excessively self-indulgent film from the Coen brothers whose one redeeming feature was the way in which it was shot.
Mark Summers, UK

What happened to other great films such as A One and a Two and The Others? These were fantastic, especially the former. But I guess there won't be many who have seen it as it's not from Hollywood, and most people hate reading subtitles. Such a shame - you're missing out!
Macey, UK

Moulin Rouge was great this year.
Anna Maria Sammut, Malta

Moulin Rouge was a truly brilliant film blending a bohemian atmosphere from 1900 Paris with the poetry of the present, our contemporary music lyrics.
Chris, Denmark


The best movie of the year is one not on your list - Lagaan.

Not a great year for movies... some good ones... but they saved the best for last. Lord Of The Rings is the only one that's going to be a serious contender in everyone's Best Ever list in years to come...
Eric Dixon, UK

Lord Of The Rings was the best film, easily. It was everything a movie is supposed to be.
Bob Loggins, UK

Surely the film of 2001 should be Sexy Beast, starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley - I can't believe it hasn't made it onto the list!
Neil Morrell, UK

Requiem for a Dream was by far the best film of 2001. Uplifting bleak and rife with quality acting, the film is the best portrayal of urban addiction and obsession in years.
Mark Conrad, UK

They were all good, each catered to a multitude of dreams and wishes, but one was outstandingly fantastic and I can't get enough of its strength and playful imagination - Amelie!
Christian Baudissin, Germany

Why put up drivel like Planet Of The Apes or Captain Corelli, and leave out Crouching Tiger, Amores Perros, Together? From your selection, I'd say The Man Who Wasn't There is best, The Others, Moulin Rouge and Amelie had their moments, but is this the best you can come up with?

At least Pearl Harbor and Bridget Jones aren't here.
Tim, UK

Ghost World is the best movie of 2001.
Bradley Elfman, USA

I think the best film of 2001 has been omitted from the vote - Robert De Niro's The Score was excellent and by far the best film of the year!
Steve, Norwich, England

Why isn't Memento up there? It was definitely my favorite film of the year, with Ghost World and Amelie runners up

Steven, USA
Shrek, simply the best entertainment you could find. It works on so many levels, children and adults alike came away feeling fulfilled. Brilliant.
Pete, UK

Why does it have to be these 10 movies? Why isn't Memento in there? One of the best films of the last ten years ignored in your list.
Jonathan Hill, UK

Shrek was superbly animated, funny for adults and kids alike, and what's more it knocks spots off all those dreary, nicey-nicey Disney cartoon epics. Best innovative cartoon film since Toy Story.

The new Apocalypse Now annihilates all competition if you ask me.
Steve, UK

Just read Tom Brook's article and I couldn't agree less with his summary of the best films of 2001. Did he not see Amelie? It was superb and without doubt my favourite film of the year. Am I the only person who cringed the entire way through Moulin Rouge? Utter musical tripe! Visually stunning, but I would have enjoyed it more with the sound switched off!
Ian Vaughan, England

My favourite wasn't on the list - Bridget Jones was brilliant. I loved Shrek but (like others) found Master Potter wasn't as good as the book.
Rachael, UK

Why isn't Memento up there? It was definitely my favorite film of the year, with Ghost World and Amelie runners up. While I liked Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, I'm not entirely sold on the whole enterprise of translating books to screen perfectly in tact. They're two entirely different mediums and I felt with both films we were running from big set piece to set piece, making sure the fans of the books got to see all their favorite scenes. I also don't get the Shrek phenomenon, I thought it was just plain creepy. Monsters Inc. was the best animated film of 2001 by far.
Steven , USA

I have seen two great films this year; Amelie and Lord of the Rings. It's really impossible to compare these two pieces of art. Both are magic and I would like to vote for both but if I have to choose then my vote goes to Amelie because it is a magic which is real.
John Maletka, France

A.I.??? What are ya...kidding? This movie is so NOT deserving to be there and don't even get me started on Captain Corelli's Crapola.
Trish, Toronto, Canada

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring has joined an exclusive list. That list is my all-time top 10 favourite films! Truly magnificent.
Russ Roberts, England

WHERE IS MEMENTO? It may not be the best film, but anyone who does not include this in a top 10 list is really lacking an ability to properly critique film.
David Bachmann, USA

The Lord of the Rings is truly a magical film.
Mike, England

LOTR, definitely the best. Unfortunately, it won't win any significant Oscars. The Academy Awards is all politics, and Jackson doesn't seem to want to play that game. Which, is a relief for fans of Tolkein.
Sloanasaurus, USA

