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Monday, 10 September, 2001, 15:18 GMT 16:18 UK
Band of Brothers: Your views
Band of Brothers
The most expensive TV mini series ever made
Steven Spielberg's 10-part World War II epic, Band of Brothers, debuts in the UK on 5 October.

The $120m (£84m) production is based on historian Stephen Ambrose's 1992 book which follows the soldiers of Easy Company, an elite paratroop unit, fighting their way across Europe.

The series is already running in the US.

Our American readers have already sent in their comments but what do our British viewers think of the mini-series?

Is it worth the enormous budget? How does it compare to Spielberg's big screen work, particularly Saving Private Ryan?


No finer will a WWII movie ever get! From Beach Red to Longest Day to Private Ryan, nothing comes near. WWII buffs, don't miss out on this series especially for those who recognise the pride and camaraderie that only paratroopers can command in battle. There is yet to be a finer enactment to date. To the allied airborne divisions in WWII, this movie is a fitting tribute to their legacy of valour, the likes of which will never be seen again and should never be forgotten. Remember, for your tommorrow they gave their today.
Greg Tan, Singapore

Fantastic series, but I feel the BBC being the 'British' Broadcasting Corporation should try to make a decent British view of World War II before we all forget it was fought in our skies and on this side of the Atlantic.

Director Steven Spielberg defended the film-makers' decision to focus on the American contribution to the victory over Germany and justified inaccurate and even imagined events in the story, saying, "Obviously we've had to take some artistic licence to make the story work on film, but I hope that what we produce will be true to the spirit of what happened on that famous night, just like Saving Private Ryan, U571 and The Patriot." Hmmm.
Scott, UK

Band of Brothers is an amazing series! Well done to all those involved. Each time I watch it I am moved. I have never seen a programme that is this powerful before.
Sarah, UK

I cannot see how anyone can say a bad comment about this drama. It is amazing. Although Saving Private Ryan was good, it was too fictional. This sticks to hardcore facts. Damian Lewis (Cpt. Winters) is outstanding. I only wish he would do more war films of this standard. Excellent work. I've been recording this series from start to finish. As soon as the music comes on I'm mesmerised. (Aged 14).
Lauren Harris, Wales, UK

My mate goes mad over the whole topic. I can't shut her up, she loves it so much! I've watched it and like it but I'm not as mad over it as her. She's totally crazy over Damian Lewis now as well!
Sara Wilson, England

I just can't explain what affect it's had on me. My friends get annoyed as I talk about it 24/7! Im 13 and at school we're doing the world wars so it helps! I find it very moving and I have to admit that it has brought a few tears to my eyes. Stuff like that gets to me and it makes it even worse knowing that it is true. Those guys went through a lot. I'm hooked and will be devastated when it's over so please could you make it into a video? Thanks!
Hannah Putsey, England

One of the best things about this series is the sound engineering

Nicol Ferguson, Scotland
An excellent series. I have enjoyed every episode that I have seen. I agree with the other Brits on this site: if you want to see British troops in a series like this, don't blame the Yanks (after all, they have put us in the show. You can often see RAF aircraft flying overhead, and the episode about Arnhem was the first time I have seen someone show the horrors that the crews of inferior British tanks had to endure).

I hate the way Hollywood re-writes history (U571 and The Patriot being dire recent examples) but this time the job has been done properly.

This series is a fitting tribute to everyone who fought for our freedom against Nazism.
Simon, England

I don't think anyone else has mentioned it but one of the best things about this series is the sound engineering.

I listened to to "Replacements" (Episode 4) through headphones and the sound effects were amazing!

Great series, and stop complaining about the "cringeworthy" English accents - you guys obviously don't realise that even just across the border in Scotland we think you all talk like that!

And if you are attacking the Yanks for using stock English stereotypes, do remember English produced tosh like "Goodnight Sweetheart" before casting any stones.
Nicol Ferguson, Scotland

The rest of the world can't produce anything near as good as this yet and everyone knows it. So why don't we give them the credit where credit is due. I think the whole thing is just dandy!
W Tsang, Scotland

If you see the series you'll hope you never have to go to war

Henric Weijers, Netherlands
I can't believe there are people out there who think this series is rubbish. I am 23-years-old and find it hard to imagine what the men did for us all those years ago. By watching this informative programme I come away feeling grateful and amazed at the bravery of those who fought for our freedom. How many of us would go though that in this day and age?
Dawn, Scotland

A lot better than Saving Private Ryan, and that's saying something. Less sugar and sentimentality, and the storylines are more believable - small wonder of course when you're showing the veteran's actual experiences as opposed to a fictional "Hollywood" story. And as an added bonus they've finally managed to get the German hairstyles right!
Walter Zaagman, Netherlands

Excellent real series about WWII. The fears and the doubt come to life on screen. If you see the series you'll hope you never have to go to war. I hope that the series will come out on DVD.
Henric Weijgers, Netherlands

Brilliant! Best thing on the BBC since Das Boot. Totally gripping yet sometimes almost too painful to watch. Acting excellent, especially Damian Lewis - he is Richard Winters. Hope it will be repeated soon but this time on BBC1 at prime time where it belongs.
Claire French, Scotland

I love Band of Brothers, won't miss it. It's very moving, the characters really grow on you. I care about them more as they survive each operation. It seems to be authentic, certainly realistic. Can't wait for it to come out on video. Thank you BBC for something worth staying in for.
Sarah Elcock, England

This is one of the best programmes I have ever witnessed on television

Christopher Ball, England
Band of Brothers tells it as it was - no other film or drama has come close (apart from Saving Private Ryan and Platoon). When they jumped, the camera angles made it so real, I actually felt nauseous and scared. We have enjoyed it immensely, not for glorifying war, but for honouring those brave people. America take pride in making such valuable drama because they, like Australia, actually have a society that respects war veterans, whereas here in the UK, mindless thugs spray our memorials with graffiti and terrorise our ageing veterans in their own homes.
Laura Way, UK

