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Friday, 7 September, 2001, 15:32 GMT 16:32 UK
Moulin Rouge: Your views
Nicole Kidman stars as Santine, the most prized courtesan of the Moulin Rouge
Is this Luhrmann's best film yet?
Baz Luhrmann did the impossible by making ballroom dancing hip in his debut feature film Strictly Ballroom (1992).

Four years later, he brought Shakespeare to the younger generation with his innovative version of Romeo and Juliet.

His latest offering, Moulin Rouge, set in Paris in 1899, opened the Cannes film festival earlier this year.

"With Moulin Rouge, Luhrmann brings to movie audiences an experience on which the word extravaganza can, for once, be shamelessly lavished," wrote BBC News Online's Rebecca Thomas.

But what do you think?

Will this be another triumph for the Australian director? Or is the lavish visual direction at the expense of any emotional depth?


I loved it! I can't remember the last time I saw a film that made me laugh, cry and was as exhilirating as this. It truly is a cult classic of our time!
Emma Taylor, UK

Wow! Amazing - everything about the film design and soundtrack just sucked me right in. I don't think I took a breath till it was over!
Sarah, Ireland

I saw Moulin Rouge three times within a month. Need I say any more. It's a little bit of Shakespeare and it's a creative piece of art. It's so wonderful to sit in a cinema and be totally transported away into another world, being fully consumed and thoroughly entertained.
Carol, Australia

I really would like to know how people find this movie amazing. Everything from the lyrics to the script were way over the top to the point that it wasn't even funny.
Dustin, Australia

I saw it last night and agree that extravaganza is a word that can be lavished upon it. One of Lurhmann's best and Jim Broadbent deserves a nomination for best supporting actor. OK, the singing isn't great but it works and the choreography and design is superb. We have not seen a film so beautifully lavish for a very long time.
Ste, Wales

I hated it.
Susan, USA

Bad film. Stolen music, confused script and no can-can. Big disappointment. Quite spectacular camerawork though.
Will Thomas, UK

I found Moulin Rouge cynical and insincere

Sarah Hoffman, UK
I can't honestly think of the words which will do justice to this film. It's truly magnificent in every respect, and I would watch it again and again. Kidman and McGregor are wonderful, in fact, the whole cast is great and the music inspired.
Kate, UK

Despite the tenderness and genuine heart found in Strictly Ballroom, I found Moulin Rouge cynical and insincere. Despite the lush, intense visuals, or perhaps due to their persistence, the deficiencies in dialogue and characterisation made this film a big turkey that I would avoid seeing ever again. What a waste of talent and potential by all involved, the cast and director included.
Sarah Hoffman, USA

The film felt like a continuous musical video and any serious plot development went out the window. I laughed and cringed my way through the movie. It was simply one of the worst films I've seen in years.
Paul Hoffman, USA

A celebration of the arts. If there ever was anything close to perfection for the performing arts, this is it. Truly an uplifting experience for movie-goers everywhere. Probably the best movie released so far this year.
Aaron Boothe, USA

Moulin Rouge leaves a red spot on Luhrmann's CV. Trying to do too much with too little is like eating only meringue for dinner - it looks good, but leaves you unsatisfied and undernourished.
Steve, USA

This is an amazing film. It makes you laugh and cry in equal measures. It was a genuinely amazingly entertaining film, probably the best I have seen this year. The directing was also brilliant.
Benjamin Spence, UK

One of the greatest movies in 10 years

Carlos Roberto Lucena, Brazil
Moulin Rouge was the worst movie I've seen in 20 years. Nicole Kidman was elegant in this movie but nothing else rang true. The bohemian community was so phoney and contrived I wanted to gag. But what was really worse was the way pop songs by Paul McCartney, Madonna, etc. were butchered. The audience in the theatre I attended laughed in derision. About the only thing that could make this movie worse and a sell out to popular culture would be if it were filled with Fed-Ex boxes like the Castaway movie. What a waste of celluloid.
Mick Cusimano, USA

Nicole Kidman looks fabulous in this movie. It is likely to be a success.
Muhammed Aamer , Pakistan

One of the greatest movies in 10 years I think, great script, great interpretation, great songs. I've seen the movie three times here in Brazil. Viva the Moulin Rouge!
Carlos Roberto Lucena, Brazil

Fantastic, the cinematography was superb with its sepia tones and staggering camerawork. Offset with the sumptuous costumes and it is a visual rollercoaster (probably best seen at least twice as so much goes on). The odd coupling of Nicole Kidman (a goddess) and Ewan McGregor (an idol) work remarkably well. The movie has a reasonable plot (unlike some recent Chimpbusters) and the pair carry it off superbly. Fantastic supporting cast (Jim Broadbent never ceases to amaze me) . All in all a must-see.
Glenn Stevenson, UK

