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Thursday, 22 November, 2001, 19:36 GMT
Jagger documentary: Your views
Mick Jagger in full flight
Mick Jagger has just released a new album
Being Mick, a Channel 4 documentary about the legendary rock star Mick Jagger, looks back on his life, as he promotes his first solo album in eight years.

"This is pure Hello! TV and it is easy to tell that it was put together by the star's own production company, Jagger films," wrote BBC News Online's Keily Oakes.

She added: "For those that know little about the man himself, other than what is written about him, this is a real insight."

But what do you think?

Does this reveal anything new about the rock 'n' roll legend? How does he come across?


He seemed like a really nice chap. I sort of expected him to have been affected by his god-like status, and for this to show. Hello!-style TV? I don't think so. It didn't have the necessary gushing obsequiousness.
Paul, England

Overdue retirement?! The programme last night showed us that Mick is well past his sell by date! Trying to keep up with the likes of Wyclef et al left him in a daze needing a "cup of tea"! Though its good to see he has at least one foot on the ground and is a funny guy.
Stu Low, UK

Whilst any TV documentary based on the life of the title person will have a huge amount of "Ooh I'm great," I was quite impressed by Mick Jagger's "realness."

This is probably because he has past the "Look at me, I'm a rock star" phase. He's a musician, a legend and now a movie producer but the one thing that stood out above all was his total love for his family. A great programme!
Tracy Day, UK

I liked him, he came across as a genuine rock star musician. I'd be interested to hear the album (not that I'm tempted to buy it) after seeing how it was made. Although I found the fact that he collaborated with so many other well known musicians a bit desperate - I'm surprised he didn't throw David Bowie in for good measure!

That "Hello!" lifestyle was fantastic - talking to Elton on the phone and Jerry at the studio with their son Gabriel (did they call him that hoping that the angelic name would rub off?) Lenny's rock star house and Mick's beautifully tasteful house in Richmond - I'd love a tour!
Lizzie, UK

I'm going out first thing tomorrow to buy his new CD Goddess in The Doorway

Robert Collette, USA
I thought the documentary was great and thought Mick came across as a very likeable guy - very funny. The songs on his new solo album don't sound too bad either.
David Hymers, England

This was really a great Mick Jagger TV special. I loved the personal touch with all the behind-the-scenes footage. He shared with everyone a brief glimpse into his personal life. It made me feel that there is a real person behind this rock legend.

I'm going out first thing tomorrow to buy his new CD Goddess In The Doorway. And I'm definitely going to see The Rolling Stones in concert if they go on tour next year.
Robert Collette, USA

What was revealed for me was Mick's great sense of humour and relaxed attitude to recording, filming, premierès - especially when he arrived at one, did the paparazzi walk with his daughter, and left through the rear entrance to watch it all on TV - top tip from a top showman!

He gives the impression of being a family man - calling his daughter Karim (?) by Marsha Hunt whilst in New York; another little son and Jerry Hall in the studio; daughter Jade at the première and Elton's Venetian Ball - quite a number to keep track of really. But then that is part of the R&R legend isn't it.

It was also very clear how much he still enjoys making music and using non-mainstream producers. Whether or not this makes a good solo album was hard to judge from the film.
Francis, UK

As a long time Stones fan, I wasn't put off by the "Hello!" aspect of it all, I'd watch it anyway. What we saw was an engaging portrait of Mick the musician, producer and legend. It wasn't news to me, but it was a surprise to my wife that Mick was such a cultured person, so there was something for the fan and the punters. The solo CD sounded great, can't wait to get it.
Phil Gordon, UK

Mr Jagger struck me as the kind of person I would appreciate as a friend

Phil White, UK
I watched with my sixteen-year-daughter, who had not really seen or heard Mick Jagger much before. My daughter was impressed with his talent and also with the fact that he is 58 and still performing better than some of the people in the business today, who are in the charts.

Mick is a show man and still a top class enterainer.
Joanna, UK

A brilliant insight into a brilliant man. Truely a master showman.
Tim, UK

Mr Jagger struck me as the kind of person I would appreciate as a friend. Well grounded, stylish, imaginative, funny and entertaining. The responses from his younger children show that he is a genuine person and felt more relaxed with the world having watched this programme. Odd but true.
Phil White, UK

Down to earth, no "me me me me me" stuff from ol' Micky, who still produces real music. Love the way he took the mick (pardon the pun) out of Kate Winslet, who does think she's a prima donna. Keep on rockin' Mick!
Cate, London

I think Mick Jagger came over as a prat and an embarrassment.
Julie Date, England