I am so impressed with this series, I can hardly believe it myself! Although this is still a fairly romanticised view on the war,I think it's a damn sight more realistic than a lot of war films. The cast is fantastic, all such incredible actors. I was surprised by Damian Lewis's American accent though, very good! He's an amazing actor, so well cast. Do yourselves a favour though, move it to BBC1!
Lizzy, England

Superb. What a remarkable piece of entertainment. Well done to Spielberg and Hanks for bringing home not just what Americans went through but the British as well.
Mark Quirk, England

After watching Pearl Harbor, I became engrossed in war films but I couldn't help noticing that Pearl Harbor had glamorised and romanticised the war. What luck to stumble upon Band of Brothers, hidden away on BBC2. Finally, a realistic and excellently portrayed programme, informing the viewing public about the harrowing scenes of WWII. But again I ask why the BBC chose to hide it BBC2? I can hardly wait for the next episode - and Damian Lewis, what a babe!

Congratulations BBC. This is one of the best programmes I have ever witnessed on television, it is not a version of how the Americans won the war and it is not Saving Private Ryan. This show gives a real feeling of life as a soldier and I think the acting and effects are without equal. Once again, well done and I hope there will be videos for sale!
Christopher Ball, England

I feel this series is aimed at American audiences, who are more likely to appreciate this style of 'Hollywood filmmaking

Wayne Watson, UK
So far this has been a very accurate version of Professor Ambrose's book. Excellent performances all round. It doesn't matter that the soldiers are American. What matters is that it shows that citizen soldiers fought to ensure that we could all express our opinions on sites like this. Come on BBC, when are we going to get stories about British/Commonwelth Soldiers? The stories are out there as old soldiers who fought for conrtol of a tennis court in Burma will tell you.
David Shaw, UK

The technical quality of the filmmaking within Band of Brothers is excellent, and I feel provides a valuable insight into the 'horrors of war'. Unfortunately, Steven Spielberg, like many American directors before him, cannot portray history accurately, due to the constant 'Hollywood style' American flag flying! Certainly it seems all other combatants within this arena of war were either not there, or were just inept, as in the case of the portrayal of British Forces. I feel this series is aimed at American audiences, who are more likely to appreciate this style of 'Hollywood filmmaking' which is poor on historical accuracy.
Wayne Watson, UK

I am indifferent to the silly arguments about national representation, as this series manages to tell the story of Easy Co. in a way that makes me feel for all those people involved in this conflict, both Germans and allies - the fear of that young German bayoneted by "Bull" is just one example. Amazing! I have nothing but admiration for the generations who were embroiled in this time in history, and for the series allowing me to get closer to that experience.
Ian White, England

What an excellent series of programmes, from the sound effects to the wounds, very real. We sit there transfixed by the whole programme not able to comprehend what those men, boys and women at home went through. But why on BBC Two? Surely it deserves better. This is a programme I will buy on video to show to my children what war is about. Many thanks for such an interesting programme
Adam Westaway, England

Absolutely fantastic, as an army man myself I was completely gripped by the relevance of the drama over the past few months. Again though, another American drama. Pity you didn't make a film about the British involved in D-day.
Brigadier Stuart MacKinnon, Shropshire

Absolutely riveting and so well made, you really feel that you are there. What a wonderful character Dick Winters is, he comes across as very deep and thoughtful. We musn't forget that this isn't fiction, it actually happened and we must remain grateful to the people who fought for our freedom. Many of them gave their lives. Band of Brothers is the best thing I've seen on TV in a very long time.
Michelle, UK

What a fantastic series it has been so far. Every aspect of it so far has been quite outstanding. The insight into these mens' lives at such difficult and trying times makes me sit back in amazement and wonder how they managed to get through it.
Lee, Wales

Seeing the Americans winning the war time and time again is getting a bit boring now. What about all the other nations' soldiers? Also, from what I've seen up to now, it is just saving Private Ryan part 2.
Jon, UK

Great, great, great! It was fantastic.
Sean, UK

Brilliant so far. Have seen only the first episode but it has been so realistic and true to life in wartime. I wish people would not keep inferring that it is how the "Yanks" won the war, for without them we would have been in an unwinnable war; even the Russians were not a great deal of help to us. Many Brits lost their lives to supply the Russians but they were only concerned with Russia.
M H Dalton, UK

Excellent! Let's hope it can stay the distance.

If Britain is fed up with seeing an American perspective, may I suggest we get our finger out and make a truly exciting series or movie ourselves

Paul Hewitt
I have been waiting months for this to appear on BBC and have not been disappointed. Excellent attention to detail and the realism kept me on the edge of my seat! I think that the programme controller has really shot herself in the foot not putting it on BBC1. This is what we need on BBC - well produced dramas, not more home improvement or gardening programmes and repeats! Well done Hanks and Spielberg.
Tim Matthews, UK

The effects were very good, however it would be nice to see a Brit without that imbecilic accent that all Americans seem to think we have. Please can Hollywood also show that other nations were involved in WW2 and they all played a major part in victory?
CD, England

Spielberg and Hanks, what a team! I heard critics slating this series as a Saving Private Ryan clone, well, I think that's brilliant as that film was a damn fine WW2 epic. Band of Brothers's attention to detail, and the whole scale of the thing is unbelievable, we want more quality like this on the Beeb and less Ainsley Harriot and those home improvement shows.
Ian Jowett, UK

Truly fantastic. As a fan of Speilberg's Saving Private Ryan I have been waiting in anticipation for the BBC to show this series. I was not disappointed for a second. It made no attempt to glamorise war, or indeed America's role in it. Exciting and well acted. If Britain is fed up with seeing an American perspective, may I suggest we get our finger out and make a truly exciting series or movie ourselves.
Paul Hewitt, UK

The first two parter was well produced and it was good to portray the Allies realistically, showing them shooting unarmed prisoners

Ian, England
Absolutely brilliant. It's great to see that a regiment like the 101 Airborn unit is not forgotten as many British regiments and corps are not recognised enough when a war is won.
Iqrar Khan, England

I have to say that I found this a much more satisfying watch than Saving Private Ryan, as that film seemed to cop out after the first twenty minutes or so. Can't wait for the next episode. By the way, as regards African American soldiers, there were, I believe, a number of combat units (including a tank regiment, which Patton is reported to have described as one of the best in his army.) However, there weren't any African American Paratroopers in WW2, as far as I am aware.
Bob, UK

Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it so far. I do think that other nations should be represented more accurately but then this is supposed to be a series based on the Airborne 101st. If it were based on the actions of the Paratroop Regiment then I wouldn't expect to see too much interaction with US soldiers.