Audacious use of music sends this film soaring after an initial opening which had me think that it would fail. It's like a rollercoaster ride that you don't want to get off. It's colourful with wonderful performances, especially from Nicole Kidman and Jim Broadbent and the directorial achievement is considerable. I definitely see Oscars going to the costume and production design, but for me it is the choice of music and the adaptations that it will be mainly remembered for. Combined with the visuals it is a feast for sure. In a rather poor year for films, it dwarfs everything else around it.
Miles Ridding, UK

Hollywood will never beat Bollywood in trying to make a musical film

Priten Patel, UK
Very good. Surprisingly good in fact. It starts off in a great rush of sight and sound (like Romeo and Juliet) but gets very poignant and moving towards the end with some great renditions of Roxanne and The Show Must Go On. There were some flaws in the film, but they get swamped out by great direction.
Stephen, UK

I thought the film was fabulous in every way. Spectacular and sensual delights with music to die for. The setting and colour were amazing, I just soaked them in.
Grahame Robertson, UK

The costumes were good, the opening scene was good, it had a love story, great you might think. Unfortunately not for me, they tried the musical approach but I didn't like it. Hollywood will never beat Bollywood in trying to make a musical film, they just can't make them like they do back home, sorry.
Priten Patel, UK

Shallow, one-dimensional. Beatles song All You Need Is Love was about universal love....not girl/ boy relationships.
Dick Collier, Indonesia

Visually spectacular but painful to listen to at times. The story does not flow easily and the film is 30 minutes too long. Six out of ten.
Wendy Jervis, UK

The film was simply weird. I expected a love story, and the costumes etc. were wonderful. However, seeing two grown men singing "Like a Virgin" to each other was just strange, as were some of the other references to modern music
Neil Rickus, England

It's rubbish and a complete waste of money

Alain Pouget, France
Good movie but it would have been better if it was filmed in Paris to give it an authentic flavour.
Diaa, Australia

Having loved Luhrmann's previous films, I was looking forward to Moulin Rouge, but I was very disappointed. It's a very pretty film, and the music is good, but the story is featherlight and the acting weak. Buy the soundtrack, don't bother going to see it.
Keith Mills, Ireland

Decadant film. The cast was superb, the sets, costumes and camera work made the film a feast for the eyes. While the script and score were what made this film something I'd want to see again and again... Makes me want to see other films like Cabaret and just go to the West End!
Toby, England

It's rubbish and a complete waste of money. I am ashamed to admit that I went to see it...
Alain Pouget, France

I just watched this film on a tiny screen in an aeroplane and still thought it was one of the best films I have ever seen. And, as anyone who has watched a film on an aeroplane knows, that is really saying something! I'll definitely be seeing it again in the cinema. The soundtrack and cinematography is incredible.
Jon, England

Excellent film. It stood out for its simple story yet very modern use of imagery and use of the camera.

I loved the musical score, I loved the effects and photography, I loved the colour and I love both Ewan and Nicole (and no, not just because I live in Sydney now).

It made a great change, well done Baz!
Mark G. Evans, Australia (Wales originally)

Breathtakingly brilliant! A terrific cast, especially Jim Broadbent, one of the most under-valued actors around

Jane Dawkins, USA
Although I generally dislike musicals, this was so clever and entertaining that I have to give it full credit.
Jack Culiner, Canada

A fabulous mess that's definitely worth seeing, and will have a big impact on interior decoration! For a generation that's starved of romance and grand movie musicals, it will be catnip.

Unfortunately, Luhrmann or his editor only seem to have learnt how to cut to the beat of music about half-way through the film because from then on, the musical sequences dramatically improve, such as in the thrilling Roxanne. Elton John's Your Song is also given ravishing treatment - as good as anything from MGM in its musical heyday.

However, it's a pity that Luhrmann didn't have more faith in his audience, story or visuals - otherwise he wouldn't have edited like a madman on benzadrine.
David, Australia

There were only eight people in the cinema and two left after twenty minutes. I wish that I had done the same but stayed in the hope that there would be something, anything, that would elevate the film from a display of complete and utter lack of talent and ability. What possessed the actors to work on this?
Peter Halliday, USA

I can safely say that this is probably one of the worst films that I have ever seen. I don't know what Nicole Kidman was thinking of when she signed up to do this film. I can only think that she was in a quiet period and had no other offers.
James Ross, UK

Visually spectacular but the characters were a bit weak. The most annoying aspect of it though was the rapid fire editing, far too quick. Good while it lasted, but I've almost forgotten it now.
Sheikh Ahmed, UK

Yes, it is lush visually, but it is also very lush emotionally. An exceptional film from start to finish

Calysta Rose, USA
Breathtakingly brilliant! A terrific cast, especially Jim Broadbent, one of the most under-valued actors around. Luhrmann is a genius, plain and simple. (And don't forget his La Boheme for Australian Opera, re-set in the 1950s - the most moving production of this work I have ever seen.)
Jane Dawkins, USA

Who cares about "emotional depth" in a film? You watch for enjoyment, not deep rooted analysis. This is a very good, very entertaining film. Excellent.
Laurie Attwood, England

I thought it was a dazzling film. I had to go back again just to take it all in.

