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Monday, 3 December, 2001, 11:17 GMT
Ant and Dec: Your views
The comedy duo have presented the show for three years
Ant and Dec wave goodbye to Saturday mornings
Comedy duo Ant and Dec appeared on their hit ITV shows SM:tv and cd:uk for the last time on 1 December.

The pair have presented the shows for three years but are now moving on to new primetime projects.

SM:tv and cd:uk will continue to be broadcast on Saturday mornings with current presenter Cat Deeley at the helm alongside newcomer James Redmond, who plays Finn in Hollyoaks.

So what did you think of the last shows for the popular Geordie double act? Can it ever be the same without them?

HAVE YOUR SAY Ant and Dec, only two words to describe them - sidesplittingly funny! Saturday mornings will never be the same. Good luck in everything you do, lads. You are stars! Thanks for making me laugh till I cry!
Nicki, England

Cat Deeley is beautiful but Ant and Dec made the show. On the bright side, perhaps I will now be able to get some work done on Saturday mornings!
Brendan Fernandes, UK

SM:tv and CD:UK will never be the same without duo. They were without doubt the best thing about TV on a Saturday and I hope they continue to play a major part in UK television.

They have always been fresh, funny, creative, and what makes them so successful is their friendship. I would even go as far as to say they are the Morecombe and Wise of this decade - a real class act. I wish them every success in the future - you cheeky chappies!
Derek Shirlaw, UK

I can't wait to see them go, their programme is dismal, it's a disgrace

Mickey, London
They did an absolutely fantastic job presenting SM:tv, Saturday morning television won't be the same again. Whoever they get in after them is going to have a very tough act to follow!
Lyndsey, England

I can't wait to see them go, their programme is dismal, it's a disgrace.
Mickey, London

Ant and Dec have been fantastic, showing a developing talent and great comic timing. I think they know though, that the show is bigger than just them, and with the right support it will continue to prosper.
Pete Brooks, UK

Who cares!
Colin, UK

It wasn't just the pair who made the show such fun, it was Cat also adding chemistry

Christopher Tsangari
For me, the biggest reason why Ant and Dec are so enjoyable to watch is because, unlike many other presenters they are very down to earth and not full of themselves! (The same goes for Cat Deely too, who is fantastic with those false teeth!)
Nick Greaves, England

Good luck to Cat - she held it together throughout a very emotional show. Well done to everyone!
Gavin, UK

I regularly used to tune in when I wasn't working. It is such a funny show (my kind of humour). It's a pity they won't be on anymore - the show is not going to be the same. It wasn't just the pair who made the show such fun, it was Cat also adding chemistry.
Christopher Tsangari (Age 22), London

Saturday mornings will be so dull now! The show just won't be the same without them. Live and Kicking used to be great a few years ago but nothing has come along to rival Ant and Dec since. Presenters really do make or break programmes such as this.
Suzy, UK

Sheer stupid nonsense - it was absolutely brilliant - the only thing that could get me out of bed on a Saturday morning. Can't wait to see what they get up to next. All the best to Cat too!
Liz, England

Their childish sub-series Chums was the biggest waste of time I have ever seen

Leon, UK
I can't believe someone let them have a primetime show.
Gary , Scotland

Their childish sub-series Chums was the biggest waste of time I have ever seen. Sooner that is off the TV the better.
Leon, UK

The people who are commenting negatively about Ant and Dec don't know what they are talking about. SM:tv was the only thing that got me out of bed on Saturday mornings. If you want to see so called "rubbish presenting" just turn over to BBC1 and watch Joe Mace and Danni Behr. Absolutely terrible.
Luke, UK

No, it will not be good without Ant and Dec.
Nichola Henighan, England

They've been the only way to get over a hangover for the last few years! Good luck to Cat Deeley and James Redmond - I'm sure they'll do a great job, but I can't see the programme being what it was when Ant and Dec were there.
Sam, UK

Ant and Dec were great. Good luck to Cat. The show on Saturday morning was excellent. Four other friends and I sat and watched it all and at the end we had a little cry - we will miss them, what will be the point of getting up on a Saturday morning now? Thanks guys, you have been fantastic.
Lucy , Yorkshire, England