Long advert for an album...
Neil, UK

Thought it was fantastic to see such a great and gifted man live such a normal life

Caroline Finlay, Scotland
Gripping TV - and what a surprise - Mick came across as very funny, down to earth, laid back and a great dad. Not exactly the sleazy character most people were expecting. Also, what a lifestyle. Does anyone know where I can get an invite to Elton's next party?!
Hannah, Ireland

Thought it was fantastic to see such a great and gifted man live such a normal life, as Dad, friend, husband, and working musician (not in any particular order). It showed me that the longevity comes with commitment to yourself and your trade including leading a balanced life of home, work, pleasure and exercise. I loved it! Thanks Mick.
Caroline Finlay, Scotland

Considering the rollercoaster rock'n'roll life Mick has led, he came across as a well balanced, relaxed chap, even if his taste in socks is beyond belief.

It was also great to see how different he is to the rest of the Stones band, who all apart from the drummer seem to be living in cloud rock'n'roll land.

The insight was limited as it didn't show any real grit, or emotion, but then again it was created by his own production company.

I don't think anyone could say they didn't get any satisfaction from a long awaited insight.
Jono, UK

Considering the whole thing was produced by Mick, he's done a good job on himself, but then who wouldn't?. It would have been nice if he'd allowed an outsider to produce the show, so that his bad side did not end up on the cutting room floor, as I'm sure it did.
Bob Hunter, Northern Ireland

I've never been a big Mick Jagger fan but I was glued to this programme from start to finish. It gave a great insight into his world - but I'm sure it was carefully edited. He obviously loves music, his family and life in general and with the amount of money he has, who can blame him? Might even buy his CD.
Nick, Scotland

Jagger came over as an old man trying to live a young man's lifestyle

Linda Fisher, UK
Good old Mick - he's quite bonkers and quite brilliant. He seemed strangely discontent though I thought. Strange for a man who spends his whole life jetting round the world, bedding lovelies and hanging out with rock star buddies! Maybe he just needs a good night down the pub - tell him to give me a bell and I'll shout him a pint!
Warren, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed it - as a Stones fan and particularly a Mick Jagger fan I think his solo CD is great and thought he came across on this documentary as a loving family man - he had a word for everyone he met - and I love every craggy wrinkle on his face! Hope it is not too long until I see the Stones live.
Michele, England

Nice to see rock stars and families being sort of ordinary. Like Pete Townsend saying he was off home, and then Jerry Hall saying "Ooooh, can we have a lift?". Also, scene at airport where German lass wants passport was funny. I mean, I know passports are legal requirements, but how many people are there ideantical in features to Mick Jagger who can afford a private plane?!
Ivan, UK

I'm sorry - I'm still a fan, and always will be, but Jagger came over as an old man trying to live a young man's lifestyle, and subsequently looked a bit of a prat!
Linda Fisher, UK

Jagger was shown to be 100 per cent self-indulgent, writing rubbish songs and kidding himself that he's relevant

Nick, UK
I've never been a fan of Mick Jagger in any shape or form but after watching last night I now have a totally different view of him. He came across as very down to earth and one who is very committed to his children. Although I still do not like his style of music I thought he came across as a friendly and entertaining person with a great sense of humour.
Anne Cross, England

I can only comment on half of the programme as that is all we watched. It was like watching paint dry. I thought I liked Mick Jagger having grown up in the 60s and he was charismatic on stage. He came over as just ordinary and we spent our time (as with many programmes on TV of all kinds) watching other people enjoying themselves whilst boring us rigid.
Helen Watters, Engalnd

Jagger was shown to be 100 per cent self-indulgent, writing rubbish songs and kidding himself that he's relevant. The only tiny bit of inspiration that showed through was him singing Dead Flowers written some 25 years ago. I hate it when someone who's made a killing feigning interest in the wide world and its inhabitants can command one and half hours of good TV time, just to promote himself. You've got £160m plus mate, more than you need/deserve, leave it to people with something to say!
Nic, UK

I loved Being Mick just as much as Mick does! It was a great documentary and showed his talent as well as his sense of humour. Mick is as sexy as ever, and the documentary was fast-paced and interesting.
Ula, USA

I really enjoyed the programme and thought Mick Jagger came out of it very well. I am not a fanatical fan or anything but I was impressed to see the way he works. In a time when all you need to do to have a hit record is to be able to look good and dance it is good to see there are still people in the business who know how to create really good lyrics and music, or even create anything. I enjoyed the small insight into producing records and would love to see Mick Jagger and Jerry's homes in Richmond. I wonder if HRH was watching, if so what about an award for services to entertainment. Excellent TV and would like more of the same.
Sue, UK

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