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Friday, 26 October, 2001, 17:07 GMT 18:07 UK
Michael Jackson: Your views
Michael Jackson peforming at a benefit concert in America for victims of the terrorist attacks
Is Michael Jackson still the king of pop?
It has been 10 years since Michael Jackson released an album of new material with Dangerous in 1991.

The king of pop had phenomenal success with Thriller and Bad in the 80s and fans have been eagerly awaiting his new album, Invincible.

"If Michael Jackson still wants to be the king of pop, we need tracks with the killer punch - not just songs that are destined only to hang around in the top 10 for a couple of weeks," says BBC News Online's Ian Youngs.

"And there are no killer punches on Invincible," he added.

But what do you think?

Has Michael Jackson lost his crown? Or does he still reign supreme?


I wasn't surprised to hear such a turgid offering from Michael Jackson. When you think about it, it's been downhill all the way from I Want You Back.
Major Hamilton Moore, UK

Mike does what Mike does best. The first single off Invincible (You Rock My World) is pure and classic, white socks, groin-grinding Michael Jackson. Deep throaty beat and him layered on top. He knows where his values lies and it isn't in trying to mould his music to the status quo. That's why he's the biggest selling single artist of all time.
Matt Ross, UK

Michael Jackson flopped from pop king to laughing stock in the 90s. His new album is merely a rehash of current trendy styles of music, being neither groundbreaking or revolutionary. He hasn't managed to capture the moment, as other long-standing artists have, such as Madonna. Time to say goodbye and return to being a recluse, Michael.
Ken Price, UK

Even though I have always found him to be the product of "no love and too much money", what with the plastic surgery, and the scandals, I have always tried to be objective about his musical talents, which are phenomenal.

His latest effort however, seems to be too contrived, and the hip gyrations and crotch-grabbing makes me embarrassed for him. He should innovate rather than sit on his laurels.
Kambiz Shahri, Switzerland

Past it, boring, same old sound

Neil Denning, UK
I feel let down by Micheal's new album.
Jared, USA

The album is pretty much ordinary with no real sense that it will be a great hit at all. This album will not change most young peoples' perception of him being weird rather than a king of pop. Good try Michael but not good enough.
Francis Molsal, Australia

There are people who just want to see others fail because they are jealous. MJ has had bad times but he has had some amazing songs and is undoubtably the king of pop in many peoples' eyes and he will stay that way. I think you will find that the songs he produces - even today - will always be better than what is currently out there because he is original.
Dman, UK

Anaemic pop for an anaemic pop generation. So it should do well. Personally, I think it's absolutely dire. Awful.
Ed, UK

Past it, boring, same old sound. And it looks like he is going back to Smooth Criminal with his new video.
Neil Denning, UK

I bought it on Saturday and it is being exchanged tomorrow ... oh dear!
Dougy Edwards, UK

You Rock My World is the weakest release I've ever heard from Jackson

Steve, UK
You can't even begin to compare the Boyzones of this world with an accomplished artist such as Michael Jackson. The so-called critics are quick to pan his album, but most of their criticism is directed at the personality, not the music.
Des, England

MJ has not kept up with the changing face of the pop world . He seems to rely on his past glories and expects us, the fans, to part with our cash to buy a half-hearted effort of a new song just because its him . Sorry Michael, more effort needed, can do a lot better. Once in a blue moon is not good enough, there's too much other good stuff out there.
Tim Vines, UK

You Rock My World is the weakest release I've ever heard from Jackson. He used to combine the dance moves of James Brown with the vocal talent of Sam Cooke, and the looks to match. Now it's like watching Pinocchio. Still, I've Got No Strings does have a better hook so perhaps there's hope for him yet.
Steve, UK

I think it's remarkable how critics can judge an album by listening to it once. Music has to grow on you, especially when it's as multi-layered as Jackson's songs. You discover the songs more and more each time you listen to it. When History came out, there was a lot of bad press. However, songs like Scream and Earth Song are now regarded as classics. It will be the same with Invincible if the album is good. People will buy it if they like it.
Ruud, Netherlands

It takes a certain amount of audacity to call your new album Invincible and the moment you start believing your own hype, you're going downhill. He used to be cool. Now he's just sad. Record companies should spend the money on new fresh talent instead of wasting it on someone who has nothing more to offer but lingers because his ego doesn't allow him to step down. The ultimate in vanity.
Yiannis Christodoulides, Cyprus

After listening to the first three singles from the album Invincible, it does seem that it wasn't worth the wait