I don't think the storyline is bereft of emotional depth. Vulgarly extravagant or utterly dramatic are the only two easy ways that are fashionable and creative in today's film- making. Nobody is competing in a poker-faced storytelling contest!
Shekhar, India

Moulin Rouge is a brilliant film. I too feared that it would lack emotional depth, but it doesn't. Not one little bit. The acting and directing were simply wonderous. By the end of the movie I was crying and when the curtain came down I clapped my hands loudly (as did others). Yes, it is lush visually, but it is also very lush emotionally. An exceptional film from start to finish.
Calysta Rose, USA

My partner and I nearly didn't go to see it. We just didn't think we'd enjoy a 'musical', but we were very wrong - it was fantastic. Wild, visually stunning, funny, outrageous, and great performances - especially from Ewan McGregor. And the use of contemporary music was a master stroke. Don't wait for the video.
Ross Gerring, Australia

Dire - don't get tickets to see it even if they are free.
Liz, USA

Probably the most enjoyable two hours I have spent outside of a strip club in years

This is a great film - it doesn't always work but when it does it is amazing to watch.
Andy Wallace, USA (British)

The best bit is the ending, it means you don't have to suffer any more.
Steve, Canada

I did not expect to like it. Despite my years of West End rock operas. Was quite suprised, it is extremely well done. The whole experience in the film is a great smash. Music flows from camp to tear-jerking. The sets are fantastic, as are the costumes.

I didn't know who to fall in love with, the doomed lovers or the artists, maybe the evil nobleman. Who knows? It is truly a magical film, reviving the "Hollywood Musical" so to speak. Watch out for "Hedwid & the Angry Inch" That will put you on your toes as well.
Robert Hall, USA

The film was very entertaining and that's what it should be judged by. The Aussies once again prove the strength, depth and scope of their film-making capabilities.
Marc Denat, Canada

The sets were great, but the movie stank. What really bothered me was when the actors didn't realise that they are not talented at singing! I wanted to leave by the first 10 minutes, but stayed hoping it would get better. (It didn't.)
Tamara Schuplinsky, USA

A beautiful film and very clever.
Andrew, UK

This is a movie you'll either love or hate. I loved it. Luhrmann has created a masterpiece with great acting, great music and wonderful production values.
Alan Couperwhite, Canada

Bright, colourful... but ultimately boring. With so much else on in the summer blockbuster rollout, I wish I'd skipped this lurid affair.
Anne-Lise Pasch, England

At times serious and moving, at others distinctly tongue in cheek, this sumptuous film is well worth seeing

Stella, UK
A spectacular film that brings together all the great aspects of film-making and the dazzle of a West End show. Must see.
Olly, UK

Probably the most enjoyable two hours I have spent outside of a strip club in years. McGregor is sensational, Kidman deliciously seductive and Lurhmann has done it again, because he "can can can." Magnifique!
Marco Polo, USA

Luhrmann intended his work to be "surreal," and he achieved that result. Willing to relax and let the film wash over you like a wave of mirth and madness? Then you will likely have a smashing time, enjoying every spectacle, shock and shattering of expectations.
D. Young, USA

In a summer almost completely devoid of any quality films, Moulin Rouge was one of only a few movies released worth seeing. This summer, theatres have filled with nothing but trite love stories and large explosions. Luhrmann answered with a sweeping love story of unsurpassed beauty and ambition.

The fact that Lurhmann has directed opera should come as no surprise. One can recognise elements from many operas including La Boheme and, most notably, La Traviata. While it may be a stretch to say that Lurhmann has created a modern opera in Moulin Rouge, the operatic qualities of the film cannot be denied.

After all the here-this-week-gone-the-next blockbusters, the fact that Moulin Rouge is still playing in New York three and a half months after its première here is testament to both the beauty and craftsmanship of the film. I hope to see it at least once more before it finishes its run.
Justin Kim, USA

Moulin Rouge is a lush romantic tragedy with a strong comedic current. This director clearly respects the intelligence and creativity of the audience, through the use of a synthesis of popular music references and archetypal imagery.

A beautiful and powerfully engaging film that tells a story that must be heard and seen.
James Lovette-Black, USA

Moulin Rouge is a kaleidoscope of whirling colours;sights and sounds bombard the senses. It draws upon a wide range of genres and mixes them together to great effect. At times serious and moving, at others distinctly tongue in cheek, this sumptuous film is well worth seeing. The camera work is fantastic (if initially dizzying!), and the overall effect is dazzling.
Stella , UK

You'll either love it or hate it - there is no middle ground with Moulin Rouge

Brendon Parsons, UK
I wanted so much to dislike the film - but I couldn't. Although some scenes reminded me of Gilbert & Sullivan on acid, the whole work was a delightful, colourful and imaginative extravaganza. Besides, if you want it closer to reality, there's always the John Huston film on video.
Robert del Valle, USA

A baroque cinematographic extravaganza of the 19th century where multiple genres collide.