If you want to see the Brits in action you're just going to have to make your own series and stop relying on American productions to portray British heros, it just won't happen.
Sean, UK

The first two parter was well produced and it was good to portray the Allies realistically, showing them shooting unarmed prisoners.

But please remember it was an Allied invasion and the first strategic objective taken in the early hours of D-Day was a bridge by British airborne troops. Also remember Arnhem, September 1944.
Ian, England

I must say I was greatly disappointed - just another American war film

Nicky, UK
Absolutely great. It was Saving Private Ryan with less blood and swearing - which is understandable as it was made for TV. Why is Spielberg the only person who can really convey the sheer terror of being in a combat situation? The jump scene is so frightening and the first time I have ever seen on screen what it might have been like being under fire in a slow defenceless aircraft as you prepared to jump into the blaze. Excellent stuff.
Graeme, England

I don't understand a lot of the comments on this page. The first episode was far from slow and boring and there was nothing confusing about the second episode. All I can imagine is that the people who made these comments thought they were tuning into a typical Hollywood action flick, and not an historical drama. The whole programme was excellent, especially the introductory anecdotes from those who were there.
Jez, UK

I'd been waiting for this to come to Britain for ages due to all the hype. I must say I was greatly disappointed - just another American war film. The acting was wooden, but it was good to see Normandy again - I visited the beaches there last weekend.
Nicky, UK

It is a pity that the BBC saw fit to broadcast the series on BBC2 rather than BBC1. As it beat ITV in the ratings it would seem that the argument that the series wasn't mainstream enough for BBC1 has been proved irrevocably wrong. One of the biggest series ever produced has no place on the main BBC channel but Cheer for Charlie does? Never underestimate the intelligence of the viewing public. It is insulting.
Adam Cumiskey, UK

This will become a classic

Roy Holland
As a woman I am not really interested in war films and found Saving Private Ryan boring after the first 20 minutes. On the other hand, I thought this was a brilliant start to the series, OK, it did take a while to warm up but it is on for 10 weeks.

I found the parachute scenes harrowing without glorifying what the men had to go through. I feel that this is an accurate portrayal which should be told. I thought David Schwimmer was excellent as were the rest of the main characters and listening to the people involved at the beginning only made it more compelling Can't wait for the next installment!
Annette, England

This was/is fantastic television. The BBC made a big mistake shunting it to BBC2.
David Eltringham, UK

Spielberg and Hanks have treated TV as a medium in its own right and Band of Brothers is not a cut down film treatment. Riveting and absorbing, a TV treat.
Rick, UK

Come on BBC, you have to produce a British view of the war. We see too many American sides of the war, we fought through the whole war! I'm not putting a downer on Band of Brothers because it was superb (it is like having a brillant war film every Friday night!) Thank you BBC.
Mark Anderson, Antrim

The thing about this show that stands out most is at the beginning of each episode there are short interviews with survivors of the E company. That should be reason enough to watch this show, it actually attempts to portray the war through the eyes of the soldier whether they are English or American. As the saying goes, "War is hell" - do not criticise this show on its acting or direction, remember, it is trying to honour veterans of the war not glamorise war itself.
Rob, UK

Band of Brothers is the best war series of them all

Cheryl Davis, UK
Having just finished watching the third episode I cannot wait for the next (Arnhem I believe), and see how they handle the British involvement. Thank you to the BBC for taking a gamble and buying this show, but why relegate it to BBC2? Something this well made deserves to be on BBC1.
Stephen, UK

Eagerly awaited and very satisfied at the outcome. If the BBC don't pay £100 million plus for the World Cup viewing rights, we could have our own mini-series based on a British Regiment/unit now that would be worth its weight in gold. I hope Band of Brothers is going to be released on DVD. Once again, excellent viewing.
Paul Bromilow, UK

I'm not really into the war thing, and didn't go for Spielberg's Oscar bid with Ryan, but do find the Band of Brothers involving (even though the main Lt Welsh guy looks like Fred Astaire!)

The fighting scenes are realistic, if a bit Kubrick, and the story is well paced. Please don't put Ross in it anymore. Ross will always be Ross.

Finally I do feel that it brings home the true waste of life in war.
Hanna, UK

Great effort to "relive" the horrible and exciting moments of a meaningful episode in the history of mankind. I've already seen so many documentaries about Wprld War II and read lots of books, collected stuff and talked to older folks who lived at that time. (No, I'm not obsessed!) For me, it is a welcome view on the events of war.
Peter, Netherlands

Spielberg and Hanks have created a masterpiece and Damian Lewis has done us proud, as have all the other British actors

Mike Rigby, UK
Anyone who still seems to think that this is just another series about the Americans at war would be correct. The book is all about an American company. The first part was fascinating to see how much it relates to the book. It is an excellent book to screen adaption. If you are looking for blood and guts you will get it, but this series is more than that. It is all about man's inhumanity and how a small company of real life young men struggle to come to terms with what they see day in and day out. This will become a classic. Enjoy.
Roy, Holland

Band of Brothers is the best war series of them all. The acting is superb and the storylines are so accurate you actually feel you are reliving it yourself.
Cheryl Davis, England

