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Friday, 7 September, 2001, 15:27 GMT 16:27 UK
Mariah Carey: Your views
Mariah Carey
Can Mariah hold on to her success?
Mariah Carey was the biggest selling solo pop artist of the 90s but the millennium does not seem to be going so well for the singer.

She recently suffered a physical and emotional breakdown and her first single from the new album Glitter failed to make the top 10 in the UK.

Her launch as a movie star in the film of the same name is currently on hold until she fully recovers.

"Some savage critics would suggest that Carey's recuperation may give her space to reflect upon where her career should next go," wrote the BBC's Michael Osborn.

He added: "But Glitter is evidence enough to suggest that she is in danger of running out of steam."

But what do you think?

Is this the end of the road for Mariah? Or is it her best album yet?


Believe me you won't be disappointed with Glitter. It offers a different style of Mariah. She won't be over!
Frans Lumentut, Indonesia

I've always been her no 1 fan. She has a beautiful voice. But she is also human. Give her a break. Life is like a wheel; sometimes you're up and sometimes you're at the bottom
zet, malaysia

Mariah is far from over! Glitter is her best album after Butterfly, and she won't stop 'cause she can't stop, baby!
Lani, USA

The new album by Mariah Carey is not her best yet, admitted. But it shows an interesting side to Miss Carey that lets her explore the music of the 80s, pretty well I might add. Most critics claim that the new album is "the same Mariah as always" but from a fan's point of view, this album is really different. It shows a more mature side (excluding Loverboy) and portrays a blooming songwriter. I say to the critics, listen to it more than once and I bet you'll start liking one song after another.
Nanna, Denmark

Never! She will always be the best female singer!
J.K., UK

I think Glitter is a great album and I only expect bigger and better things in the future.
Dana Marie, USA

I think it is Mariah's best album yet, as far as the fans are concerned. We love her no matter what happens, FOREVER MC!
Kelly, USA

This Glitter album is fantastic. Her voice is in good shape and every song is amazing

Frederic, Belgium
I don't think Mariah is past it one bit. Her voice is better than ever right now, there's just something different about it that makes me get goosebumps whenever I hear her sing. The album is good, comparable to Butterfly, and the 80s sound is so evident in it. As soon as Mariah fully recuperates and can stay that way, the entire world better watch out for what she has yet in store for us. I can't wait.
Jaren Zimmerman, US

Glitter is bright. Her best to date.
Hiep, Vietnam

This is Mariah's best work to date and I have all 9 albums
Assaf, Israel

I love the new album. Glitter is the best that she ever made, no doubt. Go and buy it and I'm sure you will think the same.
Liran, israel

I think that Glitter will be one of the most successful albums of the year.
Andy, USA

There's no doubt of that Glitter is one of Mariah's best albums to date, but unfortunately, the situation she's going through doesn't help promotion.

Perhaps Loverboy wasn't the best choice as a first single, although it wasn't as bad as people like to say, but you can rest assure that there are a lot of incredible songs in this album; people just have to give Mariah another chance and lend their ears to her wonderful voice and writing skills.

If we actually rated a singer according to their looks or rumours circulating around the media, Mariah wouldn't be the only one gaining a lot of haters... don't trust the rumours and judge yourselves!
Andrew, Spain

This is not the end of the road for Mariah, like lots of MC haters are wishing! This Glitter album is fantastic. Her voice is in good shape and every song is amazing. The future is looking great for Mariah. She is and will always be the best female artist. She has the talent and the voice.
Frederic, Belgium

Loverboy is the worst song on the album and people think that the other songs are the same but they are wrong

Felipe Estefan
It is the best album ever! Wow!
Nabeel, Lebanon

The schizophrenic demands of pop music - be talented enough to sing, but also be plastic enough to change your style when the wind blows differently - would be enough to send anyone into a tailspin. Mariah still has talent to burn. It's unfair and dangerous to expect her to burn it at both ends.
Polly Mathers, USA

Mariah Carey still has it. Her voice is even better now, and her lyrical talent is getting better and better as each album is set out. Glitter is an amazing album but the reason some may not like it is because it is kind of like an 80s album which teens are not really into.

Mariah Carey has so many albums to deliever...she will be making music for a long time cause she has love for it. Mariah is forever.
Falak, Canada

I think this is the her best work yet. The thing is that people aren't giving the album a chance. Loverboy is the worst song on the album and people think that the other songs are the same but they are wrong. Just hear the three ballads. There are some of the most beautiful songs I ever heard.

Or hear to I Didn't Mean to Turn You On, Don't Stop, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, All My Life and Want You. They are all great. Musically, this album is marvellous. Her voice sounds better than ever in the ballads. She is not whimpering anymore in the songs.

This and Music Box are her best albums to date but people don't want to accept, don't want to see it, don't want to give it a try. Just hear the album and then we can talk because Mariah is definitely in the biz again.
Felipe Estefan, Colombia

Glitter shows how versatile a singer Mariah can be. Releasing Loverboy as the first single might not have been the best decision, but Glitter's one of her best albums since her debut.
Oscar, UK

Her career is moving towards the end. No star can avoid this. That's the showbusiness world.
Maki, UK

I think that it's one of her best albums. I don't think she is over.
Sanchez Mcfollins, USA

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