A masterpiece of the touching and the kitsch, a visual maelstrom, a crash course into last century's popular music and an amazing performance from an impressive cast.

Definitely a Trivial Pursuit for the pop culture buff.
Luc Bouvrette, Canada

Aside from the headache inducing opening 20 minutes, this ties for the finest film of 2001 (alongside The Dish).

The marriage of McGregor and Kidman's singing, the "pop" soundtrack and the wonderful visuals made for an intoxicating, exhilarating mix!

It should be said that this film is not for everyone. You'll either love it or hate it - there is no middle ground with Moulin Rouge. At the screening I attended half of the audience was in tears, clearly enjoying every last minute of the film. Others were walking out!
Brendon Parsons, UK

Just really stupifyingly bad. Why take insipid pop tunes for a movie musical? Oh yes, and it's totally inaccurate historically as well. Maybe he was trying to do "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" or something. It's a big stupid cartoon.
Ed Beaugard, USA

There is no chemistry between Kidman and McGregor

Mark Colburn, UK
Moulin Rouge was a treat for the senses, stunning in every sense. Sure, the character development was less than powerful, but that is not the point of a film like this - it is all about impact and Kidman and McGregor made plenty of that.
Euan Roddin, USA

Great entertaiment. I don't see why it should be passed off as an art movie. Yeah, it's very creative. But look at what Minnelli did in the 60s. The plot and characters are a little bit thin for it to be a true classic, sadly.
OW, Switzerland

This film is one of the best I've seen in a long time and Luhrmann has surpassed himself.
Andrew Holland, UK

I love this movie! The people who bash it are a bunch of idiots.

If you compare it with other movie musicals i.e. Sound of Music, I don't see how Moulin Rouge is flawed. It's a damn musical! It's not supposed to be a docu-drama on 19th century can-can dancing.

Most of the people who laughed during the film - contrary to Mike from the USA - were expressing sincere appreciation for hearing music that we are familiar with (the Beatles, the Police, David Bowie, etc.) used in a clever way.

In short, Moulin Rouge is a great movie and I hope British audiences will ignore the unfounded negative comments by ignorant people. See Moulin Rouge for yourself ... it's got everything from comedy to romance plus great music and wonderful singing by Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and Jim Broadbent. Their great singing and performances are much more appealing than the cackling of sore-headed critics.
Steve L, USA

Very stylish but one dimensional. There is no chemistry between Kidman and McGregor, the director is too busy cutting from one scene to the next to allow the audience to actually watch the action. In the end it became tedious, I just wanted to fall asleep.
Mark Colburn, UK

I expect it to pick up Oscar nominations for sound track and costume but will be extremely surprised if any of the actors get nominated

Richard Stammers, UK
Loved it. Yes, the story is twee. Yes, the music is not at all original. Yes, the dancing and set pieces are quite seriously over the top.

But when did any of the above come to be classed as bad things? A seriously neglected part of film-making at the moment is the creation of spectacular visual and aural thrills. Hurrah for Baz Luhrmann.
Alison, UK

I thought the film was a great work of satirical wit and loved every minute. A relief to see someone playing around intelligently with a script again.
Pat Bushell, Brazil

Moulin Rouge is a film to be seen without expectations and with an open mind. If you go in with that attitude then what unfolds is a pastiche of some of the most creative film-making I've ever seen. A stunning accomplishment on all levels.
Mic Harcourt, USA

I saw it last night. Reminds me more of a Bollywood movie. I think Baz stretched it too much. He could have made the same ending with half an hour less to go.
Sunil Kothari, India

While visually appealing the film lacked depth - I expect it to pick up Oscar nominations for sound track and costume but will be extremely surprised if any of the actors get nominated.
Richard Stammers, UK

Fabulous, who cares about the songs being from a different era. The package was visually stunning, musically enjoyable and totally unforgettable.
Robert Farmer, Scotland

I thought the film did a wonderful job in communicating the spirit of what the Bohemian era must have been like - by using modern songs that audiences can identify with emotionally, and by using elements of the era's visual art in the scenery and costuming. If you liked the way Romeo and Juliet linked today's music and culture to connect the audience with Shakespeare's story, you will like Moulin Rouge.
Erin, USA

I came out feeling like someone had tried to strangle me with a piece of tinsel while blowing a toy trumpet in my ear

Adam Legge, UK
This movie is not targetting the American Pie 2 audience. It is a great artistic piece of production which doesn't rely on pathos. It is a beautiful movie. I don't think there is any other word for describing it.
Razal, USA

I found Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge to be absolutely brilliant. The sets and cinematography were a feast for the eyes. And his mixture of humorous, incongruous musical allusions and moving pathos in the storyline was brilliant inspiration.

