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Monday, 17 December, 2001, 14:06 GMT
Your tributes: Stuart Adamson
Big Country had big hits in the 1980s, including In a Big Country and Fields of Fire
Adamson went missing last month from his home in Tennessee
Read a selection of your tributes for Big Country singer Stuart Adamson, who died in Hawaii, aged 43.

Simply the finest poet since Rabbie Burns. Rest in peace.
L, Glasgow, Scotland

I listened to Big Country as a teenager. I must say that their music helped me through those difficult years. I saw them live in twice in Finland 1985 and '86. Those were spectacular events. I've never lived as strongly as then. I can't describe that feeling... it was huge!

And when I heard the news listened to "Come Back to Me" with my small daughters and all the memories came back.
Tommi Vainio, Finland

Wherever I have travelled, there has always been a Big Country tape with me - in times of great elation, or times of deep sadness...or just sitting on the train going to work...the music never failed to match the mood, lift the spirit and inevitably conjure up a thought or a smile. I feel so sad this afternoon.
Ben, Hong Kong

Stuart "always a darling" Adamson, when you would pull me up on stage, I'd feel like the luckist person alive. I promise, the love, energy and spirit that you and the band gave me, will remain in my heart and live on forever. Thank you for the joy, tears, inspiration and laughter you have brought to my life. Some days will stay a thousand years, some pass like the flash of a spark, who knows where all our days go. Until the next time, love and peace.
Deb Curtis, Miami (formerly Oxford)

I never thought that the loss of a man I have never met, could sadden me so much. Stuart Adamson may be deceased, but his music will live for eternity.
Larry Gould, USA

Stuart...I don't know what you faced. I don't know that life was so bad for you that it wasn't worth living. All I know is that my simple way of being can keep me happy, even though I yearn for more. But my yearning will never lead me to your end. Your music and your lyrics gave me strength when you were alive, but they're difficult to swallow now that you're gone.

God Bless. I pray for you, and pray that no others as great as you give in to despair.
William Currie, Vancouver, Canada

We miss you, Stu. We will love and remember you all of our life. It┤s hard to find any words.
Oliver and Kerstin, Germany

"The Crossing" - I still have the same copy I got for Christmas when I was 13. I wore it out, and it was hugely influential on me,and I still know almost every second of it by heart. That was one of the handful of records I had that compelled me to play music, the thing I love to do most. So thanks, Stuart, and it's sad to see you go.
Nick , Athens,GA, USA

A greater songwriter has not lived since Franz Schubert. The gift of truly thought-provoking music was Stuart's to give, and to take away, if you'll pardon a selfish observation.

From Scared to Dance to The Crossing (and God, Steeltown was a true masterpiece) to the Raphaels, Stuart's amazing virtuosity and continuing maturity as a songwriter unfolded with unparalleled genius. The world genuinely darkened with his passing, and it is strangely ironic that so few noticed.

Stuart acknowledged me both times I saw him in concert, in Glasgow and New Haven back in '93, and I loved him for making this world so much better. The memories were not enough, but will have to do . . .
Chris Gallagher, USA

It just seems so untrue. I was lucky enough to meet Stuart. I saw BC seven times in total and compared them to a vintage wine, they always got better with age. Not only did you bring me joy Stuart, you changed me from a boy to a Pars fan! RIP and rest in peace.
Ian Lomas, Birmingham, England

Big Country were the first band I saw live and had such an energy. I saw them five times and met them five times, Stuart Adamson was always polite and very human even though he was a God to me. Real saddened by his passing. Thanks man, for opening my eyes to passion in a band.
Neil Griffiths, UK

I am utterly devestated. I will never forget meeting Stuart after a 1993 concert at the Roxy in Los Angeles. I asked him to write a note for my friend Tam, from Dunfermline, who was struggling in his life. His note to Tam said "Stay Alive". I will never forget Stuart's kindness or the brilliance of his music. His music lifted me through some very tough times as a young adult. Scotland and the world has lost much.

Stuart, I only hope you have found the peace you could not find here. May you have found your "Big Country". My thoughts are with band mates Bruce, Tony and Marc, and all of Stuart's family, friends and legion of dedicated fans. "Oh Lord, I never felt so low..."
Dan Wentzel, USA

I am so saddend to hear this news. Big Country was my favourite band all through high school. I always felt that they were so terribly under-rated. Stuart's ballads inspired me through many difficult times, I cannot believe he is gone. I will pray for you Stuart. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Michael Yavno, California, USA

The Crossing, Wonderland and Steeltown were three of the best albums of the 80s, and shining examples of music from any era. Great melodies, moving lyrics and heartfelt sentiments marked Big Country's music. I grew up in a little town in Idaho, USA, and Stuart's voice touched me even way out there. We'll miss you my friend. The world is a little darker without you.
Rob H, USA

Last night I watched "Peace In Our Time (Live) Moscow 1988" with tears in my eyes. Big Country were "my" band. After a gig at the Town & Country in Leeds I went out and bought a guitar. Stuart was the most talented and influential artist in my life. I've read each and every one of the tributes which just proves how much he was loved. Goodbye Stuart and thank you for the most incredible music you gave me. My condolences are with Sandra, the children, Ian, Mark, Tony and especially Bruce. I'll miss you Stuart, rest in peace mate.
Mat Hoole, Yorkshire, UK