Azam, India
Personally, I love the album. Take it on its own merits and forget his previous releases like Thriller and Bad. This album is head and shoulders above the rest of the music in the charts at the moment. Invincible offers great value for money with 16 tracks that are highly listenable.
Chris, South Africa

Let's just wait for the worldwide sales figures to come in for Invincible. He will reign supreme till the day he dies. No other artsit from the 80s can match the continued success that MJ enjoys. History was supposedly a flop commercially but it still sold more than Madonna's supposed "come back" album Ray of Light.
Duncan, South Africa

Michael Jackson has seen his day. While his music has always shifted attention away from his unusual antics, from the sounds of the his latest, it doesn't appear that he will remain Invincible. To be honest, I think he's lost it musically, and I don't believe that the excesses of the 80s will keep us enthralled. We are a different society these days, and Jackson hasn't changed in any way to reflect upon this change.
Donald Alexander, USA

After listening to the first three singles from the album Invincible, it does seem that it wasn't worth the wait. I think MJ changed his style because of the disappointment of History.

One can't write him off because every artist or band goes through a lean patch. Even Elvis and the Beatles had bad times. And not even Elvis or the Beatles lasted as long as MJ has. So MJ is still the king.

I hope to hear more songs like Tabloid Junkie, Little Susie and Superfly Sister from MJ in the future. I think they are some of the best by the king of pop.
Azam, India

After listening to the album I was surprised how good it sounded after all the luke warm reviews

Alan Blair, UK
I have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was five-years-old (I am 22 now). After listening to his new album Invincible, perhaps it is not only the end of his era as the king of pop but the death of pop music.

Of course I am extremely disappointed, like any fans. The album has good two songs though.
Michael LJJ, Australia

All the songs are killer punches eg Unbreakable, You Rock My World, 2000 Watts, Shout, Invincible.
William Badman, England

After listening to the album I was surprised how good it sounded after all the luke warm reviews. His voice has never sounded better and the production is second to none. The classic Michael Jackson songs are still there but with a new modern twist, like the song Butterflies - a classic "off the wall" type song but with a new funk. I love it! The album is long but after 6 years away I think he might as well have used up all the minutes available on the CD. There is a song for everyone on Invincible and I am sure a lot of them will be growers.

It's a shame the critics think they can pan an album after only hearing it once whilst getting free booze. Records have to be listened to at least a few times before they start to get under the skin. After all, Michael Jackson has been around longer then most and has been more successfull than most. He must have some idea of how to create a great album, he has never failed in the past.
Alan Blair, UK

I'm listening to Invincible online at the moment, and I think that the writers have been very harsh in their criticism of this album. It was never going to be another Thriller - that level of genius comes once in a generation. But judging Invincible against other albums currently available, it really stands up very, very well. The upbeat tracks are thumping and some of the melodies are great. Whatever Happens is just a brilliant track. Admittedly, some of the ballads border on the corny, but I don't think that they cross that line too much. I'll be there on Monday first thing to buy my copy, and before you say anything, I am not a MJ fan. I just dislike people who criticise a piece of work because they don't understand and can't tolerate the artist. Give the guy a break!
Marc Edwards, UK

Some of the songs are a little mainstream but still good pop

Zairil Khir, Malaysia
I finally got to hear Jacko's new album after reading some bad reviews in the tabloids and I was really impressed with it. I think it's the best thing he's done since Off the Wall. Pop fans probably won't like it, but R&B fans will love it. Music critics will hate it, not because of the music but because it is Michael Jackson and he's such an easy target. Definitely still king!
Karen Kelly, Scotland

Mike is still the best, he's a classic. And his new single from Invincible (You Rock My World) is pure Michael Jackson.
Ali, UK

With the release of this album, I was convinced that Michael's era was over and he should stand aside to allow younger, more dynamic and musically conscious talents to show the world what they've got. Michael's crotch-grabbing and rather bizarre dancing acts no longer appeal but deter and disgust the younger generations. Michael, it's time for you to take a long break and enjoy the music.
Edison Yeoh, Australia

Invincible is awesome. Michael's music has never stopped evolving, and this is solid proof. Some of the songs are a little mainstream but still good pop. In a world where popular music consists of saturated teen pop stars belting out stereotypical songs, this is a fresh change.
Zairil Khir, Malaysia

Invincible is, in the words of another Jackson song....BAD. What a complete let down! After being promised something new and innovative, Invincible really is a disappointment. Jackson is no longer the global phenomenen he was and this record proves it. King of pop? More like king of pap.