Of all the films listed above, Lord of the Rings is arguably the best. Here is a movie which lives and breathes and is flawlessly cast. Peter Jackson deserves credit for creating a epic masterpiece.
Steve, USA

HAVE YOUR SAY Fellowship of the Ring is obviously the best film on the list, but the best film of the year is surely Memento, with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a close second. And as for Amelie and the rave reviews it has got - Hello? Have you seen the same film as me? Dull dull dull - the cinematic techniques were all there and very impressively pulled off, but the main character was such a drip that I just wanted to scream at the screen in frustration at her uselessness. Anyway, let's have a Best Actor nomination for Guy Pearce (Memento), please.
Philip Mulholland, Northern Ireland

The Fellowship of the Ring was amazing. I saw many of the new movies this year. I did love Harry Potter, when I saw it, but I was completely blown away by The Fellowship of the Ring. I have already seen it 3 times and am constantly recommending it to friends! Great job!
Rebecca, USA

We fear what we don't understand", this is why so many people hated A.I.

Raza, Canada
It amazes me how Memento convinced so many movie aficionados that it was a great piece of work. What it really is, is a one trick pony that manages to intrigue, but only barely to ENTERTAIN. Unlike those people, I go to the movies to be entertained. Lord of the Rings did so in spades - the last movie I bothered to see twice was SW:TPM, and the second viewing only confirmed it was average at best. I¿ve seen LOTR three times, and it keeps getting better.
Jarrett Lee, Canada

Lord of the Rings is not only the best film of this year, it is one of the best films of any year. A simply remarkable film in every way.
Nick Newton, UK

The detail and innovation that went into the making of LotR: FotR make the movie feel so real and natural that you get the feel you're watching living history of a real place. Perhaps the most impressive image in the film, the jagged spires of Barad-dur, the Dark Tower reaching into the sky is enough to make the Harry Potter Hogwarts castle cry and whimper in the corner. The Fellowship of the Ring was the best action/adventure movie ever made and hands down the screen lord of 2001.

If Sean Bean doesn¿t win an Oscar for his portrayal of Borimir, I will go Hollywood and sort-em out myself. The film like the book will go down in history as a true classic. Roll on December 19th 2002
Jim Shorrock, UK

The Fellowship of the Ring is the best film of this year and I think and hope Peter Jackson will have success over the next two years with the next installments.
Peter Seddon, UK

"We fear what we don't understand", this is why so many people hated A.I. It was an amazing movie, and another movie which falls under this is 'Vanilla Sky'.
Raza, Canada

Someone has to speak up for "A.I." here. It is flawed to be sure, but in a fascinating way, and is by far the most ambitious, interesting film of the year. It takes real chances and asks uncomfortable questions. It is obvious the mainstream public overall doesn't "get it", but...well, they're wrong. And over the years I think it will be seen in a different light. "Blade Runner" was universally panned when it first came out, now it's seen as a masterpiece.
Frank, USA

Fellowship of the Rings without a doubt - keeping well to the spirit of the book - including all the heroic, mythic and moral themes, most especially of self-sacrifice, the corruption of power, and bravery in the face of insurmountable odds!
Ian Rosenthal, UK

I am a big Harry Potter fan. I went to go see the movie, but found that it dragged at points. On the other hand, Fellowship of the Ring had no parts that weren't exciting or humorous. I may be biased, because I'm a bigger Lord of the Rings fan than anything else.
Katie Baker, US of A

I only have opinions on three of the films. The others were fine but Shrek, Harry and LOTR are the ones that I have something to say about them.

Shrek was funny, but it will never last because it is a parody before anything else and the humor isn't original (not that anything is any more)

Harry was a good book but it seemed too animated. When I saw the movie I wasn't surprised to see that most of it was (computer graphics and badly done at that)

Lord of the Rings has always been my favorite book and for that reason, I almost didn't want to see the movie cause I knew I would hate it.