The most under-rated songwriter of his generation, Steeltown is a classic album. Along with Weller and Billy Bragg Stuart was one of the few songwriters in the eighties who made records that spoke to, about and for the working class. He will be missed.
Gordon Hay, Scotland

I'll never forget meeting the band after a Hofstra University show in 1984. Tony, Mark and Bruce had signed a band photo from my Rolling Stone. But I didn't bother Stuart, since he was holding a baby. Then he held out his hands, as if to stay, "Here, I can still sign." He sought ME out. Regular, approachable, humble guys. And yes, an incredible live band. A toast to you all.
Andy McMains, New York, USA

Underrated seems to be the general consensus here, and I agree. He was a GENIUS with the guitar. Such a unique talent. His songs were full of passion. BC was one of my favourite bands when I lived in London 1983-89. Stuart's lyrics were always so heartfelt and genuine. "Steeltown" was my favourite album, not a bad song on it. Who but Stuart could have written a song from a pregnant girl's perspective - "I have your child inside me, but you will never know ..." I believe it goes, and make it so moving, so real? And from what I've read above, he seems to have been a darling man. A great, great loss.
Diane Spitzer, USA

Stuart Adamson was the first Scot to try and define in pop music what it meant to be a Scot - not the tartan shortbread tin image, but real life, and the result was "The Seer", one of the greatest albums of all time - "One Great Thing". It truly saddens me that the man who had such an influence on my childhood and many others has gone. He will be greatly missed.
Ruaraidh Wishart, Scotland

Like all Big Country fans, I was terribly sad to hear of the passing of Stuart Adamson. In recent years I had lost touch with the music of Big Country but, after listening to "The Crossing", "Steeltown" and the "Restless Natives" soundtrack, I was struck by how incredibly fresh this still sounded. Big Country were the best live band that I ever saw and I truly believe that a little bit of music died yesterday with Stuart.
Colin, Scotland

Big Country gave me (and many others) some of my best memories. Gigs, albums...the last time I saw them live, May 2000, I never thought I was watching Stuart on stage for the last time, even though the band was breaking up. There's a terrible emptiness in me tonight, and I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. Thanks for the great days and nights Stuart, thank you for such wonderful times.
PG, Ireland

Stuart. What an inspiration you have been to me through your songs. Your words and music spoke to me deeply and helped me to find my passion. Your voice and guitar sang to me in times when no other sound made a difference. You have brought to me tears and smiles. Comfort and rage. You have made my heart pound and have soothed my uneasy soul. For all these things I thank you. Sadly, the tears have returned. We will miss you Stuart. May you find your Peace.
Rob Schattmann, Montreal, Canada

Words can't begin to adequately express how much Stuart's music has meant to me for the past 19 years. It's been a soundtrack to my life, and his lyrics have often played like a mantra in my head, willing me on, pulling me out of low moments, and helping me to celebrate the good times. He was such a positive force to me in so many ways, and his music ultimately led me to find my husband, a fellow BC fan, from 800 miles away. You are SO MISSED Stuart, and while you are no longer with us on this earth, your music and your legacy will live on in our hearts forever.
Joanie Kercheval, Virginia, USA

I am still stunned by this tragic news. It is a sad thought that we will never hear a new song from Stuart again. Big Country's music always made the sun shine for me from the moment I first heard them on the radio in 1983. I hope that the sun is now shining on Stuart - rest in peace.
Susan Jamieson, Scotland

This is such shock, Stuart, you were such a big part of my life. Thank you for the passion, love and respect you showed all your fans, all of the time. You were always so humble and amazed that we loved you so much! Love to your family and Tony, Mark and Bruce. Stuart, I will miss you, you lovely, talented, beautiful man. God bless.
Caroline Morewood, Manchester

I'm Italian but in my heart there is a bit of Scotland since 1982. Thank you Stuart, I'll never forget you.
Marcello Scorsolini, Italy

People always used to tell me that Big Country weren't cool, weren't outrageous or controversial. No they weren't, they were just honest. Gimmicks get tired after a while, good songs don't.

Stuart and the rest of the band have meant a lot to me the last 20 years or so, and it won't be the same listening to them again. Goodbye Stuart, and thanks.
Adrian Richards, Lincoln, England

Your music clearly touched a nerve with me and provided me with the strength to get through some very tough times in my life. Stuart, your immense contribution to the music industry may have been overlooked by those so-called big name record producers/execs, but that was their loss. You truly were one of a kind. Right to the end, Bruce, Mark, Tony and yourself continued to produce absolutely fantastic music, the likes of which we will sadly never see or hear again. Sorry you couldn't hang around longer but hope that you're now at peace with your demons. God bless and 'til we meet again ...
Bill T, South Shields, UK

I just wanted to say a couple of words about what Stuart Adamson meant to me. But I don't have to. Remember when you first heard these songs:

In A Big Country (the one most everyone can relate to), The Storm, Porrohman, Inwards, Wonderland, All Fall Together, The Crossing, Steeltown, Where the Rose Is Sown/Come Back to Me, Winter Sky, Girl With Grey Eyes, Just A Shadow, Pass Me By, Look Away, I Walk The Hill, One Great Thing, The Seer etc.