Tired and dull and far too long

Al, UK
How many of the people here have actually listened to the whole album? I don't mean the only released single or snippets from the web. I mean the whole thing. It's testament to his talents that he could sell three times as many records as anybody else on the planet and people still call him a flop. I've heard the album three times and it's superb. Young music fans should listen and break out of the mind control music that's been flooding the marked for a decade now like Britney Spears and Steps!
Mark Emeny, UK

Just got the album this morning and have to admit that it's the best one since Bad in 1987. There are some great songs on this album - Butterflies, Cry and Speechless spring to mind, and Whatever Happens is excellent. And these are just the ballads!

You Rock My World is actually one of the weakest songs on the album. While there is very little evidence of true experimentation in the work, it still stands as being one of his finest albums, closer in feel to Off The Wall than Dangerous (though the faster tracks still throb with industrial beats), and reminds me how fantastic he was before we all got so focused on his looks.

Hated the video for Rock my World though.
Notailuk, UK

Personally, I view Michael Jackson as a man with a lot of personal problems and an amazing talent. I received the album this morning, anld like most first listens, I found that there were poor songs and truly classic tunes on there, but a vast majority of them are growers. Songs you must listen to 5 times to understand them. I like it when Michael sings with the gravel voice that no other artist could ever dream of owning. Songs like Privacy, Whatever Happens, You Rock My World. Yes, I am a fan, but even Oasis have released rubbish and this is not as bad as Be Here Now.
Joff, UK

Tired and dull and far too long (10 minutes was enough for me!) Shame, twenty years ago I was a huge fan, will never bother again.
Al, UK

You also have to remember, Thriller wasn't huge straight away. It took the release of Billie Jean and an incredible performance at the Motown 25th Anniversary

David McClelland
This album is great. It's not his best but it is far better than most out there. It doesn't capture you on first listen, but repeated hearings bring out the best. It is one for the fans to enjoy and the critics to moan at. Music is too personal to make good or bad statements.
Rakesh, England

It's a shame, Michael Jackson always sounds the same. The music has evolved technologically but his style of singing is getting boring. Rock My World is like a cheap version of Smooth Criminal, he continues to 'Ah', 'Uh' and 'Owwww' like the first day we heard him, and I get the feeling of 'been there, heard that'.

We have been waiting a long time for MJ to re-invent himself, to bring himself up into the 21st century, but he seems to be living in the past. Give it up Michael. Change your style. Surprise us. Impress us; we know you can do it. The king of pop crown is tarnished and it's going to take a LOT of work to bring it back up to its full glory.
Tel, UK

Too many artists, not enough tunes, too many hollow beats
Paresh, UK

It's a funky album with some fabulous lead and harmony vocals from MJ. It's an album that will grow on you.
John, UK

I really like this album. I have read some of the comments made on this site and disagree with all of them. I don't think that there is an entertainer on this earth who can even touch the style that MJ has. People are very quick to judge and make assumptions about him, which is why he has always stood the test of time. Elvis has been dead for decades and people still look up to him.
Marian, UK

Michael has nothing to prove to anyone. Just look at how artists like Destiny's Child, Usher, and Alien Ant Farm have all been influenced by him. Every album Michael has brought out has faced critcism and everytime those critics have been silenced. You may all knock him but he is still the king of pop! Proud to have the album in my collecton.
Anony, UK

People just couldn't wait for this album to come out, a large section of those people couldn't wait to slate it. I bought it yesterday and listened to it over and over again, the whole way from Surrey to Dublin. With each listen it got better and better. You also have to remember, Thriller wasn't huge straight away. It took the release of Billie Jean and an incredible performance at the Motown 25th Anniversary. So you never know how big this album could be yet.
David McClelland, Ireland

To all the MJ bashers out there: if this album was a Britney/Steps/Usher release, you would all be buying it

Kizzye M, UK
I think the new album from MJ is fantastic. He has incorporated new sounds and effects with a new style of singing. What is especially amazing is the diversity and strength and passion in his voice. THe world has missed you Michael! You are and always will be the king. The album rocks!
Anika, UK

I'm not really into Jacko's music but they were playing the album in one of the stores and I thought it was excellent. I bought it. I think he's got a new fan! The album is the best I've heard in years, I can see DJs spinning this one a lot.
John Kelly, UK

To all the MJ bashers out there: if this album was a Britney/Steps/Usher release, you would all be buying it. This album is phat! The funny thing is that I can see Michael recapturing the black market of music lovers worldwide with hard-edge R'n'B and potentially alienating the white. MJ is gone back to his roots. Ow!
Kizzye M, UK