What a shame that so many viewers simply did not "get it." It may indeed be a film that goes over most people's heads and appeals to those of a certain intellectual and artistic sensibility. Peoples' expectations may also have been an obstacle to their appreciation/enjoyment of the film: Luhrmann's version of Moulin Rouge is simply not another version of the La Dame aux Camellias, Camille, or La Traviata.

Instead, Lurhmann takes this story-line and renders his own incomparable tour de force. What more can I say? I want to see it many more times and am truly grateful that I could appreciate his strong, if somewhat unconventional, artistic contribution.
Diane, USA

I really enjoyed it. Not exactly deep but fun to watch. I really liked the way the pop songs were mixed in, and the costumes and sets were great too.
Anna, UK

Great art design and some good performances but I came out feeling like someone had tried to strangle me with a piece of tinsel while blowing a toy trumpet in my ear.

There was a lot of laughter from the audience - much of it places where I'm not sure Baz would have wanted it.

I mean are we supposed to laugh when Santine and Christian fall in love while singing on the roof? I didn't, but a lot of people did.

Anyway, a below par, self-indulgent piece from Baz Lurhmann is about 20 times better than most of the rubbish that comes out in a typical week.

At least he sticks his neck out.
Adam Legge, UK

I was very disappointed with the film. It was supposed to be set in the 1900s and the first song that was bellowed out was Elton John. Hardly fitting I thought. This was then added to by Madonna and Whitney Housten. Bizarre to say the least.
Martine Woodward, Wales

McGregor and Kidman have some of the most genuine chemistry I've ever seen in a film

Emily, UK
This film is a masterpiece. In years to come they will be still talking about this film, its spectacular execution and its groundbreaking originality. In short, you've never seen anything like it !
Kieran, UK

Ignore the silly criticisms and go and see it. It has some very funny (intentional or not) and sad moments. OK, it is probably not a classic, but it beats most other big film offerings for sheer vitality and it is enjoyable. The film works because it believes its own tupsy-turvy fantasy world. Don't take it seriously, but do take some hankies.
Barry B, UK

This is the best movie I've seen all year. Brilliant acting. McGregor and Kidman both deserve Oscars, Luhrmann is a crazy genius. Encore I say.
Luci, UK

I loved this movie and I'm dying to see it again. I laughed, I cried and I wanted to sing along. McGregor and Kidman have some of the most genuine chemistry I've ever seen in a film, go and see it!
Emily, UK

I thought Moulin Rouge was one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. It was a visually stunning assault on the senses, that swept me away into a fantasy world that made me both laugh and cry from one moment to the next. Kidman and McGregor were fantastic and I would strongly recommend anyone to go and see it for themselves - astounding!
Sarah Guttridge, UK

I was poorly whilst travelling back from my holiday and watching this film was the only thing that kept me sane on a long flight.

I thought it was magically fantastic and I love Ewan McGregor! I shall be going to the cinema to see it again for sure.
Vicki Masters, England

If you only see one film this year, make it this one

Jackie Young, England
What a load of absolute tosh. I left after an hour of this drivel. Neither amusing nor clever nor entertaining. Just rubbish.
Matthew, UK

Moulin Rouge is the most spectacular and entertaining musical I have seen for the past 10 years! I loved it.
Prasong, Thailand

Post-modern, self-referential, ironic filmmaking makes the audience appreciate the effects the director is making, rather than becoming immersed in the story.

It largely fails as storytelling but works on another level (I'm not saying there was no story, or that the characters weren't convincing - just that it was a film where the director was screaming for attention the whole time e.g. was the naff ¿thrown gun hitting the Eiffel Tower¿ really necessary, as his homage to Lumiere?)

It¿s an MTV pick-and-mix of images and ideas, but go and see what you think for yourself.
Mark Pilling, UK

Amazing film. Brillant acting and fantastic songs. Kidman and McGregor are great together. Baz at his best.
Claire Mills, UK

Very good. The set and costumes were great. The musical interpretation of the songs was fantastic.This is not a taxing film for the brain, however, it is spectatcular and a good old-fashioned love story. Well done Baz.
Niki, UK

I think this movie needs to be viewed with an open mind. Personally I loved it, escapism, colour, glamour and music.
Fiona Leek, Australia

This is the most amazing film I've ever seen. Spectacular costumes and amazing dancing and singing. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor were superb, not forgetting our very own Jim Broadbent. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me want to see it again. If you only see one film this year, make it this one.
Jackie Young, England

This is the first film I have seen for as long as I can remember which I genuinely did not enjoy

Greg, UK
If you liked Strictly ballroom, you will love this. One of the biggest screen spectaculars I have ever seen. Dazzling and entertaining. Annoying at times but one of the best films I have seen - the irony will be lost on many.
Tim, UK

As soon as the singing began it became pretty clear that this film was really, really dire - the magnificent set did not manage to prop up this flimsy film. Don't bother.
Gaby Field, UK