You see, I don't have to say anything. All you have to do is remember where you were when you first heard any of the above for the first get the idea...for many of us it was a coexistent soundtrack to our lives much in the way that U2 has been and is. My heart grieves...weeps...don't know how to say goodbye. Can't wave...

Not waving but drowning.

Bye Stu...miss you.
Jim Duke, USA

Headphones on, listening to The Storm, 1000 Stars, Inwards and Porrohman over and over again. The feeling that everything in my young life, the future, school, the joy of puppy love with my first girlfriend, had promise. The feeling that I was close to God, although I didn't know him at the time. Simply the joy of innocence, youth and pure hope. If there was ever a time in my life that I became coherent in my world, my surroundings, my soul and my emotions, it was at that moment. To this day, that is one of the most special and spiritual times of my life. I am glad that Stuart, his words and his friends were a part of it." "... See You, Bye Bye..."
Marc Pearsall, USA

Big Country was one of the finest, under-rated rock bands of our era (the whole one-hit wonder rap was vastly undeserved). Stuart's lyrics engaged the listener into his rapturous stories, and the melodies were incredibly harmonious. I'd easily put The Crossing as one of my 10 all-time faves. And live, they played with passion and zeal. Stuart seemed very down-to-earth...he will be missed sorely...may he lie where the rose is sown.
Eric Hamre, USA

To quote one of his last songs "But if only you could see in you the things I see in you" - I find it so terribly, terribly sad that he couldn't see the things that we saw in him. I loved his music and I just hope that he's at peace now. My heart goes out to his family and the other members of the band.
Alison Petrie, UK

All of these tributes would have embarrassed Stuart enormously. He was always "just a bloke who played guitar". He wasn't a "rock star". He was just the nicest guy you could ever meet. It isn't a loss to music - it's bigger than that. The planet is a poorer place today. The Big Country Spirit must never die. My thoughts are with his family - Kirsten, Callum and Sandra, and Melanie. His friends and all the people he touched during his all too short trip to this world. We will all "spend a lot of cold nights missing you". Catch you in the next life, mate.
Julian , Birmingham, UK

A very sad period and a great loss to the ever declining music industry. I met Stuart a few times and he is one of the nicest, funniest guys I've met. The guy suffered and none of us realised to what degree. It is a cruel world and I'd like to thank Stuart for his major contribution to music, life, and for all he has given to us the listener. A totally tragic time and words are not enough. A huge hole has been left. Rest your soul. We love you.
Spooks, Gosport, England

Stuart Adamson was one of the greatest front men of his generation and his death will clearly sadden thousands of music fans across the globe. As a live band they were up there with Simple Minds and U2 - they had the talent to touch thousands with Chance and King of Emotion. So many songs that were a soundtrack to my own life, will play on forever. Rememberance Day hangs heavy in the air tonight. A sad, sad loss.
James Dawes, UK

My sister and her friends dragged me to a concert in the 80s. Two minutes in and I was hooked. In a Big Country, Fields of Fire, Chance and my own favourite Wonderland - played as loud as your ears and windows could stand! I've been to many concerts since but none could beat Big Country for passion and brilliance. A real tragedy. RIP Stuart.
Sue, UK

Went to see BC last year in Dublin on their "final fling" tour but did not really believe that it would be the last time I would see the boys in action. Like many others, his words carried me through and uplifted me during my darkest hours and I only wish I could have had the opportunity to help him in his hour of need. Deepest sympathy to his family and the rest of the band and management. God Bless you Stuart, we will not see your like again!
Jim Cunningham, Ireland

Stuart, Barbara and I will always remember you. You will always have a huge place in our hearts. Nicola misses her "Uncle" Stuart. Rest in peace.
Clive Ford, Seattle, USA

Belfast is going to miss Stuart so much. We'll all miss him. The music lives on.
Mark Patience, Northern Ireland

Having seen BC twice (once at Glasgow Apollo and once at the Barras) their music inspired and fired the soul. As an ex-pat, theirs was always the music that I played when I drove home and "Wonderland" was played at full volume as I crossed the border.

It is a tragedy that yet again, someone who has so much to offer, finds it so hard to deal with his life that he decides to end it. Stuart, your music will live on and every time I cross a misty moor, "The Storm" will always play in my mind. God bless and condolences to his family and the rest of the band.
Ross Hunter, England, (Ex Scotland)

This is a terrible thing. Big Country was such an integral part of the wonderful tapestry of music which was being played in the early '80s, so full of hope and energy. For me, their music was part of the adventure of being young and feeling free for the first time.
Joel Bowman, USA, North Carolina

I remember the first time I heard In a Big Country - I was a junior in high school. I heard the drum intro on a friend's radio while we were searching for music. We missed the station while we were scanning and caught the song just as it was going off. Probably one of the most memorable tunes that I have ever heard in my life. I have most of the group's music and "freshen" regularly the CDs that get scratched. I will miss this musical icon. He and the band have been a solid part of my life. May the Lord bless his famly. Peace.
Batman, USA

It doesn't seem like five minutes since I saw them playing on Watchdog. They were brilliant and I thought the glory days were back. Now it's all over. Another beautiful riff is being played tonight at that great gig in the sky.
Kevin Dring, UK

Such a tragic waste of life, without question one of the greatest songwriter/musicians that this country has every produced and overall a really nice guy. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that he has touched the lives of many and will not be forgotten. My heart goes out to his family and friends. RIP Stuart.
Liam, Inverness, Scotland