I am very impressed with the new offerings by Michael Jackson. The album is obviously very polished. I can understand some views that the album feels over-produced. I acknowledge that a certain amount of spontaneity is a good thing. But Michael more than makes up for a lack of those moments with some well produced songs. Heartbreaker is destined to be the defining hit of this album.
Josh, USA

This album is superb! Before this album, I thought nothing would ever beat Dangerous. But I was very much mistaken. Invincible is an album that embraces every emotion; hate, fear, love, passion, sadness and many more. The different styles of music for each song ensures that there is enough flavour on this album to tempt every demographic. Every listener.
Dorin, Sydney, Australia

To all the MJ bashers out there: if this album was a Britney/Steps/Usher release, you would all be buying it

Alex, Spain
In spite of all the nasty comments I read on this site, I find myself enjoying this new album a lot more. It has groundbreaking songs like Butterflies, new sounds like 2000 Watts, new moves like Whatever Happens, killing tracks like Threatened and excellent songs like Speechless. People, if you hate him, please be objective and fair about his music. Admit it, he is lot better than all the boy bands right now and even Madonna and Kylie have never produced an album with so many excellent tracks.
Kevin Young, Australia

I really love this new CD. I think it is great. Michael has really showed he is the true king of pop.
Summer, USA

The album is an amazing piece of music. Michael returns to his R'n'B roots and this fact might not be liked by many European listeners. But he does the best R'n'B I've heard in ages. The supposed "lack of melodies" is not the case. In fact the main virtue of the album is its tunes, especially the ballads and mezzo tempos. For the ones who have not heard the album, check Butterflies (a sure smash hit), Heaven Can Wait, Whatever Happens, Break Of Dawn, 2000 Watts, Invincible, The Lost Children or Cry. You may change your mind.
Alex, Valencia, Spain

The album is wonderful. His voice has not sounded this magnificent in years. Just as he sings in Unbreakable - you can't explain it, you can't obtain it, and you can't touch him, he is so unbreakable!

Name one other artist who has sold over 14 million copies of their last four albums? MJ rules!
Jamie, USA

The effort is solid and if people can judge him on the music alone then he should do well

Jai, UK
The album has 16 tracks, with some great up tempo songs as well as ballads with beautiful, emotional lyrics. Michael's vocals are better than ever. There is a whole mix of producers including Babyface, R Kelly, Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley et al. Ignore the predjudice and you might find you like it. Mark my words, Rock My World is a mere taster for the rest of the album.
Penny, UK

MJ`s new album is just. .. I can't explain how good it is in words! He has got the best voice ever. Keep up the good work MJ.
Kerry, UK

As a black man I was waiting with a mixture of anticipation and fear. Fear that his effort would be a let down for us all. I have to say in all honesty that I can breathe a sigh of relief. The effort is solid and if people can judge him on the music alone then he should do well. Well done Mike, keep the faith.
Jaii, UK

You should not compare this album with his classic ones like Thriller. It's not fair. This album is great! I really like it. You have many sure hits on it like Unbreakable, Heartbreaker and the smash Whatever Happens. If you like R'n'B you will love this album. The sound is fresh and makes you wanna dance! Thanks Michael.
Mr.D, Sweden

The British are becoming just like the Americans, lacking good taste in music. Jackson's new album is an example of bad music. Too bad that you guys have so many good groups and you settle for Jackson. Hopefully you will open your eyes and realise that this is a bad album.
Jose, Ecuador

After listening to it a few times it is definitely one that's destined to be a classic

Elizabeth, UK
I see Michael Jackson is being compared to the likes of Boyzone in some of these comments - what an insult! Invincible is a great album. I may not agree with everything he does and says but the man is a musical genius and has been for almost the past four decades. That is why he is always credited as an inspiration for other 'marquee artists' such as Usher, R Kelly, Sisqo... I could go on. Unlike those floppy-haired, ten-a-penny boy bands, these guys really do make decent R'n'B.