LOTR was different. There were parts missing but the feeling of middle earth was untarnished which is what makes this movie the best film this year. Everyone should read the book, but if you don't have a weekend to spare, this film is a fun and exciting way to spend 3 hours.
Troy Koelling, USA

The year is not over yet. Are you crazy? Where is the Beautiful Mind on your list?
Azat, USA

What has Peter Jackson done that¿s so overly revolutionary in style or other form of application to be praised so for this? He was basically given a blank cheque

Thom, UK
I enjoyed Amelie, Moulin Rouge and The Man Who Wasn't There, but my vote goes to The Fellowship of the Ring. Bold, visually dazzling, emotionally gripping. Why on earth wasn't Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on your list though?
Philippa, UK

In my opinion, speaking for all ages, Harry Potter def. beats the rest. Daniel Radcliffe, Chris Columbus and the whole crew/cast deserves an Oscar. I loved Harry Potter and recommend it to all!
Annie, USA

The Fellowship of the Ring was, without a doubt, the best film of the year, if not ever. With stunning performances by Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, and Ian McKellen, and its unbelievable scenery, all mixed in with the age-old story of the Lord of the Rings, it has all the elements of a perfect film. Congrats to Mr. Jackson. Somebody give the man a beer.
Jason Quinn, Canada

I definitely believe that FOTR is the best film of the year, and that it is a certified masterpiece, but it is unfair, I feel to be bashing AI. Surely, my saying this must lessen some people's trust in my judgment, but I think AI is a good movie, and Spielberg paid proper homage to Mr. Stanley Kubrick while making a film worthy on its own merits.
Jesse Gilstrap, US

Well, Fellowship was the best movie EVER made. But here I'm going to stick up for A.I. This was SUCH a visually stunning and heartbreaking movie... people pan this movie, I just don't think they 'get it'.
AndrewR, Australia

When the Lord of the Rings first came out, I thought it was just a big hype. It's not, it's got more depth then any movie I've ever seen. There may be a few changes from the book, but they certainly didn't interfere with the heart of the movie.
Katrina, USA

This has been a very disappointing year for the cinema, with some very notable exceptions. The Lord of the Rings is my favorite pick of all, but Shrek deserves any praise it gets, up to and including best picture. Of course, Memento can't be left out-- very original and powerful film.
Scott C, Washington, USA

I would wager that there isn't a director on the planet who could fail to impress with any kind of screen conversion of the Tolkien classic. I found it to be a very entertaining movie with depth and scope but also noted the amount of time expended on long swooping "show off" shots and CGI effects to gain an audience (a la The Phantom Menace).

Aw, come ON, people! Harry Potter Rocks!

Tanisa Mooney, USA
The most refreshing movie this year was perhaps Moulin Rouge IMO. Memento was also a wonderful watch. One more thing regarding LOTR- I always expect backlash against anything which is as unfairly hyped as this movie. It IS very very nice, but what has Peter Jackson done that¿s so overly revolutionary in style or other form of application to be praised so for this? - he was basically given a blank cheque. Oh well, maybe some people will actually read a few quality books after next year instead of funding that spotty kid behind the desk at the Odeon like they are now.

I'm looking forward to next years list of drivel. Spider Man, Episode II, Lord of the Rings: Twin Towers, Harry Potter II, any other mass-consumerist-approved rubbish sequels or rehashes I don't know about?
Thom, Liverpool, UK

The Fellowship is for me not only the best movie of the year, but also the best movie of all time. It touched my soul and intrigued my mind in ways that I have rarely, if ever, experienced. It completely captures the soul of the book for me. I hated the film Shrek, it is one of the most boring films I have ever seen. Harry Potter was quite lame, but it wasn't exactly a bad film. Amelie was funny, but it was nothing quite special for me. But I adored A.I. and Moulin Rouge, both brilliant...
Petri Tikka, Finland

Potter? Pleeeeease... Shrek? Guys, what's wrong with you?!!!
Kseniya, Russia

Aw, come ON, people! Harry Potter Rocks! Of course, I'm just a little biased, but Mr. Potter is on the tip-top of my list, followed by Shrek and Monsters, Inc. I haven't seen LOTR yet, but I will soon. I'm reading the book right now, so I have something to compare the movie to. (I still have the Rankin-Bass animated film in my head when I think of Hobbits, so it's not a pretty thing!!) As for A.I. being on the list--um, okay, the movie was a little strange. I'm not sure it should be on a top-10 list. Happy Holidays, and may we see even better movies in the new year.
Tanisia Mooney, USA

I can't believe the pro-Potter drivel I'm reading here. It stuns me and confuses me that that watered-down, thin, hack of a movie interpretation worked for anyone. All I can figure is that people's heads were so into the book, that they failed to see how the movie just wasn't keeping up. Columbus doesn't know what character development is, I think.