Big Country was the first "proper" gig I went to and Stuart was a hero as I grew up. Had the pleasure of interviewing him before he disappeared in 1999 and hoped his work with Christian artists in Nashville would help him find God and hope. A sad and tragic waste for him and his family.
Pete B, England

A great man who will be sadly missed! My thoughts go out to his family, friends and colleagues. Hopefully he has found peace. Deep felt sympathy to Ian Grant,Bruce,Tony and Mark
Mark Rattray, Georgetown, Canada

What a sad loss for all music fans. Big Country were the best live band I ever had the privilege of seeing.
Kieran Stewart, UK

Why, Stuart? You were there for 18 of my 31 years. If you only knew how much you meant to me. No one will fill that void. Rest in peace.
Anke Voltmer, Germany

Managed to catch them at their only gig in Manx. Truely exceptional and a heartwarming moment for myself and little children. "Staying alive" live out travolta'd them all. Missing you already Stu.
Lester McCorcoran, Isle of Man

I played Big Country continuously through the late Eighties. A mixture of the film Restless Natives, the countryside and music sum up Scotland for me. Deeply saddened.
Andy, UK

The Skids' Absolute Game was one of the first albums I fell in love with. It's still a fantastic record. Thanks Stuart.
Simon Aughton, UK

It's always sad when you lose someone you grew up listening to just Hutchence or Kobain. But like them he'll always be around through his music. RIP
James Young, England

To find the words I wish to at this moment seems so hard, I am shocked at the news. My heart goes out to his children Callum and Kirsten, his parents, family, and all those who he meant so much to. I had the pleasure of working with Stuart and Big Country, and will value the memories I have of him from these times, along with the many years of enjoyment he gave myself and many other Big Country (& Skids) fans for whom he gave so much to.

Stuart - may you rest in peace my friend.
Willie Tocher, UK

I have loved Big Country ever since I first heard Fields of Fire on the radio. Stuart, you will be sadly missed, rest in peace.
Adele Guest, Leicester, UK

Today is the saddest day not only for Scottish music but for the world - we have lost a legend.

I was only fortunate to meet Stuart once, back in 1991 - he was a wonderful guy, no ego and all talent. Words fail me to describe how nice he was to me that day. All the stories I've heard over the years from other fans just adds to the accolades he deserves.

He will live on forever in the music he so kindly gave us.
Jason Shand, Inverness, Scotland

A Big Country gig was a major event for the punter, as you were expected to give as much as the band.The countless times I have left a gig spent of energy and bathed in sweat, and the look on people's faces as they appreciated what had just ended, will stay with me forever. I never thought Stuart would have ended up as he did. He seemed to have it all; talent, wealth, adulation from a very protective fan base, but something was missing and it is a very real tragedy for his family and the band. RIP.
John Evans, UK

Thanks for all of your musical gems during all those years. You will be sorely missed..........
Herby Carmichael, Netherlands

How desperately sad that someone with so much to live for and so much talent should die. RIP Stuart and rock on...
Chris Burns, UK

The first gig I went to was Big Country at the Mayfair Newcastle when I was 15, now 22. I must say that Big Country are arguably the most under-rated band ever, it is a sad day for me. They were a massive influence. My sympathy to all those that knew him.
Kris Grey, UK

Feeling shocked and stunned at this news. Very sad... he seemed like a nice guy, and I remember his music with Big Country and before that with The Skids as a part of the soundtrack to my youth.
Gina Snowdoll, UK

Some of my finest concert moments were watching Stuart and the boys in many places, from the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries to the Royal Court in Liverpool, to the best gigs in the Barrowlands. They brought a hell of a lot of joy to a lot of people. You Never Should Have Gone.
Rod Copeland, Scotland

What a waste of great talent - hope he finds the peace he didn't find here.
Paula, Musselburgh, Scotland

Terrible, terrible news - anyone who really knows Big Country's songs will know that we have surely lost one of the best songwriters to come out of the UK in the past 20 years. May he rest in "Wonderland".
Ged Haughey, Rep of Ireland

I first saw them in the early eighties in Edinburgh with my best partner Stefano. We married to the beat of Staying Alive, not necessarily related but the theme was definitely there. I last saw him perform on a converted yacht in Memphis a year ago which coincided with my marriage to Stefano. This great Scotsmen will be in our memories forever. Rest easy Stuart.
Alexis Waterrodney, UK

I met Stuart Adamson once and would just like to say that he was a gentleman. When you meet famous musicans you expect to be treated in a particular way, and usually are. Adamson changed all that by treating me, a then 16-year-old fan, with respect and interest, and it was genuine, not forced. Thanks man!
Rodney Sharkey, Ireland

I'm numb with shock and disbelief at the loss of another musical great.

Big Country had a unique style and friendly approach which touched the hearts of more people than is widely believed. Everyone knows a Big Country fan.

Stuart Adamson seemed to be one of the genuine nice guys of the music business. His touching and inspirational lyrics depicting strength and hope in times of adversity, make this a bitter pill to swallow.

I've seen hundreds of bands in the last 25 years but none were as entertaining or heart warming as a Big Country night out.

In a time when music is lacking in any real substance, Stuart Adamson will be sorely missed.