Buy it, even borrow it, listen to it at least a couple of times and see how it grabs you.
Alvin S, England

I was disappointed the first time I heard it. I don't really know what I was expecting. But the more I listen to it, the more I realise the quality that lies in this album, a quality that is missing from all the other albums out there. He is still the king!
Abouzar, England

Having been an avid fan for over 17 years, I'm usually the first to defend MJ when it comes to criticism of his work. And to be honest, I wasn't really sure what to expect from this album. After listening to it a few times it is definitely one that's destined to be a classic. It combines the disco sounds of Off the Wall with the harsh grooves from Blood on the Dancefloor. It's got a song for all tastes on it, from soulful ballads to R'n'B and rock. Us fans may get ridiculed for still liking MJ, but I for one will be playing this CD loud and proud! Superb.
Elizabeth, UK

Micheal Jackson is an easy target for critics. I am not a fan but I loved the CD. His voice is impressive and Speechless is superb but too short!
Darren, UK

The same critics and media groups dissing Mike now, will be the same hypocrites who credit him as one of the greatest musicians ever when he is long gone

Kiran, UK
I heard this album and it is amazing, it grows on me the more I listen to it and I have only had it for two days! Great tracks are Heaven Can't Wait, Butterflies, Unbreakable, Heartbreaker and Invincible to name just a few! The only song that I haven't got into is 2000 Watts. Apart from this one track, Michael Jackson has once again created a work of genius, we salute you.
Amr, England

Whilst I agree MJ's latest album isn't his best, I am sick of all the media bashing he's receiving. The album has a wide blend of musical tastes, soul to R'n'B to rock.

The only problem I see with the album is that Mike has to face some tough competition. And I'm not referring to those clichéd talentless pop groups. These groups are an insult and exist for one purpose only. Money. Real musicians like Mariah Carey, the late Tupac, Usher, Wyclef, Janet Jackson, the late Aaliyah, Nelly Furtado, Lisa Lopez, etc, have all produced outstanding albums/singles this year.

But Mike has been and still is an outstanding musician and it is his work that has acted as an inspiration to so many musicians that headline today. During his lifetime MJ has broken racial stereotypes, his music has experimented with different musical genres and in general has had a bigger impact on the music industry than 90% of musicians today. The same critics and media groups dissing Mike now, will be the same hypocrites who credit him as one of the greatest musicians ever when he is long gone.
Kiran, Bristol, UK

Most music critics tend to focus on Michael Jackson's personility and not his music so there's no way they could be objective. I think the new CD is superb. When it comes to constructing good pop/R&B tunes, no one is better than Michael J.
Allister Glean, USA

It pains me to say that this album is awful, the ballads are unbelievably corny and nearly all of the songs lack any sort of melody

Andrew Hall, England
This album has something for everyone. If there is one song that one doesn't like then there will be another one that s/he will like. I loved almost every song on this album. All those bad reviews from people are made because they always confuse the person Michael with the music artist Michael. And for God's sake, do all people have the same taste in music?
Sophia, UK

Bought the album yesterday and haven't had it off since. I think it is great! It contains fresh new songs like 2000 Watts and Break of Dawn. I am a big MJ fan and hate it when people criticise Michael. Once people stop judging him on his looks and focus more on his music then this album will go far. MJ cannot win; if he had done something exactly like his other albums he would have been criticised but because he has done something new he is still criticised. At the end of the day it is not what the papers think, it is what his true fans think and that's all that matters. Keep up the good work Mike!
Nicola, Liverpool, UK

Give Invincible a chance. That's all I have to say. After the third listen, the music sounds beautiful. Too many people judge Michael Jackson albums on the man himself. Most reviews spend more time talking about his lifestyle than what's actually on the CD.

There's no denying it. The man's a genius. An eccentric genius, but aren't they all?
Mel, UK

I've been a fan of Michael Jackson for fifteen years. I thought History was a masterpiece. However, it pains me to say that this album is awful, the ballads are unbelievably corny and nearly all of the songs lack any sort of melody. I am completely disappointed and disillusioned. This is awful. Michael has lost it.
Andrew Hall, England

I am an MJ fan and have been critical of his music in the past ie History. The album is definitely a grower with some of the songs, but on the whole the album is great. For the people who have and have not purchased the album, listen to it carefully and look at each song's composition and vocals. They are technically superior to any of MJ's other albums. Ignore the critics and be objective.
Sylvester Williams, England

The best thing he's done since Thriller

Geoff, England
Michael Jackson has his own style, nobody can criticise him.
Kiran, India

I am not a Jackson fan, but I must say this album is great. If we take away the slating he usually gets from insignificant music critics and listen we will see how great this album is.
Chikere Ezeh, UK

Michael is just the greatest, anyone who says he isn't just has no taste in music whatsoever. His style is innovative and his talent just cannot be touched by any other artist. Get rid of your personal prejudice against the man and listen to the music.
Sher-Ali Perwaz, UK