Very funny last show, I think the beauty of them is they don't mind making fun of themselves, Saturday mornings will never be the same again!
Kate, England

It's hard to say which one I'll miss most. I like them both, but I think I like Ant a little bit more than Dec.
Steven Pickup, England

The only Saturday morning show in the same league is Tiswas

Rob, UK
I presume that one has to be nine-years-old to appreciate them but from a 37-year-old perspective they are extremely over-rated.
Phil White, UK

The only Saturday morning show in the same league is Tiswas. High praise indeed!
Rob, UK

Ant and Dec are not in the least bit funny, just insulting. BBC One's Live and Kicking was the best programme ever, it was even educational at times as well as funny. Now BBC One has The Saturday Show 52 weeks a year and I hope it brings all the viewers back to the BBC - come on Dani and Joe, you can do it!
Kenneth Diaz, England

The only good thing about Ant and Dec leaving SM:tv is that I will no longer have to choose between them and Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2. I think they are exceptionally funny and hope that other projects they do allow them as much freedom to be themselves as SM:tv did.
Moira, England

Ant and Dec are the best thing on telly

Fiona, UK
I watch Ant and Dec all the time - I only wish I could meet them.
David Jones, Wales

Ant and Dec are the best thing on telly. The whole format for SM:tv is great, and Cat has been brilliant, but somehow Saturday mornings will never be the same. I might even start to look forward to weekends away!

I just hope ITV will let them have so much fun in prime-time. Adults enjoy a laugh too.
Fiona, UK

When me and a friend watched the last ever Ant & Dec SM:tv & CD:uk we cried, it was such an emotional programme.They are both brilliant and you can't imagine one without the other and I'd wish them both all the best in the future.
Laura Whiteman, UK

The only thing that kept me going all day at work on a Saturday was knowing that Ant and Dec were being video-taped by my husband

Tracey M, UK
Good luck to Ant and Dec in the future. Saturdays will never be the same without them. SM:tv has been the highlight of my week for the last three and a half years. They will be missed!
Sam, Wales

The only thing that kept me going all day at work on a Saturday was knowing that Ant and Dec were being video-taped by my husband. The last show was a classic, especially the last Chums - Cat and Dec kissing and Mariah Carey doing her best to understand the humour.
Tracy M, 33, UK

They have been truly rubbish - bring back Zoe and Jamie

David, England
They will be missed loads from everyone who watches SM:tv, and we hope that they won't being going far from our TV screens. I don't think SM:tv and cd:uk will ever be the same again.
Alison, England

They have been awful, truly rubbish. Bring back Zoe and Jamie.
David, England

Childish, boorish, infantile humour of the lowest form. Absolutely brilliant. I loved it - just what you need on a Saturday morning. They managed to provide something for adults as well as kids - which is sadly missing in the other side (sorry Beeb). If I have a choice of my kids watching a show with me that I'm going to be mindnumbingly bored with or one I can enjoy too - guess which one we watch!

Wonkey Donkey, Challenge Ant, Chums - all classics. The only thing I never got was the Pokemon stuff.
Graham (aged 31 and 1/4), Scotland

I am with the masses - what am I going to do on a Saturday morning now? Ant and Dec's humour on SM:tv worked on so many levels. Kids saw surface and the grown-ups saw the real jokes. Chums was a regular discussion point down the local pub. Either we are all very old and sad or just (Like Ant and Dec) enjoy stupidity and harmless fun. Who can beat the supreme double act that is Ant and Dec? Very few I suspect.
Lizzy , UK

Ant and Dec are fantastic and their final show was fantastic. They are both excellent entertainers and I feel that there is a lot more to come from them. Their down to earth approach and sharp responses have always made their interviews a joy to watch and their presenting of the sometimes cringeworthy Pop Idol has been nothing short of brilliant! Anyone who would rather watch the absolutely appalling Dani Behr cartoon vehicle on the BBC missed a real treat on Saturday. Good luck boys, can't wait to see what's next!
Sian, Wales

It's a great show and will continue, but could we have at least one week without Hear'say or a Spice Girl appearing on it?