Much love to those who loved the great man.
Neil Biggin, England

A sad, sad loss, our thoughts are with his family and friends.
Steve Connor, UK

From your first concert to your last your music brought me so much happiness and joy. Your talent was immense and I will miss you greatly.
Alastair K, Dunfermline, Fife

Big Country had some excellent songs and Stuart was an excellent front man for them. Very sad.
Graham Young, Hong Kong

Stuart had a voice that egged you on to go through life and its hardships. From a country where much of which abounds, I can say that his songs helped me through. They still will. Goodnight Stuart.
Noel, Philippines

I had the privilege to meet Stuart many years ago during Big Country's hey days prior to a concert. He invited me into the venue to watch the sound check, meet his wife of the time Sandra and introduced me to his baby son, Calum, who was attending his first ever concert at a very tender age. During the following years, working in the music business I met many "stars" but none shone through with the same humility, sensitivity and humour as the Dunfermline-based "laddie" I met that day. Although his music may not have lasted the test of time as my music tastes changed, his personality and character left an impression that will never be outshone. A great loss indeed.
Murray de Schot, The Netherlands (Ex-Scotland)

One of our best friends has died and we can't believe it. Our hearts go out to Stuart's family, Ian, Tony, Bruce and Mark. What a loss, what a great guy. One of the best you could ever meet.
Mick and May, York, UK

The most able, the most professional and the most decent front man and poet who ever lived has left us with a legacy of great words and inspiring music which everyone who cares can still enjoy.
Joe Rich, UK

To a great man, great singer and great band. He is not gone, he is only gone ahead of us.
Michelle, Ireland

Goodbye Stuart! I'm so sad. Your music will live on. Thank you for what you gave me in all these years of endless inspiration! Your name will never die.
Ingo Hey, Deutschland

Stuart, your lyrics will haunt me like a "mountainside". Thanks for pulling me through the dark times, just wish I could have done the same for you.
Richard Day, Republic of Ireland

Totally distraught, easily the best live band I have ever seen, his music making "Restless Natives" one of the best films I had ever seen. I clearly remember championing his music during the 90s when it he was unfashionable and being totally frustrated that nobody could see the sheer depth and breadth of his talent, passion and ability.

A real gent, a musical colossus and massively under-rated. If there is any silver lining to come from this, it is that there will now be a resurgence in his music which will hopefully end with his music being properly appreciated.
Darren Lewis, England

Saw Big Country in concert on five occasions in England and Ireland. Awesome live act -"Steeltown" was one of the genuinely great albums of the 80s and "Restless Natives" one of the finest Celtic rock songs of all time. And this is not to even begin talking about the genius of the Skids. A sad, sad day for all the people of Britain and Ireland. Thank you Stuart so much for everything you gave us - God bless.
John, Surrey, England

In the 80s, Big Country were one of the three bands who inspired me to play rock music. I have spent many hours as a teenager marvelling at their music. Stuart has given me something precious for which I will always be grateful. Thank you - you shall be missed.
Will Hall, UK

Big Country was little more than a musical footnote to most people, but I never cared about that. In fact, it probably made me love them even more. Today, however, I deeply regret Big Country's lack of success this past decade.

Stuart Adamson was my Kurt Kobain. He was my John Lennon, my Elvis, my George Harrison. I want to be able to walk the streets, see makeshift memorials, and share my pain with others. A place like this is a good beginning but the man deserved so much more. And beyond that, there's the nagging fear that Big Country's frustrating lack of success this past decade may have contributed to Stuart's tragic death.
Erle Mundle, Vancouver, Canada

He taught me about dignity, about belief in the small man, about love, war, politics and poetry. I'll miss you Stuart.
Tim Sands, England

I still cannot quite believe Stuart is no longer with us. Big Country was such a big part of my life that I have just an empty feeling this morning.

I listened to the CD of the last gig in Barrowlands this morning with tears for Stuart and heartfelt sympathy for his family, Ian Grant, Bruce, Tony and Mark, and all my fellow fans of whom many have become friends over the years. Stuart RIP, you are sadly missed.
Tony Greco, UK

Stuart was the kind of man who could show you values you'd want to live with. I hope he has found the peace he needed and that his family and friends receive the love and respect they deserve. Stay alive.
Paul Wills, England

Best guitarist I ever played with. RIP Stuart
Richard Jobson, UK

My heart goes out to the family of Stuart Adamson who brings back very happy memories for me when I was a teenager. I had the privilege of being kissed by him at a concert he gave at the Olympia Stadium in Dublin!Stuart "You didn't have to do this". May you rest in peace. Love from your loyal fan Jenny.
Jennifer Field, Ireland

If you ever saw Big Country live then you witnessed one of the greatest live acts ever. When I saw them on the Steeltown Tour I was blown away. 12,000 people at the NEC - I thought the stands would collapse as everyone got to their feet and stomped. Stuart you will be missed by anyone who appreciated real music. RIP.
Mike Skidmore, UK

The world becomes a little bit darker as another shining star goes out. You gave so much to so many. You will live forever in our hearts.
Johnathan Cox, UK

Totally shocked to hear this news. First time I saw Stuart play was the Big Country gig at Birmingham Odeon in 1986. It's still my best ever concert. Sincere condolences to Bruce, Mark, Tony and Stuart's family. "Some days will seem a thousand years, some pass like the flash of a spark. Who knows where all our days go?"
Neil Vaughan, Birmingham, UK

When a very close friend of mine was in a coma following a serious accident, Stuart was only too happy to record a message of support, such was the symbolic stature of the man. He confronted so much in his tunes with "Just a Shadow" being the pinnacle. Respect mate - a burning heart will never die!
John Fisher, UK

It's so sad that Stuart has gone. My condolences to his family and friends. I never knew him but I felt like I did, during the 80s I spent so much time at Big Country concerts, and recently saw them again at a gig in Plymouth - the power hadn't gone away.