Bought the new MJ CD and have not listened to any other CD since. Michael, this is a masterpiece. I love the new CD and I hope that you are pleased with yourself. I love Break of Dawn, Speechless, YRMW, Whatever Happens, Butterflies, Heaven Can Wait, Lost Children. Your CD really puts me in a good mood. I love you forever.
Fatima, USA

I believe the music critics who slated this disc to be out of touch with the art they are paid to critique. This disc is an excellent album from an established artist. Only this man could make this sound and how many of today's "talent" could claim to have invented their own sound? The imagery in these songs touches the soul. In a time of desperate uncertainty, this album provides a feast of powerful positivity.
Chris Robertson, Scotland

The best thing he's done since Thriller

Geoff, England
No matter what you say about Mike, when it comes to vocals and dance steps there is no one that can even come close to him. His music is better now then ever. Most people really don't like him because of his personal life, which really doesn't have anything to do with his music. Michael Jackson is the best and he's been the best since I Want You Back and he will continue to be the man.
Buqui, USA

I am so glad that I had the chance to listen to the album before I read any of the reviews. Admittedly I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. I grew up on his music and it always has been a part of my life. I always expect good things from Michael and I am happy to say that he delivered once again. It is sooooo nice to hear him exposing a more vulnerable side of his voice on Invincible. I like the grooves but it was the ballads that got me. The first time I heard Butterflies, I could not sit still! His voice has never sounded better and this man can in the classic sense, sing.
Gerald Posley, USA

It's so predictable that Invincible has received bad reviews. It is very fashionable to butcher Mr Jackson at the moment, and why should all these journalists risk their reputations for a man who has already broken every record (excuse the pun) in the book? I know he can be sugary and slightly bonkers sometimes, but I honestly don't see how anyone can say the album is anything but brilliant. His vocals have never sounded better, and as for it being "tuneless" - were you all listening to the same record as me? It's one of the most tuneful albums I've heard in years. Plus, he is still taking chances with vocal range and musical arrangement. The best thing he's done since Thriller.
Geoff, England

As a real fan, I find it hard to like this record - it is over-produced, all the tracks are too long, and there are few moments where real strong songs shine out. History was probably his peak - great tunes, high enegy production and (for the first time) mature songs from someone who had been to hell and back. The combination was very strong. The big songs were mature, original and successful pop numbers - You are Not Alone, Earth Song, Stranger in Moscow, They Don't Care About Us, Scream. Plus really adventurous stuff like History. All very different from the Thriller songs, but in their own way, just as strong.

The new record does not have a clutch of songs as good as that, by a long way Parenthood seems to have taken away his edge and his judgement.
Chris Johns, England

I know good music and every one of his songs paints a picture. Are you sure you listened to this album?

Bill, Australia
You've never heard Michael sing the way he sings on 2000 Watts, Butterflies or Speechless which opens and closes acappella and Threatened is the Thriller for the new millennium. The critics may have had their say bashing this album but the fans have spoken, it is number one in 13 countries. This album is a work of art and one of Michael's best. I've grown up listening to his music and his innovative and original sound is what paved the road for some of the popular artists today. With this album Michael has proved why he is the undisputed king of pop!
Kimberly, USA

Do you critics hear what the public is saying? How can you possibly criticise MJ's new album? It sounds better than anything released in the last few years. I know good music and every one of his songs paints a picture. Are you sure you listened to this album? You cannot compare him to pop bands of today, he is in a class of his own. His best work since Dangerous.
Bill, Australia

First time I listened to it I thought what a waste, second time and I began to recognise some real good songs, third time and I love it. People are expecting to much too quick, I personally hate all pop music for its "teenie bopper" element but with the Michael album I'll make an exception.
Allan, Australia

Michael Jackson is the greatest. I think Invincible is totally wonderful, from the first track to the last. I think it's the best album I've heard this year. To all those haters, Michael is still the king.
Melvyn, Nigeria

Michael Jackson is so incredibly talented,and can pull anything off. His dancing, singing,and performing is phenomenal.
Kristina, USA

Having been a lifelong fan of MJ, his music being part of my earliest memories as a child, I must say I was at first disappointed by this album. But this is because it didn't fit in with what I was used to with BAD and Dangerous etc. But this is a good thing, it is new, fresh music!

MJ is sounding very, very good on this album, namely Butterflies and Speechless. It has something for everyone! Even a hint of the old days with You Rock My World. Either way this album has something for everybody and will in time become a classic, I have no doubt. Well done MJ, you've still got it kid.
Jonathan, UK

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