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Monday, 17 September, 2001, 13:52 GMT 14:52 UK
GameCube: Your views
Will the GameCube be the new market leader?
Nintendo's much anticipated GameCube console may have had its US release delayed until next year but Japanese game fans need wait no longer.

The GameCube goes on sale in Japan on Friday, hot on the heels of the Playstation 2 and before the release of Microsoft's Xbox.

But what do you think? How does it compare to the Playstation 2? What is the quality of the new games like?


I currently have a PS2 and nintendo 64 and I'm intrested in buying a GameCube when it does come out in north america. What bugs me is that everyone is cutting down the PS2 saying Xbox and gamecube will eliminate it. Really and truly Xbox is just patting it's self on the back. The games don't look must better then Sony 2 and the it's pratically a computer. I think that in the end it will be Sony 2 rising to the top and GameCube right behind and little Xbox folding like Dreamcast did.
Justin, Canada

The graphics are definitely better than PS2 (I've only played Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race so far) but the impressive thing is the range and quality of games listed to come out -exclusive Resident Evils, StarWars, Sonic, Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi, Tony Hawk, NBA, 1080, not to mention new Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Perfect Dark - Great hardware but FANTASTIC games coming this year!(big lesson learnt from N64!)
Lachlan, Scotland

I think that Gamecube will eventually do better than the XBox, but overcoming the PS2 will be another matter

John McIntosh, UK
Xbox? Deserve to flop? Hold on a second. I think that the decision to move into the famous console market is a gutsy one, given the expense and that the reputation of the company for millions of users is at stake. I hope, for the sake of variety and the health of the Games industry that all three consoles survive this race. As an aspiring games designer studying an honours degree in interactive multimedia design, I want to see strong competition and good quality games- that's the mark of a console.
Christopher Tierney, Ireland

I have just bought the GameCube and I am so impressed. The graphics are just out if this world and at a price of 25000 Yen it is a steal. Luigis mansion is fantastic. I think Xbox and PlayStation are going to have a fight on their hands in the near future.
Vincent Walsh, Japan

I think that Gamecube will eventually do better than the XBox, but overcoming the PS2 will be another matter. Each machine has it's pros and cons; for the Gamecube, the pro's are that it's designed to be user friendly, so games are a lot easier to create, a lesson learnt from the previous console, the N64. The one major factor going against them is their view on the British and European market, in that of the three major games market (Far East, Americas and Europe), we're last for everything and if a game isn't received well in the first two areas, it may not even get released in Europe.
John McIntosh, UK

I am a big fan of Nintendo and have been since 1985, however I am not a fan of their prices. With the Gamecube costing £142 in Japan I am keen to see what it will be here - anything under £200 will make it king, anything over may spoil the party.
Ian C, England

As someone who hasn't even managed to complete Mario 64, I am most worried about the games staying accessible and fun for all levels

Lizz, UK
I've been a Nintendo fan since the launch of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) back in the 198's. Since then they've been the greatest hardware and software developers the gaming world has seen. Their focus has always been on game quality and that continues to this day. I've read a few reviews of the GameCube but I'm going to do as I've always done when it comes to Nintendo: I'm going to go out and buy the GameCube anyway because it's Nintendo and quality is going to be guaranteed anyway.
John, Ireland

As much as I hate sony and its dire productions, and as much as I love Nintendo, the owners of Mario must realise that Sony are in the position that they are in because of their marketing prowess. Nintendo should learn from this.
Jay Clarke, USA

I didn't like the N64 at all, but I still got it the first day it came out. The same thing with the GameCube, just because Nintendo made it and if I want to play the best games I need to get the system were the games are going to be made on. I hope Nintendo get rid of the loading time because Sony didn't. Well, whatever happens, I hope these systems last longer then there predecessor.
Sam, USA

I hope the GameCube is as good as the N64 in terms of ease of use for non-hardcore-gamers, and that they continue to have good games which are playable by anyone. As someone who hasn't even managed to complete Mario 64, I am most worried about the games staying accessible and fun for all levels. The N64 had good games coming out constantly, so long as the Game Cube has the same quality of games, it will be a success. I for one won't even be considering other systems.
Lizz, UK

Nintendo is going to have to do something very special to be popular with anyone but the under-12s.