I still love the music, and have such fantastic memories of the concerts when I was a teenager. What an inspiration the music was, I can remember the tears rolling whenever they did "Tracks of my Tears" and "Chance". And bouncing around and yelling to "Fields of Fire" and "In a Big Country". Magic. R.I.P. Stuart, and thanks.
Jo Sarson, England

Who can forget Mansfield Leisure Centre on a blustery November eve in 1982. A man bounds onto the stage and shouts "Hi. We're called Big Country and this is our favourite beginning." A mind-frying rendition of "Thousand Stars" later and this boy is hooked, and shall remain hooked for life. Now you've played your final hand there are only 999 stars. Thank You Stuart, you saved me from a life of mediocrity.
Simon Marsh, UK

I will never forget walking down Princes St in Edinburgh during Hogmanay to the sound of Big Country.
Ian Thomas, UK

I briefly met Stuart Adamson in Brighton, 1984. He was doing a gig at the Brighton Centre and I was working behind the bar at the Metropole. We had many stars visit my hotel and he struck me as the only one with a warm, human dimension. My wife always used to go bright pink (still does) when she saw him on TV, leading me to suspect that she had encountered him in different circumstances... A decent chap, really. A very big shame.
Matthew, UK

I have just seen the news this morning and it has broken my heart. Music often defines a period of your life whether happy or sad, young or old, in love or broken hearted. That is the beauty of music. Big Country and Stuart were a major part of my teenage and early twenties. All of the albums and 12 inches will be dusted off and I will sit down and listen to them today and smile and remember what Stuart did for all of our musical memories. God keep you safe Stuart. RIP.
John Huckle, England

I can't believe this news. I've been to many a Big Country gig and have rarely seen a man who received so much love and warmth from his audience, who were fiercely protective of the band and their Music. I don't understand how you let this happen Stuart but I hope you find the peace you needed and thank you for making me feel the Heartbeat of my native land every time I listen to your music. A fond farewell to one of Scotland's finest.
Ian Brough, Dubai (British)

I have seen Big Country live so many times, in Italy, in the UK, in Ireland - the result was always the same, a big smile on everybody's face and the amazement from having witnessed another great energetic performance from an amazingly talented band. Adamson never really got the credit he deserved for his talent as a musician and songwriter - can't believe he's gone, not that way, not him. Maybe he will get the recognition he deserves now, but it's no consolation for us lifetime fans of his.
Bruno Battaglia, Italy

I am truly saddened. Big Country gigs were always fantastic. I remember at the forum in London (an enclosed venue), a butterfly landed on Stuart's shoulder. A truly magical moment that will never be forgotten. Sleep peacefully Stuart.
Simon Coxon, UK

I'm totally shocked and saddened. As others have pointed out he was grossly under-rated - but was too modest to make a fuss about it. In an era of so much talentless pop music it's shameful that he was "left on the shelf". Perhaps he never truly appreciated the positive impact that his songs had on the lives of so many people. RIP.
Barry Cooke, UK

I feel so sad for Stuart and BC as a band. Great lyrics, music and heart but no recognition of their undoubted talent .I saw them live at their farewell gig at Milton Keynes and could not believe how they still put 200% into it.The music industry should hang their heads tonight as they have let the most innovative songwriters for years slip away. Music is dead now. Long live the memory of BC and Stuart and thank you for the buzz you have given to BC fans and myself.
Steve, England

The only man who could make a guitar sound like bagpipes is gone. He will be sadly missed.
MJ, Ireland

I'm shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Stuart Adamson. Strangely, my sister and I were talking about The Skids only this morning. I saw Big Country live many times through the 80s. Their music and the sense of togetherness at those gigs helped forge a great sense of hope and optimism in me. I'll never forget Stuart saying hello to me and my friend James outside the Gaumont in Southampton when I first saw them in 1983. I was also lucky enough to chat briefly with him in Brighton a couple of years ago. He had a wonderful way of touching people and through his music he always will. RIP.
Trevor McCrisken, UK

Stuart will be sadly missed. We had the pleasure of seeing Big Country live on several occasions and each gig was tremendous, especially the gig at Roundhay Park, Leeds where they were due to play for 30 minutes and ended up playing for over an hour and a half - they nearly knocked the tent down the crowd was having such a great time. Stuart was the greatest guitarist ever and we cannot believe we won't see him live again - RIP Stuart.
Tony and Julie, Scotland

I was fortunate to know Stuart, and for a short while to be his guitar tech. He was a truly charming man to be with and lead the best live band I have ever seen. My thoughts are firmly with Mark and Tony, but especially with Bruce and everyone else in Dunfermline. A great loss truly to be mourned.
Stan, UK