Despite the awful, 'pukka innit' scene, the series is relatively good. I've tuned in every week so far in the hope that I'll see a maroon beret. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope the British Parachute Regiment are potrayed both professionally and respectively rather than have them used to further enhance the misconception that American alone won WWII. I'll give the show a 'pukka' 7/10 until I see the maroon machine in action at Arnhem.
Reece Laker, UK

This is even better than Saving Private Ryan... when can I buy the series on DVD?
Robert Pickles, UK

Good action scenes, well acted, almost worth every penny. Why all the criticism?
Trevor Massey, UK

Brilliant, when can I buy it on DVD? I could watch again and again this excellant portrayal which thankfully doesn't have the usual Hollywood gloss and glamour.
Tony Lowe, UK

This show is outstanding and reflects a moment in time that most people in this world will never understand and hopefully will never have to go through

Janie Hoffer, USA
Years ago, I read The Bitter Woods and was both thrilled and unsettled by the detail and human emotions of the period. The Band of Brothers series took that a further step. Combat veterans I have spoken to made me realise how us lucky civilians have been spared by the courage of men like those of the 101st and other Allied units. I assume the series will cover the Battle of the Bulge, as it did the Bitter Woods. Dare I miss even a second? Thank you for the history lesson.
HMP, Belgium

This is a FANTASTIC series! Spielberg and Hanks have created a masterpiece and Damian Lewis has done us proud, as have all the other British actors.

One complaint, I do wish people would stop complaining about the US bias. There isn't any in this case and besides, the show was predominantly made by a US network for a US audience - the UK audience is peanuts by comparison. We should instead be badgering the Beeb, ITV and Channel 4 to tell the story of our own sacrifices and the brave men from the UK and the Commonwealth who gave their lives. The best we've recently had was Sword of Honour and the Cazalets - neither really doing the period much justice.
Mike Rigby, UK

Everyone seems concerned that it should have been shown on BBC One and not BBC Two but no-one seems concerned that the Beeb are rumoured to be cutting this series. If it is supposed to be such a great series it would be nice to see the whole thing not just what the BBC wishes us to see. I think I will wait for the DVD to be released.
George, UK

Malcolm (the Brit abroad) is picking up faults that aren't actually faults. The term 'pukka' I always believed was an Indian word and originated from colonial times, so it's use in WWII is not so modern or 'Oliveresque'. Second, the US army was extremely segregated, so the appearance of black troops mixed in amongst the non-black troops is highly unlikely. It's a sad fact, but it's true, and any decision to put blacks in willy-nilly would be painfully false and rather patronising.
Iain, UK

I am quite young and I have taken a serious interest in WWII and Band of Brothers has got me even more interested in the subject.

Alina Nowobilska, UK
In further reference to Malcolm's comments, Iain is quite correct on the origin of 'pukka' and the fact that the US army was segregated. Despite many of them wishing to fight against Hitler, black soldiers in the US Army served only in support units well behind the front lines, and the only time they fought in World War II was during the Ardennes offensive in 1945, when the German breakthrough caught the Americans by surprise.

US Army units only became racially mixed in Korea, despite extensive protests at the time, on the insistence of Harry Truman. By Vietnam, the system was so biased towards middle-class whites that many of the soldiers forced to serve in the front line were blacks. Happily the US military is now one of the most racially integrated in the world.

I agree with Iain, any portrayal of black soldiers in the front lines in World War II would smack of well-intentioned but ultimately damaging tokenism, and completely undermine the producers' claims to historical accuracy. It is interesting that recent films that have ignored accuracy for the sake of a story have all flopped in the UK - Pearl Harbor, U-571, Enemy at the Gates. Let's have more historical accuracy - stories have more power when they are true.
Charles, UK

I have been watching Band of Brothers from the start and from the first episode I fell in love with it. The effects are ace! I am only 13 and I never really watch war dramas but we are doing World War II in History and we have been watching All Quiet On The Western Front and other war films. Thanks to Band of Brothers I now want to join the Army because being in the Army being independent must be so good. Band of Brothers is one of the best programmes I have watched. And Damian Lewis - what a babe! Thanks for an ace show.
Louise Taylor, UK

Everything that I've seen up to know has been absolutely fantastic. Even though they could have made it better, I think we sould cast asides our critical views and just enjoy the splendour, action and emotion-packed entertainment.
Julian, Germany

Whilst I watched, I did not see Americans, I saw human beings having to fight for their lives in order to combat evil

Steve Darracott, Yorkshire
The programme is brilliant, it is so realistic. It shows what really happened in World War II. Fantastic.
Catherine Keating, England

I knew that this was a US version of events. I wasn't sure I'd like it. It is the best thing the BBC has shown in ages, well worth it. It has impressed me greatly with the effects, acting and location. It is just wonderful, I cannot find fault with it.
Kate, UK

This series is what the BBC has needed for a long time. The camera work and effects are breathtaking. You really feel as though you are there in with the troops. I only hope it is released on Video/DVD.
Martin Cooper, England

I also congratulate the makers of this series on their genuine efforts to accurately portray German vehicles and equipment; there are no grey painted 1950s US tanks with German crosses here. Some vehicles are clever mock-ups, such as the Tiger decking and turret on a Russian T34 chassis. To the undoubted pleasure of many students of the period, there are also some genuine vehicles, including, I believe, a very rare Jagdpanther. Well done all concerned.
Malcolm Cumberlidge, England

I am quite young and I have taken a serious interest in WWII and Band of Brothers has got me even more interested in the subject. I think its a really amazing programme and it shows the real horrors of WWII that I wouldn't be able to see in a book. I have been waiting for every Friday to come along so I can watch what happens to Easy Company next.