Paul Broome, UK
Although I am 31, I am a total Nintendo fan, and all this "Nintendo games are for kids" is a load of rubbish. I bought my Gamecube in London on Friday 14 Sept, that was the release date in Japan, and I am completely impressed with all three release games! All I need now is a memory card so I can save my games, and three extra pads for multi-player shenanigans!
Greg, UK

I got my Cube imported from Hong Kong. It's so small, really, really small. Until you actually pick one up you cannot appreciate how small it is. The controller is excellent, fits like a glove. I bought two games, Waverace and Luigis Mansion. Waverace is instantly playable and great fun, the graphics (especially the water effects) are amazing. Luigi is a different kettle of fish, I'm completely stuck by in the incomprehensible Japanese text. So until I work out what I'm supposed to do, the jury is out.
Paul Field, UK

It's Nintendo's best ever!
Drew Robinson, UK

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo are focused on game play. It's that which sets them apart as the future market leader.
Chris Mayer, UK

Nintendo is going to have to do something very special to be popular with anyone but the under-12s. My money's still on Sony and (possibly) Microsoft. Mario is just so passť!
Paul Broome, UK

Its games are absolutely brilliant, really fun, and even greater games are coming in the next few months for all ages. Way to go Nintendo!

Cristian Kreckler, Argentina
I think GameCube is Nintendo's best console yet! It doesn't matter to me that Mario was not at the launch! He is definitely coming later on!
Vlad, Russia

I can't wait for the GameCube. Nintendo have always provided me with fun games in the past and they will continue to do so in the future. I am so impatient that I am going to import it from the USA when it is released over there.
Andrew Kicks, UK

I bought the PS2 at it's launch with Ridge Racer V. Since then, I've played two games I'd consider good or great. That's almost a year. I've played the launch titles for GameCube at the E3 show and they are far better than anything I've played on PS2. Welcome back to the race, Nintendo.
Dave, USA

The specifications of the GameCube seem to be similar to that of the Playstation 2 (Xbox seems to be better than both of them, but then again it is the size of a bungalow). However Nintendo have always had a greater quality control over the games that are released on their consoles, and those (admittedly fewer) games have been regarded as some of the best games ever - Mario, Zelda, GoldenEye.
Phil, UK

I had the opportunity to play the Nintendo GameCube games at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and my opinion is that it is the best of the three next generation systems. Its games are absolutely brilliant, really fun, and even greater games are coming in the next few months for all ages. Way to go Nintendo!
Cristian Kreckler, Argentina

As an editor for a videogames website, I had a chance to play the GameCube a few weeks ago at the 2001 Nintendo Show. I didn't want to admit it at first but I have to say that the games I played were a leap in graphical capability from anything (with the exception of GT3) I have seen on the PS2. The only gripe I had was with the controller - be prepared for a new hand held experience that involves different button configurations and joystick types that gamers will not have previously been used to.
Steve O'Rourke, UK

Nintendo have the exclusive of Resident Evil, so detractors who say that the system is for kids will have to buy one if they want to play one of the best horror games out there

Renato Barahona, Mexico
GameCube is a really cool, powerful machine, and it has really good games. Look at the PS2, in half a year the only good games it has had are FFX, GT3 and Onimusha - GameCube has Wave Race, Luigi's Mansion and Monkey Ball in one only day. Not bad, is it?
Della, Italy

I think Nintendo has made a great games machine. Judging by games such as Rogue Squadron 2, Luigi's Mansion, Resident Evil and Zelda, Nintendo can manage to steal some market share from Sony. Unfortunately here in my country the price will be a handicap to buying the console in December or early next year. Fortunately and against all odds, Nintendo have the exclusive of Resident Evil, so detractors who say that the system is for kids will have to buy one if they want to play one of the best horror games out there.
Renato Barahona, Mexico

I don't think GameCube will become leader of the market but I do think it will be the best console out there because of the games it has. Already there are games coming out of it which are better than the PS2 can produce.
Craig Reid, UK

The GameCube has dedicated gaming hardware. The PS2 is hard to program and the Xbox has poor games and a lot of bottlenecks. As a games machine the GameCube has the strongest challenge, with great looking games at a cheap price. The Xbox has nothing but PC games on it and is too expensive.
Gary Enticott, UK