Now that Peter Jackson character is something else. That's one fellow that knows how to make a Movie. May he get the Oscars and Golden Globes rained on him that he and his fine, fine staff, deserves.
Tex, United States of America

It has to be Moulin Rouge. There is no other film like it !
Siobhán, Ireland

I'd second Richard's call for a "worst of" list too. AI was truly awful - in the running for worst of the decade, so I don't know why it made your "Best of" list. Unfortunately, LOTR hasn't opened here in the Middle East yet, so we'll have to wait.
Paul, United Arab Emirates

Two films not on your list were my favourites of the year: Billy Elliot and Vengo. Were, because having seen the brilliant last hour of Fellowship of the Ring after its pretty good first two hours, this movie is now firmly on the first spot. Better than Spielberg's best: Schindler's List, amazing!
Edwin, The Netherlands

It has to be Lord of the Rings. Not as good as the book, but probably as good as a cinema version can get. A bit shallower than the book because a lot was left out, but I could see reasons for the very occasional changes. I never expected to see Hobbiton, Rivendell etc., but they were spot on. It really captured the spirit of the book. My only criticism is the animated monsters - the cave troll and the balrog were not convincing.
Howard March, Europe

Moulin Rouge was the most original and creative movie this year! It practically reinvented musicals. The visuals were astonishing and astounding! The soundtrack was off the hook too! It HAS to be the best movie ever made!
Alex, USA

Mulholland Drive is an excellent movie by David Lynch. It is very edgy and smart. I would have to say its the best film I saw in 2001. Moulin Rouge was surprisingly funny and entertaining. I didn't expect to like it at all, but it is one of my favourite movies I've seen recently.
Robert, USA

Having read through all of the comments already written here I have only one question. How many of you have actually been to see many movies this year? You can not comment on what is the best if you do not go see a wide spectrum of movies. Shrek? Harry Potter? You honestly have to be kidding! The only conclusion that can be drawn from these choices is that you only see a few Hollywood movies a year. Expand your mind and your movie choices.
Heidi, USA

Just because Lagaan is an Indian film, does not mean it should not be in the top 10. Audiences around the world have loved the movie, especially here in Australia. Poms are beaten in this movie, that's the reason you can't place it in the top 10, eh? This is sad because Lagaan is the best and deserves to be on top and at the Oscars.
Jo, Australia

The Others is the best movie of the year with such a startling and innovative ending. Some of the films on your list are just awful.
Jim Waite, UK

Dil Chatah Hai. Let's not exclude Bollywood movies.
Andrew Chung, Canada

Lord of the Rings surpassed all my expectations. Simply flawless.
Vincent Yau, UK

The Fellowship Of The Ring was simply the best.
Nathaniel, The Bahamas

Mark Summers has got it all wrong, The Man Who Wasn't There was a truly amazing film. The Coen brothers have once again proved that they are two of the most brilliant filmmakers in the world. The actors shone, especially Billy Bob Thornton who performed amazingly whilst not actually saying much, the storyline was interesting yet funny (in typical Coen brothers dark style) and the cinematography was flawlessly smooth, a brilliant film all round and to those who dislike it, you wouldn¿t know a well made film if it slapped you in the face!
Robert Flook, UK

Mulholland Drive, Requiem For a Dream, Time and Tide? Your list is so short.
Raoul, France

I can't say enough about Harry Potter. The cast, effects, and script were fantastic!
Darron, Colorado, USA

The best movie of the year was Bridget Jones's Diary. What a great insight into the 30-something group. Outstanding cast.
K D Whitman, USA

I am surprised that Memento is not on your list. By far, I thought it was the best movie of 2001. Great acting combined with an intelligent script and brilliant film-making helped to create an unforgettable movie.
Wendy, Canada

AI? Awful. Surely Memento should have made an appearance on the list.
Chris, Northern Ireland

I can't believe A.I. is so low down the list. It is a lesson in great atmospheric film making, excellent acting and has superb C.G. effects. Oh well, I am a big Kubrick fan! It would have been very interesting to see his take on the story but Spielberg did him proud. Classic! Come on guys, vote for it and get it up the list!
Jason Boulton, Wales

The Discovery of Heaven is an excellent film which should be on the list.
Iain Roberts, Netherlands

I really liked Harry Potter, and Amelie was brilliant also, but I have to say that The Others was amazing. The best thing is that I didn't expect to enjoy it, but it was actually fantastic! Nicole Kidman deserves all the praise she gets for her performance.
Matt, UK