I really enjoy learning about this subject and I wish that more people my age did too. This series has brought many tears to my eyes. The cast of this have really brought this epic to life. I still can't wait till next Friday for the next episode.
Alina Nowobilska, UK

I must say this is the best programme around. Not only does it seem to stick to the facts (I know my WWII history), the camera work is superb and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Congratulations on a gem.
Jimmy, England

I missed the first two episodes and I think the programme is very good. It is a shame they didn't play up the roll of the British in Market Garden. After all, it was our idea. My grandfather was there in the artillery, lets hope one day somebody makes a British film about the war.
Neil Johnson, UK

After letting the "watershed" sink I allowed my son to watch the series as I wanted him to see that war was not a game. It had the desired effect with him (and me) hiding behind a cushion at some of the scenes. War should not be glorified, and this is certainly not the case with this true account.

Whilst I watched, I did not see Americans, I saw human beings having to fight for their lives in order to combat evil. My late father fought in the British Eighth army, he never told me or my brothers what he went through. We had an idea after watching "Battlegrounds" which I hope gives you an indication of how important television is.

I am not concerned if it is on BBC1 or, BBC2 as one person commented, after all, what is the hardship of changing a channel on the remote control? Messers Spielberg and Hanks have got it right. Now, how about someone looking at the British Eighth Army battle history? Tom, Steven?
Steve Darracott, Yorkshire

The fact that there are no British productions except for Dad's Army goes to show that the history is there but the money isn't

Andy, UK
If this isn't the best thing ever on television I don't know what is. There has been so much thought put into this series. It oozes quality and realism. So what if it is only about Americans and not British forces? It was a war and the fact is that these are true events and they are being told by the people who lived through them.

The cast have done a fantastic job and the acting is perfectly acceptable. Both Hanks and Spielberg have co-operated well with Ambrose in making the series and re-enacting the battles. The fact that there are no British productions except for Dad's Army goes to show that the history is there but the money isn't. But congratulations to the BBC for screening one of the finest pieces of television I have ever seen and the wait has definitely been worth it.
Andy, UK

One day someone will put up the money to make something of this scale about British troops/airmforce/navy. We played a major part in WWII as well. Films like Memphis Belle and U571 make you feel that the war was purely an American event. They rewrite history to match the current cinema-going demographics.

I am very concerned about the Americanisation of history. Why is is it happening and why are we normally the villians in most Hollywood movies when we are the first to come to their aid?
Gavin , UK

Band of Brothers is a very realistic representation of the American push into Europe. However, I thought the accent of the British tank commander was terrible as well as the very dubious order he received. Can anyone at the BBC back this order up with firm evidence? I really don't believe a tank commander in a Sherman would ignore the threat of a Tiger so easily.

As for it being all about the Americans - well, they played a very important part and good for them for having the ability to get something like this on the small screen.

However, I think its about time now the BBC started producing some British World War II dramas as we are in danger of being completely forgotten. Its amazing how many Americans believe they won the war single-handedly.

So come on BBC, you're part of an American WWII drama, how about a British slant on the events? As a licence payer, I demand it.
Stephen White, England

Fantastic graphics, interesting to see fab English actors like Dexter Fletcher impersonating Americans, really enjoying it.
Lex, UK

If only we could produce something of a similar class to remember our war heros

Tony Payne, England
Perhaps those who criticise the Stateside producers of this programme should realise that it is being told from a North American perspective. Criticism of the lack of portrayal of other nations would be answered if the producers on this side of the Atlantic made a similar mini-series. Instead of trotting out the usual boring period dramas or modern day social commentaries (with little imagination or story-telling), why don't they recount some of the deeds carried out by other allied forces during WWII?
Kevin Jordan, Ireland

This has got to be one of the most realistic pieces of work I've seen. Having been in the infantry it is difficult to get over to people what the realities of war are. This should not only be a tribute to the 101st Airborne, but a very relevant learning tool for history students.
Steve Cuthbert, UK

Brilliant programme, its the best thing that has been shown on British TV for years.
Bill Mitchell, UK

This has to be the best WWII drama I have ever seen. Everything about it is believable, unlike most war films. There should be more like it! Although Americans should bring in more other nations and take away the stereotypical "British-English" accent, which we don't have.
Gareth Whitley, UK

I had high hopes as I am a huge fan of Steven Spielberg. I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed at all by this excellent production. The acting is brilliant, in particular Damian Lewis. Superbly made, it really makes you feel you are right there in the action, and is very moving. I will be very disappointed when the series comes to an end.
Jacky Birch, UK

Top class TV from Spielberg and Hanks. The best war epic of its time. If only we could produce something of a similar class to remember our war heros.
Tony Payne, England

Like watching a great movie every Friday night. After seeing it for the first time, I have not missed one episode since. The BBC is becoming a world leader in television, Blue Planet (amazing stuff) and so on. Why not produce a British viewpoint on the war? We did see it through from beginning to end after all. Band of Brothers is the best war drama that I've ever seen. I rate it higher then Saving Private Ryan.

But please do something for all the British soldiers that died in WWII.
David Gerrelli, UK

Brilliant. I think its about time we saw the point of view of the Americans, over the years there has been many British movies depicting the WWII era. I just want to know when its coming out on DVD to buy.
Jason P, UK

Superb acting and direction make this an unmissable series. It's also great to see David Schwimmer in a different type of role, in which he demonstrates the depth of his acting abilities.
Gemma, UK

What can I say? The story is good, the actors are good and I am glad to see the BBC doing something that it does best - making good drama that is value for money.
Alex D, UK

I love the programme, the sound and visuals are flawless. But I'm an ex-British soldier and in the episode of operation Market Garden, my friends and I were angry at how stupid the British were protrayed against the Americans. We did not stand alone for 4 years by being stupid, before the US military (helped) win the war. So please use more tact when you use allies to make the USA look good, as I find it insulting.

Americans are great but they can't stand alone and Hollywood productions seem to think they can, in any situation. They may create the dream world, but the truth is, the US military has killed more of their own soldiers and allies in their short history than any other nation.
Richard Orme, England

I echo other comments here. Hollywood does a good enough job of making it seem as if the US won the war single-handed. It doesn't need any help in furthering this illusion from the BBC.