Stuart, Essex
They have been wicked! Shut up David from England! If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all! Ant and Dec, we lovv you! You are the best presenters ever! Please come back!
Julia & Aimee, London

Childish, low IQ programme, could the money be spent on something better? No, this was truely a classic programme, all three of them are great and down to earth, I'll miss the two of them. I'm 30 by the way.
Carlos, England

It was just so sad - especially the end of Chums. Cannot believe how well I feel I've got to know the three amigos over the years. Good luck to Cat for the future and big good luck to the boys!
Fi, UK

I feel that Ant and Dec were outstanding presenters, they brightened up a Saturday morning. Good luck for the future lads, you have done well for yourselves!
Kelly Gatland, England

Excellent. SM:tv has been the only thing to watch on a Saturday morning for the last 3 and a half years. The best clip of all time has to be "Let's get ready to Rhumble"! Good luck to Cat but... what will we do without Ant & Dec?
Vix, London, UK

Simply brilliant, they retained their accessability and natural charm while growing and developing a great TV style

Jonathan, UK
It's a great show and will continue, but could we have at least one week without Hear'say or a Spice Girl appearing on it?
Stuart, Essex

Ant & Dec are true entertainers! They took Saturday morning TV and made it fun, no matter what your age was. Their friendship certainly made them genuine guys and we could see that they really enjoyed what they were doing. To all those sending negative comments, calm down and enjoy it for what it was, a bit of fun with stars just messing about! Will miss you Ant & Dec. Good luck for the future!
Ailsa, Scotland

Ant and Dec have revolutionised children's television. They salvaged their careers in Phoenix-like fashion, and as someone who has grown up with them it has been great to see. People who don't like the show clearly don't get it - they have turned children's TV into family TV. Not into outdated "watch with mother" tripe, they have created something that is genuinely funny on every level.
Jimi P, UK

I think the ratings demonstrate the comic talent these two have. Complete naturals to the camera, imagine what they could do with semi-decent scriptwriting. The trick is now to see if they can sustain the adult audience's attention as long as they did the younger generation's.
Simon, Canary Wharf

When the show started I wasn't that impressed but I knew Ant & Dec had great potential and after a few months they started to be enjoyed by both kids and adults on Saturday mornings. Whether they will be successful in prime time I'm not sure after that embarrassment "Slap Bang" but they have been excellent on "Friends Like These" and "Pop Idol" despite both shows not being made for them on the whole. I hope they continue to be successful.
Robin Blamires, Kent, England

The golden boys of Saturday morning TV have left the building

Louise Dunford, UK
Ant and Dec, we will miss you. On the last episode when Dec started crying I thought ,"That's how much they loved the show." It was absolutely great, I even started to cry. All you negative squares out there, you say you hate it but I bet you have never even watched it. Ant and Dec, you are truely the best!
Michaela Holmes (12), UK

Ant and Dec are the funniest people on television and I will miss them.
Emma Barker, Surrey

Simply brilliant, they retained their accessability and natural charm while growing and developing a great TV style, they make it look like anyone could do it, that's how good they are! They also could corpse with the best of them!
Jonathan, UK

Good luck Ant, Dec and Cat for the future. Ant and Dec, you have entertained me very well for 3and a half years and I will still watch SM:tv in the future as Cat is still there to entertain me. Its the only show that actually keeps me awake and happy on a Saturday morning rather than sending me back to sleep like the other side would. Llong live SM:tv and Cat. Keep watching folks. Me andmy mates would rather not have to resort to the Beeb because everyone switches off.
Kevin, England

The golden boys of Saturday morning TV have left the building. Thanks for the laughs!
Louise Dunford, UK

Saturday morning TV just won't be the same without them. Is there a helpline?
Helen, Guildford

Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Ant and Dec were fantastic on SM:tv.The only thing to get me out of bed. I shed a tear along with everyone else on their last show. It was like saying goodbye to old friends. I'm 30 and proud to be an Ant & Dec fan. Good luck for everything you do in the future
Dawn, Sheffield, England

I will miss them dearly, especially Dec. Saturday mornings will never be the same. I will miss the great chums.
Lucy Friggens, Cornwall, England

Fantastic! Saturday mornings will never be the same. I just hope they realise it and will get to read all of the praise that people have written here. Well done lads and good luck in the future.
Jan Ciepkiewicz, UK

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