An intrinsic part of my youth has disappeared with Stuart's death. A Scottish candle has burnt out.
Daibhidh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Stuart's death is a massive shock to the legion of fans who have followed his passionate music and admired his great musicianship for many years. Big Country's epic music and Stuart's unique guitar sound have been a torch throughout the majority of my life. I cannot cope with the thought of never seeing his smiling face at a gig again. He always had time for his fans and great humour. I will miss him deeply. My deepest condolences to all his family/close friends and the band of course. Rest in peace Stuart.
Ian Winter, UK

Big Country's music is the soundtrack to my teenage and early adult years. They were and always will be my favourite band. I originally come from the south of England but I fell in love with Scotland while listening to Big Country's music and moved to Edinburgh 14 years go. Stuart, therefore, quite literally, changed my life and I'll always be indebted to him for that. I bumped into Stuart just last June at Queen Street Station in Glasgow. We chatted for a while - I wish we'd talked longer, I wish I'd said how much his music has meant to me; how much he means to me. I can't believe what has happened but I will never forget you Stuart. RIP my dear man.
Belinda, Scotland

If there was ever a band that reflected the spirit of the working man then Big Country are that band. "Heaven bless you in your calm". A true working class hero.
Richard Abela, UK

What awful news. I worked with Big Country back in '83, during their first encounter with fame, and adored the band's music. They were also all lovely fellows, although Stuart seemed to be having a bit of a tough time with all that went along with the star-making machinery. Nonetheless, he was a charming and charismatic man, and this is a sorrowful day.

I only wish that his struggle with alcoholism had had a happier ending. It's a miserable disease for the person who has it, and for all those who love them. May his family and friends find peace in knowing that there was nothing they could do to "save" him, and may Stuart himself also rest in peace. Too young, too soon, so talented and such a shame.
Rhonda Markowitz, USA

The whole band was so incredibly under-rated down here in Australia. The man was and still is a hero to me. I am saddened immensely that his existence has ended, but I hope that his death will not be without purpose. Embrace life, BC fans. Listen to the message in the music, do as he says, not as he did. A tragic day.
Scott Dawson, Australia

I am truly shocked to open the papers this morning and read about the loss of Stuart. I saw Big Country "live" at Lancaster University in the early 80s during their "Steeltown" Tour, and to date it is still the best gig I have ever been too.

"In a Big Country", "Fields of Fire", "The Seer", and "Save Me" etc. still raise the spirits and put a fire in the heart on the way to work when I need a pick-me-up.

A tragic end to a great musician and childhood inspiration - RIP. To all his friends and especially his family, my sincere condolences.
Carl Spinks, Blackpool, UK

I've been your fan for nearly 18 years. I have never cried over an artist's death but today tears rolled down my cheeks when I read of the sad news. Your songs gave me peace in my worst period, and I wish you a peaceful life in heaven. I will miss you forever, Stuart.
Lin Pi Chung, Taiwan

Farewell to an artist and a man. The world will remember his classic 80s tracks, but some of us were touched by Stuart in ways that are difficult to articulate. I always wanted to write to you, Stuart, and tell you how important your music was to me, but I couldn't find the words. I can't find the words now.
Will Everett, USA

I knew something was amiss when "In a Big Country" opened a newscast on WABC radio in NYC. Eerily, I shuddered and knew that you must have left us.

I was with you from The Crossing on...I still remember my initial days behind the wheel with "Harvest Home" blaring out of the tape made me feel so free; like I was driving in the Scottish expanses you were writing about.

Four days ago, I was listening to "Driving to Damascus" and appreciating ad infinitum your soulful and skillful song craft, vocals and guitar, unaware you were likely already gone. How under appreciated you were here in the USA...but here's one American who'll never forget The Voice that I grew up with.

As a singer/songwriter/guitarist myself, you inspired me, Stuart, with your earthly scrawl, your soaring harmonies &and your anthemic leads. I could always count on you for quality music and so much more. Farewell, King of Emotion.
Steve Fleck, USA

Can't believe it. Another sad waste of a great talent. I will never forget seeing BC at the Town and Country in 1987, where during "The Storm" I kissed my first boyfriend for the first time. Happy memories of happier times. RIP Stuart and condolences to your family, friends and fans.
Annette Cook, UK (via Germany)

His and their music was powerful, exciting and resonates through my memories of first and second year university in Western Australia (1983 and 1984). It was such a different sound, great to dance to and dress to. In fact, a compilation of Big Country tracks on one side of a cassette and I think Lloyd Cole/The Smiths/Thompson Twins on the B-side was my first real introduction to "alternative" music. Rest in peace Stuart from one fan of many in a Big Country.Shocked!!! Rest in peace Stuart. Thanks for all the great music, your gig's are some of the best me and the wife have seen. Thanks, you were second to none.
Shirley, Queensland, Australia

Shocked! Rest in peace Stuart. Thanks for all the great music, your gigs are some of the best me and the wife have seen. Thanks, you were second to none.
Graham and Christie Fisher, England

The fan base has been left shocked. Such sadness and desperation and personally it is all too much to take in. My thoughts go to everyone he has left behind. I hope we can all remember him for the good times, his inspiration and his passion.