If the BBC is going to put the British licence-payers money into a production about World War II, it should be a production about the part played by British troops. We need investment in this sort of thing, the Americans have enough money of their own.
Tony B, UK

Band of Brothers is one of the best series to come on television. It has everything you could want in a good series plus more. It takes more than money to produce stories that are well told. It takes off from the pinnacle that was Saving Private Ryan.
Shabazz Graham, UK

Every episode is like a mini Saving Private Ryan, but better because you already know the characters from previous episodes. I used to go out on Friday nights, but now it is well worth staying in. Damian Lewis is superbly cast as the heroic Winters. I love the music, but wish there was more of it - perhaps it would numb the realism. Thank you so much to all those who helped make Band of Brothers such an epic.
Toby Thomas, UK

Made me dig deep for Poppy Day. Compelling viewing, can't wait for next episode.
Karen Easton, England

This series has done more than any other to focus the sacrifice that young men from all countries gave to the cause of world peace.
Tony Elvers, UK

Band of Brothers is the best thing on TV at the moment. Damian Lewis is excellent as Captain Winters and a great deal of respect is paid to our war veterans. It is a sure hit and something that will be talked about for a long time to come.
Band of Brothers fan, England

I watch a lot of WWII films and shows and Band Of Brothers rates as one of the best ever made. I would give the acting is 10 out of 20, it is that good. The only thing I can see there being a problem with is that there are only 10 episodes. This quality directing and acting could go on forever and still be as fresh as the day you first watched episode one. Well done to the Beeb for showing the series.
SJ, England

I congratulate the BBC on this gripping series. In my view the standard it has set will not be matched for many years.
Joe Jonkler, UK

Band of Brothes is the best war film/mini series since A Bridge Too Far. I love war programmes and this is the most accurate one yet!
Danial Taylor, England

Just wanted to say how pleased I am that the audience in the UK is enjoying Band of Brothers.

As for lack of British POV in war dramas, I recall a mini series about 12 years ago called Piece of Cake about the RAF. Bring on the British war dramas; I will watch them if they air here in the US. I just like good dramas, especially good war dramas that educate as well as entertain.
Jane, USA

This show is outstanding and reflects a moment in time that most people in this world will never understand and hopefully will never have to go through. The actors are wonderful and Damien Lewis is very impressive in this mini-series. This is obviously a labor of love for all those involved and tell everyone they are missing something spectacular if they are not watching this series.
Janie Hoffer, USA

I thought all the episodes so far were brilliant. It's interesting and I have learned so much more about D-Day. It's much better than watching one of those documentaries on the history channel. The only problem I have, is I can't keep up with all the characters' names. I don't know who's who. But overall I really enjoyed it!
Willow May, USA

Band of Brothers was a well-crafted and enjoyable show.

Michael Grover, US
Band of Brothers was a well-crafted and enjoyable show. Part documentary and part drama. For America it is an important series at a time when America is becoming more isolationist in her view of the world - this shows a time when she stood up for what is right. The show needs to pick up the pace a little to remain enjoyable for the rest of its run. But I think people will get more attached to the series as it progresses. Overall opinion - promising debut!
Michael Gover, Detroit, USA

After a slow start (the basic training) the series leaps into the D-Day invasion with all the chaos and futility graphically shown. I can't wait until next week!
Dave Morrell, USA

Take it from a Brit abroad - it may as well be how the Americans won the was slow and boring. This story has been done a thousand times better in many other Hollywood blockbusters...and the idea of David Schwimmer being the tough nasty man at the top - don't make me laugh!
Sarah, USA

To me it's an extension of Saving Private Ryan. The look and pace of the series is the same as the movie. I do believe it's worth the budget no matter which country decides to make a major series like this The stories of WWII veterans should be told!
Marty Flanagan, Canada

Anyone who enjoyed Saving Private Ryan will love this series. The "drop" over Normandy on D-Day was extremely harrowing, even on the small screen. The 2 hours passed very quickly, always a good sign.
Roy Morrow, USA

I'd say it's an improvement on Saving Private Ryan

Robert, USA
More factual than most military stories on current TV. Hope it sets that tone for future historical series.
Bill Bagwell, US

Once again HBO has pushed back the boundaries of television. This is not the schmaltz of War and Remembrance or Crossings, this is television at its finest. Hot on the heels or the Sopranos and Six Feet Under, this is a drama in which not only can you begin to understand what the grim reality of war must be like. There are portrayals of real people and the real feelings that they endured. Given the amount of drivel that populist TV serves up with their only eye on the ratings, then here is something that you can watch and enjoy and feel the pain of Easy company as they lose colleagues from the onset of the onslaught. This is not TV, this is an event.
Nic, UK living in US

Very impressive. From what I've seen so far, I'd say it's an improvement on Saving Private Ryan.
Robert, USA

Spielberg and Hanks have done it again. They are Hollywood's version of Richard and Johan Strauss, the schmaltz kings. After 2 hours of last night's episode, there was no character development and you still didn't care if any of them lived or died. A very poor start but it might improve.
Ian, Canada, ex-England

It was enjoyable with some fantastic effects, but it doesn't really go much further than Saving Private Ryan. It's had so much hype out here I was expecting something mind-blowing. Good to see an English actor playing the lead however.
David Phillips, Englishman in New York

Overall, well worth the money. The scenes of parachuting under fire were chilling, and the depiction of ground combat gripping and extremely realistic

Dave, USA
Visually, as expected with the price tag, it is stunning. Having read the book it is very accurate and is mixed in with real accounts from the original members of E company. So far it hasn't suffered from typical Hollywoodesque American heroism, cheesy one-liners and deep morality trips. However, we have a long way to go. Once again you feel as if only the Americans were at D-Day as well.
Adrian, USA

Very good so far, only seen the first two so hard to comment overall.
Jeremy Osborne-King, USA

Overall, well worth the money. The scenes of parachuting under fire were chilling, and the depiction of ground combat gripping and extremely realistic. It would have been perfect if not for the boredom of the Tom Hanks-written first episode!
Dave, USA

Screenplay is fantastic, storylines truly gripping, Schwimmer brilliant in a serious role, but come on,$120m? There are real wars going on out there - this world can't prioritise.
Roddy Evans, Alabama, USA

The beginning of each episode had short interviews with some survivors from the regiment, and this really brought home the reality of it all when you saw it.