I really enjoyed it, whilst my girlfriend hated it. Noting the existing comment, you'll either love it or loathe it. But which ever way, I appreciated the studio backing the project. Long live creative cinema.
Steven Alcorn, England

Amazing. I went to see it yesterday and was blown away. I'll be going to see it again this week and can't wait.
Colin James, UK

Fabulous, triumphant, visual feast. Luhrmann is a genius.
Aisha, UK

What a fantastic movie, it quite simply is unlike anything you've ever seen before. They've taken modern day music and remixed it, to a state where it fits in perfectly with the style of music around in 1899. The camera work is fantastic and leaves you completely out of breath, although at times it's like watching a kaleidoscope! Perhaps the reason Americans don't seem to like it is because, for a change, history hasn't re-written in favour of America!
Chris Beecham, UK

Moulin Rouge is a splendid, opulent, extravagant celebration of dance, music and above all things, love. It will be completely lost on anyone for whom ¿dance¿ is a drunken stagger at a wedding reception, for whom ¿music¿ is a sorry collection of dust-gathering Celine Dion CDs or whose idea of ¿love¿ is putting up with somebody just because you are scared of being left on your own.

If this adequately describes you, don¿t bother going to see the movie, you will not understand it, and therefore you will hate it. Unfortunate really, as Moulin Rouge is quite simply the most entertaining, different and interesting film of 2001.
Graham Hughes, Liverpool, UK

It is more pantomime than film

Byron, UK
This film was terrible, I probably can't say anything that hasn't been said already but this is the first film I have seen for as long as I can remember which I genuinely did not enjoy. Clearly this feeling was shared by many people because when it became obvious that the film was ending half of the cinema were already out of the door!
Greg, UK

A heroic failure mainly due the director's bad musical taste. It is more pantomime than film.
Byron, UK

I thought that this movie was absolutely fantastic. It looked spectacular and the singing was tremendous (especially Mr McGregor).

There hasn't been a film that I have seen for a long time that looked anything like this, and it made a refreshing change. It will be one of those films that 'splits the nation' as the saying goes.

People do need to see this film though, to form their own opinions at least, don't just go by what everyone else says, please see it.
Matthew Hearne, UK

The script is just a remake of the classical french text Manon Lescaud, and its numerous adaptation as such as La Dame au Camelia whith their Puccini transcriptions as "La Traviata". In that sense this movie is very similar to Romeo amd Juliet, a fresh and extravagant adaptation of a classic.

At the end of the film, people applauded In the UK, people appreciate music-hall, and Americans tend to hate it. For myself, I found it extremely emotional, even Gargantuan, not knowing what to choose between laughter and tears.
Marc-O. Zufferey, Switzerland (London)

Moulin Rouge is a turning point in the musical. It is well directed, original, has great colours and music we all relate to. The musical arrangements in particular are wonderful, building songs to a crescendo which hit the emotional buttons. Too often musicals both in the theatre and cinema have seemed to be ashamed to be what they are - the creation of an artificial but wonderful magical moment.
Peter Teale, England

Perhaps some people have forgotten how to watch a musical or appreciate someone else's imaginary powers on screen

Angus Blair, UK
This film does not break new ground, it has absorbed every cultural and cinematic influence, thrown them in a blender and what you get is a huge mess which I enjoyed immensely. It is funny, moving, fun, crass, bawdy but not at the same time. Each scene takes on a style of its own, but somehow it works. Who cares if you don't see a can-can when a film can take the most painfully bad songs from the 1980s and turn them into moving and amusing set-pieces of cinema. Keep up the good work Baz.
Victor Port, UK

It's the first time I've ever fallen asleep in the flicks. It was spectacular but tedious. I think you either like musicals or you don't. I, it appears, don't.
Tony, Uk

What a lovely film, something myself and my fianceé were not expecting. The first 30 minutes were very jumpy and slightly confusing, and then it graduated into a more in depth-movie. Hopefully, this kind of film will encourage other producers that love films and musicals to do more, and to hear Nicole's voice was a treat in itself. Fully recommended.
Keith , England

Not a lot of balanced opinions here is there? Moulin Rouge is bound to appeal only to certain people, because it is the most disgustingly sentimental film I think I've ever seen. But for anyone who can either safely ignore that, or perhaps even appreciate it for the harmless tripe it is, this is a visual and musical feast.

One cannot deny the stupendous creative vision and talent that must have gone into creating a film like this. The costumes, dances, makeup and visual effects boggle the mind, and yet all conspire to create a remarkably cohesive picture of the setting. The version of Queen's The Show Must Go On was disappointing (but you really can't top the original), but apart from that, I think you'd have to have a heart of solid rock not to feel even a wee touch of emotion at this film.
Andrew Howat, Scotland, UK

Australia is fast becoming "the place" to produce the best films. Moulin Rouge encapsulates your senses and sends you on a journey of excitement and delight! Best film I've seen in a long time. Cleverly done.
Mike McLoughlin, Australia

How can it be justified that the Moulin Rouge did not have a proper can-can scene?