Always in our hearts. The statement, "Stay Alive" will however, remain cold for me. I am devestated beyond words and I never even met the guy. A sad, sad end to a sad year for us all.
Kevin Stratton, Somerset, England

I met Stuart three months ago while we were both trying to get control of our problem. I knew nothing of his music but all of his character. We became close as we both understood what we each were going through. We were together virtually everyday. I had to leave town for a few weeks and when I got back he was missing. He was there for me as I was dealing with what I was going through. If I was having a problem he would be at my house in a flash. He helped me and I couldn't help him.

I never thanked him enough for what he did for me. He was the strength I needed and the voice of wisdom, someone to lean on when I was weak. I wish he had given me the opportunity to return the favour. I don't understand how this happened. I thank God for giving me the time with Stuart he did. I will never forget the thoughts he shared with me. I love him like a brother and will miss him. Thank you Stu for everything. Goodbye

Reading the tribute by Thomas Kercheval, I smile... because Stuart was that genuine to me as well. I met him at two shows in Camden Town and he bought me a drink and invited me to travel with the band. Talk about being blown away.

I'm going to miss having new music. But I'm glad that we have what we do. I'll be playing this music nearly every week... as I have been for the last 20 years. It always rings true. May God smile on you.
Ian Cruzen, Boston, MA (USA)

Living in the area that I do, we have just gone through the most horrific of times you can imagine, but I never thought that the very person I turned to in times when I needed the strength and the encouragment to "come up screaming" would be the same person I would be mourning.

My sympathy to all of Stuarts loved ones and friends. He meant so much to me because he gave so much of himself. I will miss you forever, my prayers are with you. Thank you Stuart for bringing such happiness into my life for 20 years. You will never be forgotten!
Fran Seal, Long Island, New York, USA

Just look at this site packed full of tributes. This band was so underestimated . Stuart, I and many others like me who were touched by your songs will miss you so much. You were my hero and inspiration for 18 wonderful years. You may be gone but your music will forever be a part of me. Never will any group touch me like you, Mark, Tony and Bruce have done. I hope you have found peace.
Brian Mawby, England

I'm absolutely hollow tonight. Stuart was a hero to me, free of ego and a bringer of great inspiration to me and the humble music I've made since Chance sparked something in me. I had the pleasure of meeting him on a number of occasions and he always struck me as such a "normal" person in an industry full of distinctly un-normal types. A true hero to me, a huge loss, such a tragic waste... Hope you found some answers Stu, I really do. Safe journey... "Some days I call upon the very depths of me, So out here to the East of Eden, I watch your soul run free...."
Jason Allen, UK

I had the privilege to meet one of my all time music heroes in 1996 at an acoustic gig in London. I swear that I trembled when Stuart Adamson approached me. I managed to stutter "I can't believe it. It's Stuart Adamson!". And I'll always remember his reaction: He had his feet firmly on the ground, and was very warm, generous and hospitable. When I was ten years old (in 1984) I wrote in "Youth", the children's magazine in Iceland: "Best singer - Sj˙art Adamsson". Big Country was my first favourite band and in many aspects it still is. I especially thought Adamson was cool; talented and very human in all ways. Music has lost a great talent with his demise. Rest in peace Stuart.
Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen, Iceland

Like almost everyone, I first heard Big Country in 1984, when their biggest US hit advised "Pull up your head off the floor, come up screaming/ Cry out for everything you ever might have wanted." It was a fierce, positive message that I really needed to hear during my teenage years. For the last 16 years I've always been able to count on Stuart producing songs that mattered. I'm very sad to see him silenced.
Eva, USA

Stuart Adamson has been a constant factor in my life since 1983. His talent, his inspiration, his ability to communicate were a source of strength in dark days. My thoughts are with Bruce, Tony, Mark, Ian and Marcus as they try to come to terms with such an awful loss. A shame that the modern music industry could find no place for such a towering talent
Jon Izzard, England

It's like losing my best friend suddenly. I saw Staurt play with the Skids in 1980 and Big Country in 1983, and he was dynamite both times. His music kept me going for all those years, his passion and honesty set him apart from so many others in music. From the windswept celtic hills of the Isle of Man to the mountains of Tennessee, I have taken Stuart's music wherever I have been, and it has fitted like a glove. It's just too sad. My commiserations to family, friends and fellow fans.
Simon Neil, USA

An immense talent that was never really credited or given the proper recognition he deserved. Along with that Stuart was a true gentleman, who always made sure that there was time for his fans. The world today is truly a poorer place without you. Stuart, you brought a light to my life, and you will be sorely missed. With your memory and music you will live forever in my heart. Thanks.
Gary McLaughlin, Ireland

Ironically, Stuart's passing comes shortly after the death of George Harrison. I was 14 when "The Crossing" was released. Big Country was and still is my Beatles. They were the band that made me love music. I was lucky enough to see Big Country live in Minneapolis in 1993. Stuart's music was filled with his emotion and it helped you feel your own. I feel blessed to have found his music. My sympathy goes out to his family and the Big Country family around the world.
Tim O'Hanlon, USA

If there was ever a group who could send shivers and chills down your back with their melodic and heartfelt guitar rifts, Big Country would be at the top of the list. If I ever needed to be reminded of my heritage and how proud I am to be Scottish, listening to Stuart and Big Country would certainly put me firmly back in place. After all, what proud Scotsman wouldn't love to hear the bagpipe sounds that emerged from songs like Big Country, Where The Rose Is Sown, and countless others. Stay alive, Stuart!
Glen Cowie, California, USA

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