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Friday, 12 October, 2001, 15:10 GMT 16:10 UK
Ozzy Osbourne: Your views
Ozzy Osbourne has been in the music business for 30 years
Ozzy Osborne still head banging at 53
The original antichrist superstar, Ozzy Osbourne, returns with his first solo album for seven years.

Down to Earth is his 13th album, not including his Black Sabbath records.

"Make no mistake, the 11 tracks inside rock. In places it could be any Ozzy/Black Sabbath album from 1970," wrote the BBC's Brian Wheeler.

He added: "But there is something a bit perfunctory about it all."

But what do you think?

Has Ozzy's image and music softened? Or is he still the iron man?


The 11 tracks do not rock, particularly the Y2K Ozzy-ballad-by-numbers tunes. Style ripped off the dire Ozzmosis album, excellent solos and guitar effects from the temporarily well paid Zack Wylde and utterly dreadful songwriting from the various alleged songwriters. Ozzy is a metal god, but he is also a living self-parody.
Chest Rockwell, Wales (UK)

Well, what can you say about a man who gave us this as an example of rhyming verse: "Generals swarming in their masses; just like witches at black masses". I laughed when I heard those lyrics at age 16 and I'm still laughing 20 years later. May Britain's cheekiest songmeister continue to flourish - and bite heads off bats (apparently).
Tony McMahon, UK

Ozzy may like drinking tea in a china cup but he is still the main man. In his honour, I make tea (I make great tea), and listen to his music and often watch a video of an interview with him - he makes me laugh so much and I just love him to bits!
Jill Williams, South Wales (GB)

Ozzy... absolute legend, and at least partially responsible for some of the best music ever. Not really been the same since Randy Rhoads died, but even so, his current band are far from slack. I think Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) has reinvented himself better musically - but who cares about fashion? This is about METAL!
Sam, England

Normally I hate that kind of thing, but my office mate has been playing this album for a week now - and it has really grown on me! I'm in my 30s and so outside the "target" audience, but it seems a welcome change from anything on the radio or TV. I bought the CD today - although I doubt that I will buy his others. An excellent surprise.
Jim, Belgium

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