Omar James, UK
Complete twaddle. I'll never get the hours back that I wasted in the cinema.
Vince Streep, UK

I loved the sheer energy and imagination up there on the screen in Moulin Rouge - it is highly stylised and almost a fantasy. For sheer visual style and an individual voice on screen, I applaud Baz Luhrmann. Perhaps some people have forgotten how to watch a musical or appreciate someone else's imaginary powers on screen. I look forward to Luhrmann's next project even more now.
Angus Blair, UK

I am a very fussy film-watcher, will nearly always have some criticism or another, but in Moulin Rouge I found none. It was truly fantastic and I recommend absolutely everybody to go and see it. Now! This is Baz Luhrmann at his very best.
Laura, UK

A cacophony of colour and song from which can be drawn the very best cinematic experience. Brilliant visual production with the simplest and strongest of storylines. Forget realism, this is a musical!
Martin Lee, England

The film was a visual delight, however, how can it be justified that the Moulin Rouge did not have a proper can-can scene? I found that quite a let down. Overall though, I thought the film was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Omar James, UK

Superb. What is even better is that a film that is a mickey-take of old love songs is being criticised for it. The irony is clearly lost on some people. Fantastic film!
Nige, UK

It's all the stuff that self-conscious Hollywood doesn't have the guts to do anymore

Tim Gomersall, UK
A fantastic film, visually spectacular and exciting. When the curtain came down at the end I had the feeling I had been sitting in a theatre rather than the cinema. Nicole Kidman sparkles and Ewan is lovely! I did feel that the ending was a little protracted, and it didn't really hit the emotions that it was aiming to stir. But I will be buying the soundtrack as soon as I can.
Tessa Dorhout, UK

This film was incredibly nostalgic in a forward-looking way. It has returned a sense of cool to lavish sets, song and dance, vibrant colour and good old-fashioned melodrama. It's all the stuff that self-conscious Hollywood doesn't have the guts to do anymore, and Baz Luhrmann bundles it into one package, gloriously realises it and makes us wish they hadn't gone out of fashion. Beautiful, excessive, and a slice of the past and the future at once. Superb.
Tim Gomersall, UK

The film looks great but the singing is mediocre at best, the plot clichéd and using modern songs only works occasionally. It veers from being superb to awful from the beginning to the end.
Jeremy Bloss, UK

Visually spectacular, comically spot-on. The musical references add real contemporary depth to this high adrenaline rush of a movie. Go see it - just to see how good cinema really is.
Owen Simpson, UK

I don't think this film was trying to be a deep intellectual study of love, France or Bohemianism.

The main objective was to entertain in style. It was visually captivating and the contemporary music gave a lightness to the whole production. As Lurhmann himself said, we all knew what the outcome was going to be from the beginning. I'd watch it again.
Margaret , Malaysia

It would benefit from a plot!
Nick Spears, England

Frankly, this film makes the remake of Planet of the Apes look good

Graham Coomer
It's a long time since I have come away from a movie thinking "Wow!" The way the music was used was ingenious - at last someone doing something different from the formulaic Hollywood rubbish.
Fiona, UK

Terrible, terrible film. I saw Memento the week before and didn't think cinema could get any worse. Kidman is an awful actress with no talent whatsoever.
David Price, Western Australia

If the film maker had spent even a fraction of the time spent on the extravagant visuals improving the script, this might have worked. Oh well, probably a couple of Oscars for costume and set design.
Michael Day, USA

I wanted to like this film, but found it tedious and at times grating... some nice costumes though! I was only pleased to have seen it on a trans-Atlantic flight and not paid real money to see it - then I would've been really miffed!
Tricia Collins, USA

Moulin Rouge is a surrealistic humorous stage drama. It lacks the sizzle and decadence of Cabaret and sometimes seems slow and rather like a high school play. Nicole Kidman totally lacks sexual mystique so its a good job she has good legs. But, it is a trippy, interesting stage play that would be better on the stage than on film.
Kieran Daly, Japan

It's a very, very confused movie. If it was supposed to be an experiment, it failed miserably. Such a waste!
Kavita, India

Frankly, this film makes the remake of Planet of the Apes look good. A complete waste of time, effort and money.
Graham Coomer, UK

As of yesterday, seen it 10 times

Matt DePinto, USA
I couldn't discern any on-screen chemistry between Kidman and McGregor, and despite fine support by Jim Broadbent, the film is a triumph of style over substance that will probably be remembered more for the soundtrack than anything else.

Moulin Rouge isn't an intelligent story with well-developed characters, it's a Hollywood-style cash cow.