I have been waiting for LOTR for 3 years, building it up in my mind, to the point where I knew I was going to be disappointed. but I wasn't. Any movie that can live up to and even exceed three years of hype easily deserves to be best of the year, if not best ever.
David Schroeder, Canada

Can we vote "none of the above" as Requiem for a Dream was the best movie this year?
Rick, England

It simply has to be Lord of the Rings. Star Wars for a new generation!
Phil, Ireland

AI? Did the person who put this list together actually watch the film? If it was the worst ten films of the year (decade, century?) then perhaps it would get my vote. LOTR wins it hands down.
Dan, UK

My vote is split between Ghost World and the admittedly flawed - but fascinating - Jack the Ripper film, From Hell. Also, belated recognition to a work from Spain called The Devil's Backbone.
Robert del Valle, USA

I think everybody's missing the boat. The film of the year was David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. In this film, Lynch not only remakes Ingmar Bergman's Persona and annihilates it, he outdoes it and applies the story to Hollywood and the delusions of grandeur that one must have to deal with, even if you don't make it. A brilliant, brilliant film. Unfortunately, it goes over the heads of most.
Husayn, USA

Moulin Rouge was good, The Others was excellent. My favourite film of this year was Fast and the Furious. It's in a slightly different league from the films mentioned above though. It was an excellent fast moving action packed film.
Nicola, UK

In a year of Hollywood blockbusters, I loved Harry Potter but my favourite remains You Can Count on Me starring Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo. It was brilliantly scripted and acted, not overly sentimental, and the memories of the film have stayed with me many months after I viewed it.
John Mcrorie , Edinburgh

Harry Potter, Fellowship of the Ring and Shrek are all great, but I suspect that Amelie's rating on this poll will be low simply because it was not as well known as the others. If they had have seen it I think a lot more people would have rated this. It's a real alternative to Hollywood without being too "arty" to have wide appeal. Fantastic!
Kevin Aires, UK

It is a shame more people did not see Memento, which was a fantastic film. I take comfort in the fact that Chris Nolan will win Best Screenplay at the Golden Globe's and Oscar's.
Jeff, Canada

I'm surprised to see Life As A House omitted from this list, but perhaps it hasn't reached the UK yet? Anyway, I found it vastly superior to K-PAX. I'm also voting for Shrek.
Kris, USA

That list does not even come close to listing the top 10 of the year and certainly did not contain the best film of the year which was undoubtedly (though missed by many), Sexy Beast.
Andrew Raisman, UK

I would have been torn between Mulholland Drive and Amelie. Luckily you forgot to include the former.
Chris, USA

I loved Moulin Rouge not only for the brilliant performance of Ewan McGregor but for the soundtrack. The lyrics got such a vibe in the new and sometimes unusual contexts they were put in. It was a real feel-good movie. I laughed my head off during Like a Virgin.
Timi, Hungary

The Man Who Wasn't There is the best film to come out of Hollywood since Kubrick left to make films in England. I also greatly enjoyed Shrek and Sexy Beast.
Alan, London, England

Memento was by far the best film of 2001. I guess it had the misfortune of being released very early in the year and has been forgotten. Guy Pearce deserves the Oscar for his performance. I am at a loss as to why Captain Corelli's Mandolin is even on your list. Truly terrible.
Paul, USA

What about The Dish? Am I the only one who thought this film, without special effects, sex or action sceens but a wonderful script, was a pure pleasure? Scripts seem to be the last thing money is spent on when producing a film.
Jez, UK

How can you possibly leave AI (Artificial Intelligence) out of your best films of the year?
Mike Lepine, England

The best film of 2001 is missing from your list: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
James, UK

I think Harry Potter was an awesome movie... it was a milestone reached. The Others was another great movie but it is not on your list. But I believe that without any doubt, Harry Potter was indeed amazing!
Uzair Qadeer, USA

That was a hard choice! I was very torn between the breathtaking originality of Moulin Rouge and the sheer passion and love that The Fellowship of the Rings was made with. Both are the best from this year without a doubt. Though I feel I must side with The Fellowship of the Rings. As my long standing love for Middle-earth overcomes my fascination at Baz Luhrmann¿s ability to craft song lyrics into a conversation.
Mike McClay, Northern Ireland

Go and see Amelie if you haven't already done so. A wonderful film, beautifully photographed. Eat your heart out Hollywood.
Jim Gilligan, UK

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