It was extremely well written, acted and filmed. Although occasionally it was difficult to keep track of what was happening during the main combat scene, this only served to give you a sense of how quickly everything was happening for those actually involved, and did not detract from the story.

However, back-to-back episodes meant that it went on a bit too long (HBO doesn't have ad breaks).

I'm looking forward to the episode 3 next week - the BBC would be well advised to take the risk and put it on BBC1 instead of BBC2.
Tim Pyke, USA (English)

The first episode was long and boring, but necessary to establish how the paratrooopers were made into the crack unit that they were

Rich Junack, USA
I thought it was very good, there was obviously great attention to detail in the uniforms and heavy kit the soldiers wore. It is certainly a very emotional series and showed well how people react differently in training and combat.

My one criticism, and the same one I have for most war films, is the age of the soldiers; as I understand it, the average age of soldiers on D-day was 19-20, they never appear that young in the films and getting this right would reinforce the terrible tragedy of it all and the need to never let this happen again.
Patricia Smith, Canada

Definitely worth the time to watch. While the story line is a little confusing and the battle sequences more so, I believe this is how, in reality, life really was. The US always glorify war in every way, and continue to do so in this epic. However, as in Private Ryan, Hanks (and Spielberg) do manage to put across the horror, confusion and numbing fear that must have been in the minds of every man in Eagle company the night they jumped over Normandy. Imagine a documentary version of Private Ryan and you have Band of Brothers. However, please, no more Friends stars in serious dramas.
Simon E, US

Like Saving Private Ryan, the effects were fantastically thought through and offered a fresh perspective on the true terror of fighting a war (I suppose). In SPR, we saw bullets dart through surf to kill those underwater - something new, at least to me. Similarly, the air drop included details that made fear much more tangible for the viewer. In short, good stuff.

I do regret, however, that I cannot see past "Ross" (Schwimmer) and half expected a sarcastic and loose "Chandler Bing" to enlist, somehow.
Eric Grasinger, USA

Well, first off, I'd like to say that I thought the series was pretty well done. The first episode was long and boring, but necessary to establish how the paratrooopers were made into the crack unit that they were. The second episode, though shorter, was a lot better as they dropped into Normandy. I haven't read the book, so I'm not sure if the scene with the Oregonian Wehrmacht soldier was true; if it's not, it was pretty tacky. Otherwise, very good episode.

Secondly, I'd like to address comments that it's another movie that pretends only America took part in the war. Well, the book and movie are not about the whole strategic picture of the war; it's about E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne. Nationalities were kept separated throughout the war, so I doubt highly that they ever would have had reason to fight with the British and Canadians in small unit actions.

That being said, Hollywood has put out enough rubbish on Americans in combat. Therefore, I challenge you Brits to make exportable movies of a quality similar to or better than "Zulu" to educate the American public on exactly how the British helped win the war.
Rich Junack, America

The lack of a lot of big names made it a little harder to know where to focus your attention. Is the guy in focus a main actor or just cannot-fodder?

Mark Glass, USA
Band of Brothers is, so far, an excellent depiction of the events and people contained in Stephen Ambrose's masterful book of the same name. The stated goal of the series is to follow closely, the actions and lives of men in E Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne. David Schwimmer as the annoying and cowardly lieutenant is fantastic. So far so good.
Peter, USA

I, too, couldn't get past "Ross", and kept waiting for the sardonic punch line from his tough character. I don't think it was David Schwimmer's fault, though, and I felt his acting was well done.

The start was rather slow, presumably for character introduction and development, but many characters never really seemed to develop. The action was excellent, and probably what most viewers were watching for anyway.
Nate Barker, USA

Still unsure if this is a winner or not. It was far too slow for my liking and never really took off. The lack of a lot of big names made it a little harder to know where to focus your attention. Is the guy in focus a main actor or just cannon-fodder?

I wonder if this labour of love will be thrilling or absorbing enough to keep non-Americans like myself tuning in? Jury is still out on this one.
Mark Glass, USA

First episode was two hours. Was a little slow during the first hour (basic training stuff), but I think the second hour was probably more telling of what's to come.

If you are a fan of Saving Private Ryan and/or the writing of Stephan Ambrose, you'll be pleased.

Chris, USA

Private Eye claimed that the BBC wouldn't show this programme on BBC One as it wasn't "entertaining" enough!
Simon Mailer, UK

It should be required viewing for students in high school

T Walsh, USA
This is definitely a man's movie but I watched it and felt that they really brought the tragedy and futility of war to the surface. It is very well done. I cannot criticise the actor playing the captain as I do not watch regular TV, therefore I felt he did okay. We will be back to HBO next Sunday evening for the next episode. Well done.
Carole Orpe, USA

I think both episodes were great. To me, more than the entertainment value, a programme like this can raise my awareness and understanding of what it was like to be there, and how the cost and sacrifices have influenced the life I'm living today. The first two episodes definitely do this for me, just like Saving Private Ryan did.

One of the questions I have is whether the demeanour and attitude of soldiers was more like today's young ones (more sarcasm, cynicism) rather than the way young ones were then - this is an inaccuracy I heard veterans point out about Saving Private Ryan.
Sergio Ramirez, USA

David Schwimmer was chosen because he is a dead ringer for the real Captain Soebel. And he captured the essence of a terrible leader more set on petty vindictiveness than real leadership.

The movie's strong point, thus far, is that it has stuck to the book. And the book was not a work of fiction, but rather a detailed minute-by-minute description of what Eagle company went through.