Those who wish to see McGregor and Broadbent exercising their true acting abilities should see Little Voice instead.
Nigel Burton, Australia

I was speechless for about 3 hours. I can't remember breathing, blinking or the presence of others - just utterly astounding use of film. So there's little story, the whole musical concept is odd - but what an experience! In my mind, it's the best film of the decade.
Philip Buckley-Mellor, UK

Strictly Ballroom and Romeo and Juliet were two of the better movies of the 90s, which isn't saying much, but Moulin Rouge is a grotesque and appalling catastrophe. Visually opulent and technically brilliant it may be, but this matters little with one of the most ridiculous scripts ever written and two of the most insipid leads working in cinema today. This is nothing more than a compendium of incoherent episodes from a drug induced nightmare. Absolute garbage.
Marc, Scotland

This may be the most fun I've had at the movies ever. As of yesterday, seen it 10 times. To me, it is this incredible, surreal adventure. Like an opera, perhaps La Boheme-esqe. Nicole Kidman never looked better, Ewan McGregor was terrific as well as the wonderful Jim Broadbent. When I read about someone hating the movie, I have a strong sense that they don't get the irony, the humour, the farce that it is. It is big, bold, loud, decadent and timeless. Viva Baz Luhrmann!
Matt DePinto, USA

I think Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor were too old to carry off their parts convincingly unlike Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet

Rosemary, UK
Absolute brilliance! Superb, mysterious and a treat for my eyes. Great performances from Nicole and Ewan. Forget the usual Hollywood drivel (Rush Hour 2, Pearl Harbor, Planet of the Apes), this is the film of the year.
Peter Johnson, USA (British)

I loved it! A bit surreal and over the top but that was great. Good music and dancing and a good story. Very entertaining!
Ana, England

The moment the virtual curtains opened until the last note was sung I sat in my cinema seat opened-mouthed and amazed at the sumptious feast of colour and sound offered to us by the incredible director Baz Lurhmann. Once again he has proved himself as a unique visionary unlike any other. This movie offered you everything you could ever want - humour, tragedy and music all played out to great effect by the beautiful Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. I believe this film will prove itself to be one of the most commercially successful cult classics of our time.
Sarah Mulholland, Britain

I absolutely loved it, if you didn't, then you didn't get it.
Pauline, Australia

I think Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor were too old to carry off their parts convincingly unlike Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet. Also, their voices were not strong enough - the film needed the leads to be opera/musical singers rather than film actors (Jason Donovan rather spoilt Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat in my view for the same reason).

Only hearing snippets of songs also meant it was harder to get into them. Also, although the songs fitted the plot (e.g. Like a Virgin, The Show Must Go On), they did not go with they style of the film somehow. I think the film might work better if seen very late at night rather than at 4pm with kids talking and running around!
Rosemary, UK

The film is excellent. Best film of the year! It is sure to be nominated and win. But if it loses, it should only lose to Shrek.
Jose, USA

What a fantastic film! Both leads were great, which I was not expecting. Nicole Kidman deserves an Oscar nomination for her role. Well done Baz for daring to be creative and original on screen which some fuddy duddy cinema-goers will never be able to appreciate.
Sean Carrigan, England

A spectacular spectacular it really was...colourful, tasteful, overwhelmingly creative and quite magical. A daring integration of well known tunes...and need I say a daring integration of times and class. The cinematography was dazzling and the whole feel was totally Bohemian. Well done to all, especially Ewan and Nicole...and of course Baz!
Louise Boyer, UK

First of all, people shouldn't forget this is not a movie, this is a musical. And so we shouldn't look at it the way we look at other films. My opinion is, it is amazingly good. A masterpiece of cinema. There aren't many directors that still have the guts to do a film like this. The songs fit in the right places, Nicole and Ewan have surprisingly powerful voices and the scenery...well, I just flipped out when I saw it. Truly, one of the most fantastic movies I have ever seen.
Ana Pinto, Portugal

I cannot describe how good Moulin Rouge is. It is the first film I have ever seen more than twice. It is full of laughs and fun but is also extremely sad. Both Ewan and Nicole gave one of their best performances yet and Ewan's singing was out of this world. A masterpiece and a must-see.
Holli, Uk

Man, at the end of that movie, I could not move! I just sat there silently wishing to God she didn't die. Who could bear to watch Ewan Mcgregor cry? The sets were amazing. I watched the movie twice in one day. First alone, at noon, and then with a couple of friends in the evening. I've never cried so much in a day. I hated Romeo and Juliet but Moulin Rouge was brilliant!
Bini, India

I could go on and on about how truly amazing this film is, but I'd be here too long. All I'm going to say is, it is the most extravagent, romantic, funny, dramatic and spectacular musical I have ever seen. Baz is a genius and I can't wait for many more films by him. Ewan, Nicole and Jim Broadbent showed their amazing talents to their full potential in that film, they all did their parts justice. (And who knew Ewan and Nicole were such powerful singers?! Ewan I have to hand it to you, that version of Your Song was breathtaking).
Gemz, UK

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