I haven't really played a GameCube game yet. But I have confidence Nintendo is going to win. Reasons being that PS2 has been over-hyped and has under-delivered. On the other hand, Xbox is powerful but has no compelling game titles to draw sales. With more and more games developed across different platforms, differentiation is Nintendo's trump card, led by Mario.
Patrick Law, USA

I intend to buy a GameCube, because Nintendo have the right idea - a games console should be a games console not an attempt at some kind of multimedia machine, and not a part PC, part console

Mark Casey, England
I think the GameCube is going to surprise a lot of people. I expected the launch in Japan not to be as frenzied as the Playstation 2 launch because of the how the Nintendo 64 did. But once the GameCube is out for a while I think it will pick up a lot of steam. I personally think it is a better system than both the Xbox and the Playstation 2 and plan on getting it the day it comes out. I think it will be better received from the day it's launched in the US than it will be in Japan.
Micah Eleam, USA

It looks pretty damn good, it doesn't look like the PS2's breezeblock look and the Xbox's laughable attempt at some kind of radioactive green. From what I've seen of the games it looks far more interesting than either the PS2 or X-Box. I intend to buy a GameCube, because Nintendo have the right idea - a games console should be a games console not an attempt at some kind of multimedia machine, and not a part PC, part console. I simply want something that is decently cheap and plays games only.
Mark Casey, England

The GameCube, like the N64 before it, will have some of the best, unique games but sadly it will fail due to Nintendo's usual poor marketing. Just looking at the console makes you think it's designed for kids with it's distinctly 'Fisher Price' plastic look, but should that matter? I will be buying the GameCube, along with all the other people who actually care about what games they play on a system. I'll be leaving the Playstation 2 firmly on the shelf until at least one game is released that justifies its price tag.
David Johnston, Glasgow, UK

I for one think the GameCube will be much better than the PS2. One glance at Rouge Leader will make you want to drool. And third party games are picking up! Resident Evil is exclusive to Gamecube and Sonic is also finding a home in Nintendo's camp. As for the Xbox I'm not sure yet because it has not launched. PS2 cannot compete with the Xbox and GameCube, even with the help of MGS2 and FFX.
Brian, USA

Initial impressions of GameCube are promising. The launch titles are solid, if a little samey. Games like Pikmin and the new look Zelda look set to break the mould and provide starved gamers with something to look forward to. Playstation 2 has yet to shine. Even showpiece game GT3 is little more than a cosmetic update of its predecessors. I look forward to the UK release of GameCube and hope that it will spur developers on to produce high quality titles for Playstation 2 also. As for Xbox, it will flop as it deserves.
David Williams, UK

I just imported a GameCube from Japan for £290 and it has to be the best console ever!

Andy Freener, UK
Nintendo rules! First I planned to buy a PlayStation 2 but it has such bad textures and a controller that sucks. In January I'll buy a cube. All you game developers for PS2 or X-box had better return to Nintendo and produce games like MGS2 or FFX for Gamecube!
Mike, Germany

Ask yourself this question: where is gaming going? The PS2 and GameCube may be cutting edge games machines but how much have they actually changed over the last decade and a half? Sure, they can crunch numbers considerably faster and they may have some nodding acknowledgement of the internet but they are in essence unchanged, monolithic and unresponsive. The survival of the fittest will be of the one which is adaptable and fluid. On paper this appears to be the Xbox. Lets just hope that Mr Gates hasn't overestimated the European tin cans and pieces of string which pass for technology backbones here and abroad.
Graham, UK

I just imported a GameCube from Japan for £290 and it has to be the best console ever! Its controller sort of feels as if it was moulded around your hand and the graphics are nothing short of breathtaking! Take that, Xbox!
Andy Freener, UK

Essentially, much like the eternal PC versus Mac arguments, lovers of Nintendo will go crazy for the Cube and will rubbish the competition regardless, but those with the ability to shed their anti-Microsoft views will see the Xbox for the stunning package that it is.

