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Friday, 5 October, 2001, 16:38 GMT 17:38 UK
Amelie: Your views
Amelie is played by Audrey Tautou
Amelie has been a huge success in its native France
Amelie, the French film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet of Delicatessen and Alien: Resurrection fame, is already a phenomenen in its native country.

The film tells the story of dreamy Amelie (Audrey Tautou), who moves to Paris to escape a dysfunctional family and the loneliness of having no friends.

"Amelie is already being talked about as the token trendy foreign film for next year's Oscars - but Tautou and Jeunet deserve more than tokenism," says BBC News Online's Ian Youngs.

But what do you think?

Is this a French film that will take the world by storm? Or just another quirky foreign film?

Brilliant! I was smiling all weekend.
Andrew Kenny, UK

Absolute genius - a film that sweeps you along and never lets you out of its warm but unpredictable grasp. Eccentric but very human, romantic but never sentimental, this is a film I will definitely watch over and over again. Thoroughly recommended.
Steven Haddon, Edinburgh, UK

Plotless, repetitive and boring as hell. Toilet sex scene and comedy reverberating restuarant embarrassingly self-plagiarised from Delicatessen.
Simon Wilson, UK

A French person speaking of a French film. A really positive film that cheers you up once you've seen it. Both moving and na´ve. You see the world with children's eyes.
Xavier, France

Fantastic...original and a real breath of fresh air. A must-see. But didn't we see the runaway gnome storyline on Coronation Street a number of years ago?
Ruth Puhr, Switzerland

It is exactly what a film must be. Magic

Charles Brown, Canada
I have seen this film twice already, as I was in France ealier this year. I loved it, as did all of my acquaintances - both male and female... The music (the opening credits alone are magical), the colours, the characters - all fantastic!

Audrey T is enchanting and wonderful as Amelie. A veritable feast of delights which everyone must see! In these troubled times it is perfect as heart-warming, feel-good escapism. Treat yourself today!
Rebecca, UK

In my opinion it's not a normal film. Some very good pictures have been shot from the camera (like Alien?). It had a good start in Germany. I like the movie.
Gregor, Germany

The most moving French film since The 400 Blows.
Robert del Valle, USA

It is exactly what a film must be. Magic. The picture, the actors, the filming, the colours, etc. Everything is great.

Maybe I'm not totally objective because I am from a French culture, but it is very refreshing to have a film that is not loaded with explosions and killing. A must for everyone.
Charles Brown, Quebec, Canada

Loved every minute of this wonderful, uplifting film

James Wyver, UK
Definitely just another French film that will only be talked about for a couple of months. I saw it yesterday and I did like it but today I wouldn't be able to uphold an interesting conversation about it.
Pablo, Argentina

A wonderful, heart-warming fantasy, laden with whimsy and delightful humour. My wife and I both think this is one of the best films of the year so far, if not THE best.
Pete, England

More genius from Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Quite different in tone from his previous films, but full of the unparalleled imagination. The cinema I saw it in applauded at the end, and rightly so.
Peter Lane, UK

I live in St Albans. No cinema in Hertfordshire is showing this film yet. The assumption is that audiences outside London cannot cope with subtitles. It's a shame!
John Conlon, UK

Brillant, loved it - a true masterpiece.
Joshua Donnelly, England

Loved every minute of this wonderful, uplifting film. Every character is lovingly detailed, from Amelie herself right down to the cat who likes hearing children's stories being read!
James Wyver, UK

Usually I'm not really into French movies, but this one is something very special

Reudi Zimmerman, Switzerland
I really enjoyed this film because it was so uplifting for the soul, especially at this time of uncertainty in the world. I thought the actress Audrey Tautou was perfectly cast. Her huge pool-like eyes took over the screen. She was truly perfect. The storyline was so touching, engaging, clever and not overdone. The 2 hours went by so fast. The whole cast was superb. Each character so unique and intricate which was vital to the whole story formation.

This to me is not "the best" French film ever made. Delicatessen had its own magical wonders too. But this film made me remember how truly wonderful the world is and if we only look at what beauty is right under our noses like Amelie and not further afield for happiness all the time, we may live happier, more fulfilling and more deeply loving lives. Merci Monsieur Jeunet.
Rajna, UK

I got to see this film in France early this year and even though my French wasn't quite up to the job it was still utterly delightful and visually superb. To be able to see it again with subtitles is a double delight. Une fabuleux destin...
Dave Coveney, UK/France

Likes: Amelie Dislikes: People who think Amelie was boring.
Stephanie, London

Amelie is a very special, extraordinary film with a beautiful story and so many incredible ideas... It is funny and amusing and at the same time it is melancholic and sad. I liked it so much, I had to see it twice. The actors are brillant, especially the girl who's playing Amelie. Usually I'm not really into French movies, but this one is something very special.

For me, this year's most beautiful film!
Ruedi Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland

It certainly shows Europe can match and better Hollywood's offerings, especially this summer

Peter Kyne, England
If it is possible to fall in love with an inanimate object, I am smitten by this film.
Jay Tait, Edinburgh, Scotland

I thought that Amelie was breathtaking. It was so beautifully done and with such a feelgood vibe. Made me want to up sticks and head off to Paris!
Lucy, UK

Wow. What a beautiful, funny, charming (horrible word, I know, but completely appropriate). Totally marvellous.
Richard, UK

Refreshing to see a wonderful, charming film that captivates with originality and panache. I hope this is a sign of things to come from European films. It certainly shows Europe can match and better Hollywood's offerings, especially this summer.
Peter Kyne, England

I've just read the press reviews as summarised by BBC News Online, and I have the impression that some of the critics completely missed the point of this film. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think Monsieur Jeunet had his tongue firmly in his cheek. Even so, many of the problems faced by the characters are ones that we meet everyday. It is the resolution of said difficulties that involves the imagination, and ultimately its charm as an entertaining film. I love dark, cynical stories, but this work seems to be about laughing at ourselves, our problems and our environment. Reality can be grim, especially now.
Christopher, Belgium

Amelie is a rare gem of a film: funny, engaging, uplifting, and intensely romantic yet not soppy or cheesy. That is quite a feat to achieve.
Nici Keeding, Germany

An utterly wonderful film. Goodness know what ails those professional hacks who've rubbished it. Maybe they have just lost the ability to wonder! The best film since Le Gout des Autres.
Tom Rendell, Cambridge, UK

A wonderful tonic in these dark times. Amelie is a dreamy and optimistic experience. I came out of the cinema with a warm glow. Utterly enchanting!
Zoe, Ireland

It has been awhile since Amelie showed up in France. I have had the opportunity to see the reaction of the audience to the film in three different countries (and two languages): France, Belgium and Germany. I've seen it four times and felt the same tug on my heartstrings each time. And whatever country I was in, this proved to be the only movie I have seen in which the audience applaused at the end. Chapeau M. Jeunet. It is a masterpiece.
Paul, France/UK

Just to prove what a positive feeling this film can give: when I saw it earlier this year, Parisians held the cinema doors open for each other and smiled as they left the cinema, rather than the usual letting doors slam in your face with a ready scowl. We need some more miraculous and magical films - quick, before they forget.
AJ, Paris, France


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