Whether the unit was British, American, Canadian, Polish or Free-French, the experience must have been similar. We need this kind of story-telling. It should be required viewing for students in high school.
T Walsh, USA

Well, I have been in America for eight months now and seen some TV whilst here. It has to be said this is the only programme that has had me captivated from beginning to end. Tonight's episode will also have me sitting on the edge of the seat. BBC, you have a winner!
Andrew Pamphilon, Boston, USA

Were there no Afro-Caribbean soldiers in the European war arena?

Malcolm, USA (British)
Excellent work! You are given the feeling of "being there"!
Clive Hill, USA

Very well made. I got hooked on it and the two hours went by so quickly. I want more.
Jiten, USA

The grainy film, shaky hand-held camera shots and washed-out colour echoed the news film of the period, quickly establishing in the skirmish scenes the terror and desperation of close combat fighting.

However, the use of the contemporary, "Oliverseque" 'pucker' comment made by the 'limey' soldier, and the complete absence of black actors as soldiers (were there no afro-Caribbean soldiers in the European war arena?) shows a lack of attention to detail. The disregard of a complete race who also fought for justice and liberty displays glowering mistakes on behalf of the researchers.
Malcolm, USA (British)

On the positive, we had superb scenes of the Normandy drop. These were equal in intensity to the Saving Private Ryan landing scenes.

Other combat scenes were also creative and harrowing. They were confusing, but this added to the atmosphere. The use of cutting out frames (to effect time distortion) and filtering the colour for these combat sequences gave the best feeling of "being there" that I have ever seen.

I do agree that the characters were a bit wooden and that having a lead character from a current popular sitcom was a bad move.

Not brilliant but very good.
Paul Hurst , Canada (British)

Actually, the $120 million price tag didn't really lead me to expect much. With most of the actors being unknowns. that money was likely due to ordinance expended and sets, but said nothing about the acting. Of course, the fact Speilberg and Hanks were involved did make me tentatively block out the next ten Sundays on my calendar.

That said, I was very impressed with the acting in the first two episodes. Except for the obvious spiteful actions and incompetence of Schwimmer, I think his actions as essentially a head drill instructor are fitting of most DI's we've seen in real life or on the small and big screens.

An area of character development I found impressive was the movie started to get across the idea that the worst thing soldiers and especially elite soldiers could dream of would be to fail the team. I¿m looking forward to episode three.
Methos Numbere, USA

So far so good. I was surprised to see Schwimmer cast as Sobel but I thought he did a decent job. Having read the book, I thought the movie missed several excellent side-stories. But that is always the plight of the movie viewer who has read the book. Those that complain this is a movie just about Americans must not have noticed the subtitle of the book. This is a story about the men of Easy Company, not every other American, British, Canadian, Polish, French etc. company involved in the war. Can't wait for next Sunday.
Stephanie, California, USA

The entire cast is terrific. It's great to see so many British actors in these roles

Jane, USA
A very promising debut, this isn't just a action film, it is about friends in battle. And the best way to show them growing together is to show boot camp, where they are broken down and reformed as a unit. While the pacing was a tad slow, I enjoyed the first episode immensely.

Episode 2 starts right at D-day and I thought they did a good job of showing the confusion and how large scale the drop over Normandy once.

Great special effects, and while the character development is a little slow at the moment, we're on only on the second episode and the viewers have yet to connect with all the characters. I was starting to by the end of the second episode, so we will see if it carries over to episode three.

Jamie Seed, USA (English)

Excellent production. I didn't want the 2 hour première to end. And Damien Lewis is wonderful.

People who are jaded by war movies have to remember that a lot of younger people haven't seen all the movies/TV shows they've seen. And although I'm older, I still find the subject interesting. Besides, history never gets "old." It needs to be told and even better if told in a new voice or with a new perspective.

The entire cast is terrific. It's great to see so many British actors in these roles.
Jane, USA

Moving beyond words and uncompromisingly honest about the price of combat. The use of "unknowns" in the principal roles was a wise move - the story stays focused on the characters and their actions rather than names in a cast.
Robert del Valle, USA

The reviews hit the nail right on the head - Private Ryan without any depth to the characters. Will watch it again because of its accurate portrayal of war, but if I can't develop some understanding of, and empathy for, the characters, I'll probably not see the series through to the end.
Vic Bary, USA

I had a little trouble remembering who was who since I am not familiar with most of the actors. But the second half was amazing. Saving Private Ryan without depth of characters? I didn't notice any depth of character in Saving Private Ryan, just the usual WW2 stereotypes. I can't wait for the next episode.
Will, USA

I have been on the edge of my seat watching this show. I would like to thank all those who fought for freedom in WWII. I'm in awe how much dedication they had to their unit and to their country. I don't know many people today who would go AWOL from a hospital so that they could fight along side their friends and unit. Hats off to a wonderful story and to the men who fought.
Cammie, US

I have been very happy with the series so far. I think it is excellent. I also agree that the BBC should create a similar series told from the perspective of British soldiers. It is important that we capture the stories of all WWII veterans.
Christopher Harris, US

I have been mesmerised by all of the episodes so far. I wish Hollywood would show more stories like this. Not since 1980's Chariots of Fire have I been so drawn to such a magnificent storyline. I'm not glamorising war either. A thanks to WWII veterans everywhere for the sacrifice and courage to do what had to be done. God grant our military today that same kind of ability.
Al Vaida, USA

I have been absolutely captivated by the episodes I've seen. It is superbly well acted and Damian Lewis is absolutely perfect. As an American, he was completely unknown to me before this but he is divine. The characters are so numerous that it's often difficult to track them as the war progresses, but the sheer bravery of the actions they are portraying evokes much attachment from the audience.

The honour and valour that the men of Easy Co. display is a testament to the efforts put forth by all of the men who fought in WWII. This is an important, well-crafted piece of historical tribute.
Tara Paczkowski, USA

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