And why the criticism for Xbox being, apparently, half a PC? The PC market has such a range of hardware developers and strong competition between them that the resulting technology is far superior to the Cube or PS2. It is a strength, not a weakness.
Matt, UK

Having played WaveRace, I agree with the positive comments regarding the water - it really does look superb. Not totally, 100% realistic, but a heck of a lot closer than any other game featuring water.
John Kirriemuir, Glasgow, Scotland

I played GameCube and the control is better than Dual Shock 2 and it has no loading. GameCube is better than PS2 and Nintendo but I own both. GameCube is perfection.
Fernando Jule, El Salvador

Brand loyal fanatics aside, I think the fundamental differences between the products themselves (hardware) will determine the outcome of this race. Look at GameCube: simple gaming, PS2: gaming plus DVD, Xbox: PC-style gaming. If consumers prefer the traditional "toy" that sits next to the TV, then GameCube fits the bill. If they indeed wish to merge their PC gaming experience with the console, then Xbox is the best poised.

For me, one simple factor: a PC with 3D graphics isn't that much more than the price of an Xbox, and allows me to do heaps more things I need (as an "older" gamer at 24). I believe that all three companies are more or less capable of developing a good brand, but the most important component of the marketing mix in this industry remains product.
Bob, Canada

I just come home from America with my stylish orange GameCube. It is much better than any other console by far! Not only does it have the best graphics, the controllers are also the best. It took me five hours to find a store that sold it. I got five games and Rouge Leader is the best! So look outX-Box and PS2!
Dillan, England

I think the cube is awesome. I stood in line for 6 hours and bought it on launch day. Right now I have Rougeleader and Tony Hawk 3, both are cool and I can't wait for Super Smash Bros. and especially Resident Evil Killer!
Goerge Robarge, United States

The GameCube, put simply, is the best piece of hardware I have ever seen. Xbox has already crashed in the US and Japan, a distant third to Cube and PS2. The only reason I can find for PS2's supremacy at the moment is the fact that they were released earlier. GameCube will kick it out of the market in time, just look at the US sales figures (100 million on the first day!!!) Just wait and see.

Personally, I have seen and played the GameCube at a store and cannot believe the graphics. The hardware is supreme, realistic, fun and of course small. If you are thinking of getting a PS2, do the research and you'll find that GameCube is the first choice.

So I think the game is over for PS2. It was too hard to develop for and its hardware is shoddy (and it looks like an air-con unit). GameCube rocks, and on May 17 (we are ALWAYS last here in Australia!!!) I will be getting one - good work Nintendo, you'll always be number one for me (and about a billion others!!!) G'Day!!!
Anand Ramineni, Australia

The GameCube is terrible. When I turned it on it exploded and blew up my house! If you believe me, launch yourself into space! The GameCube rocks! Its graphics and gameplay can't be beat. To sum up, the GameCube is exellent! Exellent! Exellent! Exellent! Exellent! Exellent! Exellent! Exellent! Exellent! Exellent! Exellent!
Ben Pincombe, England

Most people are sensitive to prices, and most people also have a computer that can play CDs and DVDs and most people have a CD player too.

The result is that a lot of people will buy the GameCube becaue of the good history of games that Nintedo has, secondly it is affordable! I don't want to spend £200 plus on equipment that is obsolete. I have a PC and DVD, TV and big amp, and the last thing I need is a box that thinks I am going to play CD and DVDs on it. In any case, DVD players can be had for £80, so it is not really a unique selling point.
Robbie, UK

I think that the GameCube will come out on top. It probably won't topple the PS2's sales but i think it will certainly slow it down. As to the Xbox, Microsoft will not win at all because they failed to win over the Japanese. If you fail in Japan, you fail accross the world, and that has happened in Japan and Europe. Even now, sales of Xbox is slowing down in America.

In terms of graphics, the Xbox looks the best with the GameCube only slightly behind. The PS2 does not come up close, even though Sony claim that the PS2 can push 66m polligons, the Xbox pushes 125m while the GameCube can only push 12m. However, by looks, it seems that the PS2 can only push 10m, GameCube 25m and Xbox 30m.

The GameCube controller is easily the best. Unlike the Xbox, which is the biggest contoller in the world, the GameCube controller fits comfortably in your hand. In fact, the Xbox controller is the first controller in history where an unofficial is better than the official one.

Overall GameCube is the best in terms of money, games (where else would you get a Shigeru Myamoto) and multiplayer fun (four contoller ports Sony. Take a look yourself).
Handheldgod, England

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